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Chapter 14

Isle Esme & New Years at Rio:

Lord Edward's POV

I carried the princess over the threshold, and placed her on her feet. I knew that the house had staff but they were told not to disturb us tonight. I saw that there was food in the counter of the kitchen "would you like refreshments my love?" I asked her.

She nodded her head, I served us some nonalcoholic cider and we munched on the cold cuts, olives, fruit, dips, crostini's, and vegetables arranged on the tray.

We were looking at each other while we ate, there was a spark in Isabella's eyes, and it was contagious. I smiled as I downed the last sip of my drink, she handed me her flute and I dumped them in the sink. Then I took the antipasti plate and placed it in the refrigerator, I didn't want the leftovers to spoil.

I then took her hand and led her through the small hallway to the master bedroom; there were rose petals all over the room and some candles, just like I had ordered. I lit them and then faced my wife.

"You didn't have to do all this" she whispered.

"I know, but I wanted to" was my reply as I leaned in and pressed my lips to hers.

I noticed that she was shaking a bit, she was nervous. Well that makes two of us, I thought inwardly.

"Are you okay?" I asked as we looked the other in the eye.

"Nervous" she said her head bowed.

I lifted her chin, "don't be. Whatever happens here tonight is between us love. We belong together" I reassured her.

"Now and always" she said smiling, "now and forever" I agreed.

I took her hand and kissed her knuckles, the princess blushed, I caressed her cheek and we started kissing. Isabella wrapped her arms around me and I brought her closer to my body, she stood on her tiptoes as she had abandoned her shoes at the foyer, I pulled her up so we were leveled.

The kiss quickly heated and the electricity that always ran while we were near, exploded between us and I felt things I never did before, I felt tingles all over my body, and when I grazed the exposed skin of Bella's back her skin erupted in goose pumps and I heard her whimper.

"What's wrong?" I asked breaking the kiss.

"I…I want you to…" she mumbled.

"What Bella, tell me."

"I want you" she said her blush deepening.

I chuckled, "I want you too" I grabbed her waist and kissed her again, this time I started fumbling with her zipper. She untangled herself from me and turned around.

I undid the zipper, Isabella was holding the dress on the front, she turned around and let her hands fall; she was wearing a light green set of underwear, my eyes bugged out of my face at the sight of her. She blushed again. I undressed to my briefs, I took her hand and brought her close to me again, we started making out and my arousal for her grew, I heard her whimper and then she whispered my name.

I kissed along her neck and collarbones, her hands expanded through my back making me shiver, I took her waist and got her even closer to me; I laid her on the bed, and continued the adventure of exploring her skin with my lips, she flushed pink every time my lips touched her body. I went back up and paid attention to her chest and cleavage. I looked at her through my lashes asking for permission, she nodded to me although I could see some apprehension in her eyes.

This was a first for both of us; we were about to consummate our marriage in the most sacred way besides the ceremony itself. My beautiful princess and I were about to make love for the very first time.

I kissed the top of her breasts and she shuddered, I took the strap of her brassiere and removed it, as I kissed along her shoulder and arm. I did the same thing with the other, she sat up a bit and unclipped it off, and it was thrown across the room. And for the first time I saw her breasts, they had always haunted me since the very first day I laid my eyes on her, and now they were finally mine.

I slowly kissed them and caressed them just testing to see what she liked; we never really talked about any of this before tonight. She whimpered and moaned weakly, I continued my ministrations to her breasts as I sucked her rose nipples in my mouth softly, she groaned louder.

I took a hold of her hips and with my thumbs I removed the lacy boy shorts she was wearing, I stopped my ministrations and looked down, she was not completely bare but she had been trimmed nicely; I went back and kissed her stomach and abdomen, then her navel, I went up and looked into her eyes and I knew that she wanted this as much as I did so I bent my head to her chest and attacked her breasts again. I took the other in my hand and kneaded it until the nipple hardened, and then I took it in my mouth and kneaded the other. Isabella threw her head back as she rose a bit from the bed; I released her chest and took a breath.

She took my face in her hands and kissed me, then my underwear was gone and we were both a mess of limbs. As we were joined as one, Isabella hissed a little when I entered her, this made me stop. We stayed still for a few moments until we both adjusted, I have to admit that she was really tight and I felt as if I was going to explode if I moved. After that, I slowly started to build up a rhythm and if Isabella was in pain she didn't let me know. We were both breathless and panting hard, we were clinging to the other wanting to be as close as possible, our bodies fit as if they were made for the other, and I have never seen something more beautiful than Isabella right this moment where we became one. I reached for her hand and grasped it as I gave her everything I had, she came down with a moan, I rested my head on her chest as I came calmed down, and I could feel the erratic beating of her own heart. After a few moments I looked into her eyes, and all I saw was love, I kissed her lips and pulled out, she made a face. I went to the bathroom and looked for a clean cloth; I dipped it in water and cleaned us up.

No words were said between us, but the smile on Isabella's face told me everything I needed to know. I lay beside her and took her hand.

"I love you my princess." I whispered to her.

"I love you too, Edward." She replied

And soon after that she was asleep; I still couldn't believe the events of the day, the ceremony, the reception and now what just happened between us. It felt unreal as if I was going to wake up and realize that all of it had been a dream, but I knew it wasn't. I kissed her forehead and soon enough I was asleep too, and she was also there in my dreams…


It's been a few days since we arrived on the island, it has been marvelous, and Edward and I have had a great time. We had toured the island, took out the yacht that was provided for us, we spent a whole day and night anchored in the middle of the ocean, it was amazing although I was a little scared. I can't put into words my feelings when Edward and I made love for the first time, it was magical. I have nothing to compare it to, the care, the love, the emotions and passion we shared, they will be in my heart forever. Every time after that has been different each of them unique and special. I knew Edward was romantic, but nothing like what he has done here, so caring and taking care of every detail, making us both comfortable, I love him more with each passing second.

We are now preparing to go to Rio de Janeiro to celebrate new year's we had booked a suite from the afternoon of the 31st of December to the fifth of January, after that we would return to the island, stay during the weekend and start the journey back home that Sunday evening. I was currently packing my suitcase. I was shocked with the difference in weather and season, while is winter in Italy here on the southern hemisphere is summer, it's amazing, I feel as if we were in another world, although it doesn't snow, we still feel some cold currents but it's actually refreshing.

"The boat is ready my love, just waiting for us… you I mean." Edward said with a smile.

"I just need my toiletry bag from the bathroom and that would be it." I told him, he went to get it; I placed it inside my suitcase and headed for the door.

It took an hour or so to get to the mainland, then a forty-five minute car ride to the hotel. The city looked amazing, preparing for tonight's celebration of the "Rebellion" as they call New Year's Eve here in Brazil. We were going to stay at the Copacabana Palace hotel in a penthouse suite. I haven't seen the hotel, I didn't know what to expect but from the name it sounded expensive.

We finally arrived and were directed to the lobby immediately, two secret service agents had been with us during the honeymoon, one for each of us, they acted also as security guards, we didn't need them as much until now of course since we were out in the open.

We checked in and a bellboy took us to our penthouse, the luxury and elegance of the hotel was astounding, it was more than what I was imagining, it exceeded my expectations. We were up on the tenth floor; the room was amazing, sleek, and elegant. It had a breathtaking view of the beach, ocean and surrounding Brazilian landscape.

Edward tipped the bellboy and we both took a tour of the room, soft warm inviting colors, sleek combining furniture, I went inside the bedroom and climbed on the bed, the mattress felt like a cloud all fluffy and comfortable. I then directed myself to the bathroom and gasped.

"Wow, Edward come see, this bathroom is amazing!" I called to him.

"You got that right my love, this place is luxurious indeed." He said kissing my cheek.

"let's get settled and then go down to the pool, although one of the room amenities is its private pool but I want to be around people we've been in private for a while…" he stated.

I gasped, "You getting tired of me already?" I fake pouted.

"Of course not my princess, I just want to show you to the world." Edward laughed kissing my shoulder.

"Okay then love, let's do that." I agreed.

We changed and went down to the pool, Edward had his arm around my waist the whole way there, the weather was nice, we found two chairs and got settled there. We started rubbing on some sunblock, I didn't need Edwards help because I was wearing a once piece bathing suit. I did help Edward on his back, well what he couldn't reach, I then followed him to the water, its temperature was cool it was refreshing.

We swam and goofed off with the other, shared a kiss here and there, Edward and I were each other we didn't have to inhibit ourselves, no hiding no stressing about our actions being misinterpreted or spread on in some gossip magazine. This is what we were going to miss, the privacy and liberty of being tourists in this place.

"I love you princess" Edward whispered to my ear.

"I love you too Edward, with all my heart." I replied kissing him.

We went out of the water and to the lounge chairs to dry off a bit; the sun was giving me a bit if a headache.

"You want something to drink Isabella?" Edward asked me.

"That would be great!" I exclaimed exited.

Edward asked for the wet bar menu and we read through it deciding on a piña colada with no alcohol of course.

After that we sunbathed, I wanted to at least get some color on my legs, arms, and face. I took out the book I had brought to the trip, it was almost finished the story was amazing; Nicholas Sparks is a great author.

That night we went to the beach area for the New Year's Eve celebration, we were told that in Brazil everyone dressed in white for this celebration, so Edward and I went dressed with the same color. We didn't bring anything suitable so we headed down to some nearby stores and found appropriate clothes. After getting ready we went to the hotel restaurant to have something to eat, we knew that there were going to be hors de oeuvre's, and drinks at the celebration, we were exited.

The celebration was hosted at the Copacabana beach we were going to be on the area of the beach that was on the area of the hotel and let me point out that it was a big part of the beach, guests entered for free as it was part of a package that we got, we just paid for the extra days of stay, white represented good luck and peace for the new year. The lights, music, and animosity of the people were amazing and very welcoming; the night was beautiful, the stars shining bright it was surreal. Edward and I found a table and settled, we observed the party for a while as we enjoyed the music and some performance's, we ordered drinks and after downing them we dared to go and dance, it was weird because the music from Brazil is not what we are used to but we didn't actually care we were just ourselves…

I was almost midnight; Edward and I were dancing slowly, other couples around us on the dance floor. We were looking into each other's eyes as if we were on a trance, no words said.

"Bella, estes dias com você tem sido o melhor da minha vida. Eu faria qualquer coisa por você, eu te amo tanto, eu me sinto completa agora que está finalmente a minha." Edward said in Portuguese. (*Bella, these days with you have been the best of my life. I would do anything for you, I love you so much, and I feel complete now that you are finally mine.)

I melted right on that moment, "I love you too Edward, with all my heart."

Everyone gathered near the shore with flowers, the custom was to throw the flowers at midnight in the water and make a wish.

We counted backwards with everyone else, and when the clock stroked twelve, we both closed our eye's and made or wishes, soon enough our flowers were joined by hundreds in the water.

"Buon anno mia principessa, ti amo mia Bella." Edward said to me. (*Happy New Year my princess, I love you my Bella)

"Edward, ti amo troppo, con tutto il mio cuore. Voglio passare il resto della mia vita con te, per sempre e oltre." I replied. (*Edward, I love you too, with all my heart. I want to spend the rest of my life with you, forever and beyond.)

The party continued with a show of fireworks and then dancing all night, Edward and I stayed for about three more hours; I even had to take off my shoes because I couldn't stand them anymore, which was a first for me. Edward carried me from the elevator area to our room where he made love to me sweetly but passionate at the same time, the sun rose in the horizon as we both came down from the high; we didn't wake up until almost noon.


"Yes love" I replied.

"I made us an appointment at the spa for later." He told me kissing my cheek.

"That sounds amazing Edward" I replied.

After we spent part of the afternoon at the spa we just hung out in the room being lazy, I had never been able to do that before and it felt nice to be barefoot, hair on a ponytail wearing one of Edward's shirts.

We were making out on the sofa, Edwards head dipped into my cleavage, his hands roamed higher underneath his shirt. "You've been driving me crazy all day with this on" he said kissing just above my boy shorts. He then one by one undid the buttons leaving the one under my bust for last.

Edwards POV

Bella had been unintentionally teasing me all afternoon by just wearing one of my shirts, I couldn't tell if she had anything underneath or not, I did knew she had some kind of shorts on. Now that I discovered her body I couldn't get enough of it, I craved my wife; I wanted her all the time. My emotions flared as we kissed I removed all of the buttons and revealed her skin her the planes of her stomach, the contour of her ribs as she took deep hard breaths and her rose nipples peeking through the fabric.

"I love you so much my princess" I declared as I took a breasts in my mouth and sucked it with all my might, Bella moaned in my ear, I continued my ministrations as my hand dipped into her shorts, I had never touched her like this before, she was wet and sleek, I got even more exited.

"Edward I…" Bella whispered.

I looked into her eyes, "you what baby?"

"I need you, I want you" she said out of breath, she didn't have to tell me twice, soon enough I was moving inside of her, the shirt had fell to her shoulders leaving her exposed to me, I removed the shirt from her arms and brought Bella closer to me, chest to chest. I quickened my thrusts, her noises got harsher and more breathless, so did mine, and with a final thrust we both came with a moan, I kissed my wife's lips and smiled at her as I removed the sweaty strands of hair off her face.

"I love you Edward" she whispered.

"I love you too baby."

I stood up not breaking the connection between us and led us to the bathtub, without letting Bella go I turned the warm water on and let the tub fill up. I pulled out of her when the water was high enough, Isabella whimpered at the loss. I smiled at her, we washed each other's bodies sharing shy kissed here and there, since we were still tired from the day before we went to bed after the bath, Bella was already asleep when I returned to the bedroom from locking the door and checking that all windows were shut, all lights out. I kissed her forehead and brought her closer to me she snuggled on my chest and neither woke up until the next morning.


The week started, since we only had a few days to be at Rio, Edward and I planned six different tours, the first one was today, we were going to take a drive through the Tijuca Forest to the top of Corcovado Hill to see Rio's famous statue of Christ the Redeemer, then ascend Sugar Loaf Mountain before visiting the beaches at Leblon, and the Sambadrome home of the Rio de Janeiro Carnival. We woke up early and had a light breakfast, we had to dress comfortably, for the first time in my life I wore shorts, they were not uncomfortable but since I don't like to wear pants that much I felt weird.

The drive through the forest was amazing, the scenery, the landscape, the plants and flowers, the distant sound of the animals, everything was surreal. The tour guide allowed us to take pictures and interact with a few natives that were on the path, Edward and I loved it. Edward was carrying our backpack, he helped me all the way the ascend of the mountain, he took care of me and of my every step he held my hand or grabbed my back to hoist me up over a branch or rock I felt safe with him. The view from the top of the mountain where the statue of Christ is located was amazing; Edward took a picture of it with his amazing panoramic camera.

"Is beautiful isn't it?" he told me.

"Yes it is! I've never seen something so amazing in my life." I stated excitedly.

"This is just the first tour; I can't wait to see what they have for us to experience on the rest of them. Brazil is truly amazing." I added as Edward nodded agreeing with me.

"This is one of the Seven Wonders of the World." Edward added.

"Really, it is?" I asked surprised.

"Yes, it says so right here on the brochure, isn't this amazing?" he asked smiling.

"Wow" is all I could reply. Thirty minutes later we descended the mountain and were directed to the beaches before lunch. The beaches were so clean and fresh, the sand so amazing and fine.

The view from the Sambadrome carline was breathtaking, although I felt a bit queasy from all the changes in height but besides that I liked it a lot, you could feel the energy and excitement in the air, there was music in the distance and some dancers we went to take pictures and listen to the melodies, we bought some souvenirs and then it was time to lunch, this was included on the tour. After lunch we went to some smaller sites but also beautiful, one of the places we visited was the Maracanã Stadium, one of the biggest football stadiums in the world.

The next day we were taking a walking historic tour of Rio, this tour focused on the history of the country and the city, we were going to see its historic landmarks. We first took the subway to downtown and learned about Rio's royal, colonial and religious past. The mix of African roots, Portuguese colonial era, and the United Kingdom of Portugal. We then explored the stately Tiradentes Palace, the 18th-century Paço Imperial, Praça XV square, the baroque Candelaria church, and 17th-century São Bento Monastery. Later that afternoon we returned to the hotel, Edward and I decided to go shopping, after that emailed the family some pictures and then we went to dinner at another if the hotel restaurants.

On the third tour day we went to a more elaborate guided tour of the Sambadrome, where Rio's samba schools perform and compete amid elaborate floats in the world-famous Carnival. Look the part at the Sambadrome's boutique, where we tried on some of the sequined and feather-clad costumes that are worn at Carnival. The costumes were a little heavy and so out of my comfort zone, but they looked amazing, they were a work of art indeed every single detail was astounding, they took my breath away. We also witnessed how the grand and marvelous carnival floats were made, so much color and details it's what they made them magical, and the bigger they were, the better.

Later that night we went to a platform show tour, there we experienced a samba extravaganza with more than 30 dancers and musicians which mixed the Portuguese, Indian and African roots of Brazil's most popular music. The show was exceptionally well coordinated; the music was very exciting and moving. And the choreography was magical; I had the feel of the drums in my head for the rest of the night. As part of the night tour we had dinner at Mariu's Crustáceos seafood restaurant, best seafood I've ever had, and I don't like sea food that much to tell you the truth. Edward and I laughed and enjoyed this tour a lot; it was relaxing and very inviting.

For the sixth tour we arranged a visit to Manguiera, the oldest existing samba school where we took a basic samba class, which was interesting to say the least. I know Edward enjoyed it. In the name of the Swan-Cullen family Edward and I made a donation to the school, the instructor's and director didn't expect it and they all burst into tears, we took a picture to commemorate the event and then talked with the finances department to make the found transfer. I emailed the picture to my father and let him know of the donation.

After that we did some more shopping, then to a quick lunch, and back at the hotel I made an appointment at the spa for the both of us, I wanted to trim my hair and give it some treatment as well as a full body massage and a new manicure and pedicure. Edward got a haircut and a very smooth shave, I scheduled him for a facial, his skin was left soft and silky, and I loved it!

It was Sunday, the day we were going back to Isle Esme and our last tour day we were going to visit the monks at the beautiful Monastery of St. Benedict, to attend a Catholic Mass with a Gregorian choir. And then after that we will browse for souvenirs at the Hippie Fair, Brazil's best-known arts and crafts fair, held every Sunday. Then after that we will check out and head to the boat back to the island, we were going to have lunch and a nap on the journey.

The monastery was beautiful, and the mass was astounding, I loved every single moment of it. The found a lot of stuff at the fair and took a lot of pictures. I wasn't forgetting this trip ever, this was the beginning of many adventures for Edward and I, and I couldn't wait to live them with him.


We spent a few more days at Isle Esme and just lounged around, snorkeled and took short trips to the forest area and the waterfall. We played chess by the sand, watched movies and just being ourselves; I was really going to miss this place.

It was the day of our departure I had planned a surprise for Edward, I dressed on a more risqué nightgown that I had gotten on my suitcase somehow and waited for him, he had gone swimming for the last time, I told him I was staying inside to finish packing since we were leaving in a few hours.

I waited for him on the bed; to say that he was surprised when he saw me was an understatement, he went literally crazy, I never thought he would react the way he did. We made love that late afternoon, it was our way of saying goodbye to this place that had been our home for the past weeks to tell you the truth I didn't want to leave, but duty called we had to go back to school soon. We took care of the needs of the other, the pleasure was so intense, and we were both left a breathless mess of intertwined limbs.

Everything was ready, we were at the airport preparing for our departure back to Italy, and we were traveling in first class. The flight was finally boarded and we were lifting up, as we got higher and higher I looked through my window and gave one last look to the outline of the city below, I knew that somehow sooner or later Edward and I would come back here now that we knew that there was a place we could escape to.

I rested my head on Edwards shoulder and closed my eyes for the rest of the flight, all I dreamt about was about the experiences Edward and I had, the things we did on our first weeks as husband and wife, and the most important how much I loved him. Now that we were going back home I knew that things were going to change for the better and I couldn't wait to see what the future would being for us, but I was ready for it, with Edward by my side I knew that everything was going to be alright.

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