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Chapter 10

Because of a bite

Rosalie's POV (first and last)

Prince Emmett and I were coming from the garden when we heard a female voice asking for help, soon we both realized that it was Princess Isabella, Emmett caught her in time before she fell and hit her head on the hard floor.

"Lady Rosalie please, call someone, she doesn't look good. This redness on the neck is not normal it feels like an allergy, we have to act quickly." He told me.

I rushed to the ballroom and saw Edward with my parents, "help! Someone please come quickly. The princess has fainted!" I exclaimed there were gasps and my family reacted in a rush, they all followed me back to where Isabella was in Prince Emmett's arms.

Edward fell on his knees before her and took her body from Emmett, "be careful please" he told my brother.

My father kneeled with him and took her pulse, when had been in college my father took minor medicine courses.

"Her pulse is weak, we need a doctor now" father said in a hurry.

Soon enough the king and queen were notified of the commotion, the queen fell to her knees beside my brother a pale expression on her face; I could see the tears forming in her eyes.

Edward's POV

My heart dropped to my stomach when I heard the words that came out of Rosalie's mouth, but she wasn't laying Bella was unconscious on Prince Emmett's lap; he had caught her before she harmed her head. I took her from his arms with extreme carefulness. What could have happened for her to faint? She was hot and clammy, her neck and upper arms red with some kind of rash. The queen was beside me, her eyes full of tears at the sight of her daughter. I knew she was going to panic, Bella had told me so.

Finally someone had summoned the doctor from the party, "let's take her to a more private place, please." He instructed

Father went back to the ballroom to let everyone know what happen and to announce that the party was officially over. I carried Bella in my arms and followed the queen, Rosalie and my mother to her bedroom. I had been asking her to open her eyes and wake up the whole time, since she was in my arms and now that we were near her bedroom. As I laid her down on her bed, I remembered the dream I had; it was a premonition, a preview that this was going to happen. How stupid I had been, I should have been with her.

Rosalie and mother started taking off Bella's accessories, gloves and shoes. The doctor started taking her vitals and I saw his forehead crease, which was never good. As I saw that they were going to undress her I went out of the room. Outside was my father, Prince Emmett and the king; Mary Alice and Elizabeth were both in a corner, Mary Alice's face was tear stained.

"How is she?" my father asked, "They just started examining her" I replied.

A few short minutes' later mother and Rosalie came out of the room both with gloom expressions on their faces.

"What happened?" I asked

"She has to be taken to the hospital, and all the ones who had contact with her might be in danger also" my mother replied both hands on her stomach.

"Why?" the king asked.

"the doctor says that what she has is contagious, I debated with him that you have been in constant contact with Isabella as well as Lady cope and you are both fine." Rosalie said, and she had a point.

Then I remembered that Bella had been taking some medicines that the doctor from the Academy had given her.

"Now that I look back, Isabella has been feeling off for the past two weeks, there was even a day when she missed the morning classes because she wasn't feeling well. She told me she had gone to the school's infirmary and that they had given her some medicine, her health improved but just a bit. She always told me off or changed the subject when I asked her how she was feeling. I should have suspected something was going on, I'm sorry." I told the king sincerely, how I could have been so careless! I should have paid more attention to her; I should have checked what she was taking.

"Son, now it's not the time to be feeling sorry, what's done is done. Isabella is a strong girl; she will come out of this. We have to be strong for all, all of us." Father said.

Mother then took Elizabeth and Mary Alice, to change for bed, Prince Emmett said something to Rosalie's ear, she gave him a timid smile and followed my mother. Father and the king shared a look but didn't say anything. Soon enough we heard the sirens of the ambulance, the queen had changed her dress for something more comfortable. She must have used the secret door on Bella's room to get out. The king had ditched his tie and suit jacket, I had done the same.

Without mush hassle and very quickly Bella was loaded into the vast ambulance and her parents got in with her. There weren't lots of words shared, but I knew something was wrong, the doctor's face said it all. The secret service car followed the ambulance while I and nana Cope were going to be using the other car alongside two more guards. I said farewell to my father and went to be with my Bella. Lady cope told me that she had woken some and had been disoriented, but that it didn't last and just a few seconds later she went back on being unconscious. She also told me that she heard her call my name twice.

"She needs me" I whispered, Shelley just nodded as she wiped her eyes with her embroidered handkerchief.

The minutes that it took to get to the hospital were the longest of my life; as soon as we were parked I ushered out of the car and headed to the emergency room. The nurse in charge told me that Isabella had been brought in ten minutes ago, but that we couldn't go in, in a small hallway we found Charles and Renee, holding hands, both faces stained with heavy tears.

Twenty minutes later the doctor came out to finally give us concrete information.

"How is my daughter Dmitri" Charles asked.

"We stabilized her finally, her heart rate and pulse are normal, her pressure is okay. We took some blood to analyze; the results should be in shortly. Form what I examined the Princess has been incubating this for about two weeks, why wasn't she brought in sooner?" he asked, I gulped.

I knew I should have said something.

"We didn't know Dmitri, Isabella spends most of her days in school. They didn't call us saying that she was sick, and Lady Cope never said anything, neither did you Edward" she looked at me, her eyes expectant.

I sighed, "I'm sorry your highness, I know of certain that Isabella had been taking some medicines because she had headaches and fever, and she did miss school for a morning. When Shelley and I would ask her what's wrong, she would change the subject or act indifferent. I kept an eye on her but if she was feeling sick, she was hiding it very well." I said truthfully.

"I'm sorry majesties, I should have said something before" I said my head down, neither said anything to me. A nurse then came and handed the doctor a sealed envelope, Dmitri opened and read it, his frown deepening the more he read.

"She has the west Nile virus illness, but since it wasn't attacked when it started she developed encephalitis, that's why she was so stiff. She has to be treated right away, before she goes into a coma." He explained to us, my eyes filled with tears, all of this was my fault I shouldn't have listened to her! I should have said something, God please save her, I need her… we all do please. I can't be now without her, you know I love her, please don't take her from us.

I silently prayed as the tears fell down my cheeks, she needed to be okay.

"We will start the treatment right away, she will be taken to a room when all the tests we have to do now are done, and you will be able to see her in about ninety minutes. I suggest you all go and wait at the third floor longue, is more comfortable." He suggested as he went back to the ER treatment area where Bella was.

We all did as the doctor told us, we went to the third floor in silence, we all found a seat, Renée had her eyes closed, but I could see her lips moving in silent prayer. I felt like a piece of trash, unworthy of being here, I felt an immense amount of guilt because I didn't act on what I had seen, maybe if I had said something before none of this would have happened and Isabella would be in the safety of the castle, asleep on her bed.

The ninety minutes passed and the doctor came to tell us that they had done all the pertinent tests and that the medicines were being administered, thankfully there was no brain or spinal damage, and he assured us that she was going to be alright but will have to spend a few days in the hospital, and more so because she was unconscious. He took Charles and Renée to see her, I stayed put feeling guilty. I stayed there with Shelley praying for the health of my love.

We stayed there all night, Renée insisted on being by Bella's bedside so she stayed in the room, I don't know how much time we spent there, I didn't utter a word, I didn't know if I should stay or I should leave, but I didn't want Bella to wake and not find me here, and so I stayed.

The next morning soft hands were caressing my face; I opened my arms and saw my mother in front of me.

"Hey there sweetie" she greeted me with a kiss to my forehead.

I broke down, she enveloped me in her arms as I let the sobs ripple through me, I wanted to see her so bad, but I didn't know If I her parents would give me permission.

"Mother everything is my fault!" I stated as more tears spilled.

"No my sweet boy, don't say that. It was all just an accident, these things sometimes happen." She tried to soothe me but I knew better.

"Your father told me what you said at the hallway last night, and I know why you feel that way my boy but I don't want you to. Even if you feel responsible, think of Isabella and what she would say, knowing her I think she didn't want to alarm anyone and the situation slipped out of her hands, maybe it was on her destiny that she would be sick Edward. We can't change the Lord's plan for us, baby we just have to pray for the best and endure It." mother reassured me as she ran her hands through my hair, she did this whenever I was upset as a child, and it soothed me.

"I brought you some toiletries and a change of clothes, you have to go fresh up and change." Mother instructed me, "why?" I asked her.

"Because Bella is asking for you" she said smiling, I stood up quickly at the prospect of seeing her.

"She is awake?" I asked hopeful.

"No but she hasn't stopped calling you, the doctor said that it would be better for her if you went to see her." Mother explained

"And what did the Majesties said… are they going to let me see her?" I asked unsure.

"Why wouldn't we?" I heard King Charles say behind me.

"Your majesty" I bowed, "it's alright son" he said.

"I know that you feel guilty boy and maybe yes you should have said something, but knowing my daughter like I do I'm pretty sure that she didn't want to worry her mother. The queen gets a little frantic when Isabella gets sick." He said the corners of his mouth twitching.

"I know your highness, Isabella told me" I replied.

He came to stand before me I looked at him in the eye.

"You don't have to feel that way Edward, maybe yes you should have said something but trusting my daughter you did not. I'm not going to punish you for it dear boy, we all make mistakes yours was, blindly trusting and not questioning the woman you love. We men do that sometimes" he said I could see the truth of his words on his eyes. I sighed relaxing.

"But next time please, let at least Shelley know boy" he said smiling, "no go change and don't make my daughter wait any longer." He added

A nurse escorted me to where I was going to change and fresh up, I then noticed the luxury of the place and realized that we must be in the royalty area of the hospital. I finished in a haste trying not to waste any more time, before entering Bella's room, the nurse gave me a blue paper gown and a mouth cover and asked me to sanitize my hands.

I was finally in Bella's room; it was vast in space but simply decorated, pale yellow walls, light colored furniture, some landscape paintings on the walls and windows on the right side of the room covered by mint colored drapes. The nurse closed the door after I got in, slowly turned to look to the middle side of the room where the bed was, Bella was laying there hooked to some machines and two different intravenous bags. She looked so frail, her hair had been braided, her skin was so pale, and she didn't look like herself at all. I approached slowly, Queen Renée saw me and stood from the chair she was sitting on, I bowed my head and she dismissed me.

"How is she?" I whispered.

"She still has some temperature, but her body is accepting the medicine, I know she is cold but we can't cover her any more than how she is now, they don't want to infuse the fever. I asked the nurse for some cold compresses since they can't move her to get a cols bath or something else to help drop the fever. She is stable at least, but she hasn't stopped calling you, she whispered your name all night." She explained.

"I'm sorry your majesty, I dint know if you were going to grant me permission to see her since I knew she wasn't feeling well and I didn't say anything sooner." I said to her my eyes down again.

"Don't worry sweetie, I know my daughter and I can bet that she didn't want to worry me or her father for that matter. She is a determined girl; she gets that from her father." She smiled at me.

"I know I need to be calm for her not to worry, she can hear everything. I prayed to God for her. She needs to be alright, I'm sure of it, she will come out of this." The queen said with conviction, "I'm going to go now, I have to eat before I can take a few medicines I need to take. Please stay with her until I get back Edward" she told me, I bowed my head and she left the room, I soon to her place at Bella's side taking her hand in mine, I was careful not to touch any of the needles, I didn't want to hurt her.

"Bella my love, I'm here. Forgive me for not coming sooner; I was afraid you parents wouldn't let me. Why didn't you tell me that you weren't well love? All of this would have been prevented if you had. You need to open your eyes and get better baby, we miss you and we need you. I can't stand to see you like this, I feel helpless Bella. If you are truly listening to me, please open your eyes Bella please." I whispered to her softly.

She didn't move an inch, I didn't expect her to, and I know that her system needs to heal and that it shut down a bit to do it. I was just encouraging her and letting her know that I was here, by her side.


It has been three days since Isabella was interned in the hospital and she hasn't awoken yet, the queen and I took turns on staying with her, Lady Cope stayed during the day when either of us was resting or eating. I tried not to leave her side for too long, I had taken a leave of absence at the academy. Principal Valastro had told our professors to give me my work, I was to do it and return it when it was done. I couldn't do Bella's though even though I wanted to.

The press had been told of what happened, I guess someone that was at the ball snitched, the King and Queen had given two statements already on Isabella's health, and they even ambushed me on the outskirts of the hospital once. I gave them a brief statement of Bella's health; I basically told them the truth, which at least kept them quiet for a bit. It was maddening, the speculations, some were horrid. There was one that even said that Isabella was pregnant…paparazzi were so biased.

I rushed to the third floor, I had brought Bella another flower bouquet, she looked better and the doctor said that the encephalitis was very much controlled, what they didn't understand was why hasn't she awoken yet. That had us all worried, the doctor made two MRI's to check her brain but everything was well we were all just waiting for her to wake. After putting on the safety and sanitized gear I went in the room, Shelley was there, and she took the flowers from me and placed them at the table at the other side of Bella's bed. She said goodbye and went out of the room, she was going to return much later, I went to Bella's bedside and as it had become my routine I took her hand, the book I had been reading to her was on the edge of the seat between the armrest and the cushion; I took it out and continued where I had left off…

I had gone to the bathroom on Bella's room, as I was getting out I heard a quiet moan, I closed the door and rushed to Bella's side. Her head was moving I took her hand, "Bella baby I'm here, open your eyes please" I encouraged her.

"Edward?" she whispered her forehead frowning.

"I'm right here love"

I caressed her forehead lovingly, "It hurts" she said in distress.

"Open your eyes Bella please, what hurts baby?" I said to her.

"My head" she said

I dimmed the lights of the room and kept encouraging her to open her eyes, she finally did. I looked at her as she adjusted to her surroundings, I pressed the call button for the nurse, and she had to be revised by the doctor.

A tear of joy rolled down my cheek at the sight of her open eyes, I knew now that she was going to be alright.

"Where am i?" she asked me.

"At the hospital, you're sick" I replied.

"What happened, I don't remember anything" she confessed.

"I'll explain later, the doctor has to see you now" I said.

The nurse entered and saw Bella awake, she quickly went to get the doctor, and he entered a few minutes later accompanied by Charles and Renee. I stepped away so he could examine her; I went to stand by the king and queen. Dmitri asked her some routine questions and examined her on the outside, then ordered her to be taken to make some internal tests and to take blood work; the nurse went out of the room and brought back with her the kit to draw Bella's blood.

Dmitri asked us to leave the room; we did and waited patiently outside. They opened the door and the nurses were taking Bella to get the MRI and CT scan. The queen went to her side, "how are you feeling dear?" she asked her voice quivering.

"I'm a bit confused, mother" she admitted.

"It's normal, she will be alright now that's she is awake. Her vitals looks good, we just have to check the inside of her body. She will be back soon. They took her away, some other nurses came in and changed the sheets on her bed and put in new pillows. We waited in silence for Isabella to return. I was smiling, my family then came over to the hospital, all except for Elizabeth, she was too young, I had barely seen them since I've spent all my time here with Bella.

"She is awake" I announced, all of them beamed with happiness, mother and father went to talk with the kings while my sisters stayed by my side and asked me all about it. I gladly told them, while I talked to them I noticed that there was something different about them, maybe it was the fact that I haven't seen them in days or it had to do with Prince Emmett and his cousin Lord Jasper, they seemed quite taken with them at the ball, and I did notice the exchange between Rosalie and him. Rosalie never had her hair down and she was wearing it like that now, I didn't notice how long it was, it hit her waist. Maybe she liked him?

Isabella was back in her room forty five minutes later, they told us that we still couldn't get in they were going to bathe her since she was better, in that moment Shelley came into the waiting room, she was informed of the news and the queen asked her to go and help the nurses with Isabella's bath. She went delighted. Twenty minutes later her parents went in to see her, and after that my family and I went in. The doctor allowed us to stay all for a few minutes, but my parents and sister left after half an hour since my mother was not feeling well, she had occasional episodes of nausea, it appears that her stomach was unsettled, they said their farewells and left.

The king and queen wanted to stay the night, I offered to stay with her so she wouldn't be alone, two security guards stayed behind too, Shelley went back to the castle, she was going to be back in the morning with more clothes for Bella and warmer sheets. The results of the tests were back and Bella had still to stay a few more days at the hospital since she was rid of the encephalitis but still had some of the west Nile virus in her blood system, they gave her more severe dose of the medicine and some light dinner since she had claimed that her stomach was unsettled. The queen was asleep and I was trying to do the same when I heard my name coming from Bella's lips.

"Yes love?"

"How did I catch this thing?" she asked in a whisper not wanting to disturb her mother.

"A mosquito bite my love" I told her, "it was actually really rare because this illness usually is more common during the summer months, but what do we know love, nature is nature." I said with a smile

"I'm sorry for not saying that I was ill before, shelly told me how you felt Edward, I am truly sorry, I thought I could handle it. I guess I couldn't" she said her eyes down.

"Hey, hey now don't do that to yourself love, I know why you didn't say a word, you don't didn't want to worry your mother. But next time please don't keep us in the dark baby, all of this could have avoided." I told her

"I'll try" she said smiling back at me. I looked at her my face serious, "don't you ever do that to me again Bella, and I mean it"

"I know Edward" she leaned forward and puckered her lips, I kissed her.

"I missed you" I said caressing her cheek, "you don't know how much Bella; I thought I was going to lose you. I couldn't bear the thought of it, I don't want to ever have to go through that again" I told her sincerely, I wasn't lying.

"Get some sleep baby; it will do you good, please for me? Its late" I said, she nodded and lay down on the pillows, and I then wrapped the sheets around her and kissed her forehead.

"I'll be here in the morning when you awake" I reassured her; she nodded and closed her eyes, a few short minutes she was asleep.


Isabella spent four more days in the hospital, but she was getting better, the king and queen had given another statement on Bella's health, they actually let the paper have a short five question interview of Bella, she wanted me to be there, they took just two pictures one of her alone and one with me. Shelley had helped her dress in something more comfortable, she had worn an exercise suit, she had let her hair down and she had on a bit of makeup. The interview went well and when they revised the published article, all we said had been edited and put how we had said it, thank goodness for that.

We were going to finally take Bella home today, it was Friday, she had spent around a week at the hospital and she was itching to go home, she claimed that she missed her bed and that she wanted real food. At the castle the servants have been getting everything ready for her arrival, her room had been cleaned for top to bottom, and they all waited for her anxiously. She was riding back her father's limousine because it was bigger; I was going to be with her and her mother too. The word had been spread of her release and the streets from the hospital to the castle were lined up with people from all ages, they had posters with pictures of her, flowers, cards and stuffed animals. The little girls wore crowns and saluted with grins of their faces. Isabella asked for her window to be lowered so she could wave at the people, they went wild when she did. We got to the castle; I got out and helped Bella to her room. She didn't want to lie on her bed so I helped her sit by the window, I covered her legs with her favorite blanket, and I then took the seat on front of her.

"It's nice to be back finally" she said with contempt.

"The people love you" I mentioned, "yeah they do, I can believe that they stopped their routines just to be there when the car passed. It was sweet" she said.

"I will have to make a statement when I'm all cleared, they deserve that and more." She told me

"Yeah we can do that in a few days, the doctor said that you will be cleared in a day or two finally. It will be faster if you do what he told you baby" I explained to her.

"Okay Edward, I will" she smiled and rolled her eyes at me.

Then my sister's entered in the room, all of them with flowers and Elizabeth had made Bella a get well soon card. She took the flowers and proceeded to read the card, I saw a tear escape. She turned to my sister, "well thank you Lady Elizabeth that was very sweet of you" she said kissing her cheek. Elizabeth curtsied to her with a beaming smile.

Elizabeth then went to her and said something to her ear, Isabella smiled "I'm glad I'm back too" Bella replied.

"Thank you girls for the flowers" she told Rosalie.

"These were from Prince Emmett, he was nuts worried about you my lady" she added with a smile, yeah she definitely liked Emmett, she had never smiled like that since Alice and Elizabeth was born.

"I'll write to him later" Bella said with a giggle.

The days went on and Bella finally was completely recovered, she had given her thanks to the kingdom and we finally went back to the academy. We had done all of our work, so we didn't follow behind much. The semester was going to be over soon, for the winter. The queen had asked us if we talked about a date for the wedding, with what recently happen I told Bella about it and we decided to have it the day after Christmas. It was the first week of November so after we said that, Rosalie, my mother, Lady Angela, Bella and the queen started talking about details for the wedding. Bella and I had to make the date public and so we did, it was featured at some of the magazines and newspapers; it was even announced on the news. Bella and I were ecstatic, the kingdom was jittering and December wasn't even here yet. They wanted this wedding so bad, I wasn't going to lie I wanted to marry Bella too.

She was everything to me; I needed her, as much as they did. She made me the happiest man in the world; I couldn't wait to be able to wake up next to her every day for the rest of our lives.

I smiled at the prospect of that.

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