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Heroes Return Part 3

(Emily's POV)

Today was great for the X-Men. Warren's father paid for the rebuilding of the Xavier Institute. I was in the kitchen making some sugar cookies for the team. I looked at my timer and said with a smile, "Almost done." I heard Warren and Logan talking down the hall as Warren said, "By afternoon you have your furniture." The cookies were done and I pulled them out of the oven. I put them on a paper plate due to not having any real plates. I put them on the piano and catch up to Logan and Warren.

Warren said with a smile, "Ah, good of you to join us, Emily." I lightly laughed and said with a smile, "Nice to see you, too." I looked at Logan and saw him frowning. I asked worried, "Why are you unhappy?" Logan sighed and explained, "Sorry, Emily. You know new building, old ghosts." I said with a smile as I looked at Warren, "Thanks Warren." Warren said with a smile, "Thank dear old dad, it's his money."

Warren then joked, "Second thought, don't thank him." Warren said as we walked him out the door, "For some reason, he's under the impression; this is just a regular prep school." Logan joked, "Good thing, the walls are nice and high." Warren said seriously, "Which brings up the question: Rouge." I made a scowl just thinking about her and Warren asked seriously, "You plan on trying getting her back?" Logan said gruffly, "Nope, not after she hung us out to dry." Logan said as I opened the door, "Next move is hers."

When I opened the door I saw none other than Emma Frost. Rouge was one thing but Frost was another story as I crossed my arms as Warren said politely with a smile as he shook her hand, "Hello, I'm Warren." Emma said with a smile, "Emma Frost." She looked at me and said with smile, "It's good to see you again, Emily." I scoffed and said angrily, "I wish I can say the same thing." Logan asked seriously with suspicion as he walked to my side, "Why are you here?"

Emma said with a smile as she walked up to Logan, "Right to the point. I like that." I didn't know if it was jealousy or anger but I think it was both. Emma said as she looked at me, "I've decided to join the X-Men." I laughed and asked with a smirk, "You've decided?" Logan crossed his arms and said seriously, "Here's my decision. No." Logan walked past her and I followed him. Emma said seriously after she made a smirk, "If you know who I am than you are aware I never come empty handed."

I asked angrily, "What could you possibly offer the X-Men besides trouble?" Emma said with a smirk, "I can find Professor Xavier for you."


Warren said honestly before he got into his car, "Maybe be she's telling the truth." Logan said gruffly, "Workin' some angle is more like it." I kept looking at Emma as she watched Logan shaking hands with Warren. Emma asked with a smile, "Still sore about seven years ago?" I said angrily as I made fists tightly, "You have no idea." She picked up a sugar cookie and ate it with a smirk. Hank said as the rest of the team came in, "I understand you have some information about Professor Xavier."

Logan said gruffly as he came in, "We'll see about that." I leaned on the piano and Cody took a cookie to listen. Logan said seriously, "This is Emma Frost, former headmistress of the Massachusetts academy." Kitty said huffily with her arms crossed, "Hm, never heard of it." I explained angrily, "It was a secret little school to try to inmate the Xavier Institute." Logan asked seriously, "And you know this how?" I said seriously, "I was one of her students and I left for a good reason."

Emma said seriously, "I was trying to help you." I laughed and said with attitude, "Yeah, right. More like you were using me. You didn't help the others. You taught them how to bully people." Emma said seriously with defense, "Regardless, how some of my students may behaved. I built my school for all the right reasons." Logan said as he raised his eyebrow, "Yet you closed it down. Why?"

Emma said angrily, "That is not your concern." Logan said seriously, "Then we're through talking." I said seriously as I pointed the door, "There's the door." Emma sighed and explained as she crossed her arms, "My students suffered greatly at the hand of anti-mutant crusaders." She then said sadly, "It's difficult carrying on teaching, when your children are taken from you." I sighed and I did feel somewhat bad for her, but, it doesn't change the past.

Emma then said as she leaned on the piano, "So I closed my school and try to go it alone. But I miss teaching. I miss being part of a team." Logan asked seriously, "But why this team?" Emma explained, "Because we need each other." Logan crossed his arms and said with a smirk, "That's one big assumption, lady."

Emma explained with a smile, "The simple fact is you cannot operate Cerebro without a telepath." Logan said seriously, "So that's what this is about. You want access to Cerebro." Emma said as she walked towards me, "It is your best hope of finding missing mutants." I said seriously, "I can operate it." Cody said seriously, "Sis, no offence but…" I said angrily, "Don't say a word. I already read your mind." Logan said seriously, "Yeah, well, sorry. It was destroyed in the blast."

I could tell Emma was reading his mind and said with a smirk, "It's repairs are nearly complete." She then gave her card to Logan and said before she left, "Ring me when it's ready." Bobby opened the door for Emma and she smiled at him before she left. Kitty said as she punched Bobby, "She's a telepath, remember? She knows what you're thinking." I laughed and said with a smile, "Ah, Bobby, you have a lot to learn about women." Cody said with a smirk as he took the plate of cookies, 'You're in trouble."


I followed Logan and Hank downstairs, but it was a little confusing finding them. I could hear the echoes of Hank and Logan. Logan said seriously, "She's after something." Hank said as I finally caught up with them, "I don't dispute that. But if she can indeed locate Charles or Jean. It would be foolish not to explore this option."

I said seriously, "I can find them." Hank said politely, "With due respect Emily; I think your brother might be right." I said with honesty, "I have to try. I don't trust Frost after what she did to me. I…" Logan put his hands on my shoulders and said, "Look, I'll give you and Frost a chance. Okay?" I sighed and said as I crossed my arms, "Okay, but only because I owe you one." Hank asked the both of us as we left, "Then where are you two going?"

Logan answered as we went through the doors, "To put a certain young genius back on Cerebro duty." We were in the Danger Room and Logan yelled, "Forge?" I yelled, "Forge? You here?" We heard machines and an electro blast hit Logan sending him to the steel wall. I managed to dodge the next electro blast with my flexibility. I looked to see Logan almost completely shirtless and said annoyed, "Forge, this is me not laughing."

I almost blush bright red and I saw the next electro blast coming at me. I shot my fireball at it and three electro blasts were about to hit me until Logan used his adamantium claws to slice the machines making them explode. A broken machine was coming my way until I used my telekinesis on it to send it into a different direction. When they were gone another machine blasted Logan with an energy beam.

I asked annoyed as I shot electricity from my hands and aimed it at the energy beam machine, "Can't we catch a break from this guy?" Logan then dodged all of the electro blasts and energy beams as I electrified them. Logan then jumped on the windowsill and Forge asked surprised, "Logan, where'd you come from?"

I heard Forge opening the window as I heard Logan growl and jump into the control room. I flew in the control room and Forge said with a smile, "Hi, Emily." I smiled but as soon as I moved to Logan's side. Forge saw the wreckage that Logan and I made and said, "Aw, man. My Danger Room." Forge complained, "How could you? I wasn't even finished. Now and, ugh, I gotta start completely all over."

Logan said seriously, "Forget the Danger Room. I need you back on Cerebro." Forge said in disbelief, "You pulled me off Cerebro; you put me on the Blackbird. You pull me off that, and put me in the War Room." Forge said as he pointed out, "Now I'm on the Danger Room and you want me back on Cerebro?" I explained seriously, "It's how we're gonna find Charles." Forge asked with hope, "Xavier? I'll get right on it."

I said with a smile before I left to change, "But first Logan, change the shirt and then call Frost." Logan saw my little red rose tattoo on my right shoulder and asked with a smirk, "Do I spy a little rose tattoo back there?" I laughed nervously and said as I blush a little, "Oh, you saw that." I accidently bumped into the wall and said with a smile as I heard Logan chuckling, "I better go."

I changed into a blue tank top with blue jeans but I wore my white sandals. Logan called Frost and Logan, Frost, and I went to Cerebro. Hank politely said with a smile and I saw my little brother with him and Forge, "Miss Frost, I'd like to introduce Forge, the young man responsible for…" Emma said snidely, "Let's just dispense with pleasantries and get on with it, hm?"

I sat down on the chair and put on the helmet that was attached to Cerebro. Emma asked seriously, "What's she doing on there?" Logan said as he crossed his arms, "Emi is getting a chance to do this. She wanted it." Cody asked angrily, "You let her?" I placed both my hands on the machine and I tried to focus on finding Charles Xavier. Hank said as he placed his hands on my little brother's shoulders, "Cody, she…" Cody said defensively, 'She's not ready for something like this."

I then heard everyone's voices in my head and I started to pant out of exhaustion. Forge asked concerned, "Are you okay, Emily?" I said strenuously, "I'm…fine. Need to…find…Xavier." Cody saw how my eyes turned purple and my little brother said seriously as he looked at Logan, "Listen, Logan. You need to pull her off now." I could see visions of my life that I didn't even know about and I started to scream in pain.

Logan pulled my hands off Cerebro and yelled concerned, "Emily!" The visions stopped and I managed to catch my breath slowly. Cody asked concerned as he took the helmet off, "Sis, you okay?" I said breathlessly as I got up from the chair, "Yeah…need to catch my breath." Logan asked seriously, "What the heck was that?" I explained as I rubbed my eyes, "I don't know. I've been trying to figure it out last year."

Emma then sat down and before she reached the helmet Logan said seriously as he grabbed her arm, "You're on hallow ground here, lady. Don't make me regret this." Emma asked with a smirk, "Perhaps you'd rather I didn't find the Professor?" She then asked with a frown and annoyed, "You enjoy being in charge, don't you?"

She pulled her arm away from Logan and he went to my side for supporting me up to my feet. Emma put the helmet on and Forge as he tried to explain, "Go ahead and lay your…"

Emma said hurryingly and annoyed, "Oh please, I read your mind on the way in." Forge walked away and I said with a smile, "Don't worry Forge. She's always like that." Forge smiled at me and I could tell Frost was looking for Charles Xavier. When she opened her eyes and gasped. Logan asked seriously, "Where is he?" Emma said with a raised eyebrow, "Genosha."


I could tell that Logan was very angry and Cody was even scared of him. Hank said with concern as Cody and I followed him, "It's a volatile situation, Logan. I think it best if we try to make contact with Magneto first." Logan said angrily, "Believe me, I attend to make contact with him and it's long overdue." I said with concern, "Logan wait…" Logan said angrily as he turned his back on use, "Don't you get it, Emily? This means Magneto was responsible for that explosion."

Hank said defensively, "That is not supported by any evidence I've collected. There were no fluctuations in the magnetic field." Cody said honestly, "So before we accuse him we need to…" Logan interrupted him and said angrily as he walked into the elevator as I followed him, "We know he's got Charles and that's what matters." We went to the hotel that Scott was staying in once more and I asked honestly, "How do you know he'll come?" Logan said seriously gruffly, "He will."

We snuck into his room and I accidently hit a bottle of beer with my foot. Scott was startled but Logan showed his adamantium claws in Scott's face and said seriously, "Holster those eye beams, frat boy." Scott looked at Logan and I and Scott said seriously, "There's nothing else you can say, Logan. I'm not coming back." I said seriously with concern, "Magneto's got the Professor." Scott looked at me and asked hopefully as Logan retracted his adamantium claws, "And Jean?"

I said sadly, "No, just Charles." Logan asked seriously, "Now are you in?" Scott looked up at us and I knew Cyclops was back on the team. The team was ready and suit up. Logan turned on the hanger lights and I saw Forge messing with the Blackbird. He looked at us and asked, "Where'd you guys come from?" Logan said gruffly, "Just tell me she'll fly." Forge said with a smile, "Oh, yeah. Absolutely." I saw a part fall out of the Blackbird and said with an uncertain smile, "Pretty sure."

Hank said with uncertain and concern, "Perhaps we should wait until Forge completes the repairs and uh…" Logan said gruffly, "We leave now. Forge climb in, your job is to keep us in the air." I saw Forge climb into the jet and saw Emma Frost coming with us as well. Emma looked at Scott and said with a frown, "Hmm, Wolverine's more desperate then I thought."

Scott asked me curiously, "And she is…?" I said annoyed as I got into the Blackbird, "Temporary." The rest of the team got into the Blackbird and we headed for Genosha.


Hank and Beast were working on the Blackbird and I said with a smirk, "Okay, Logan if you're wrong about Magneto you owe me dinner." Logan asked annoyed as Hank caught his tool by Forge's mistake, "Just tell me you got the auto-pilot working so I can get out of this chair." Hank explained as worked on the Blackbird, "We're still trying to get the stealth generator online. Otherwise Genosha will see us miles away." Forge said as he pulled hotwires, "Here, don't let this touch anything." Logan sighed and I smiled knowing he was having a rough day as held the hotwires.

Bobby was freezing in his sleep and Kitty said annoyed as she nudged Bobby, "Would you wake up already?" Bobby woke up and asked sleepy, "Who? What? Are we there?" Kitty said annoyed, "No but you're freezing in your sleep again." Bobby yawned and said as he stretched his arms, "Sorry." Cody said worried, panicked, and seriously, "And how can you nap at a time like this? The jet's falling apart; we're going up against Magneto, and did I mention the jet's falling apart?"

Bobby said with a smile, "The jet will be fine." Bobby then said with a smirk, "Who cares about Magneto? Wolverine's got his number." Kitty pointed out seriously, "Maybe. But what about an entire island of his mutant followers?" Cody said with a smile, "She does have a point."

I could hear the conversation Emma and Scott were having about Jean and I just hope Scott doesn't make the wrong decision. I saw some fog and said with a smile, "I think we just got lucky." Hank said seriously, "It only circles the island, it doesn't covert." Logan asked seriously, "What's our stealth status?" Hank said with hope and smiled, "We're concealed from their radar but visually…well…we stick out like a black jet in, uh bright sky."

I asked seriously, "Forge?" Forge said as he worked on the final touches, "Almost got it. One more second." Logan said as we approached Genosha, "We're out of time." Forge then said as he slid to see us, "Okay, try it now." Logan then activated the cloaking generator and I think it worked due to no alarms were going off.

Logan landed the jet on the top of a tower and Kitty faze through the jet. Shadowcat then faze through the roof and then rest of the team came out of the jet. Logan heard through the com-link and I heard Kitty say, "Okay, all clear." My little brother transformed into his werewolf form and Bobby turned his body into ice. Hank asked with concern, "You're sure about this?" Logan answered Hank with his adamantium claws and made a hole in it. Bobby used his ice powers and made a bridge for us to go down to.

I looked around and all I see was nothing but metal and Kitty said seriously, "It's like an iron maze down here. We're definitely on his home turf." Logan said before he left, "Com-links on. We're splitting up." Everyone split up and I used my telepathy with my brother, "Cody, did you find Magneto's scent?" Cody said mentally, "No Sis. Not yet. How are you after the whole Cerebro fiasco?" I said telepathically, "Fine. Whatever that was I hope it's on our side." Cody asked mentally, "It?" I was in a gaping hole but I landed on my feet.

I looked up and I saw Magneto for the first time. I saw Logan standing there in midair and Magneto said with a smile, "Emily, you look so much like your mother." I asked seriously, "How do you know about my mother?" I saw ice being formed on the metal wall and from the red heat I take it was from Scott. Magneto said with a smirk, "Ah, I believe that's the sound of your Calvary."

Scott came through the hole and said as he shot his optic blast, 'You're done Magneto." Magneto blocked Scott's attacks using his magnet kinesis. He then used the metal and wrapped it around Scott's body and his right hand. Bobby used his ice powers and hit Magneto's back and made an ice boomerang. Bobby than threw it but it was blocked but another one sliced Magneto's helmet in half. I then saw Kitty with Emma, Hank, and Cody faze through the ceiling.

Emma said with confidence as she her telepathy, "Without his helmet, he's mine." It was true Magneto was weakening but not for as I read his thoughts. He used his magnet kinesis once more on Logan as I dodge as well as my brother. Kitty fazed through but for Hank and Emma were pummeled by Logan as he trapped them once more. Magneto put his helmet back to together.

Kitty said seriously, "That's not going to work on me." Magneto said as he lifted himself in the air, "It doesn't have to." He then said as he handed her a piece of metal, "I suggest you hold on to this." The metal underneath her was disappearing and she jumped as she grabbed the metal board.

He looked at my brother and I and said with a smile, "Now I want to see what you can do." I said with a frown, "Tell me what you know about our mother and let my friends go." He used his magnet kinesis on us by throwing metal boards and I said angrily, "Okay, hard way." Cody went charging at Magneto in his form and dodged every metal board Magneto had against him. I used my flexibility as to dodge and I yelled, "Werewolf, now!"

Cody then tried to pounce on him but Magneto used his magnet kinesis on my brother with a large metal board and pinned him on the wall like the others. I then kicked Magneto across the face as his helmet fell once more. I said as I used my telepathy as I search memories of my mother, "Now tell me what you know about my mother." Magneto was weakening but so was I.

After what happened with Cerebro, I thought I had enough mental power to read minds. Magneto used Logan to pin me down as Logan used his left hand to pin me down as I struggled. Logan said as he tried to loosen his grip, "We're not looking for trouble. We just came for Charles." Magneto said strictly as he hovered over us as his helmet came back onto his head, "Ah, but you did come looking for trouble and you found it."

Magneto forced Logan to move his right hand and aimed at my throat. Logan's adamantium claws slowly came out and were coming at my throat. Logan pleaded as terror took over me, "Wait, don't do this. It's my fault." Magneto asked with agreement, "It is, isn't it? And what would Charles think of his little commander reign of yours?" He then floated closer to us and said, "I dare say he wouldn't approve."

I winced as I felt the adamantium claws nearly at my throat and Logan snarled, "We know he's here. Just take us to him!" Magneto said with a smile, "All you had to do was ask." He then let everyone go from their prisons. I rubbed my neck and Logan asked concerned, "You okay Goddess?" I said as I followed the others, "You owe me, Wolverine." Cody asked worried, "You okay?" I sighed and said with a smile, "Yeah, for now."

Magneto used his ability once more and said, "He appeared on my island, one week ago. We found like this on our coastline, fallen on the rocks." Kitty murmured, "Professor." The team walked towards him including my brother and I. Meeting Charles Xavier for the first time was sad and happy for me both at the same time. Emma placed her gloved hand on his forehead and said as she looked at us, "He has no brain activity."

Kitty closed her eyes and leaned against Bobby for comfort and I saw Cyclops's visor blinked red. I can't help but feel sad. Knowing that the man my father searched for years was in a coma. Magneto said solemnly, "Charles is a dear friend. All I've been doing is caring for him." Logan growled dangerously as he glared at Magneto, "More like keeping an eye on him. We both know you're afraid of Charles."

Magneto glared at him and I interrupted before Logan could make any more messes the team would have to clean up and asked with a smile, "But the question is, Will you let us take him home?" Magneto answered with sincere, "Of course. You are his children, his place it with you. However, I wish you would consider making Genosha your home." He rested his eyes on my little brother for his form, "No more violence, no more" Logan interrupted, "Yeah we've seen the billboards. Thanks but no thanks."

Magneto reminded and smiled, "The offer stands." Magneto said as he walked off, "and the next time you decide to drop by, Wolverine, use the front door." I snickered at that and I said with a smirk as I walked off with the team, "You owe me dinner Logan." Logan gave a look and I couldn't help but smile. But sadly that smile went when we left to go back home.

Hank and Forge made a machine that would stop the professor from aging. We placed him on the bed, lowered the glass dome in place and hooked up the machine to monitor his vitals. To think one of the most powerful telepaths was in a coma. I wanted him to see Cody and helped him like helped all of his other students. Logan promised as what were on all of our thoughts, "We'll find a way to bring you back Charles, no matter what it takes, or how long."

I heard voices fluttering around the room after Logan spoke and Kitty asked startled, "What is that sound?" Bobby answered as he looked around, "It's sounds like someone whispering." The whispering started to get louder and I couldn't believe it. Hank said as if he almost read my mind, "Correct me if I'm wrong, but that sounds a lot like" Logan interrupted him, "Charles." The whispering became louder now as Emma murmured, "This is impossible." A bright light flashed before us and the light formed a ghostly image of Charles Xavier. When he looked at me he smiled at me and my brother. Logan then asked as he removed his hood, "Charles, is that really you?" Charles whispered as he looked at him, "Yes, Logan." I asked curiously as I walked towards Xavier, "What's happening? Who did this to you?"

Xavier said sadly, "I wish I knew. I remember nothing." Hank explained as my little brother walked slowly towards Xavier, "Charles, there was an unexplained blast at the institute, you've been missing and Jean still is." Xavier's head bowed and looked up at us once more. Xavier stated, "My X-Men, time is limited. I come to you with an urgent message." Cody asked curiously, "Come to us? From where?"

Xavier stated, "The future." Xavier continued as I was amazed by this, "The coma you see me right now, it will last for twenty years. I've just awoken from it and the world I've found is a night mare." Xavier showed us what was going on in the future and there was nothing left. New York was in ruins and giant robots were looking for mutants left and right.

Hank asked sadly, "Charles, how does it come to this?" Xavier explained sadly, "Because of the X-Men." Logan asked seriously, "What are you saying?" Xavier explained as he looked at all of the team, "Each of you, you be defeated, and walked away. Only as a team, do you stand a chance. Only together, can you change the course of the future." He looked at Logan and said seriously, "And you, Logan, you must lead them."

Logan said undecided as Scott walked away, "I don't know Charles. This hasn't been a good fit." Scott's attitude was starting to get to me but I couldn't blame him. After all, I have my family missing. Charles said with concern as Scott walked away, "Make it fit, Logan. Otherwise all is lost." Xavier saw Scott leaving and said, "Scott, do not abandon the team. They cannot win this without you, son." I could tell Xavier's timer is running out as he said, "I must go, but I will try to make contact again."

After he said that he vanished and I knew what I had to do. What we all had to do as we stood in silence. Logan then spoke up with seriousness, "Whatever's eating away at us, we get past it." He then said firmly as he looked at each members of the team including me, "We rise to the occasion because we're a team and we got a job to do." He then put his hood back on and said, "The world needs the X-Men." From that day on I knew that my brother and I were never gonna be the same.

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