Chapter 08: Talk Dirty To Me

I never seen you look so good

You never act the way you should but I like it

And I know you like it too the way that I want you

Since the last encounter between Nami and Zoro, Sanji had been extremely angry at the swordsman: he always served him last, he was picking fights all the time and he had been making remarks about his last adventure in the bathroom so that everybody in the crew would find out about it.

Nami find it amusing at first but when the blond started to mention some details of the night, she didn´t like it anymore. She was frightened that someone in the crew would find out. It was hard to tell because half of the Mujiwaras where kind of dumb and the rest were quite discrete, probably Usopp was the most dangerous one but as he found her scary she knew she could control him. Anyways, she didn´t like the idea of Sanji commenting her sexual life.

"I´m seriously concerned Zoro. How on earth did you convince a girl to do it in a filthy bathroom stall! I remember her moans, I could tell she wasn´t feeling alright!" Sanji asked him about the incident for the 10872th time. They were just Zoro, Robin, Ussop, Nami and him.

Zoro sighed but before he could say anything, thing he was not going to do because he had been ignoring the blond for the whole week, the red head slammed her fists on the table.


Everybody looked at her confused by her distress.

"But Nami-san a fairy maiden could have been assaulted by this brute! I´m worried about her" He said softly.

"Yeah we know about your concern! We are tired of hearing you two talk about that! Come on!" She threw her arms in the air.

"I never said a word" Zoro commented.

"Nami swan!" He complained.

"Yes Nami-san, does it bother you to hear that the swordsman had had an affair?" Robin asked.

"WHAT!" The navigator and the cook yelled while Zoro chuckled.

"No no no! I don´t care what this idiot does!" She pointed at Zoro.

"Hey!" the green haired complained.

"Then why is she so worked up about it?" Ussop mumbled

"Yeah right?" Zoro remarked to the marksman.

Nami glared at him, death glared him. What was he doing?! she was trying to defend him and he was mocking her.

"You know what Sanji?, I was doing this for the crew... to still have some respect for the swordsman, just leave the subject and forget about it because you are probably right! He must have drugged a girl to get laid, because WHO ON EARTH WOULD WANT TO BE WITH THIS BRUTE!" She was indignant.

He stood up to return her glare "Yeah, that could be an option…or maybe I found some horny chick who just wanted to do me sooo badly that couldn't wait and begged me to do it hard and fast on the stall, but hey! Who would believe that there could be a girl so …" he couldn´t finish his sentence that the red head connected a punch directly to his jaw and sent him flying across the room.

She felt like she was on fire for being so angry. She noticed that everyone in the room was staring at her "I HATE WHEN MEN TALK LIKE THAT ABOUT WOMEN" she moved away.

"Such a feminist Nami-san you are so honorable!" Sanji commented as she left the room.


The swordsman was doing his daily routine of exercises on the crow´s nest when the Navigator entered in.

"We need to talk" She tapped her foot against the wooden floor.

He sighed "No we don't" he continued doing sit ups.

She threw him a towel into his face.

He stopped and sighed in frustration. He was tired of fighting with her "I´m sorry! I was trying to ignore Sanji but you got so worked up that…" but he couldn't finish as he was interrupted.

"You are being too obvious! What´s wrong with you?" She insisted not paying attention to his answer.

"Obvious about what?" he asked intrigued.

"about us!" She shot her arms in the air.

"Nah!" he stood up.

"First: you always fight with Sanji, now you act all cool when he asks you about the episode in the bathroom, that confirms that something is fishy! Then, you just argue with me! Never with Robin! Also, you always save me! And lastly, though I always get on your nerves you end up doing what I say so! It´s obvious!" She concluded and crossed her arms over her chest. Then she re thought about everything she had told the swordsman and noticed at loud "It´s obvious that you l-"

But she couldn´t finish because the swordsman kissed her. Her arms wrapped around her waist and her body collapsed against his muscles. Somehow, enveloped by the passion of his lips she didn´t care about what they were fighting about, she just wanted to kiss him.

After a few seconds, Zoro broke the kiss "Don´t worry about it, either they are no as sharp as you to jump into those conclusions or they are too intelligent and they don´t care"

She was still dazzled with their kiss when the swordsman left the room. She stood there alone thinking: Probably he was right, she was way too intelligent to understand all the clues. Well at least they were cool now.


Zoro was sleeping on the deck when a sound interrupted his quietness. It was the noise of rubber rebounding around the ship followed by hoof steps on the deck.

When he opened his eyes he saw Ussop running "IT WAS LUFFY´S FAULT!"


"CHOPPER ASKED ME TO DO IT!" Luffy defended himself.

"YOU IDIOTS! YOU RUINED MY MAPS!" She arrived at the deck.

"BECAUSE USSOP SAID THAT IT WOULD BE FUN!" The little dear hid behind Zoro.

"LUFFY! YOU CAPTAIN OF THE JACKASSES YOU CAN´T PLAY INSIDE THE &#$% LIBRARY" That´s the moment when the red head grabbed Luffy´s head and slammed it repeatedly against the wall.

"I-M-SO-SO-SO-RRY-RRY-RRY" He said as she hit him.

"AND YOU STUPIDKING" She glared at Ussop , grabbed a chair and threw it towards the marksman. "DON´T MAKE LUFFY DO STUPID THINGS WHEN I´M NEAR!" Once the chair knocked the long nosed, she started kicking him in the ribs.

"I´m soooorryyyy" he cried in pain.

The green haired witnessed the scene and thought about how loud his crewmates were, specially the navigator.

The redhead turned on her hills and directed to the swordsman. "Chopper!"

The little deer hid behind the back of the green haired who stared at her "He is not here" he said serious.

Nami sighed, the pink hat was clearly visible behind him. "You are the intelligent one! Don´t let those morons play at the library!" she was not going to harm the cute doctor.

"And you Roronoa!" She pointed at him.

He raised an eyebrow. He hadn´t been there, he was sure that she had nothing to blame him for.

"Don´t cover these fools or I´ll punish you for being an accomplice" she turned around and left.

He sighed "It´s ok Chopper the demon is gone"

"Thank you Zoro" the little deer moved in front of the swordsman.

"No problem, just try not to get on her nerves" he smirked.

"Yes I know… we didn´t know Luffy was going to rebound on the wall and enter in the library where Nami was doing her maps" he said.

He shuddered, a few seconds later the trio moved to keep playing at the bow. He closed his eyes and tried to continue with his nap. He struggled to sleep for a few seconds but his mind had other ideas like analyzing how noisy, short tempered and vulgar Nami was. One thing lead to another and a new sexual fantasy was created for the swordsman. He grinned.


It was late at night when Zoro knocked the door of the girl´s quartes.

A sleepy Nami opened the door rubbing her right eye with her fist "What time is it?, I thought you weren´t going to come" she had fallen asleep.

He snorted "Wakey Wakey" He showed her the 300 Bellis.

She sighed and stretched her arms while yawning.

His eyes moved to the hem of her tshirt that revealed her belly button. She was wearing a pink tank top with matching cotton panties. She was so slim, it was as if he could hold her around the waist with one hand.

She closed the door and looked at him standing in the middle of the room "What do you want?" She asked without much emotion, after her short nap she wasn´t completely in the mood yet.

He smirked "I thought I´d never say this: I want you to talk"

She raised an eyebrow "Talk?" For a second she wondered about what he wanted to talk about but her mind didn´t went too far knowing that it had to be related to the sex game because of the money. Probably he was mocking her about earlier.

"Yep, I want you to tell me everything that´s on your mind" he put the money on her desktop.

She shuddered. She knew what kind of talk he wanted… dirty talk "Well… I´m sleepy"

He chuckled "What do I have to do change that" his voice was husky. She could notice the way he was looking at her, full of desire.

"You know what to do" She said in a teasing tone biting her lower lip.

"Tell me, I told you I want you to talk" He moved closer to her.

She grinned and looked at his muscular chest that peeked under his clothes "You could loose the Yukata"

"Ok" He said as he took it off and threw it on the floor.

She stared at him for a few seconds, he was so big compared to her. His body was so strong and masculine yet his chest had a huge scar, it remind her that he had been hurt and it only made her want to heal him with her kisses "And boots and pants" she added.

He followed her commands "how is this helping?" he smirked.

She blushed "I like to see your body, you are hot"

He blushed softly at her compliment "I like your body too" he moved closer to her just a few inches apart.

"I could take off my tanktop" She proposed cutely, playing with the hem.

"That would be great" he smiled widely.

She slowly took off her tanktop and threw it on the bed, his eyes followed her movements in trance. She wasn´t wearing any bra so she ended up top naked. "Come here" she wrapped her arms around his waist.

"Why?" he asked while he pressed her against his chest.

"I want to feel your skin on mine" she said blushing, inhaling his manly scent.

He crushed her chest against his "How does it feels?"

"Hot and hard" Her hands travelled up and down his back. It was also extremely muscular, It was as if his skin was tightly wrapped around his muscles.

His hands jumped to massage her butt cheeks "What do you want Nami?"

She didn´t have to think about it "Kiss me" she ordered.

The swordsman moved his face to kiss her ear, then her jaw and softly pressed several kisses on her face.

"I really like this" she smiled.

"How is that?" his thumbs caressed her belly.

Sometimes she still couldn't believe how caring and lovable he could be with her "Because it´s sweet" She brushed his hair backwards.

"It was supposed to be hot" He started licking her ear "What should I do then?".

"It´s getting hotter" She enjoyed the feeling of his wet tongue against her sensitive skin. Other thing that amazed her was the ability he had to turn her on. He just get her on the mood"I really like when you touch my chest"

His fingers slid slowly over her skin until it graced her breast "Like this?" his kisses where now on her neck. His touches where so light, she wanted more.

"When you tease my nipples with your fingers and when you lick them" she said blushing.

"Do you want me to do that?" He said as his path of kisses descended.

"Yes" she mumbled.

His fingers tips played with her hardened buds "How does it feel?"

"Great" she moaned and landed her forehead on his shoulder.

He pinched them softly "And this? How does it make you feel?"

"Good… It turns me on" she said softly.

His tongue was diving between the valley of her breast while he played with them. "Do you like it when I suck your tits?"

"Yes, A lot" she was slowly getting more courage to confess those kinds of things at loud.

"Then you should tell it to me, that´s the deal" he moved his tongue to flick it over one of her nipples.

"I really like when you lick my nipples" her voice faded out.

He did it for several seconds and then he turned his head to do it with the other one. He played with her nipples with his tongue, sucking them hard when they got hard. "They are so big and soft"

"You are going to make me cum just for this" she confessed.

He sucked harder and Nami started to moan his name. Her whole body weight was shifted so that he could hold her. She just stuck her breast towards him.

"I´m going to make your breasts mine" He kissed them all over, leaving hickeys on her white skin.

She felt as if her flesh was melting "Zoroo" she moaned.

"Touch me Zoro, I want to cum" she begged.

"Where" he said between sucks.

"Between my legs" she panted.

He stopped "Lay on the bed" he ordered her.

It took her a few seconds to move away from him and on to the bed.

He noticed the way she was looking at him, longingly. "What is it?"

"I like to see you hard in your boxers" she smiled sexily.

"Why is that?" He sat next to her and ran his hand on her belly.

"Because it proves that you want me" she ran her hand over his erection. "It makes me really horny to see you hard"

He smirked and started pulling down her panties while she stroked his dick over his briefs. "You are really wet, all this talking is really turning you on"

"YEAH" she moaned when the swordsman spread her legs and dive his head between them "If you do that you´ll see everything"

"Your pussy is inviting me" He inhaled her womanly scent.

"Zoro" She sounded a little ashamed.

"You are beautiful Nami" he said honestly, staring at her pink colored pussy shining with her honey.

Nami blushed furiously but she had not time to be embarrassed as the swordsman started to lick her. The red head moaned, he was licking her like a cat drinking milk. Her legs twitched and her toes curled. "It´s good… I feel numb"

He covered her entrance with his tongue and took a glimpse of her: she couldn´t stop moaning and her breast were shaking agitated. "Tell me how it feels" he pressed his tongue against her slit.

"Warm" She took her time to answer, it´s too hard to focus in responding with everything that's going on with her body. "Tickles"

He rotated his tongue to stimulate her more and kept licking her.

"It feels amazing" she jumped with pleasure.

"What feels amazing?" he kept nudging the center.

"When you lick m…" She couldn´t finished she was overwhelmed.

He traced along the little bud "When I lick your dripping wet pussy" he finished as his tongue run wildly between her folds. He used his hands to pull her legs apart.

"I´m cumming Zoro, lick my dripping wet pussy" She moaned and shook her head.

"You taste so good, every bit of you" He commented as he spread her flesh with the tip of his tongue and touched her clitoris with his nose.

"This feels too good" She said as he put her clitoris between his lips.

He dive his head between her widely open legs, his hands moved to squish her breast while her whole body started to tremble.

"I´m going crazy Zoro" she said when he kissed her clit.

He inserted his tongue on her slit. Zoro could tell she held her breath so he furiously shook his tongue. Suddenly her entire body trembled and she screamed his name. Her honey splashed out, her juices mixed with Zoro´s saliva making the area super moist.

He continued kissing her as her body climaxed. She spasmed for several seconds, crumbled and fell while the swordsman trailed a path of soft kisses over her sweated skin, passing over her belly button, the valley of her breasts and ending on her neck.

She sighed a few times "So good Zoro" her chest heaved and her arms clung around him, hugging him hard. "Oh god" She gasped.

He moved to kiss her ear and jaw softly.

The navigator searched for his lips "kiss me" she begged.

He didn´t hesitate, placed his lips on top of hers and slowly started to kiss her. They kissed for several minutes. Those times were the essential ones in their relationship, when they were being physical: touching, kissing, feeling.

"You were really good" Nami said smiling and breaking the kiss.

He chuckled.

She softly pushed him away, he was still sitting on the bed but she moved to kneel down right next to him "So, I´ll be good to you now" She kissed his neck.

"What do you have in mind?" He asked.

She smirked remembering she had to talk "I´d like to kiss your muscular chest, specially this sexy scar you have" She traced a path of kisses from his shoulder to his hip right over his scar.

She was on her hands and knees right next to him "I already told you that it really turns me on to see you hard in your briefs" she run her hand over his boxers and slowly pull them down.

He sighed in anticipation.

"So big and hard" she commented.

His cock was free now, she stared at it for a couple of seconds and then her face turned to him "Zoro?"

He took a glimpse of her nails tickling his shaft, then at her breast leaning against his side to finally look at her face. "I really want to suck your dick" She pleaded, she was blushing softly and she licked her lips when she finished the last word.

He gulped and his dick flinched inside her hand.

"Please" she said as her head moved down to softly kiss the head of his dick.

"It´s so big" She slid her tongue across his shaft "and hot"

He couldn´t talk as his heart beat so loud inside his chest. Her tongue worked it´s way down to his balls "I just want to hear you moan my name" Her hand touched the back of his cock, shaft and balls with perfect pressure.

"You are so hard for me… I can´t wait to feel you inside me" she said in a sexy voice while she kissed his dick.

Zoro was really turned on by her words, he tried to resist a little bit more so he closed his eyes and took the opportunity to move his hand to her stocked up out bottom. He caressed her pussy while she licked him.

"MMMM" she said as she ran her tongue across his dick sending and extreme sensation on the swordsman.

"It feels great Nami"

She kissed all over his dick and finally put it inside her mouth. She sucked him hard while his tongue moved inside like a separate entity.

"It feels so fucking good Nami" his hand caressed her softly but he really could´t think or do anything else than to enjoy her ministrations.

Zoro couldn´t resist anymore "Nami" he called her.

She didn´t stop. She pushed his dick deep inside her mouth, all the way to her throat. She continued to suck him hard, making lewd noises.

"Nami I´m going to cum" He tried to stop her.

She kept moving her head back and forth. "I want you to cum in my mouth" She said licking the head of his cock and looking at him.

This time when she put his dick inside her mouth and sucked he couldn´t take it anymore. He exploded inside her. He shot so much liquid that it blurted out from Nami´s mouth. She kept on sucking his dick like trying to drink him till he was empty.

"NAMI" he cried.

She took his dick out of her mouth and looked at him. She gulped, her eyes fixed on him. "You came so hard" the tip of her cute tongue, licked her lips collecting the rest of his cum that was on her face.

He couldn´t form a word, just stared at her, sexily licking the product of his orgasm.

"I bet you want to fuck me hard now" She smirked.

He nodded dumbly without moving.

She moved her face to kiss him softly "But we did that the other day in that filthy bathroom" she ran her arms around his neck "I´ll do whatever you want" she kissed him again "but If you want to hear my opinion… I´d like you to be soft, slow, sexy and lovingly" she kissed his nose.

He sighed loudly and pushed her down to rest on the bed, he moved on top of her "You are such a tease" he kissed her lightly, pushing his lips on hers. A few seconds later his tongue traced her lower lip. He licked her lips for a few seconds, nipping and biting them every now and then until Nami took out her tongue to taste him. But touching her lips was not enough for the swordsman. His hands fondled her breast as he placed his body softly over hers making Nami let a big breath from her nose. This only encouraged Zoro to keep kissing her. He felt her fast heartbeat through her breast and knew he was doing things right.

His wet dick slid on top of her moisten vagina. As they kissed their bodies rubbed in the same rhythm. Her breath turned to moans as he massaged her breasts with his thumb.

After a couple of seconds he broke the kiss "If you keep kissing me you won´t be able to talk" his hips moved slowly on her while he massaged her breast with his fingers as if he wanted to examine it´s softness.

She sighed softly "your dick is rubbing me"

He ran his hand along her neck, arms, stomach, tights and hands "Do you like it?" He shot her a cocky grin.

"Every part you touch feels on fire" She nodded and closed her eyes enjoying the soft touch of his fingernails.

He touched her right beneath her breast and above her ribcage producing a loud moan on the navigator.

"I´m your navigator Nami" He kissed her lips softly. Knowing the power he had over the feisty red head, how his touches could turn her in to mush, made him feel somehow superior. "I could write a map of your body with all the hot spots"

She giggled softly "No! What if it ends up in the wrong hands?" she pouted.

He touched her belly button with her fingernail and she trembled. "It´s true, this information will die with me"

He kissed her neck, it tasted like mikans and sweat but it´s not enough so he opened his mouth and bit her like an animal.

"You can eat me Zoro" she said.

He continued with his soft bites on her neck.

"I can´t take it anymore" her voice interrupted him, she sounded a little frustrated.

He grinned, lifted her legs up and spread them, aiming his rod at her pussy. He stopped and looked at her.

"I want to feel you inside me" she begged.

The tip of his dick touched her pussy and he closed his eyes enjoying the great feeling.

"Zoro" she pleaded when he moved his hips forward.

Her moans fed his lust making his rod bigger. He pushed it inside halfway and moved slowly.

The navigator moaned again, this was starting to feel like a torture. She felt she was about to but yet so far from achieving her climax.

"It´s so hot and wet inside you" he commented.

She started to move her hips encouraging him to go fully inside her.

He changed his angle against her pussy and grinded her hips so hard that they felt that their two bodies were melting.

"Fill me up with your dick" From were they were connected joy juice were dripping all the way down to her ass

"You are too wet Nami"

"Push it in more"

Zoro held her hips tight so that she couldn´t move.

"Move it, please" she begged

He stood still for a few seconds and stuck it in really hard, earning a loud scream from the red head.

"My pussy is going crazy" She yelled and the swordsman was lost on words as all he could hear was her dirty talk, smell her feminine scent and feel the amazing sensation of their two bodies becoming one.

He inner walls wiggled and squeezed up Zoro´s dick

The green haired looked at her: flushed, moaning, sweating, drooling and realized he was getting close to his peak.

"I´m cumming Zoro" she moaned, she could barely talk.

As if on cue he spurted out his cum inside her. She tightened and devoured it all.

"You semen is coming out from your dick inside my pussy" she screamed feeling the sensation of her womb being filled.

"Do you like it Nami?" he asked in an agitated voice tone.

"Yes I do, It´s so hot and… It warms my pussy from inside… I love your cum Zoro" She kissed him.

With the last word from the navigator, he collapsed on top of her spurting a few more drops inside her. She just wrapped her arms around him and hugged him strongly.

The remained in that position for a couple of minutes trying to regain their normal breathing rhythm.

Zoro rolled down next to the navigator "Sunset" he commented looking through the window.

Nami move her head to his chest "I don´t think Robin would be back before breakfast" her hand caressed his abs.

"Do you think?" He looked at her, he really doubted that. There were days like this when he wondered how the hell they haven´t been caught already.

"I just want to be with you a little bit more" She whispered in his ear.

He grinned and kissed her softly "So the money still works! You are going to tell me everything that goes through your head" he said ironically after her confession.

She pouted and turned around "You can go now"

The swordsman chuckled when he found himself staring at her back. "I want to stay here also" He kissed her shoulder.

She smiled but still didn´t turn around. "I´d like to stay here and keep talking" Suddenly Zoro´s hand holding the Bellis was right in front of her face.

She sighed, this guy never EVER gets tired. "Oh come on! I´m a normal human being, I have to navigate a ship in a few hours, give me a brake" She said as she turned around.

He looked at her smirking "I know!"

She raised an eyebrow, then what did he wanted to talk about?.

"I wanted to know why I´m the only one in the crew with this stupid debt with you? You know I´m never going to pay you, right? Though I saved your life several times, I think your life is worth more than any stupid debt…that and why you want to sleep with me so much, even in a filthy bathroom?... Oh! And how about you nursing me when I´m injured, everybody knows that your time is gold, why would you spend it with me?…. You know why? I think you are totally, deeeeeeply, insanely in l-" but he couldn´t finish talking that she kissed him.

When she broke the kiss she had the money in her hands. "Bye bye Zoro, It´s been great you know but I need my beauty sleep" she pushed him away.

Zoro chuckled, got out of the bed and started dressing up. "Sweet dreams Nami"

"Baka" she mumbled and closed her eyes, she felt a soft kiss on her forehead and a few seconds later she fell asleep.


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