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1 Month Later

It took awhile for things to get back to normal. The nights varied for a few weeks between Rachel cradling Quinn as she cried herself to sleep and Quinn reading to Rachel. They were intimate at times, never in their bedrooms, when they could steal kisses or hide in the janitor's closet at school for a make-out session but their relationship grew deeper over the last month.

Neither girl had a doubt that they were more than ready, but neither was ready to be the one to make the move. It was on a night toward the end of February, and they were home alone cuddled on the couch. It was cold outside, so they were wrapped in a blanket. Rachel's head was resting on Quinn's chest as the blonde held her tightly in her arms.

The brunette could feel Quinn's heartbeat, moving more rapidly as the circles Rachel was drawing on Quinn's thigh were getting dangerously higher. Rachel smirked to herself; trying to see how far so could take it, hoping to force the blonde to make a move. As Rachel fingers moved to the waist of Quinn's pajama bottoms, the blonde's breath hitched. "R-Rachel?"

"Hmmm?" The vibration of Rachel's voice ricocheted on Quinn's chest, causing the blonde to shift uncomfortably.

"Please, unless you're ready for more, I can't control myself much longer if you keep doing that." She hadn't intended to sound so sultry, but she had to admit that if anything could possibly entice the brunette it'd be that husky tone of hers. She smirked at the thought.

"Is that a challenge, Quinn?" Rachel's eyebrow quirked as she turned her head around to face the blonde; still resting her head on Quinn's chest. She slipped one finger underneath the waistband of Quinn's pants and brushed it across the length of the girl's pelvis.

Quinn bit her lip but not quickly enough to stifle the moan that escaped. "Are you accepting the challenge, Rach?"

Rachel's head shot up, seizing Quinn's lips in a searing kiss. Tongues were instantly engaged as Quinn's hands made their way underneath Rachel's shirt and quickly rose to cover her exposed breasts. Rachel moaned at the sensation of Quinn's hands gripping her breasts firmly. The moan she elicited from her girlfriend and the feel of Rachel's hardened nipples in her palms caused a moan to erupt from her own lips. She couldn't help herself from gently squeezing the perky breasts, especially when the hand Rachel had near the waistband of her pants dipped underneath the fabric and made their way down toward Quinn's already moistened panties. She pulled away from the kiss abruptly.

"Rachel?" Her voice was shaky and her eyes dark with desire as Rachel looked into them with the same desire blackening hers.

"I'm ready whenever you are Quinn." Rachel's voice was shaky but certain.

Quinn swallowed thickly. "Then we should take this upstairs, right?"

"Your bedroom or mine?" Rachel smirked suggestively.

She grabbed Quinn's hand and they hurried up the stairs, as soon as they were inside Rachel's bedroom, the door was slammed shut and Quinn was shoved up against it. Rachel was pressed up against her immediately. She held Quinn's hands against the door as she kissed her girlfriends neck, before sucking and nipping at it. Quinn struggled against her.

"Rachel, baby, I need to be touching you. This is killing me." Her voice was so low that it sounded almost like a growl, the sound made Rachel freeze immediately as she looked into Quinn's eyes with a smirk.

"You want to touch me? Where?" Rachel's husky voice matched Quinn's. The blonde licked her lips hungrily before replying with a very firm. "Everywhere."

Rachel moaned, her panties were already damp but now she was dripping with desire for the blonde in front of her.

She reached for the hem of her own shirt, but Quinn's stopped her. "Can I?" She looked at Rachel reverently and the brunette simply nodded.

Quinn took the shirt off slowly, and the naked torso of her girlfriend left her breathless.

Rachel chewed her lip nervously. She felt suddenly self conscious before Quinn's hungry gaze. Or she did until Quinn found her voice again. "You're perfect Rachel, absolutely beautiful."

Quinn claimed Rachel's lips in a desperately passionate kiss. When she pulled away, she took Rachel's hand in hers and led them to the bottom of her own shirt. Rachel grabbed it and lifted it off of Quinn in one elegant flowing sweep. As the shirt was discarded on the floor next to Rachel's, Quinn's bra was soon to follow. Rachel stood in awe, before she took a step closer and took Quinn's breasts in her hands. The sensation caused both girls to moan as the ache in their cores got more prevalent.

Quinn slowly walked them both to Rachel's bed, and gently climbed on top of the girl. She looked at the girl inquisitively before she took off the brunette's bottoms, with her underwear soon after. She knelt on the bed, raking in the sight of her beautiful girlfriend's perfectly naked body laid out for her to claim as her own. Her breathing was already labored.

She removed her own pants and underwear and quickly returned to the bed, slowly lowering herself on top of the brunette. She attached their lips as they kissed; their desire for each other clearly evident. Slowly and gently, Quinn rocked her body into Rachel's. The brunette's body reacted instantly, her hips buckling against Quinn's. They began rocking in unison; ever once in a while their wet cores would smash against each other effectively mixing their juices. Their desire for each other becoming too much to contain.

"Rachel, are you sure you're okay? Are you ready?" Quinn asked with concern, love and adoration in her soft voice.

"Quinn, I want you so badly it literally hurts."

That was all Quinn needed to hear. She kissed her way down Rachel's body, taking care of each breast equally. Licking it, suckling it, and nibbling on the hardened nipples. Then she made her way lower, claiming every inch of Rachel's tanned body wiggling beneath hers. When she kissed her way back up, claiming Rachel's lips once more, she spoke again softly. "I'll try my best not to hurt you Rachel, but I've never done this before."

Rachel looked at her lovingly. "Quinn, I trust you."

The blonde nodded. She slowly trailed her had down Rachel's torso, and through Rachel's silky, wet curls covering her destination. Sliding her finger the length of Rachel's clit, she bit her own lip before hesitantly shoving a finger inside Rachel's opening. The reaction was immediate as Rachel's back arched and her pelvis buckled into her.

"It's good Quinn, please. Finish." Rachel begged.

Quinn began thrusting her fingers in and out, slowly at first until her confidence built up. Then she moved more quickly. Rachel moaned her name and it caused the blonde to shove a second finger inside. Thrusting in and out, deeper and deeper, faster and faster. Their bodies moving as one. Their breathing erratic as the rocking of their bodies intensified.

"Quinn, I'm close. Faster." Rachel's voice was broken as she was breathless, but Quinn understood her.

She pumped her fingers even faster, as she began rubbing her thumb against Rachel's dampened and swollen clit. The sensation alone was enough to finish Rachel off, as her body stiffened and the pleasure of the climax flowed through her. Quinn pulled her fingers out, wiping the wetness on the sheets and finding Rachel's lips again.

"I love you, baby." She whispered as Rachel's body went slack.

Quinn fell on the bed, lying on her back and breathing just as quickly as Rachel was. Rachel took her hand in hers and held it tightly.

"I love you too, Quinn."

When Rachel recovered from her orgasm, she made her way on top of Quinn. She was straddling her hips, their wet core resting against each other. The feeling alone was nearly enough to shove Quinn the rest of the way over the edge.

Rachel slowly brought her hands up Quinn's sides, brushing against the outsides of her breasts, and down the girl's arms. Finally, she pinned the girl's hands to the bed and ducked down to claim Quinn's swollen lips. "Are you ready? I know it's just as scary for you as…"

"Rachel, I'm not scared of you. Of this. I want this more than anything right now. Please."

Rachel rocked her hips on top of Quinn's that instantly caused the blonde to moan. The way the girl could move astounded her. She licked her lips in anticipation. As Rachel rocked harder and faster, Quinn's breathing became shallow. She couldn't believe how amazing the feeling encompassing her was. As her desire for Rachel became unbearable, she had to bite back the profanities that she knew Rachel wouldn't appreciate.

Something about Rachel taking charge and not letting her touch her was sexy. Plus, seeing Rachel's breasts bounce with every thrust of her hips was enough to push her over the edge. Those breasts, she wished she could be holding them now, but her hands were still pinned to the bed.

Rachel must have sensed Quinn's frustration because she let the blonde's hands free and they went immediately on their target. They cupped Rachel's breasts as both girls called out in pleasure. Rachel finally stopped rocking, and trailed her hand back down Quinn's sides, over her breasts, squeezing them gently before circling Quinn's belly button with her finger. "You're absolutely gorgeous Quinn and I love you. I'm going to show you how much I love you now, if that's okay?"

"Now, Rachel. God, do it now." Quinn demanded.

Rachel quickly obeyed, fingers trailing toward Quinn's core. "You are so wet."

"For you. It's all for you." She growled.

Rachel couldn't take the teasing and shoved two fingers inside Quinn, when the girl's body stiffened, she hesitated. "I'm sorry."

"No, Rach. It feels good."

Rachel nodded. She began to pump her fingers deep inside of Quinn as the blonde's hips rocked with her; keeping the tempo. Quinn was already so close to the edge, it didn't take long for her to fall over it. She screamed Rachel's name as she came and the brunette collapsed on top of her. Quinn wrapped her tightly in her arms. Their breathing and their hearts were keeping pace with each other.

"I love you, Rachel."

"I love you, Quinn."

Rachel rolled off of Quinn. And the blonde immediately spooned her, pulled her into her body and held her in a loving embrace. They pulled the sheet over their sweaty and naked bodies, as sleep threatened to take them.

"You were right Quinn." Rachel spoke barely above a whisper.

"Hmmm?" The blonde tried to keep her hazel eyes open.

"When it's with the right person, it's amazing."

Quinn smiled tiredly. "It was more than amazing. It was perfect."

"And with the right person, my heart feels full not empty."

Quinn shifted in the bed, leaning over Rachel's shoulder. Kissing it gently as she leaned toward the brunette's ear and whispered. "I was never so happy to be right."

Rachel giggled and Quinn kissed her cheek and then her shoulder before returning to her position on the bed behind Rachel. As her arms were tightly around the brunette, Rachel held Quinn's arms securely so she couldn't move even if she wanted to (though she wasn't going anywhere, ever).

"And we still have forever."

"Even forever won't be long enough with you Rachel." She muttered as sleep took her. Sweet slumber took Rachel shortly after.


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