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Warning: NC-17 rating. Contains graphic, non-consensual, interspecies sexual intercourse, with a smattering of curse words in at least two languages. Probably some descriptive violence and gore will be involved at some point. It is a Predator, after all.

Chapter 1

Amber was running for her life, and failing miserably. She sobbed. That thing, that monster had to be less than ten feet behind her! She saw a low-hanging tree-limb and leaped for it, her arms stretching out over her head to grab hold and swing her into the tree. She shrieked when her leap was abruptly stopped. A massive, clawed hand grasped her calf and pulled her right back down to ground.

She could see the ground rapidly approaching her face, but she barely had time to flinch before her downward plunge stopped, with her face less than a foot from the dense undergrowth covering the ground. She grasped the undergrowth, trying to tug her leg free of its grasp. She sobbed again, helplessly, as she felt the plants slip from her grasp. It lifted her inexorably higher, until she could see its head, or at least the emotionless, black mask that covered it.

Amber's terror nearly overwhelmed her as she looked at the opaque lenses; she could barely breathe as it silently regarded her. She didn't dare scream for fear of angering it. Then she heard the soft chink of metal and she knew it was over. She could only hope it would be quick. It raised its free hand and she saw its wristblades were extended a foot out. It raised the blades and drew them along her cheek. She flinched and squeezed her eyes shut.

She whimpered when she felt a sharp sting on that same cheek, then two more. So much for a quick death. It seemed inclined to make her suffer first. Suddenly, the wristblades retracted and she heard a strange sound that sounded a little bit like laughter. It tossed her to the ground and began ripping her clothes off, with the help of its claws, growling at her the whole time.

Somewhere in the back of her mind, she noticed it had taken its mask off. Its face was... Different. The cranium was very large and covered in little black spikes on the sides. The forehead also had lines of black spots on the edges and two up the center. Its "hair" line was very high, but rather than hair, it had black tubes, similar to dreadlocks, which had gold rings on them. They reached slightly past its broad shoulders.

In place of lips, it had four mandibles with sharp tusks on the ends. They were folded in, but as it extended them slightly in a kind of leer, and she saw it had a mouth with two large fangs on top and four smaller ones on the bottom. Its eyes were deep set and light gray in color, and the pupils were rimmed with red. It had neither nose nor ears, that she could see, anyway.

It had a pale, yellow complexion, mottled with black spots in no distinguishable pattern. But its most notable feature was its enormous size; it had to be almost eight feet tall! Its body was extremely muscular, with some muscles she couldn't even identify. They certainly didn't belong on a human. Its biceps were at least half as thick around as her waist, and just one of those huge, clawed hands could snap her neck without even trying.

At last, she came out of shock long enough to realize what was going on. She screamed, long and loud, unmindful of angering it, and started pounding on its chest with her fist. It roared, fully extending its mandibles and spitting in her face. She stopped, too shocked by its display to continue. Satisfied that she was appropriately submissive, it removed its belt and codpiece, leaving the fishnet, which covered most of its body, the armor and other weapons on.

That was when she realizes there was no point in referring to the alien as an "it" because, alien or not, it was obviously a male. A male who wanted very much to mate with her. And his cock, while it was essentially the same in form, it was almost twice as big as a human's in width and length.

He had stripped with amazing efficiency, and by the time she had stopped gawking, he was flipping her over onto her stomach. She tried to slide away from him, but he kept a firm grip and bit her on the shoulder. Actually bit her, fangs and all. She gasped at the sharp sting, and stopped moving. He... purred...? And pulled her back firmly against her. She started crying softly, her back trembling.

He grasped her hips and raised them up just as he thrust into her from behind. She screamed in pain, clawing the floor futilely to get away. Though she had had ample opportunity, she had never actually had sex before, believing it was best to wait until marriage. She was greatly regretting that decision now, as his entry was excruciating. He seemed to be enjoying himself, however, if his growls of pleasure were any indication. He thrust hard and fast, bruising the soft flesh of her hips with his tight grip.

After a few minutes, the pain hadn't lessened, a fresh wave of agony returning with every thrust. Her screams had died down, though, replaced by a continuous flow of tears, accompanied by harsh sobs. At this point, she just wanted it wanted it to be over. For him to take his wristblades and end it all. She didn't know how her life could go on after this.

Finally, after what felt like an eternity, he roared again, louder this time, almost deafening her, and bit her again. Then she felt his scalding semen jet into her, with surely more force than was natural. He sat there for a minute, breathing hard, then pulled out, making her moan in pain. She just lay there while he dressed and replaced his mask, too sore and tired to move. After a minute, he crouched down and threaded his clawed hand through her hair, lifting her head up.

He stared intently at her for a moment, and at the cuts he had made on her cheek, then tossed her over his shoulder, naked, and started running. Where, she had no clue. All of this dense jungle looked the same to her.

He ran at incredible speeds; she felt like they were going about 50 miles per hour. For Amber, it was a very painful trip, as, not only was she still hurting from his brutal rape and bite wounds, his shoulder was now digging into her stomach, making her want to throw up. She didn't try to get away. Even if she dared try to fall at this speed and height, his hand was pressed firmly on her thighs, keeping her securely on his shoulder.

Amber wasn't quite sure what to make of the situation overall. She had expected to die a long time ago, and just now, she had been sure that he would kill her, after satisfying some baser urges on her body. But, for whatever reason, she was still breathing, a fact which baffled her.

Her brooding was cut short when she realized they had stopped. From her high vantage point, she could see a pile of bodies, some of them headless, but all were mutilated beyond recognition. Amber gasped as her captor aimed the small cannon on his left shoulder and shot a blue blast of energy at the corpses, obliterating them, leaving no trace of their existence. Then he turned around and pressed some buttons on the control-pad located in his left gauntlet.

A huge, metal structure appeared in front of them. It looked a lot like a spaceship, something that didn't surprise her. She had known for a while that this thing was not human. Yes, she had known he was an alien (what else could he be?) but seeing such blatant proof before her eyes made her realize the full extent of the situation. It was not a happy realization. More like an abrupt disillusionment.

He bounded up a small ramp into the ship. The ramp retracted and the door slid shut behind them with a sound of finality. Her eyes slowly adjusted to the gloom and she began to make out features of the interior of the ship. The floor was covered in about three feet of fog, and the temperature was sweltering; it had to be in the upper 90s. The gray walls were etched with swirling designs and strange characters.

A door slid open in front of them, and suddenly, he put her down. In a cage. She leaped forward and clasped the metal bars just as the door slid shut.

"No!" she cried. "Please, don't! Just let me go! Please!" she sobbed brokenly.

He growled warningly at her, and she slunk back against the far wall, thoroughly cowed. Apparently satisfied, he strode out of the room, the door shutting behind him. A few minutes later, the ship shook slightly and she felt something similar to being in an elevator going up. Then the artificial gravity kicked in and the feeling faded. She figured the ship was taking off.

Despite the intense heat of the ship, Amber felt a cold knot in her stomach, and she knew that she would never see her home again. As she tried to get comfortable on the hard metal floor, which was much colder than the air, she thought about how she might kill herself and thereby escape this situation. She curled into a ball and hugged herself, deciding she was far too much of a coward to kill herself. Before she knew it, she was sound asleep, the numerous troubles of the day having completely worn her out.

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