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The Wedding

Scene 7.

Monolog: "The wedding party between Princess Bell and David Carpenters will be held in a minute. Feel free to enjoy their joyfulness and pray for their love for eternity."

The audience applauded again as the bridegroom in white wedding dress entered the wedding hall. Haibara, who played as a bride, held her groom – Conan –'s arm when walking elegantly and beautifully with her lovely white wedding gown and white glass heels.

A boy from fourth grader was 'borrowed' and asked to play as a priest. Now he and that 'bridegroom' were standing in front of the cross. The priest holding the bible – but actually not the real one – said,

"David James Carpenters and Princess Belle of Emerald, please say the wedding vow."

Everything was silent in serenity, waiting for the bridegroom said their wedding vow. Yeah, it was just a drama anyway, but the ambiance was pretty similar to a little marriage.

Conan cleared his throat softly, staring at his 'one-day-bride' Haibara and carefully said the wedding vow he'd been well memorized,

"I, David James Carpenters, take thee, Belle of the Emerald, to my lawful wedded Wife, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer and poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do us part."

Haibara stared back at him intensely and said the same wedding vow, "I, Belle of the Emerald, take thee, David James Carpenters, to my lawful wedded Husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer and poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do us part."

Conan placed the ring on Haibara's finger and likewise. They stared each other lovably and smiled gently. Yeah, this was just a drama. But Haibara could feel her heart slightly palpitated. Meanwhile, Conan was getting carried away by the wedding. It felt like he had said the wedding vow for real, but not to the girl he supposed to be with. However, he strangely got his heart throbbed quite much whenever he looked at her with that wedding gown.

He tried to focus himself again to the role he played and ignored that unpleasant throb. Yeah, I'm sure I'm just nervous. There's no way I could throb over this cynical eyes woman ― he thought.

"With this I declared, David James Carpenters and Belle of the Emerald are legitimate bridegroom," the priest stated, along with thousand applause from the audiences. "For the newlyweds are pleased to dance."

Kissing should be done after the ring exchange, but they planned to change the order. Conan took her hand gently and put it on his shoulder. He twisted his hand on her wrist, taking her right hand and carefully clasped it. Classical music played and they started to dance and show off the marvelous movements just like they did before.

"So, should we really kiss?" Haibara whispered softly, smirking in her graceful wiggle. Conan raised her hand and let her swiveling.

"Like I have another choice," he grumbled while balancing her movement then stepping to the right and left very harmoniously.

"Hey, are you afraid?" she mocked and smiled maliciously when seeing his naive expression. He looked so funny that way. "Don't tell me it'll be your first kiss...?"

Haibara twisting and then swiveling again. Conan was irritated with her words belittling him. "You said as if you ever did kiss before."

But she only laughed softly after hearing his words. "Don't be so naive, Kudou-kun," she put her foot on him, moving to the left three taps and then to the right two taps with him adjusting. "Do you forget that I had been raising with the organization's upbringing? And have you forgotten that I spent my study in United States for years?"

"So... you...?" he was shocked in surprise, but still keeping the rhythm in his movement.

"No time to surprise, Meitantei-san. I don't even remember how many times I did kiss with that cold blooded killer."

"With... Gin?" he guessed and asked in disbelief. It was the first time he realized that the little girl in front of him was actually a woman, a mysterious woman whom he thought he knew everything about her but indeed he didn't. She suddenly looked like a stranger to him. Too many things he did not know about her yet too many things he wanted to know as well

"The music is almost finished and you should find a way not to get nervous when kissing," she grinned evilly, did not answer his question. She twined her arms around his neck and got her face closer to him. "But as for the beginner, I'll make it easy for you."

"What?" he suddenly felt so nervous and muttered silently, "Damn, how could she be so calm? Or is it what people say about the difference between a beginner and an expert?"

The music was getting slower and slower, indicating it was the time for them to kiss. "Oh, it's time," she said. "Now, Kudou-kun... close your eyes, calm your mind, and just relax."

He dragged her to his embrace to get her closer and embraced her waist with his arm. Her hands still twined on his neck and they were ready to kiss now. His heart suddenly palpitated rapidly and felt very nervous. He was so guilty to Ran for doing this, but he had no choice to choose. Then he obeyed Haibara's command by slowly closing his eyes, striving to calm his nervous mind, and then... relaxed.

He got his face closer and closer to her and... finally his lips touched an inexplicably warm something. Weird but exciting that was the impression of his first kiss. He should have stopped it right now, but he wanted more and found that kissing was indeed addicting. He pressed his lips against hers more firmly until he could feel her warm breath and strawberry aroma from her mouth. Her warm tongue glided in between his teeth and mingled with his own. He got carried away and did not realize everyone including Ran someone who supposed to get his first kiss – stared at them unbelievably, kept wondering why first graders could do thing like this so awesomely.

He couldn't stop. He didn't care what everyone might think about him after this. He pressed her mouth again with his, even deeper, their tongues still mingled inseparably. She really successfully did her job, making it so easy and comfortable for him. He should stop and must stop right now. But he couldn't do that until...

"How long will you be kissing me, Kudou-kun? Stop it. The drama has just ended."

He would never realize the drama had ended and the curtain had been closed down along with loud applause from the audiences if Haibara did not warn him to stop their kissing. He opened his eyes and started to get back his mind, releasing Haibara from his embrace. He was surprised and could not believe to what he had just done while ago. He looked surround him. Genta, Mitsuhiko, Ayumi, Ran, Sonoko, Subaru, Sera, and some supernumeraries still there, staring at them unbelievably with mouths opened widely. Then he turned his face to the girl in front of him wearing a white wedding gown. Haibara stared back at him mockingly. He could clearly see a little bruise left on her lips.

"Not bad, Kudou-kun. Umm... nah. You're even more eager than Gin, at least he did not leave a bruise on my lips the day when we first kissed."

She left him in confusion and guiltiness and went to the backstage. She left him alone with thousand questions that everyone on the stage might ask about that 'unusual' children kiss.


A day after that exhausting show, detective boys were gathering at Professor's house. Professor Agasa was out somewhere to attend the convention with his fellow scientists. Genta and Mitsuhiko were fighting each other in the new game that professor created. Ayumi was absent because she should treat her ankle nicely. Conan sat on the sofa, reading the new detective novel he just bought on the way here. Haibara brought a cup of tea from the kitchen and sat on the same sofa with him.

"Is it getting better?" Conan asked cluelessly, lowering his voice so the children who was playing PlayStation could not hear.

"What?" she blew her tea and carefully slurped it.

"Something that was bruised yesterday," what he meant was her lips, but he just did not want to say everything that reminded him of the last scene of the drama they played.

"Oh, this?" she put her index finger on her lips. That bruise was much better than yesterday but still kinda obvious to see. "Thanks God it's not rotten."

"Hey, I should be the one who said that!" he increase his tone a bit but then lowered it again. "You made a goddamned ending and forced me to do something I shouldn't do with someone else."

"Ah, you meant that kiss?" she asked coldly. "Haven't I already told you that we only should do a flash kiss? But you lost your mind either way."

He sighed. What she said was totally right. He was getting carried away and completely lost his mind. Yeah, the blame was on him.

"Yeah, you're right..." he gave in, turning his face again to the book he read. "I just couldn't stop.."

She was silent for a while, enjoying her tea and then smirking. "I never thought you could do that in incredible way. Nine points for you from ten as a complete beginner."

"Oh, shut up." he was blushed but painstakingly tried to hide it from that demonic eyes who was ready to tease him.

Haibara laughed when seeing his funny expression but she did not say anything and concentrated herself to the tea she drank instead.

He was quiet a while but then said something that bothered him since yesterday. "It was indeed disgusting but... I found it somehow addicting."

"That kiss you meant? Addicting?" she teased him and then smiled maliciously. Making fun of this naive detective who was completely clueless about 'love' thing was an exciting thing to do. "Then, should we try once again?"

"NO, thank you very much."

Haibara laughed even more, so softly. She just could not stand with dense expression of him. They did not notice that the children were already sitting in front of them with blushing faces.

"Is kissing actually disgusting but addicting, Conan-kun?" Mitsuhiko asked.

Conan and Haibara had just realized that their conversation was being eavesdropped. Mitsuhiko and Genta sat on the floor in front of them in with their knees knelt down.

"Oi, since when you eavesdrop our conversation?" he was annoyed.

"Since you two were talking about yesterday's kissing." Genta grinned. "You both did it just like in the films. Amazing!"

"That's not something you should be proud of, Kojima-kun." Haibara responded coldly.

"But... didn't you suppose to do one flash childhood kiss? Instead, you did it serously... we're quite surprised of it." Mitsuhiko implied.

"Ask Edogawa-kun about that, why he kissed me so passionately all of sudden."

Haibara left hear seat and immediately went to the kitchen. Bringing a cup of tea she drank before. Mitsuhiko and Genta were still curious about Haibara's answer and insisted Conan to explain.

"Ano yarou... she left me in this situation all over again," he cursed her silently.

"Do you like Haibara-san, Conan-kun?"

Mitsuhiko asked the same question with Ran. Conan kept wondering why they could take such conclusion without knowing what he actually felt.

"What's the reason?" Conan asked in return.

"Haibara-san only asked you to kiss her flashily but you..."

Conan did not need Mitsuhiko to finish his question since he already knew where that conversation was going to. He was silent for a while, he thought of some plausible answer to solve his curiosity. He himself actually did not know how he could do something like that all. That's just happened all of sudden without him knowing the reason. One thing he should admit, she successfully made him lost his mind yesterday. But he could not say these things to the children who was waiting impatiently for his answer.

"Barou! That's only drama, isn't? You don't need to take it seriously," Conan made an excuse.

"But still..." Genta still unsatisfied with the answer.

"Children should not ask something beyond their age," Haibara suddenly appeared again - who suddenly became a savior for Conan. Then she pushed their back, making them to go back to the television and to the game they played before . "Just back to the game, you guys!"

"But aren't you and Conan-kun also children?" Mitsuhiko asked in confusion.

"No, we're not."



A week later...


"Oi, Genta. How many times will you spell that word all over again?" Conan protested. It was even countless how many times Genta had spelled that word.

"I'm just getting overexcited," he grinned. "I feel like Europe..."

"Euphoria, Genta!" Conan corrected him and laughed apathetically.

"Ah, yeah, that's what I meant." he grinned very widely, scratching his bald spot head.

Mitsuhiko still held the gold trophy unbelievably. Ayumi, who just recovered from sprained ankle, also stared at it so proudly. Detective Boys finally won the drama competition, beating about twelve groups. The audiences were enchanted by their performance, especially the incredible performances from Haibara and Conan, who could act very naturally and amazingly.

"Our hard work finally paid off!" Mitsuhiko cried happily. "Thank you very much, Conan-kun, Haibara-san... you made the drama extraordinary!"

"No, Tsuburaya-kun. It's all because our hard work, not only from me and Edogawa-kun," Haibara's words made him flying to the air.

"But still... without Ai-chan who had played triple role and her superb performance, we might not win this." Ayumi agreed with Mitsuhiko.

Haibara smiled. "Thank you. But why don't we just think about what will be bring to Hokkaido?"

"You're right!" Genta yelled. "Hokkaido... here we come!"


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Barou (short for Baka Yarou): Stupid; Idiot

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