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You Only Get One First Time


Quinn was sitting alone in her room. She had gone to the after party for the play and watched as Rachel left early to go see Finn. Part of her wished she would have followed her out into the parking lot to talk so more sense into her. After the girls all had their conversation about whether or not Rachel should give her virginity to Finn, she couldn't stop thinking about the girl. She didn't know why.

She and Santana almost had Rachel convinced to wait until Tina had to open her big mouth. True love this and making love not sex, blah, blah, blah. Quinn could tell that Rachel bought into it, the brunette diva was a die hard romantic. She saw it on the girl's face when she left Breadstix. And yet again, as she is sitting alone in her room, Quinn is wondering why she even cares. She is completely over Finn, right? Then why would she care that he's probably sleeping with Rachel right now?

As Quinn was getting changed for bed, the doorbell rang throughout the house. She looked at the clock in her room and saw that it was nearly midnight. Shaking her head of all her previous musings, she slowly walked downstairs to answer the front door. Peeking through the peephole, she noticed a shivering Rachel standing outside on the front steps.

Ripping the door open, Quinn startled the tiny brunette. "Rachel?" She looked around for the diva's car but found none. "How'd you get here?"

"I walked."

"It's freezing outside." She hurried toward Rachel, and quickly tried rubbing some warmth into the girl's arms. "You're freezing. Come inside."

Leading the brunette by the hand, the blonde sat the shivering girl on the couch and rushed to the kitchen to make some hot chocolate. She came back into the living room a few minutes later with two mugs and a large blanket. As she handed one hot chocolate to Rachel and put the other on the coffee table, she sat on the couch beside the diva and covered them both up.

"Thanks." Rachel said in a small voice.

Quinn nodded with a smile and reached for her own mug. She sipped it quietly as she watched the other girl in silence. Rachel didn't speak again until she had finished her drink. She slowly set the empty mug on the table top and cuddled back into the sheets. And after heaving out a loud sigh, she spoke quietly into the silence. "You were right."

Quinn leaned closer to the brunette, as if trying to make sure she heard the girl correctly. "About what?" She hated that she asked the question, because she knew the answer would probably hurt her.

"I should have waited. I listened to you guys and then Tina said that if it's love, it's wonderful. And he was so sad today; I wanted to make him feel better." Rachel wouldn't even look at Quinn as she talked, but the blonde could see tears form in the big, brown eyes.

Quinn took a shaky breath before continuing. "So you and Finn?"

Rachel nodded. "I thought I was ready. I thought that if we were in love it'd be okay. But…" Her tears fell as she spoke and she had yet to look toward the blonde.

Quinn nodded in understanding, hoping Rachel wouldn't continue. She knew exactly what if felt like to regret sleeping with someone. Then it hit her. "You, were you safe?"

The diva nodded sadly and turned to look at Quinn for the first time since she got there. "But you were right. It takes something from you that you can never get back. Quinn, I was willing to sleep with him because I wanted to be a better actor and ended up sleeping with him because he got rejected by a recruiter." The tears were free flowing as the girl started to sob. "I was his consolation prize."

Quinn slowly moved her hand across the blanket and gripped onto Rachel's hand. The girl was no longer shivering, but she still trembled at the touch. "Oh, Rachel." Her voice was calm and soothing.

"I'm a whore Quinn. I used sex as a bargaining chip. I threw my virginity away."

"No, you're not." Quinn squeezed the girl's hand gently before she pulled the girl into her. The embrace wasn't as awkward as Quinn thought it should have been. They were barely friends. Why did Rachel come to her anyway?

"I wish I had listened to you. You understood the consequences more than anyone. I wanted to listen to you, but…"

"Hey, it's okay." She started rubbing soothing circles on the brunette's back.

Rachel sniffled and looked up at Quinn. "Is it okay? You said that it's like losing a piece of yourself. Can you ever really get it back? Have you?"

Quinn couldn't lie to Rachel, not when the girl was watching her with her innocent doe eyes. "Not yet. But I think if you are with the right person, that you gain that piece back. Being with someone special makes all the hurt go away. That's what I'm hoping for, anyway. Maybe he's not that person for you Rachel. Maybe he never was."