This is the first time doing the Wolverine and the X-Men fanfic. I mostly do Jim and Ariel fancics but I wanted to do something different. So I hope you enjoy this.

Heroes Return Part 2

(Emily's POV)

I looked around at my house and saw two packages on the table and I thought, 'Who could've put this here?' I noticed the note and it said To Emily and Cody. I continue to read the note, dear Emily, I saw your little explosion demonstration on the News. I must say I'm very proud of you and what you did for our kind. I also came with information that you have joined the X-Men. I hope these uniforms are to your liking. Signed, your father. I said with a smile as I looked at the packages, "Dad."

I came back to the somewhat refurbished Institute and saw that my brother was helping Hank with the electrical wiring. Cody saw me and said with a smile as he ran towards me, "Sis what's with the packages?" I said with a smile as I handed his package, "Dad must've figure we joined the X-Men." Cody ripped open his package and said as he took his uniform, "I'm gonna try it on." I sighed with a smile and looked at my package.

I heard a gruff voice that asked, "What's in the package?" I was startled and gasped to turn around to see it was Logan with a smirk. I sighed and said with a smile, "I wish you stop sneaking up on people. It might become habit." Logan asked with a playful smile, "Changing the subject are we?" I lightly blushed and said as I tried to hide it, "My father send me a package."

Logan asked curiously, "What's in it?" I said as I took the package with me and went to a changing room, "My uniform." My brother came out in his blue and yellow X-Men uniform his arms weren't covered including his legs. Cody asked with a smile, "What do you think, guys?" I lightly laughed and said with a smile, "Now you're an X-Man." Logan said as he dragged my brother, "Come on, pup. Let's leave your Sis to her changing."

I went into the room and I put on the black leather gloves first. I think put on the black leather pants it had some rips in it to show some of my skin and I put on the black leather boots. I put on the belt that had the X-Men logo on it as the buckle. I lastly put on the top that was a low tank top and that it was strapless. I was having trouble with my zipper in the back. I groaned and yelled, "Logan? Hank? A little help?"

Logan heard me and asked and I could almost feel that he was smirking, "What's the problem?" I sighed and said with a small smile, "I need help with my zipper. I can't get it up." Logan chuckled and said as he zipped up the zipper, "All ways needing my help." After he zipped up the zipper I turned around and asked with a smile with a small blush, "Well what do you think?" Logan looked at me as if he was speechless and I asked with a smile, "Logan, are you okay?"

Logan lightly shook his head and said as Cody came to his side, "Yeah, spaced out for a sec." Logan left and I wandered what was going inside head.



Senator Kelly announced as he showed the newspaper saying that the Brotherhood has threaten him. He said to the people in the park and newscast, "So the Brotherhood is threatening me? Am I scared? Yes." He then looked as he continued his announcement, "As you should be because mutants are a danger to us all. Despite the protection of these fine officers of the MRD."

A man named Warren Worthington didn't like the scene as he watched it from his family's limo and his father said embarrassed, "Get out of the car Warren. You're embarrassing me." Warren sighed asked depressed, "Isn't enough he gets our money dad? I have to cheer him on, too?" Mr. Worthington said seriously as he looked at his son with a straight face, "That man is the champion of the people." Warren then said as he scowled, "Some people. Not all of us."

Senator Kelly continued his speech, "Requiring mutants to register their abilities is just our first line of defense." He then started to walk towards the huge clothed object and continued, "They're waging war on us people. It's time we fight back with this." The MRD troop revealed a scorpion like robot and everyone was surprised. Kelly explained as he left the MRD troop work on the machine, "The Sentinel Prowler." The Prowler turned on and everyone was amazed by its movement.

Kelly said with an honest smile, "Now please don't be alarmed. You're all quite safe." The Sentinel Prowler detected a mutant and mutant was none other than Rogue. The Prowler went for Rouge and the people were going crazy and in a panic. Kelly said while trying to keep a smile on his face, "Alright that's enough. Shut it down." The MRD troop said as he pressed the buttons on his wrist and said worried, "I'm trying sir, but it's not responding." Kelly looked at the Prowler and that his plan for mutant registration was going down the drain.

Rouge was having her hands full with the Sentinel Prowler as it chased her into an alley firing its weapon on her. Rouge used almost everything in the alley to block the robot. The Prowler then shot its weapon to block Rouge's escape. Rouge thought she was going to be hit again until Warren saved her using his white pure wings. The Prowler kept shooting at Warren and Rouge until the Prowler hit his wing. Sending him and Rouge to the ground.


(Emily's POV)

I yelled running on the rooftops, "Beast, now!" Hank caught the woman and the man in time and landed them to safety. Cody yelled with a smile running by Logan's side, "Logan and I got this one Sis." Logan showed his adamantium claws and Cody changed into his werewolf form. He and Cody slashed their way into the robot. I said as I flew down with a smile, "Hey guys, save some for the rest of the team." The blonde man with wings said with a smile, "Hello, I'm Warren Worthington." I said with a smile, "Emily Rose but you can call me Goddess." Warren said with a smile, "The name suits you." Hank asked with concern, "Are you alright?"

Warren said with a smile, "Great. Now that the X-Men are back together." Hank said a little sad, "Well…uh…" The woman said with a scowl, "We're not." I get the feeling that this woman didn't like the idea of getting the team back together. Hank said with a hopeful smile, "We're kind of sorting that out." I said with a smirk, "Stand back boys. Time for a woman's touch." I used my electricity and aimed it as Logan and my brother jumped off.

The robot looked like it overload and shut down. Logan said with a smirk, "Emily, your touch is getting become a habit." I said with a smirk of my own, "I don't see you complaining." Logan saw the woman put her hood on and started to leave. Logan said as he walked by Warren, "Warren." Warren said with a straight face, "Logan." I said as I followed him, "I better go with him."



Hank asked with a smile, "So what about you? Isn't time you came back?" Warren sighed as Cody went towards Hank's side and said sadly, "Sorry. I can't." Hank said as was surprise to hear this, "But I thought your father found that you're a mutant." Warren sighed once more and said sadly, "He did. Still hates mutants." Cody frowned to still find out people still hate mutants. Warren continued and said grimly, "And so that makes me that family's dark little secret." Cody asked curiously, "So why live under his thumb?"

Warren explained grimly, "Because right now I help a lot of mutants with the family money. If I joined any mutant group, he'd cut me off." Hank said honestly, "I understand." The MRD copter flew above them and Warren said as he looked at the sky, "That's my cue." He then shook Hank's hand and said with a smile, "Hey Hank good luck, huh. The world needs the X-Men." Cody said as Warren took off, "Hope we see you soon, Angel."


(Emily's POV)

Logan said as he continued to follow the woman, "Rouge, I know you came to this because you hate what's going on." Rouge said with attitude, "So?" I explained seriously, "So together we can do something about it." Logan said honestly, "Come back to the X-Men." Rouge said with attitude, "Forget it." Logan asked gruffly, "Why?" Rouge explained huffily, "The reason you don't know is exactly why."

Logan said honestly, "I want you to come back." Rouge said huffily and frustrated, "I'm not gonna let you abandon me again. Your problem is that you can't stand in one place, Logan and no one can follow a leader that's never there." I sighed and said under my breath, "I know how you feel Rouge." Logan placed his hand on my shoulder and asked curiously, "Is that how you felt about your old man one time?" I sighed and said sadly, "Yeah but I understood why he left as I got older."

Hank and my little brother came up and Hank said with concern, "She just need a little time." Logan sighed and said gruffly, "Yeah, maybe, but, she's right Hank. No one's coming back if I'm in charge." I said seriously, "That's not true, Logan." I place my right hand on his left cheek and said with sincere, "You got me and my brother." Logan smiled at me and my little brother interrupted and asked with a raised eyebrow, "Are you two done?" I lightly laughed as I pulled my hand away and said with a light blush, "Yeah, let's get going."



Senator Kelly was furious about today presentation and said frustrated, "This is a disaster Warren. We cannot afford to lose support of the registration act." Warren said grimly, "I know. Here's a suggestion: Make an announcement that the Sentinel Prowler project has been shut down. Permanently." Kelly asked curiously, "Why?" Warren then explained, "Because you can the focus back on where you need it. On the Brotherhood." Warren looked up and said honestly, "Trust me. It won't be long before those thugs remind why registering mutants is a good idea."

Later at night, Rouge was walking on the streets until she was bothered by Toad. Toad asked nicely with a wide grin, "Help a fellow out with a donation?" Rough said with an attitude, "Take a hike." Toad took off Rouge's glove with his tongue and Rouge didn't have time to deal with this creep and so she touched him and absorbed his abilities. Toad then fell to the ground as she let go of his tongue. Rouge asked disgusted, "What have you been eating? Bugs?"

Rouge heard more footsteps and she turned left and right to see the rest of the Brotherhood. Rouge pulled off her glove once more and a strange voice said, "You picked the wrong friends, Rouge." Everyone looked up and saw a person with a hooded cloak and the person with the hooded cloak said seriously, "You better make the right choices Rouge. Otherwise you'll end up dog meat."

Domino said as the men were going after the person with the hooded cloak, "Boys, how about you let the ladies have a moment."


(Emily's POV)

I went with Logan to pick up Scott Summers aka Cyclops while Hank was with Cody looking for the rest of the X-Men. I knew that Scott would help us greatly but I think after Hank explained to me about his relationship with Jean Grey. Something in the back of my mind was telling me he wasn't going to join with the X-Men again.

When Logan and I reached to the hotel he was staying at, he kicked down the door and said sarcastically, "Nice digs." Logan then asked seriously, "You done feeling sorry for yourself?" Scott said angrily as he rubbed his eyes, "Don't go there Logan." Logan said as he continued to push his buttons, "Look at'ch you. You're no good to anybody are ya?" Scott yelled grumpy, "Get out of here."

Logan then pushed the button and asked, "So without Jean there's no one worth fighting for?" I use my telepathy and tried to see what Scott was thinking while Logan pushed the button he shouldn't have done. Logan said as he continued to try to do something, "Huh, so much for the big hero. When going gets tough, the tough pack it in. Is it, huh?" I think read his mind on what Scott was going do to Logan and said worried, "Logan, I think you should stop."

But it was too late Logan was blasted through a wall due to Scott's optic blast. Scott looked at me and asked seriously, "Why are you even with him?" I said seriously with a frown, "Because I believe that there is still hope. You once believed that." I flew towards Logan and I helped him get up. Logan said as he brushed it off, "Good Talk." I said with a smirk, "You're fault for pushing his button."


I started to make breakfast as a thank you gift for Logan and Hank. I just hoped that they like eggs, bacon, and potatoes. After what they did for me and my brother, it's the least I can do. Cody said with a smile as he came in the battered room. Cody asked with a smile as he came in, "Do you want me tell Logan and Hank breakfast is ready?" I lightly laughed and said with a smile, "No, I'll bring it to them."

I saw Hank working on the computer and said with a smile as I put a plate in front of him, "Here you go, Hank." Hank looked and said as he smiled, "Thank you, Emily. I must say it does smell delicious." I asked with a smirk, "Hank McCoy, do you doubt my cooking?" Hank then took a bite out of the bacon and said with smile after swallowing, "It's amazing." I hear Logan said gruffly, "Strike two. No Rouge. Defiantly no Cyclops." I put the plate in front of him and said with smile, "Well, maybe this will cheer you up."

Logan took the plate and Hank said with a smile as he ate the potatoes, "This is very good." I chuckled and said with a smile, 'It was all I could do. Without a kitchen, I can only make small meals." Logan asked as he ate the eggs, "Who else have you tracked down?" Hank finished his plate and Hank pulled up files and said seriously, "I found Kitty. She moved in with her parents, but when they started getting harassed. She just up and disappeared."

I helped Hank pulled another file as he continued, "I also found Peter in Russia. I spoke to him but he refuses to leave his family again." Hank pulled another file and continued as Logan finished his meal, "And I have high hopes for Bobby, but his parents refuse to let me talk to him."

Hank then sighed and stated seriously to Logan, "So right now the X-Men consist of you, me, Cody, and Emily." I said with a smile as I pointed out, "And a stolen MRD helicopter." Logan sighed and said gruffly as he put down his plate, "Well, considering the Brotherhood has got Blob and Toad. I say odds are still in our favor."

I heard a voice that said, "Better recalculate. Rouge's join them." I turned around to see Cody and Warren walking side by side. I asked seriously by this surprise, "What? Are you sure?" Cody nodded his head and Warren continued, "Positive. They broke into our so she can siphon information from my father." Hank said disappointed, "No…" Logan asked curiously, "What were they after?" Warren explained as Cody went to my side, "Senator Kelly's itinerary. They now know everything my father knows."

Cody said worried, "This is bad. Real bad." Warren said seriously, "It gets worse. They're going to take down the senator." Hank asked as he looked at Logan, who had his arms crossed in front of him, "How do you want to handle this?" Logan said seriously as he walked out the door, "We stop them, but first we have a little talk with Bobby's parents."

Cody said with a smile, "This is going to be good." I sighed and said with a smirk, "I could always use my woman's touch."


When we arrived at Bobby's house Hank said with honesty and sincere, "Bobby is eighteen after all. Legally he can decide for himself." Mrs. Drake yelled as she pointed at him, "You are not getting our son back. We will not let him leave this house!" I was starting to get annoyed by this woman and she was making me sick. Mr. Drake yelled as he pulled his wife back, "You guys nearly got him killed last year."

Hank said with a frown, "But…uh…" I heard from Bobby and said defensively, "This isn't fair. I want to go with them." Mrs. Drake said strictly, "Bobby, wait for us upstairs." Hank said with sincere and honesty, "Mr. and Mrs. Drake, please just talk to him about it." Mrs. Drake said angrily, "I've already called the police. They're on their way." The mad couple slammed the door on us and I said annoyed, "Okay, we tried it your way…" Logan then kicked the door down and asked, "You comin' or what?"

I smiled as I saw Bobby coming with us and I frowned at his parents and said seriously, "Your son's a mutant. Deal with it." I and the rest of the X-Men went into the helicopter and Bobby said with a wide grin, "Alright, the X-Men are back." Logan said to almost damper the mood, "Well, almost it's just us and two new X-Men." I said with a smile, "Hi, I'm Emily." Cody said as he squished to see Bobby, "I'm Cody. Codename is Werewolf and my sister's is Goddess." Bobby smiled said with a smile, "It suits her." I said with a smirk as I read his mind, "Get your tongue off the floor, Bobby."

Bobby lightly blushed and rubbed the back of his neck out of embarrassment. Bobby asked curiously, "What about Kitty? Didn't you catch her before she left?" Logan asked seriously, "You know where she is?" Bobby said with honesty, "She told me she was headed to Genosha."

Logan turned the copter around as Bobby said, "Her ship left this morning." Bobby asked curiously with a smile, "So, Emily what can you do?" I lightly laughed and said with a smile, "Control elements, telepathy, telekinesis, flight, flexibility, and martial arts."

Bobby's head dropped and said under his breath, "She'll kill me. Her and Logan both." I laughed and Cody said as he looked out the window to see the ship, "There's Kitty. Shadowcat." I saw Katharine Pryde for the first time and she reminded of a younger version of me. She then phased through the copter and said with a smile, "It's about time." When Cody saw her and let me tell you. It doesn't take a telepath to find that my little brother had a crush on her.

Kitty saw me and asked with a smile, "Who are you?' I said with a smile, "I'm Emily but you can call me Goddess." We all flew back to the ruin Institute and landed safely inside HQ. When we entered the room, we all saw Rouge sitting on the chair. Bobby said with a smile, "Rouge!" Kitty said with as they both tried run towards her, "I knew you come back."

Logan put an arm in front of them and said gruffly, "Give us a minute." Hank brought Bobby and Kitty to the side and said with a smile as my little brother followed them, "Let's see if can't find some uniforms that aren't scorched or laser burned, huh."

I knew after hearing what Warren told us I used my telepathy on her and she did have Warren's father's memories but her own mind is all jumbled like pieces of puzzle board from different puzzles. Rouge looked at me and asked stubbornly, "You don't trust me do, you?" I said seriously as I crossed my arms, "Sorry, but after what Warren told us. I can't trust you." Logan put a hand on my shoulder and asked seriously, "What are you doing here?"

Rouge said honestly, "I…uh…I want to come back." I couldn't believe this and neither could Logan as he asked seriously, "Really? Why?" Rouge explained truthfully, "I thought I was the same as them, but…I'm not assassin." Logan gave her the benefit of the doubt but as for me something didn't feel right. Logan asked honestly, "Okay, Rouge, tell us what'cha know?" Rouge said seriously, "They're going to hit Senator Kelly at the press conference. Twelve of noon."

I looked at my watch and said seriously, "Then we don't have much time." I walked off and Logan placed a hand on my shoulder and asked gruffly, "Are you okay?" I said seriously as I frowned, "I don't trust her, Logan. Something tells me this is not right." Logan said honestly, "We have to save him like it or not." I sighed and said defeated, "Yeah, otherwise I'll never hear the end of it from my father." Logan chuckled and we all got into the helicopter.

Rouge asked as she looked at me, "So what's your deal with Logan?" I said seriously, "I owe him my life and my little brother's life." Rouge asked curiously, "So what are your powers?" I said with a smirk, "That would be something for you to see." Rouge scowled and Cody sighed as he said, "It's going to be one of those days."

When we reached the building the MRDs were swarming in as Rouge said worried, "Too late. It's happening." Logan said seriously, "Shadowcat faze us in." Kitty said honestly, "Okay, hang on." She fazed almost to the Helicopter but she fazed the whole team in and Cody said with a smile, "That girl is on my A-list." Hank yelled seriously, "Go! Go! Go!" Cody opened the side door and all of us jumped into the fray. I used my flexibility and martial arts to knock out these MRD with my telekinesis as well.

My brother was doing well in his werewolf form and I saw Hank jumping out of the spinning helicopter and I used my telekinesis to hold up the copter as Hank saved the innocent bystanders. I saw Rouge for a second and the next she was gone. I used my telepathy, "Logan." Logan mentally said annoyed as he fought off the MRD, "Now is not a good time, Emily." I said mentally, "Logan, we've been set up. We have to retreat." Logan growled and mentally said, "Alright, let's go."

He then used his adamantium claws as he made an x on the wall and kicked it down. He then ordered, "X-Men. Let's go." Cody followed Hank and Kitty as I followed Logan with Bobby. Senator Kelly yelled as the MRD, "Don't let them get away." Bobby used his ice powers on the hole that Logan made and I said with a smile, "They don't call you Iceman for nothing." Logan said to the rest of the team, "We were set up. The Brotherhood used Rouge."

Hank asked worried, "Wait, where is she?" I sighed and said seriously, "Come on, we're going back." We were about to go in but Warren's limo blocked our path and said as he rolled down his window, "Get in." Logan said seriously, "Not without Rouge. She's still in there." Warren said calmly, "No, she got out I saw her. Now come on." Logan and the rest of us go into the limo and he drove fast to the ruin Institute.


Kelly was on the news telling that the mutant registration act was going to be signed tomorrow. I saw Logan leave out of the room and I followed him. We saw Warren on his cell as he hanged up and said with care, "Good news. The MRD doesn't have Rouge. She must've just taken off. Probably blaming herself."

I scoffed and Logan knew how I felt about her as he placed his hand on my shoulder. Logan pulled me to his side and Warren said before we went inside, "Logan, what happened today. You tried to save a man who hates you. That's exactly how Charles Xavier would've done."

I sighed and asked with a smile, "So what did you of this morning?" Logan chuckled and said with a smirk, "Your cooking was good. Very good." I lightly blushed and said with a nervous smile, "Well next time I'll cook something you'll like and for the rest of the team." Logan said with a playful smirk, "I'm counting on it." I turned almost beat read and said as I went ahead of him, "I heard Kitty saying she needed some help with something." Logan chuckled and somehow he saw in a form of a woman as I ran ahead of him.

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