The Sirens Call

Warnings: this story is rated M for mature as it will have strong language, nudity, violence, and lemon/lime action and sexual content either by boy on boy or girl on boy contact. This story is a sequel to my first story "Moonlight Siren".

Special keys which some will be used together: "regular human speech", 'thinking', *telepathy/mental speech*, {aquadic telepathic commands}, (author notes), -weapons speech-, [other various speech], bold - weapons talking, italic - sirens speech, CAPS – ATTACKS

Allen (jumps up & down. Cheers): yeah…last chapter, last chapter!

Kanda: it was fun while it lasted.

Lavi: some of us where better sports than others.

Kanda (growls): I heard that.

scrlet: this is the much anticipated epilog as promised for PokerPair. Thanks for your reviews my friend!

Thirty - epilog

Many years have passed as soon both Kanda and Allen were due to come back with the new young as they had six girls and two boys. Seeing the birth of the girls confused both Allen and Kanda as they expected males like last time. According to both Noah and Mugen it was arranged that way by the gods Neptune and Poseidon as they only produced two true male heirs one of light and the other of darkness. The two elements that wouldn't be conceived by any of their sons except for Shinji and Kenji. According to the weapons the gods had planned it to be this way as it gave all of the sirens at least one cycle to produce a true heir. This was also the last time that Allen would be able to conceive young as the sirens bodies could only handle two actual cycles. The same would be true for Kenji and Shinji if they choose to bear any more young. Both Shinji and Kenji went to the same area that their parents were in to give birth to their young. Both Kenji and Shinji had six male sirens, just like their parents before them as they were told by their parents about what would happen if they try to conceive more young.

Since the sirens were close to immortal, they didn't age like everyone else. Once mating with the sirens the same could be said for their human mates as they were granted some addition traits and powers that they didn't have before. They could now breathe and see underwater as their life span was extended granting them close to immortality as their aging process was slowed. They could also now hear their mates other half, their weapons. The four women….Miranda, Cloud, Yuki, and Sakura each had a set of twins. One boy and one girl. The male heirs had the same elemental powers as their fathers as they were true sirens just like their fathers. Each son went to the providence where they had met their life mates in order to rule over that region. All except for Shinji and Kenji…Hayate and Sakura. They settled for other providence that was not under control by a ruling force. Both Shinji and Kenji settled in Filabre providence while Hayate and Sakura settled in Sanfoppi providence.

When the young all reached their legal age to find their mates, they set out just like their parents before them to continue the cycle arranged by their parents and the gods. Lavi and Lenalee had passed away from old age of eighty allowing both Ashitaka and Yuki to control the providence. The same could be said of Alistar Kory as he left the capital under Ryou's and Cloud's control. Both Allen and Kanda had passed away at the age of three hundred and fifty years which was pretty old for a siren as their power dwindled down weakening their bodies. One of their grand children took over control of the providence after they had passed away. Now the newer generation of the sirens and their parents could continue on the sirens legacy answering the sirens call to protect the world!


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