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It will be a short story (20 chapters or less)

Summary: Isabella is the Heiress of the throne and 16, she needs to be married ASAP. What will happen when Lord Carlisle and his family spend a season at the castle, will Edward and Isabella hit it off? *Modern time royalty, some old formalities may remain*


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Chapter 1


"Queen Renée, the king is asking for you" Marie one of my ladies told me. I placed the book I was reading on the table and rose, Marie followed me until I got to my husband's study.

"You called my lord?" I asked him. Charles turned around and smiled at me, "yes my beloved" he replied.

"What may you need?" I asked.

"I want us to talk about our daughter" he said.

"Isabella? What about her?" I asked curious.

"She is turning 16 soon…we need to talk about her birthday ball, but most importantly about her wedding" Charles told me.

"Her wedding?" I asked my voice shaking.

Isabella was our only daughter since I wasn't blessed with anymore children after her, yes I had conceived five times but all of the pregnancies were miscarriages, in different stages of gestation. The last one almost killed me, so they realized a hysterectomy. It's been 18 years and I still can't get over it. Isabella was my second pregnancy, Charles and I miracle child the pride and joy of the kingdom and the whole country; the most beautiful baby, the perfect daughter. Isabella was my all.

"Yes her wedding my dear, I've been thinking of options for our daughter, but I really did not want to make any decisions without consulting you my queen" Charles said taking my hands in both of his.

"What have you decided?" I asked.

"Well I really don't want to marry my only daughter with just someone, he has to be worthy of Isabella." He said, "I agree" I said.

"Do you remember my long distance cousin Lord Carlisle and his wife Duchess Esme Ann Platt?" he asked me, I thought for a few seconds, I recalled the man and his wife. It has been a while since we have seen them.

"Well they have a son Sir Edward Cullen, he is about Isabella's age, and I thought that maybe I can invite them to come spent a season with us. Introduce Edward to Isabella and hope that she will be interested" he said.

"You plan to marry her at the age of 16 Charles? I don't think she is ready, she's still a child" I said.

"Renée, I know Isabella is young but she is nowhere near a child, she is a strong willed, beautiful, intelligent, a little stubborn proud woman; her mind works different than from the other girls her age, you know this dear. I can assure you that she will do fine" Charles reassured me.

I took a seat away from him, as my chest started to ache. "You want to take Isabella from me?" I asked suppressing the sob that formed on my throat.

Charles came and sat beside me, "that is not my intention Renée, I know how you feel, but you knew this day would come, she is the last Swan; the heiress to the throne."

He raised my chin to look at him, I looked through watery eyes, and he leaned forward and kissed me lightly. He pulled off and smiled at me, "I love you my queen" he said.

"I love you too, with all there is Charles, but you have to understand that is hard for me. Isabella is my only child, this decision hurts" I told him.

"I'm really sorry for not giving you any sons Charles" I apologized to him as a few tears rolled down to my cheeks.

"Shh, dear please you have nothing to apologize for; it was not your fault. You know that I don't blame you my love. Yes you did not give me any sons, but Isabella is my pride and joy, she is everything I ever dreamed of, you gave her to me. She is the ultimate gift and I'm eternally grateful for that. Stop torturing yourself" he told me his eyes full of admiration and love as he spoke of Isabella.

"Do you object to my idea?" he asked me. I thought for a moment and deliberated, we could give this a try.

"Let's try Charles, but promise me this, if it does not work out between Isabella and Edward you will pull this off for a few more years, I do not want Isabella to get hurt." I said on a stern voice.

"I agree with you my dear wife, anything you want. I promise you, Isabella's safety is my main concern also" Charles said with a smile.

"I am going to write an official letter and have Mark to deliver it, but I'm also going to call them, the letter is just a formality protocol" Charles said, I nodded to him.

He went to his desk and took a piece of his royal paper and an envelope; he sat and started to write the invitation letter.

"I shall retire and leave you to work my king" I said with a curtsy, Charles smiled and nodded.

I turned around and left, closing the door behind me.

I hope this works and Isabella find in Edward what I found on her father, I want my only daughter to be happy.


IPOV (Isabella)

It have been two weeks since mother and father had announced me that I had to get married very soon, since I was the only heir to the throne, I was the last Swan since I did not had any other siblings. I remember a few of my mother's miscarriages, it was very sad for me to watch my mother go though that… I remember the last one as if it had been yesterday, there was so much blood and what frightened me the most where my mother's cries of agony, it was torture.

I had agreed to meet Sir Edward and see what will happen from there. Father told me to leave that matter in his hand and focus on the preparations for my 16th birthday ball which was due in three months. I was getting measured by the royal designers to get my two gowns done, I told mother I wanted two and she said I could have whatever I wanted since it was my day and I was only going to be 16 once.

I'm princess Isabella Charlotte Marie Swan, Heiress of Volterra Italy and this is the story of how a green eyed Sir changed my life forever and helped me become the next queen of Italy…

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