Cinderella Boy

A/N: After making story consisted of 6 chapters "Crossroads" (swear, that's exhausting), I come back with seven-chapter-story (I thought it would be just one shot story at first). The plot is pretty simple and neither FBI nor BO included. This time, again and again, Haibara Ai and Edogawa Conan will be the main characters (no complain, because they're my favorite pairing! Yeah, I'm ConAi fans! \o/). Gosho Aoyama will never make ConAi to become a canon couple, so as a fan of them, I will make it happen here, because is the only place where we can really unleash our imagination. So, cheers for ConAi! 3

Anyway, it's not the continuation of my previous story, so enjoy your reading ^_^

Disclaimer: Detective Conan is owned by Aoyama Gosho. I don't own the characters, places, and everything. I only own the plot.

Characters: Edogawa Conan, Haibara Ai, Yoshida Ayumi, Tsuburaya Mitsuhiko, Kojima Genta, Professor Agasa, Mouri Ran, Suzuki Sonoko, Masumi Sera, and Okiya Subaru.

Summary: Cinderella Boy? That's just another version of Cinderella story. Conan and Detective Boys are performing Cinderella Boy drama to celebrate their school's anniversary.

Chapter 1

Drama, Drama!

"Cinderella, huh?"

Conan sat on the wooden bench at Beika Park, holding his chin apathetically while grasping a piece of little paper scroll in his palm with another hand. Twilight was about to come. The sun almost set at west, coloring the sky with redden-orange florescence. Tens of birds flew, making a well-regulated formation to come back to the place where they belonged. Slight sound of crying crows started to hear. Five detective boys were gathering and seemingly discussing about something. Ayumi and Haibara sat on the left and right side of Conan, while Genta and Mitsuhiko were standing in front of them.

"It's gonna be amazing!" Ayumi cried excitedly, clenching her two fists eagerly. The rests except Conan and Haibara seemed to be happy as she was. "I've been dreaming for so long to be a Cinderella!"

"Ayumi-chan will look awesome in Cinderella gown!" Mitsuhiko added fiery, but then he threw his face at Haibara which suddenly turned into crimson . "But Haibara-san will be also well suited."

"Oh, thanks."

Haibara smiled in very marvelous way which made Mitsuhiko froze in nervousness. He started to imagine himself wearing a tuxedo with her wearing a white wedding gown and becoming his dance partner.

"But Ayumi will look cuter!" Genta disagreed with Mitsuhiko's last word. He also imagined himself as a prince and asked her to dance as well after kissing her backhand.

"Haha." Conan laughed unwillingly, guessing the obvious imaginations of those two. "They must imagine something beyond their age... geez..."

"Then, can we start discussing which one will we roleplay?" Haibara said, crossing her arms nonchalantly.

"Ayumi wants to play as Cinderella!" Ayumi cheered happily.

"I'm a prince!" Genta said immediately.

"Wait, I think that's somewhat unfair. All girls want to be a princess while we want to be a prince. Shouldn't we decide by raffle?" Mitsuhiko clarified. Honestly, he just did not want to miss the chance of being a prince with Haibara as a princess.

"Raffle...?" Ayumi murmured. She was kind of upset yet worry, Haibara suited more to become a Cinderella considering her beauty and gracefulness than herself.

"What do you mean by that, Mitsuhiko? You're unhappy if I and Ayumi become main characters?" Genta grumbled spitefully.

"That's not what I mean. Conan-kun also deserves to be a prince, not to mention Haibara-san is well-suited to be a princess"

"But I don't think neither Conan nor Haibara will object!"

"Genta-kun, why are you so self-centered?" Mitsuhiko said peevishly. "You always think about yourself for most of times!"

"And what do you think you are? You act as if you're smarter than us!" Genta yelled at him and almost grabbed Mitsuhiko's white collar, but Conan prevented him.

"Cut it out, you two!" Conan tried to lessen the high tension between them. "Genta, Mitsuhiko was right. But, do you forget that in Cinderella story, we need four girls and one boy? So we should reconsider how raffle will solve this problem."

"Four girls and a boy...?" Ayumi muttered and thought of something. "Oh I see! Four girls to become Cinderella, her wicked step mother, and her two bad-manner cousins while the boy becomes a prince, isn't?"

"Yeah, Ayumi-chan is right." Conan smiled and agreed with her.

"If that's the case..." Mitsuhiko murmured thoughtfully.

"We should play as girls, you meant?" Genta said in awfulness.


They all thought deeply and tried to churned out a better idea. But they did not seem to find any, even the great detective, who was always capable of solving difficult case, found it hard just to think about a simple resolve to make a decent drama.

"I have an idea."

Haibara broke the silence with her mocking smile, leaving her seat and standing before them with arms still crossed. She smirked meaningfully when Conan glared at her suspiciously. The rests saw her in disbelief, feeling a bit surprised because she usually used to look uninterested towards that kind of thing.

"What's that, Haibara-san?" Mitsuhiko said curiously.

"I'll make the script. Meet me at Hakase's house two days from now and I will have it finished," she smiled sharply and left so many question in their heads. "Let's head home! Your mothers will get anxious if you don't come back sooner."


Just like captain gave a command to its subordinate, those children obeyed her unconditionally to leave the park. Ayumi tried to balance her steps with Haibara who walked in front of the others. She persuaded Haibara to tell about the script she thought of, but it was meaningless since Haibara only answered with one quick meaningful smile.

"What she's plotting anyway?" Conan muttered silently. "Don't tell me...?"

He finally found out her plan and set an 'oi-oi' look. Then walked behind the girls, together with Genta and Mitsuhiko. He surely knew that Haibara could be such a 'mean' human being when it came to certain something, not to mention her evil look explained it all.


Four hours ago...

"Everyone, our school will celebrate its anniversary three weeks to go." Kobayashi-sensei opened the conversation during the class of Japanese history. "The headmaster asked all first graders to join drama competition!"

"Drama?" half of class responded in bewilderment..

"Yeah!" Kobayashi-sensei answered enthusiastically. "Each class will be divided into groups with each group is consisted of five persons."

"Five persons? It's decided then." Mitsuhiko gave a hint to detective boys who was likely in the same group.

"Then, what kind of drama should we perform?" Conan raised his hand and asked uninterestedly. He was almost certain that they would play dramas taken from Japanese folklore such Momotaro, Kintaro, Urashima Taro, Isshun-boshi, and the likes.

"Western folktales!" the teacher was very eager even more."Such as Beauty and the Beast, Snow White, Cinderella, Little Mermaid..."

"How unusual..." Conan murmured softly, only Haibara who sat beside him could clearly hear.

"Really?" Haibara asked unbelievably. "Why?"

"Usually, typical Japanese elementary students are encouraged to know a lot about Japanese history, so they can learn by playing," he put the chin on his hand. "Unless it's an exception."

Classroom was so crowded all of sudden after listening to Kobayashi-sensei announcement. Some of them talked about what drama should they play, some others blabbered about the role they would play, and the rests were not interested at all, including those two teens who trapped in seven-year-old children form.

"The birthday theme is fairytale, so we have to take drama theme from those Western folktales," Kobayashi-sensei as if answered Conan's bewilderment.

"That's the answer." Haibara commented her explanation and pointed it to a guy sitting beside her.

"Yeah." he just responded shortly because the teacher was about to give further explanation about the details.

"Please compose your own group consisted of five, now! The rests who did not belong the group have to tell me immediately!" that sensei continued.

The students chattering and sort of busy to find the group they would like to join. Of course most of them prefer to join the group which they used to hang around with, including detective boys. Genta, Mitsuhiko, and Ayumi flashily came to Conan and Haibara's place. Their face looked so bright indicating that they were happy when knowing they would play in a fairytale drama, which they might be dreaming for so long.

"Everyone, have you done yet?" Kobayashi-sensei reminded them. "If you've done already, the representative from each group please come to me to pick one scroll inside this box."

She showed a small glass box, with length and width around 7 inch and 4 inch, and height about 5 inch. She picked one white paper scroll as the example. "Inside this scroll is written western folktale you will play. For example, your group have to play Snow White. Then you should roleplay the Snow White characters and act as if you were in the drama."

"You may do some improvements, but you're prohibited to change the main plot of the original story. Do you understand yet?" Kobayashi-sensei ended her explanation with blinking one of her eyes to the students.


"Any question?" she asked again.

Genta unexpectedly raised his hand and asked, "You said it's actually a competition. Then, is there any reward or prize if we win? What is that?"

Kobayashi-sensei smiled mysteriously. "Of course! The winner will get free pass to Hokkaido to enjoy the snowboarding for three days, along with their parents!"

Whoaaaa. Is that really, Kobayashi-sensei?"

All students were aghast in disbelief. It looked like they were unquestionably excited after hearing a very interesting prize if they win the competition.

"Huh? It's beyond my expectation though..." Conan murmured softly. He played a pencil in his hand and spin it aimlessly.

"You're right. The school must have prepared a quite amount of money for this anniversary." Haibara added.

"Yeah, guess so."

Haibara sighed and crossed her arms nonchalantly and leaned her back on the chair. She was not interested at all to this sort of thing. It would be better to read the book for many hours or do a research for antidote in the underground lab instead of playing such a foolish drama and going on vacation at Hokkaido if they win. That's just wasting time, in her opinion.

"We must win!" Mitsuhiko said enthusiastically.

"Yeah! We have to make an awesome drama and play beautifully!" Ayumi implied.

"Hokkaidooooo... here we come!" Genta loudly cheered.

"Haha. They're really carried away..." Conan muttered silently.

"For all group representatives, please come here." Kobayashi-sensei cut her superb joyfulness. She was ready with that box.

"Conan-kun, you're the representative." Ayumi appointed Conan to become their leader. The rests would not oppose since he used to be in charged as a leader in everything.

"Eh, me?"

"But Edogawa-kun's luck is somewhat terrible." Haibara jeered him and gave a quick smile cynically.

"Haha. Kono yarou..." he laughed annoyingly and cursed that demonic sharp-eyed woman.

"How about Tsuburaya-kun?" she smiled beautifully cute to Mitsuhiko and made his face suddenly turned to crimson.

"M-me?" his voice sounded nervous. "B-but Conan-kun is better..."

"It's okay, Mitsuhiko." Conan put his hand on Mitsuhiko's shoulder and blinked his left eye, indicating that he did not mind at all for not being a leader this time. "Do you agree, guys?"

"Ayumi agreed!" Ayumi cheered happily.

"I don't mind either." Genta said.

"It's decided. Bring us a good luck, Tsuburaya-kun." again, Haibara smiled very gently to him which made him even felt so awkward. He immediately walked towards Kobayashi-sensei to pick that paper scroll.

To be continued...


Japanese words check:

Kono yarou: usually use to curse someone. Just like, "This bastard..." in English.

Mitsuhiko will take the scroll. Which drama will they play? (Haha I'm sure you already know from the title and the sumary xD) Just find out on the next chapter! ^_^