( lunch)

Sel: (sitting at the table with Zac, writing in her notebook)

Zac: So, you have to work with Jonas?

Sel: (looks up, nods)

Zac: Well, I wish you luck!

Sel: (gives him a look)

Zac: (gets the clue) Sorry

Sel: (goes back to writing)

Nick: (walks by with Joe)(pushes her notebook down on the floor)

(The notebook falls down bringing her soda down on herself)

Nick: (laughs)

Sel: (stands up and shoves Nick onto the floor)(runs out of the cafeteria)

Zac: (follows Selena)

Nick: (on the floor, still laughing)

Joe: (punches him and walks away)

Nick: (stops laughing and grabs his jaw)

(With Selena)

Sel: (at her locker,grabbing a different t-shirt)

Zac: (comes up behind her) You alright Sel?

Sel: Yea, I guess

Zac: What an ass (leans on the lockers)

Sel: You bet (closes her locker, goes to the bathroom to change)

Joe: (walks up) Where's my sister?

Zac: In the bathroom changing (points to the bathroom)

Sel: (comes out with a clean shirt on)

Joe: (runs to her) Are you ok?

Sel: (nods)

Nick: (walks out of the cafeteria) What the hell Joe?

Joe: Dude, you hurt my sister and thought it was funny (takes a step toward him)

Sel: (pulls his arm back)

Joe: (jerks it away)

Nick: Everyone thought it was funny (walks toward him too)

Joe: (walks right in front of him) I didnt

Nick: (punches him in the stomach)

Sel: (yelps)(tries going in to help)

Zac: (pulls her back)

Joe: (angry)(punches Nick in the face again)

Nick: (punches him repeatidly)

Sel: (tears fall)

Joe: (punches back)

Princaple: (walks into the hall) Mr. Jonas! ! What is going on?

N+J: (stop and stand up)

Princaple: My office now! (walks to the office with the boys)

Sel: (looking down)

Zac: (puts his arm around her) Come on Sel, let's get going

(After School)

Sel: (waiting for the bus with Zac)

Zac: (knows what she's thinking) Selena he's gonna be fine

Sel: (nods)

Joe: (walks up)

Sel: (sees him and runs to hug him)

Joe: (lets her hug him)

Sel: (quietly) Are you in trouble?

Joe: (nods) Can't come to school tomorrow, I think

Sel: (looks down)

(Bus Arrives)

Sel: (walks onto the bus and sits down by Zac)

Zac: You ok?

Sel: (shakes her head)

Zac: It's ok, I'll go home with you today. Your parents never fight when I'm there, and I'll make sure Nick does nothing

Sel: (nods)(quietly) Thanks

(They get to Selena's house)

Sel: (opens the door and shuts her eyes, when she hears her parents yelling)

Joe: (pats her back)

Abi: Robert you can't leave! The kids need you!

Rob: Well you dont like me here, so we should just get a divorce and never see each other again!

Joe: (takes a deep breath) Mom, Dad we're home!

Abi: (looks at them) Hello kids, good day at school?

Sel: (nods)

Rob: Speak, why dont you speak?

Zac: Hi Mr and Mrs Gomez!

Abi: Hello Zachary!

Joe: We're gonna go do our homework (walks up the stairs)

S+Z: (follow him)

(Doorbell Rings)

Abi: (opens the door) Hi Nick, go on upstairs

Nick: Thanks! (walks upstairs)(walks into Selena's room)

Sel: (sees him and stops talking to Zac)

Nick: You talk?

Sel: (glares at him)

Zac: I'm gonna go to the other room to leave you two to work (leaves)

Sel: (looks down, fiddling with her hands)

Nick: Why don't you speak?

Sel: (remembers her dad saying that, winces)

Nick: What? (raises an eyebrow)

Sel: (shakes her head)

Nick: (sits in a chair by her desk) So, what are we gonna do our project on?

Sel: (picks a book up and hands it to him)

Nick: (reads) Ecosytems? (looks up at her)

Sel: (nods)

Nick: Awesome, so how are we gonna do this?

Sel: (hands him a piece of paper)

Nick: Why can't you just tell me? (wines)(reads) We can meet everyday after school and make a display (looks up) Sounds good to me

Sel: (nods)

Nick: (throws the paper down) Now let's get serious. Why dont you talk to anyone?

Sel: (looks at him)