Hey, Kirisame Marisa here! I know this is supposed to be Pachu-chan's blog, but she's sleeping right now and she's got no idea I'm on here ~ze! I found some pretty awesome stuff, too ~ze. But I found this hilarious piece of crap, so I'm gonna follow Pachu-chan's example.

(disclaimer: i dont bionicle and touhou)

Don't what?

(pro log)

This log is a pro at sports ~ze.

in the land of gensokyo, south of the scarlet devil mansion rests a small village.

No, there isn't.

and into this village walks a tall, green warrior. his name is toa bucki, toa of air.

The fic has lost me already, but I like that name ~ze!

bucki had applied for a job as an internal security guard for the scarlet devil mansion.

'Cause Meiling and Sakuya just aren't enough, they need a guy named Bucki ~ze.

"do you know where the scarlet devil mansion is?" he asked villager after villager with no success at getting directions.

They heard his name was Bucki and they didn't wanna talk to him.

after 3 hours of trying to get directions he finally lost his temper; "This is Bullshit!" he roared, firing his arm blaster skyward "Why won't any one tell me where the f#$king Scarlet devil mansion is?"


"Calm down, toa-brother" said a voice behind him.

Bucki turned to face the stranger; "Okay, sorry i lost my temper, lewon"

'Cause that's exactly how emotions work.

Bucki noticed a women with bright white hair in a maid outfit standing next to Lewon.

Oh hi, sudden Sakuya ~ze.

"Who is this?" bucki asked curiously "and what with the pa-" Lewon put his hand over Bucki's mouth "Careful what you say, brother" Lewon whispered warningly "this is will be our new boss if we get the jobs, understood?" Bucki nodded.

"What with the leaving out random words?"

Lewon turned again the women

"what is your name?" he asked

"Sakuya" she responded

What's that? A surname? Naaaaaah.

"we wish to speak with your mistrises about employment.

can you take us to them?"

Both of them? Flan-chan is fun to play around with and stuff, asking her about employments not gonna do much ~ze.

"sure, follow me" she replied

As they started walking, Bukki

Bucki's cousin.

felt a sense of fear rising in the back of his mind "Well, this will not end well" he said, but only to himself.

No it's not. That was hilarious ~ze! It didn't make any sense though. Oh, Pachu-chan woke up... time to see how she reacts when she notices I stole all the clothes on the lower half of her body ~ze. Logging off!