The Sirens Call

author: alright introduction time... My name is scrletfyre. A while back I wrote a story called "Moonlight Siren", a -man story based around Kanda and Allen, a Yaoi (boy on boy sexual content). Recently many of my readers and reviews have written me asking me to do a sequel. At first I wasn't planning to do one but after reading the story over from start to finish I thought...what the hell...more could be told about this story.

Kanda (yells): scrletfyre...

author (cringes): be reasonable and not do anything rash!

Kanda (unsheathes Mugen): don't tell me that you plan to put me and Allen through hell considering what you did to us last time.

author (gulps): well Kanda you and Allen will be in it as this story is more centered on your children then you.

Allen: why do a sequel scrletfyre? I thought that the story had a very good ending. Besides that with the Earl dead whom will play the villain? Don't tell me that you plan to resurrect them!

author: of course not Allen. Not only some of the characters that I will be featuring in "The Sirens Call" will be on my own creation and design. It will also feature characters from the -man series.

Lavi: so I get to play a bigger part in this considering the last story.

author (sighs): sorry to disappoint you Lavi but sadly your part in this is still a rather small part but you do play more of an active part in this story.

Lavi (sighs): well at least I will get to play a part in this. Hey scrletfyre...will be another YAOI story like the last one? (Kanda hits him upside the head) Owww...Yuu that hurts!

Kanda (snarls): don't give her any ideas Usagi!

author (laughs): sorry Kanda but Lavi didn't have too. But this story will not be pure YAOI like the last story but a mix of LEMON/LIME action featuring sexual relations between men and women.

Allen, Kanda, and Lavi: …...huh?

author (sighs): I could have made it a pure YAOI but I decided to do something a little different considering that I had a hard enough time making the children for this story but you are also asking me to make six more male mates... (screams) I just can't do it!

Allen: breathe scrletfyre...relax

author (sighs): sorry...but I had an important decision to make as I chose most of the children to mate with females this time around. Only two of them will mate with males. I figured this way would make everyone happy.

Kanda (sheathes Mugen): wait one second there scrletfyre...according to the last story "Moonlight Siren" you said that the sirens could only mate with other sirens. Why have females?

author (shakes her head): simply enough that what I had said was true in the last story but you Kanda came to a realization that it shouldn't matter if your chosen mates are human or not, male or female, only what your heart feels.

Allen: wow...that's really profane. Where did you come up with that whole concept scrletfyre?

author: it was something that I thought long and hard about when planning this sequel.

Lavi: so all ready told us that Allen's and Kanda's children you had created for this story but who else is made up?

author: besides the six brothers I am also creating a villain (don't know much about them yet so don't ask) and two of the females one is your and Lenalee's daughter and another completely my own.

Kanda: so why are these women hooking up with some of my sons?

author: because they all possess an unnatural ability that will prove to be useful for mating with a siren considering you were human possessing a unique ability before you learned that you were a siren.

Allen: this sounds like scrletfyre...can we meet the cast that you have planned at least the ones playing a key part in the sequel.

author (smiles): of course Allen. But to let my readers know that none of the six sons produced by Kanda and Allen will have a last name seeing how Allen didn't have a last name of his own I wanted the sons to be the same way. The names of their weapons will come from the Japanese word that symbolizes that element of power and the actual names for the characters will come from other animated and/or manga series that I own, well not by rights anyway.

Kanda (snarls): enough all ready and get describing!

author (snaps): god Kanda have a little patience! (lets out a long sigh) In no particular order are how these sons appear or born as I worked down my list...

First is Ryou (whose name comes from the S-Cry-Ed animated series). His elemental power is the wind. His weapons name is Kaze (meaning wind in Japanese) as it will be a black arm on his left side. Ryou's coloring is kind of a mix between Kanda's and Allen's. His hair will be cotton white, his eyes a dark gray color, and his scales for his tail when in mer form will be a light gray color. I went with these colors since wind has no visible color as I thought the gray and white color would best fit the element. Ryou's life mate will be Cloud Nyne from the actual -Man series.

Next up is Izark (whose name comes from the From Far Away manga series). His elemental power is the earth. His weapons name is Tsuchi (meaning earth in Japanese) as it will be a black arm on his right side. Izark's color are more earth toned colors as his hair will be a light brown color, his eyes a golden tan color, and the scales for his tail when in mer form will be dark brown. Izark's life mate will be Miranda Lotto from the actual -Man series.

Next up are the twins Shinji and Kenji (whose names I created on my own as they don't come from any animated and/or managa series but they sounded alike and oriental in nature). Shinji's elemental power is light while Kenji's elemental power is dark. Shinji's weapon name is Ranpu (meaning light in Japanese) as it will be a black arm on his left and Kenji's weapon name is Sumizome (meaning dark in Japanese) as it will be a black arm on his right. Shinji's color is more golden colors relating to light as his hair will be a golden yellow color, his eyes are a deep hazel gold color, and his scales for his tail when in mer form will be bronzed yellow color almost like gold. Kenji's colors are very dark in color as his hair will be a jet black color with the highlights of blue and purple almost like a raven's wing. His eyes a very dark purple-blue color as his scales for his tail when in mer form will match his hair exactly right down to the highlights. As for their life mates...Shinji and Kenji will mate with each other (I know that it sounds sick but it will make sense when I tell the story).

Next up is Hayate (whose name comes from the Pretear animated series). His elemental power is water (instead of wind like in the series). His weapons name is Mizu (meaning water in Japanese) as it will be a black arm on his left. Hayate's coloring are more blues relating to water as his hair will be a deep indigo blue color, his eyes a sky blue color and his scales for his tail when in mer form will be a royal blue color. As for his life mate I had to create one. I chose the name Sakura Utsugi (Sakura from the Naruto series and Utsugi from the Demon Lord Dante animated series).

Last and but not least is Ashitaka (whose name comes from the Princesses Mononoke series). His elemental powers is fire. His weapons name is Hinote (meaning fire in Japanese) as it will be a black arm on his right. Ashitaka's colorings are more red and orange like fire. Ashitaka's hair will be a dark maroon red color, his eyes a blood red color and his scales for his tail when he is in mer form a mix of red-orange like fire. As for his life mate will be Lavi and Lenalee's daughter Yuki Bookman. Yuki (whose name comes from the Vampire Knight series) is also another character that I had created.

Kanda: so no particular order are how my sons are born and what they fully look like.

author: I figured that they would look like either you and or Allen but their colorings are different compared to yours and Allen's. If I had a say on what order they were born I would go with: earth, wind, fire, water, light, and dark. But seeing the elemental powers that both you and Allen possess I thought that earth and water would come last. It would possibly go: wind, fire, light, dark, water, and earth seeing how earth and water where the main elements controlled by Allen and Kanda as they where the sirens for those respected elements.

Allen: so much like how Kanda and I are half merman and full sirens, our children are the same way.

author: yes Allen. I kept the concept of how the sirens would be half but much like Kanda they will have the same reaction to dead mer flesh and scales. Even though Alma had ruled that no more mer items will be allowed in the doesn't go the same for the other kingdoms.

Lavi: you definitely want it apparent that Allen's and Kanda's sons are sirens but you had to give them the same weakness as their father Kanda and not their mother Allen.

Allen (yells): …...hey I am no woman!

author (laughs): calm down Allen because that is how your sons see you. Since you are the one who gave birth to them they see you more as a mother than a father. Kanda they will see as their true father even though you are both their fathers.

Kanda (snickers): I think you make a lovely wife Moyashi.

Allen (turns red): why are you guys picking on me?

author: sorry Allen we are not picking on you it is just how I think your sons will view you even though some of their mates will point it out that you are a male they have to explain to why they see you as a mother more than a father. Even though you are both to them.

Allen (sighs): I guess that's understandable.

author: now that introductions are out of the way...I look forward to hearing your (the readers) comments and reviews on this story. I suggest that you first read "Moonlight Siren" first if you haven't all ready as this story picks up several years after Kanda and Allen had married and had their young.

Kanda, Allen, and Lavi: so we look forward to hearing from you and enjoy the story "The Sirens Call" a sequel to the "Moonlight Siren" as the first official chapter "years later" will begin it all!

Author (squeezes them all in a tight hug): I couldn't have said it better myself! Now on with the story...