Chapter III: Use Me

"I'm dirty, but why is it that I don't regret how I chose to live my life?"

Staring out towards the distant horizon, Sugimoto Mao allowed her hands to dangle freely over the fence that surrounded the roof of Building B. A swift gust of air breezed through her blue-black toned hair, swaying its thin strands a bit before finally settling back to it's original form, framing against around her pale cheeks. Her pale brown eyes stared out emptily into the city that served as the backdrop of the scenery. The door slowly creaked open, catching her attention as she shifted her gaze away from the view to the figure standing a few feet away from her - Andou Takumi. His eyes met her calm features, his eyes opened wider in shock.

"Oh..." Takumi began, averting his eyes from the girl as he turned away, preparing to take his leave. "... I didn't know there was someone here already." His usual cold demeanor towards Mao resounding through his voice.

"I was waiting for you." Mao replied evenly, causing him to stop on his tracks. He turned his head over his shoulder to look at her as she stood there with both hands tucked behind her. It was always hard to figure out what she was thinking, even throughout their relationship he struggled to figure out what was on her mind. In a way, she was A LOT like Ren - this thought made him chuckle inside as he realized that his relationship with him was a lot like his relationship with Mao and how similar they were - it's no wonder she fell in love with Ren. They both piss off Takumi but at the same time he can't completely not care about them either. As the thought crossed his mind, he found himself shocked at the sheer realization that he had just admitted to himself that he does indeed still care about Sugimoto.

"Takumi...?" Mao's voice rung through his thoughts as he became aware that he had been staring at her with widened eyes. He looked away as he brought his right hand over his lip, letting out an awkward cough to clear his throat.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Andou muttered irritatedly though his actions completely betrayed his words as he took a step into the rooftop, slightly closing the door behind him. Another soft breeze blew through, playfully running through his blonde hair, causing the boy to bring his right hand to brush the pesky strands away from his face.

"You always enjoyed being alone on the rooftop whenever you're upset."

"Don't talk as if you know everything about me!"

"Am I mistaken then?"

"..." He glared at the girl as a slight hint of red tint crept on the sides of his cheeks. He didn't quite know how to reply to her question. While it is true that he has a lot of things on his mind - what with him still being bothered by the fact that Ren and Ninako are now dating each other - admitting this woman was right would only make him feel worse.

Sensing Takumi's frustration, Mao turned away, looking to the side as her gaze dropped down to the field below. There were a few students playing soccer, their laughter can be heard faintly from a distance. "Maybe you should get a hobby." She said, cutting off the silence and tension between them.

Andou's expression lightened as he caught sight of her frame. Sugimoto looked so much slender than before - almost frail-like. She was also taller than when they were dating. He remembered being able to tower over her when he would pin her against the wall and- "Shut up." He mumbled in reply as he closed his eyes, tucking both hands behind his head as he walked over to her, setting himself a few ways away from Mao. "Why would I waste my time with sports, it'll take away from my relaxation time."

"Relaxation time meaning being with girls, right?" Mao cut in, causing Andou to turn to face her only to realize she was leaning towards his way, looking up to him with her composed features.

"So what? It's none of your business." Takumi looked away, turning his attention back towards the students down below. Though he had not seen anyone and rejected girls that have come onto him ever since Ninako and Ren got together, he's not about to admit that he's been so depressed that he completely stopped fooling around. Somehow he knew that admitting it out loud would make him feel even more pathetic.

"It could be my business." Andou looked over to Mao only to realize she was standing firmly on her feet, facing him.

Placing his left hand against the railing, Andou turned to face the girl, locking his eyes with hers. "What exactly are you insinuating?"

"Use me."