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Chapter 12

Buon Natale & a Bachelorette

December rolled in and winter was in full force, classes had ended at the Academy, it was winter recess. It was Christmas week and the cheer and warmth of the season was in the air. The heaters of the castle were in full force since lady Esme appeared to be cold all the time, she was about to have the baby, just eight more weeks. Her baby shower was going to be planned and it would take place the second week of January, it was going to be held in the medium ballroom which was recently renovated. She had spent two weeks at the hospital and we were on edge because our fear was that the baby would be delivered early, but all she had was a case of anemia gone a bit overboard.

Edward, my parents and I were getting ready to deliver gifts to hospitals and children from the villages, Edward and I would personally deliver the presents in Volterra, it was our first duty as baron and baroness, and then tomorrow was the Christmas parade and then it was my bachelorette party on the 23rd. Then we would have the Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas morning, Edward and I wouldn't see each other until the day of the wedding, we were just going to spend Christmas day up until noon and then I was in confinement until the morning of the wedding.

I was going to get my last dress fitting, an indoor spa treatment and everything else that was done, the reception place was being arranged since today. There's an awful amount of gifts waiting for Edward and I to open them, we agreed that we would after we came back from our trip.

After Lady Cope finished with my hair I went down and saw Edward, he was on the phone but hung up quickly just as I passed the last step.

"You look beautiful" he said giving me a rundown.

"Pants?" he said his eyes questioning, as he knew I didn't fancy them.

"Leggings" I corrected.

He smiled and whispered in my ear, "They look amazing on you" he said as he gave a quick look to my bottom and then kissed my cheek, I blushed intensely.

Right that moment my parent's arrival was announced and Edward extended his arm, I took it and we went out and got in the limo. My parent's assistant Suzanne got in too alongside two body guards.

"Has the hot chocolate and sandwiches arrived to the site?" mother asked.

"Yes your majesty" she answered.

"Good, it's too cold I don't want anyone getting sick" she said in a soft tone.

The ride was good for the most part; my parents were talking with their assistants while Edward and I paid attention since it was the first time that any of us would attend something with this big of a crowd. This was the first gift giving of many more to come.

We finally arrived to the coliseum on the middle of Volterra, where the line of people was amazingly big. There were children from all ages with their parents and siblings. My parents ordered different toys for different ages, we also had books, lunch boxes and backpacks; there were also clothes for the smaller children and diapers.

Our arrival was announced and everyone cheered and bowed when they saw us. We stood in the platform under a tarp that was decorated with a small Christmas tree, fabrics and lights. There were also three space heaters and a chair for each of us. We had ten bags of presents and there were more in the lobby of the coliseum.


We were on our way to the first hospital we were visiting today, the gift giving at the coliseum had gone very well, the children were very happy and the parents were grateful, also my parents jotted down matters from the people that would be addressed. We were going to visit three hospitals and then we were going to have a late lunch, then to two more hospitals and that was it. We went in the hospital and were directed to the main conference room where all the children were waiting (the ones that needed little assistance) most of them were with their parents but there were also nurses and staff present. We loved the children and they loved us. Edward and I were hugged and kissed by most of them; I'll never forget those sweet little faces smiling at us with so much gratitude for the small token of happiness that they were receiving from us. We carried a few babies, I even got my hair pulled but I didn't mind. Then after we were done we went to the floors and divided ourselves, we went to the rooms of the children who were too sick to come down. Some of those kids broke my heart; they were so young to be so ill. But the rewarding smiles they gave us and their kind words and laughs, was everything I needed, that was what I was taking with me.

We followed mostly the same routine on the other hospitals, and then we continued with the plans after a catered lunch at the third hospital which was kind of a meeting to address some of the issues that they were having with structure and personnel.

Then after the two hospitals in the afternoon we returned to the castle to a quiet dinner. Edward and I curled up in front of the fireplace of the library with a cup of hot chocolate and a few books, we read to the other until almost midnight, when we both went up the stairs to our bedrooms.

We were up and on our way to the parade, our job was to wave, father would give a small speech and we will give out goodie bags and balls for the children. Then we would sit in our respectively addressed seats and enjoy the rest of the parade. Then we would have lunch at the house of the prime minister and we would go back to the castle. Everything went off without a hitch, and the parade had been well organized and all the performances were beautiful, what I enjoyed the most were the performances of Andréa Bocelli, Il Volo, and Laura Pausini who mostly lived in Mexico but was; Italian she had a duet with Andréa and sang the song Invece no from her collection.

That night in the castle Edward and I were kissing in my bedroom and things got a bit out of hand when his hand dipped underneath the hem of my skirt and he touched my thigh. The electricity that I felt when his fingers made contact with my skin, it was something I had never felt before, the desire that ran all over my body was new, and it scared me.

"Edward" I whispered as he released my lips and went to kiss my neck.

"We have to stop" I said but I don't think he was listening to me.

I tried to get his attention, "Edward" I called a bit louder.

"What?" he said as he kissed my lips again.

"We can't, not yet" I said as I felt him move forward until he had me at the edge of my bed and his fingers had escalated higher, I gave a step back and fell in the bed. As I fell seated, he realized what I was trying to tell him.

"Oh no Bella I'm so sorry" he said pinching the bridge of his nose something he did when he did something terribly wrong on his book.

"It's okay Edward" I reassured him.

He kneeled in front of me, "forgive me please. I don't know what came over me, I admit I've never done something like that before; I was just going with the flow of the kiss my love… I'm so ashamed right now" he said his head down; I lifted his chin with my finger and looked him in the eye.

"I am fine Edward, everything is okay. What just happened between us is completely normal; you don't have to be ashamed of anything with me. You're a man, this is part of it" I explained.

"You're not just saying that to make me feel better?" he said.

"No, I'm saying what's in my heart Edward." I replied

"I've never wanted something so much as I want you"

I leaned to the front and leveled my face with his, "believe me Edward, I want you too" I whispered.

He was perplexed with my answer; he stayed there and didn't say anything.

I took his hands and we both stood up, I looked at the time it was very late.

He took his things and was ready to say goodnight but he just stood there and didn't say anything. So I took another step towards him and placed a hand on his chest.

"Buonanotte amore mio, sogni d'oro e ben presto non ci sarà nulla che ci impedisca di andare avanti ..."

He looked at me, green eyes to brown and whispered, "abbastanza presto" we kissed one more time and he left.


Everything was ready for my bachelorette party, the décor was lavender and gold, I was wearing a lavender dress and gold accessories, Lady Cope had told me that almost all the guests were here, it was a small affair; my mother, Edward's mother, Rosalie, Lady Angela, James sister and Lady Victoria. Lady Zafrina of Brazil was also attending. I had invited other aristocrat girls that I got along with, and the daughter of the prime minister. Alice and Elizabeth were going to be present but were going to bed at the time they always did. That was the only condition that was given by Esme to her younger daughter's.

I finished getting ready in haste. I was fashionably late, but what gives I was the guest of honor, I could be late.

"So princess, have you thought about the wedding night?" lady Zafrina asked.

"I have" I replied.

"Are you nervous? I know I would be Edward is so handsome" said Baroness Stanley said to me.

"That he is" I admitted, "but I'm not worried, I'm not going to exhaust myself thinking about it, whatever happens that night will happen." I explained

"Have you guys tried stuff?" this to my surprise came from my cousin. "Ah, I'm not ashamed to say that we haven't" I replied to her.

"Have you seen him naked at least?" Victoria asked with a smile.

"You mean below the waist?" lady Angela interjected.

"Yes dear Angela, that's what I mean" Victoria said smugly as Angela blushed. Rosalie rolled her eyes but didn't say anything; I knew she was waiting for a good opportunity to do so.

My mother and Lady Esme were talking to themselves and Alice and Elizabeth were eating some cupcakes with them. It was a good thing none of them were hearing this.

"No lady Victoria I haven't" I replied to her unashamed, I know what she was trying to do but I wasn't going to let her intimidate me at my own party. She was trying to also embarrass me in front of my guests; I guess she wanted the attendants to gossip about me in their countries and social circles.

"Oh my dear princess, you are so naïve" she said her English accent strong. My cousin smiled with her and laughed.

And this was Rosalie's cue, "well excuse me your excellence, but not everyone in this room is as promiscuous as you dear" she snipped with a tight smile. No one said anything; everyone was still waiting to see if Lady Victoria would reply to Rosalie.

"Very well then" she turned to me, "I'm sorry your majesty, forgive me for my indiscretion." She said.

I took a deep breath and then exhaled, "it is fine Lady Victoria, and you are forgiven." I said to her sincerely, I wasn't in the mood to fight.

We put that moment behind us and enjoyed the rest of the night, we played some games, ate, and laughed. I was having fun; I kept thinking that when all of this was over, it would just be Edward and I, forever.


It was Christmas Eve and Lady Cope was fixing my hair for the annual family dinner, my grandparents would be coming as they did each year, but this year was different because Edwards's family was coming too and my Nonno and Nonna were going to meet him for the first time. Edwards's grandparents were coming too; Edwards's grandmother is my father's aunt, her name is Lady Alicia Elizabeth Cullen- Swan duchess of Rome title that Carlisle inherited from birth and was given to Lady Esme when she became his wife. I put on my Christmas crown (it was made of gold, diamonds, and rubies) and then my gold shoes, I was wearing a simple satin green dress with a dropped neckline and straps, a gold arm bracelet, my engagement ring, and gold earrings that had both an emerald and a small ruby.

I went out of the room and down the stairs and headed to the cocktail room where almost everyone was having drinks before dinner, my parents weren't there yet.

Edward was talking to some people, he saw me "love come, I want you to meet my grandparents Alicia and Edward" he said.

"Nonno, Nonna this is my fiancée Princess Isabella" he introduced, they both bowed to me and then his grandfather kissed my hand, I saw the resemblance between Edward and his grandfather, they had the same eyes and facial structure, although Edwards were more refined because of Esme.

"It is a pleasure princess, thank you for inviting us tonight" Alicia said, I smiled.

"It was no trouble, you were coming to the wedding after all, and I hope you don't mind staying for a few days in advance" I said.

"Not at all dear" she replied with a genuine smile.

I stayed talking with them, while Edward went and fetched me a drink, I learned that his grandfather was hilarious, I almost bent over myself because of the joke he was telling us. A little after that my parents came down and we were all redirected to the banquet hall were the grand table was waiting for us, lay with beautiful flowers and the Christmas Italian china set. I was sitting at my father's left side, Edward beside me. Rosalie was beside him and then Alice, then Carlisle and Esme, and Elizabeth. At the other side were Edward's grandparent's and my mother's parents which Edward had introduced himself to them.

The dinner went off without any problems, everyone chatted amicably and most of the conversation flowed around the wedding, everyone was clearly exited for it. I shared their enthusiasm, I was going to try to forget about all the customs and just enjoy the moment, which would unite me to the man that I loved more than my life.

That night in my bedroom I thought about the future and all the things that Edward and I would live, the things that we would learn together and all the experiences we would enjoy; also all the decisions that we would make together, even though that part made me a bit uncertain, I know that with Edward by my side, everything was going to be alright.

Christmas morning came, and everything outside was covered in white, the view of the untouched snow was beautiful; I sighed and smiled at the beauty I saw.

Lady Cope then came into my room a smile on her face; "Buon Natale my dear princess" she said as she hugged me.

I smiled and she gave me a box of Lindor chocolates, she always did this, it was our routine, I went to one of my drawers and took out the small package hidden inside, since I learned knitting and embroidery I have made her a handkerchief, she took it from my hands and opened it, it was pale yellow with white trimming and had three calla lilies embroider to it, yellow was her favorite color and the lilies were her favorite flowers.

"Grazie la mia ragazza, e 'bellissimo. Il ricamo è delizioso, è sicuro che le mani fatte per questo." she said hugging me again.

I just smile at her, "no thank you…per essere i migliori al mondo nana."

"It's been a pleasure to take care of you my dear; I'm going to be sad now that you don't need me anymore. But I'm glad at the same time because you got Edward oh my dear that boy is crazy for you and I know he will do well, he will take care of you my dear bella" she told me.

"What you mean that I won't need you anymore? I will need you, you're coming with me to wherever I go to college and I need you there for when I have my children, I wouldn't trust them to anyone else, I don't want another nana Shelley Maritza Cope, I only want you." I said sincerely.

I dressed for the day after that, Shelley helped me as usual; she really thought I was going to college without her? Was she out of her mind?

I went down to have breakfast and saw that everyone was there already, it wasn't a busy affair, we had cold cuts and panettone, fruit topped with a mix of yogurt and mascarpone cheese, juice, tea and hot cocoa. After that we all went to the grand family room where the Christmas tree was set up. There was a decent amount of gifts underneath it, everyone was exited to get started on the unwrapping and see what everyone got.

All the gifts were handed out; I had gotten Elizabeth a tea set and a doll. To Alice I gave a set for her to sketch on complete with pastel colors, pencils, and acrylic paints. Rosalie loved hair products so I got her a hair care gift basket, she was ecstatic, and to Edward I got him a new belt and a chain for his pocket watch, he haven't been wearing it because it broke a few weeks ago, he wanted to use it at the wedding so I pulled in some favors and replaced the chain. It was time for me to open my presents, I had a several boxes. I opened the ones from my parents first the one from mother was a square velvet box, I lifted the lid and inside was a butterfly diamond comb, it was the comb that my mother had used in her wedding, it was a family heirloom.

"Oh mother, is just as I remembered it, thank you."

"Something for you to pass down now" she said with a smile but I noticed the emotion in her voice. I took the one from my father and nestled inside the box was a necklace it was a heart shaped sapphire with a diamond incrusted rim, it looked like the "heart of the sea" I whispered.

"It belonged to my mother; she gave it to me and told me to give it to my daughter. That was a long time ago, before she died, three months before I met your mother" he told me with a smile.

"Open ours next" Carlisle said pointing to a small white box

It was a beautiful ring with the Cullen crest and tiny diamond along the edges I was speechless.

"May I do the honor?" Carlisle asked me taking the ring off my hand.

"Welcome to the family Isabella" he said. Then all of them embraced me, even though I wasn't becoming a Cullen but Edward was becoming a Swan they loved me as one of their own.

"That one's from me" Rosalie mentioned as I opened the large box, it was a dress. "Thanks Rosalie, is pretty I don't have many red dresses" I said.

"Prince Emmett sent this for you" she said I opened the bag and inside was a red and gold purse. "It's beautiful, and so chic, I love it!" I beamed.

"We kind of coordinated" Rosalie said with a blush, I nudged her side and giggled.

"Last but not least, Edwards" I said.

One box was a perfume named 'Marry Me' I smiled at the irony, I took a whiff and it smelled sweet but fresh at the same time; I took the last box, it was a bit heavy, I undid the bow and removed the lid and gold tissue paper, inside there where four books.

"It's some of the work of Nicholas Sparks, the last book's movie it's coming out soon. I thought it would be nice if you read the book first" he told me. "Thank you for the gifts Edward, they're lovely" I said pecking him quickly.

Everyone went to put the gifts away, Edward helped me with mine. Afterwards we spent some time in my room, I started reading one of the books he had gotten me, and then we went to lunch. As he walked me back to my room I could see that he didn't want to let go.

"Well Edward, this is it, we won't see each other until tomorrow morning when I meet you at the altar" I told him.

"I know la mia bella, I will see you there. I can't wait" he said.

"Me neither"

"And then forever…"

"Forever" he agreed.

"See you at the altar" he smiled.

"I'll be the one in white" I replied kissing him for the last time as his fiancée, by this time tomorrow we would be kissing as husband and wife.

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