Urusei Yatsura 2

Episode 1 - "Fox and Bunny"

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Tomobiki High - Student Club Building/ Student apartments.

The week was nearly over...

Inside a small room, a young man laid on the floor, a disgruntled look on his face, and ragged clothes on his body. To one side a three tailed vixen was playfully braiding his onyx-colored ponytail, while a small pure-hearted fox laid on top of the youth's stomach, also staring into empty space. This young man was known as Kenichi Aoki, but was more commonly called Ken by most friends and acquaintances. Ken lied on the tatami floor of his room, looking towards the ceiling in despair. Tomorrow his wife would show up...

He hated this.

His mind [and much of his body] were still was reeling from the events that took place a week ago, how an idiotic trial turned the roguish youth into the most despised man in town as well as how he got married to the most dangerous girl in the galaxy [by his standards at least]. Most girls now treated the fox-like boy with a glacial disposition [fortunately, there was still a faction of girls that gave him the benefit of doubt, and an even larger number that had yet to meet him], regardless, it made girl hunting all the more difficult. On the other side, all the guys were now out for his blood, pure undiluted jealousy was the driving force that sent them like moths to a single, pissed-off flame. Yes, most encountered the same fate of defeat on the hands of the martial artist, but that did not stop them, it drove them to even tougher lenghts, and even then Ken was hard pressed, no doubt about it...

He really hated this.

"Why me?" Ken bemoaned his fate.

"Hmm?" Hikaru, the pure-hearted fox sat up on top of his master's stomach and turned towards the wayward youth. "Is something wrong, Kenichi-dono?"

Ken kept his gaze towards the ceiling for a moment before he answered.

"I hate this." Ken complained.

"What do you hate?" Hikaru innocently asked.

"Ignore him, ignore him, Hikaru-kun!" Hoshi, the three-tailed vixen, playfully waved off as she continued playing with Ken's hair. "Ken-chan's just having trouble adjusting to the idea of married life that's all, it's not something us young'uns should worry about."

Ken sat up suddenly, knocking over Hikaru onto his lap, and turned to glare at Hoshi. "You guys are older than me, where the hell do you get off calling yourselves 'young'uns'! ?" Ken spat.

"But you should be happy, marrying such a cute girl!" Hoshi cheered ignoring the comment completely.

"You think she's so cute, why don't you marry her then! ?" Ken growled out in a low voice.

In that moment from the common section of the student club building, emerged Yasu, a five tailed fox with a calm and serious demeanor. "More importantly, Kenichi-dono, how goes your training?" The fox asked

Ken scratched the side of his head. " *kon* Kota-chan doesn't get the credit he deserves, he's really one tough cat. I figure I recovered about thirty percent of my old ability, forty tops. I guess I'm on a good pace"

Yasu immediately pointed at Ken with a bamboo sword. "NOT GOOD ENOUGH!" Yasu turned and made his way for the door. "I'll have to inform Kotatsuneko-san to increase the level of your training for tomorrow."

"Gimme a break! I'm trying to undo six months worth of slacking off here, think ya can go easier on me! ?" Ken complained.

"We wouldn't have to undo all that damage if you kept your ego in control." Yasu argued, making Ken visibly flinch. "Getting so cocky just because people started calling him 'invincible', HA!" Yasu turned and poked Ken on his chest with the bamboo sword.

"You are a ten thousand years too young to even think you're peerless. Back home you probably wouldn't last a week with your current level" Yasu chastised earning only Ken's angry growls for his trouble. "Grrrrrr!"

"Argh! Enough already!" Ken stood up, grabbing Hikaru by his scruff, the little fox yelping slightly as he wass carried. "C'mon Hikaru, I'm gonna need you for a bit..."

As Ken and Hikaru made their way past the kitchen area, Hina, the four-tailed vixen, was busy preparing lunch and noticed both of them leaving.

"Where are you two going? I'm almost done making the udon." The vixen announced

"Sorry, Hina-chan, we're gonna go outside for a moment..." Ken said as he put on his sandals and opened the door. Hina bounded over just as Ken rushed off, pulling Hikaru in tow.

"You didn't answer me! Where are you two off to?"

Miyake Household

*POW* *CRASH* *Sho-ryu-ken* *WHAM*

Inside the house, a blond, lithe girl was furiously tapping the buttons on a video game controller, a venomous glare as her fighters were currently decimating a green-haired succubus onscreen. This young and currently irate young lady was none other than Usagi Miyake, who was still quite furious after the whole affair. The reason for her rage? She discovered Ken had not only two-timed on her again, but he went so far as to get married to that...to that...


*Shinku Ha-dou-ken!* *K. O. ! ! !*

Usagi watched with a good amount of perverse glee as to how the computer generated demoness feel unconscious to the energy wave, though normally she didn't enjoy violence, she found that this particular fight had been quite a bit...cathartic, so to speak. Emi had become an enemy to the blonde girls eyes, not only was she an exotic beauty, but she also was much more...attributed than the lithe Usagi. Thought Usagi knew Ken was likely to be a culprit in this whole mess, she couldn't help but suspect foul play from the seducing, evil temptress Oni.

*ding dong*

In that moment, when her screen displayed her own fighters as the victors, the doorbell rang, given that her parent's were already busy getting ready to receive some guests, she decided to go and see who it was.

"~Coming!" Usagi called as she walked to the door. "Who is it?"

"I'ts me...Ken." Answered the voice on the other side.

Usagi's eye twitched as she recognized the voice, a murderous aura made itself manifest, pulling a novelty carrot out of thin air she raised it overhead, and with her free hand she opened the door, ready to clobber the current visitor, only to find...

...A very confused, very scared Hikaru, right on her face, stopping any violent attack cold in it's tracks. Usagi in shock about what she was about to do froze in place. Upon closer inspection, Usagi noticed Ken was holding the little fox in front of him, at arms length, a human err... vulpine shield if you will. Usagi dropped her weapon behind her, making a loud thud, and narrowed her eyes towards Ken.

"This is low, even for you, Kenichi-kun." She said, spite dripping from her voice as she narrowed her eyes to the pony-tailed fighter.

"Well, you already know what they say about love and war, and you know somethin'? Love doesn't have a Geneva convention." Ken deadpanned.

"That wasn't very nice, Kenichi-dono!" The little fox complained, as he was cradled in Usagi's arms. Both teenagers were now at the living room of the Miyake household, Usagi scratching the little fox's head to console him. Ken was twiddling his thumbs.

"Sorry, but after a week of getting bludgeoned I had to come up with another approach." Ken explained, Usagi still angry at the boy then asked.

"Well, what do you want? I'm in a lousy mood for dealing with two-timers!" Usagi said.

"Listen to me, Bunny!" Ken said quite passionately. "This thing with Emi, it's all a misunderstanding!"

"It is?" Usagi questioned, not truly believing the boy "I wonder...".

It is if you consider I didn't know she could shoot lightning before getting hitched! Ken thought, but did not voice his current thoughts, survival instinct and all that. "It is, Bunny-chan! I was tricked into marrying her, you gotta believe me!" Ken flat-out lied.

"How can I! ? You're always flirting with every girl you find!" Usagi heatedly countered. "I wouldn't put it past you!"

Ken swallowed, a nervous look crossing his shifty eyes, but quickly he took Usagi's hands [making Hikaru jump off the girl's lap] and looked her straight in her eyes, his own golden, piercing eyes connecting with her brown pupils.

"Usagi, I may stray, but in the end I only want you." Ken said, his eyes shinning and reading deep into Usagi's heart "K-Ken-kun..." .Usagi herself felt her blush intensify. "Bunny-chan..." Ken drew slowly closer to the blonde girl, their lips drawing closer, closer...

"SHINOBU!" A loud yell came from outside!

The sudden yell made both teens crash on the floor, killing the mood in a single swift strike. Ken laid over Usagi, but instantly raised up his head, recovering first as he recognized that voice.

"N-no way..." said the pony-tailed youth, sweating bullets. He turned to look at the door. "Not yet! It's too soon! They shouldn't be here yet!"

Instantly Ken was placed on a choke-hold, courtesy of Usagi. "URK!" "'Who' shouldn't be here? wHo, KeNiChI ! ?"

Ken gulped as another voice joined the room this one of Usagi's mother. "Coming, coming!" Shinobu opened the door to receive none other than Ataru Moroboshi and his wife, Lum.

"Gyahahahaha, it's been a while, Shinobu!" Ataru cheerfully cackled, while Lum tugged on her husband's sleeve. "Darling! You should've rung the doorbell!" She chided

"Ah Shinobu doesn't mind, do ya Shinobu?" Ataru waved off.

"Of course I mind! Geez, Ataru-kun...as loud as ever..." Shinobu added.

As this exchange occurred Ken was suddenly thrown forward when Usagi stood back up, the boy landing on his face as she did this.

"M-mom! Why are they here! ?" Usagi exclaimed, with a hint of shock.

"They're my friends since highschool, and I invited them as soon as they could drop by." Shinobu casually answered, and turned to her guests. "It's good to finally get to meet you properly again! Last time you had to leave way too quickly."

Usagi kept a shocked expression while Ken rubbed the back of his head. "Ah, so your mom knew them from back then, huh?" Ken commented, but was ignored by the shell-shocked Usagi

"Well, we are rather busy, running Oniboshi and whatnot." Lum answered jovially. "We also had to finish filing away our immigration here, since Emi will move to Earth."

"Y-y-you mean...she's already here! ?" Ken's voice wavered into panic, all while the color drained from his face.

"Nah, relax Kitsune. Both Lum and I used to live around here, so the paperwork was easier for us because of that. Right, Lum?" Ataru answered

"You betcha, Darling."

"Yeah, Emi will come by tomorrow, so you can enjoy your last day of liberty, GYAHAHAHAHAHAHA-OOF!" Ataru cackled getting elbowed by Lum shortly after.

Ken gave a huge sigh of relief, almost deflating on the spot. Hikaru jumped on top of Ken wondering if the boy truly was alright.

"By the way, Kitsune..." Ataru started to ask. "What are YOU doing here anyway?"

The Moroboshis and the Miyakes [as well as a couple of stray Aokis] were reunited at the dinning table, eating lunch and making small talk. Ken was somewhat relieved to learn Emi wouldn't be coming to Earth just yet, but Usagi was rather tense about having her 'enemy's' parents over for dinner.

"We actually came over to find you Ken." Lum ammended, earning a confused glance from Ken and Hikaru, as well as a scowl form Usagi."We were gonna ask Shinobu if she knew were 'tcha live."

"Yeah, we gotta ask your parents to let Emi into your house and take good care of her. "Ataru helpfully added. "So where are your folks?"

Ken huffed annoyed. "Dunno, dun' care."

That's right, Ken arrived to Tomobiki alone all the way from Kyoto, his parents were last reported to be seen over in Okinawa Usagi thought. It was then that it hit Usagi: Ken lived alone, if Emi moved into the apartment, then...

"S-s-she can't!" Usagi yelped all of the sudden, everyone turned to her with a confused glance.

If Emi moved in on Ken, then that shameless bimbo would definitely do this...and do that...and...and...they would...*BLANK*

"Two high-schoolers shouldn't live on their own! Ken lives alone over at the student club building right now!" Usagi blurted.

"Alone *kon*?" Ken asked, somewhat confused. Usagi merely stared and was about to heatedly counter the boy's excuse when...

"He's not alone." A small voice interrupted. Hikaru raised his head over the table climbing on to it. "We're living with him, my sempais and me!"

Usagi blinked a couple of times as she recalled this bit of information, it was true, along with his parents, the kitsune helped raise Kenichi as one of their own. "Oh...yeah, I forgot about that." She said somewhat embarrassed, though Ken thru lidded eyes, gave a critical glare at Usagi.

"Just what did you think I'd do, Bunny-chan?" Ken accused, Usagi merely giggled nervously and employed the one tried and true tactic of misdirection. "Mom, this curry tastes so good!"

"Oe..." Ken said, annoyed at being ignored.

"Thank you, Usagi." Shinobu answered, all too familiar with the tactic.

"So this is yours and Inaba's daughter, huh?" Ataru commented. "Guess she took after her father a bit."

"Y-you could say that...hahaha..." Shinobu meekly answered, of course they meant the blonde hair...and the decidedly lapine 'features'.

What did he mean by that? Usagi wondered. Ken on the meantime was rather annoyed by this unexpected interference, he wanted to talk to Usagi alone and it would be somewhat difficult with the 'in-laws' dropping in. "Let's get outta here Usagi..."

"Ken-kun?" Usagi asked.

"I...got unfinished business with you, remember?" Ken cryptically answered, as he scratched the side of his head.

Lum looked at the boy for a moment, curiously. "What sort of unfinished business, Ken-chan?"

Ken gulped loudly as he heard his 'mother-in-law', if Lum was anything like Emi, getting her angry was a definitive health hazard! Martial artists and lightning definitely don't mix!

"Err...umm..."The boy struggled for an excuse, but decided for a recently used tactic.

"Toolatecan'ttalkgottagobye!" The 'blink and you missed it' tactic! Ken said this feeble excuse as he grabbed Usagi's wrist and dashed out of the front door at full speed. Ataru, Lum and Shinobu stared back, wondering what was the rush? Hikaru jumped down from the table and ran as fast as he could while calling: "Wait for me, Kenichi-dono~!" after his wayward master, recalling his duties as to not let Ken out of his sight.

Ataru recovered first, cackling loudly. "GYAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA~! It really is good to be back!" He said taking a generous gulp of his tea.

Tomobiki Park

Meanwhile, Ken and Usagi had arrived over to Tomobiki park, a good distance from the residential area and hopefully a good deal away from any interlopers.

"*huff puff huff*" Usagi was breathing heavily, a lot more than Ken was anyway, the boy merely seemed just a slight winded, an ominous flame hovering around Ken. "Geez Ken, why did we have to leave in such a...such a..." Usagi paused as she noticed a single-hovering white flame, she stared at the ominous-looking white fire.

"Usagi?" Ken turned to the blonde girl, who was white as a sheet. "What's the matter? You look pale." Ken asked as he looked concerned

"K-Ken? B-b-behind you! ? A g-g-ghost ! ! !" Usagi panicked and pointed to the ghostly flame, seeing the ethereal foxfire for the very first time.

"Huh? Oh that... relax, that's mine..." Ken reached to the foxfire and made it dissappear with a snap of his fingers, as if it was the most natural thing in the world. "Guess I panicked a little back there...usually the kitsune-bi don't show up unless I'm fighting or I lose my cool."

"Kitsune-bi? Like real foxfire! ?" Usagi exclaimed, rather shocked.

"Actually it's more like ki... like in those fighting games we play?" Ken explained, Usagi 'ah'ed in understanding.

"Wait...THAT'S REAL! ?" She exclaimed.

Ken scratched the side of his head as he considered. "Well...I do have one or two issues with the lack of realism in those games, but mostly...yeah kind of like that."

"U-unbelievable..."Usagi exclaimed as she plopped down on a park bench. "First aliens, then real kitsune and now super powered fighters? This is too much for me..."

"WOAH! woah...they are not super powers. It's ki, plain and simple, basically any experienced martial artist worth his salt can tap into this in one form or another." Ken explained taking a seat along the blonde girl, going into full 'martial artist sensei' mode, the full nine kitsune-bi appearing and providing mood lighting, as Usagi could only stare at the flames in mute awe.

"Ki is basically life force, not just a fighter's but any living creature as a matter of fact, it can be manifested and directly used, but it's much more versatile than just plain life force. To give an example: it can be divided into emotional ki or elemental ki. Emotional ki can depend on intense feelings of pride, confidence, or fury, resentment and depression. Hell, I think there's a guy over in Furinkan that practically runs on pure lust ki. You know, the old freak behind all those panty raids?" Ken tried to make an example from another town in Nerima. Usagi brought a finger to her lips as she recalled that rumour.

"Oh yeah... I've heard about that. Eh? So this person can actually use his perversion to fight?" Usagi exclaimed somewhat skeptical.

"Dude's a Master level as I hear it, not someone I'd wanna tangle with."

"Oh, is this the 'Invincible' Ken admitting someone is tougher than he is?" Usagi taunted with a smile.

"Hell no! Dude's freakin' weird, that's the problem!" Ken defended. "Hey as far as rumours go, I heard pretty much everything that goes around there is messed-up, period."

"Yeah, you got a point..." Usagi agreed, the stuff that happened over there in Furinkan seemed way too unreal to be honest...of course this had a little less impact, considering Tomobiki's history of general weirdness by itself.

"So...what emotion are these... will o' wisps supposed to represent?" Usagi asked, as she approached a hand to one of the ethereal white flames.

"Nah, these aren't emotive ki, they're elemental." Ken corrected. "Ever heard of godai?"

"Oh! The five great elements, yeah, I remember!" Usagi exlaimed happily. "Tsuchi [Earth], Mizu [Water], Hi [Fire], Kaze [Wind] and...what was the last one?" She asked

"Sora [Heaven/Void]" Ken answered. "As far as elemental ki goes, this last one is one of the toughest to master." Ken explained as a small ball of white fire landed on his hand and he lazily bounced it up and down, not unlike a yo-yo. "The reason is because of it's limitless possibilities. The foxfire is basically made of this stuff, you'll have an easier time if you just picture it as raw energy, and since because it's raw energy it's kind of complicated to use it properly."

"Normally, fighters can only tap into one of those five elements when using elemental ki..." Or so I thought... Ken grumbled internally, recalling the dreadful lightning that his bride-to-be wielded.

"Ahh..." Usagi digested all this information quietly. She realized that sometimes when Ken was specially mad, angry, or just plain annoyed, a white spark would shine from his eyes. This of course made her mind wander back to her original question. Was this the hidden face of the martial artist heir of the Kitsune-ryu?

"Ah, that's right!" She exclaimed, and turned to very surprised Ken "Why did you drag me all the way here! ?"

Ken looked meekly for a moment there. "Yeah, remember that date you promised me a while back? You know, before all this mess with the Oni and whatnot?"

Usagi blinked in mute shock for two seconds as what Ken just said sunk in, and then sighed in defeat.

"Figures..." Even when he managed to impress her, he would quickly revert back to the overly hormonal teen.

Near the park...

The honest little fox was running around, trying to find his wayward master and the young miss Miyake, a nervous expression on his child-like face.

"Kenichi-dono~! Usagi~san~! Where are you~?" The little fox cried, making his way from one side of the park to the other, many a passerby stared at the little fox, most of the female ones would look at the little fox's adorableness and want to pick him up and hold him, but for Hikaru finding his friends was his top priority.

"Kenichi-dono! Where are you?" The little fox tried crying once more, but since there was no answer he saddened, his ears dropping as his gaze turned downcast.


"Hey, it's been a while, Little Fox..." A voice behind him called.

As Hikaru perked his ears, he turned and saw just who was talking to hi. At first the little fox did not recognize the man that just spoke to him, but quickly he was able to recognize the familiar scent.

"AH! You're-" Hikaru gasped.

"Gimme a chance, Bunny-chan~!" Ken pleaded, down on his knees as Usagi turned away purposefully ignoring the boy.

"Hmph!" Usagi called.

"Will it help if I swear not to get into any fights?" Ken pleaded

"Hmph!" Usagi responded

"I won't pull any pranks! Honest!" Ken begged

"Hmph!" Usagi said

"I won't look at any other girls! For real!" Ken groveled

"Hmph!" Usagi...well...'hmph-ed'

"C'mon..." Ken pitifully asked.

Usagi side-glanced at him with a critical glare.

"So this...Emi...she means nothing to you?" Usagi asked

Ken vigorously shook his head. "She's just a pest, I swear!"

"So you haven't gone on any dates with that Oni bimbo, have you?"

"Not a one!" Ken answered forcefully

"So nothing happened between the two of you?" Usagi narrowed her eyes when she asked this last question.

"Of cour...!" Ken was about to answer when an old memory resurfaced all of the sudden.

...Emi slowly scooted closer to Ken, their faces very near, Emi lost herself on Ken's eyes. Before Ken could ask what was she doing, Emi planted her lips on his, Ken's eyes going wide like dinner plates the second time that morning, but quickly he started closing his eyes, kissing back. Both boy and girl had no idea how much time had passed while they were locked in each others lips. When they finally broke apart, Ken was catatonic, never in his short life had he ever been kissed like that, that kiss, it felt...at the lack of a better word...electric...

Ken gulped, and innocently he tried to avoid the subject. "*kon* O-of course not...heh heh"

"I find that hard to believe, Kenichi." Usagi warned, a certain edge to her voice. Ken had a habit, whenever he got nervous or intense he would also often bark like a fox, though this was more of a general trait the boy.

Ken started sweating, suddenly put on the spot.

"*kon* Nice weather we're having today, even if we're already in autumn...*kon*" Ken tried to change the topic.

"Something DID happen, didn't it! ?" Usagi stood back up. "I'm leaving..."

"W-WAIT UP! It wasn't anything important! Please!" Ken tried to stop Usagi and chased after her. Usagi suddenly stopped and turned towards the pony-tailed boy.

"Then tell me!" She demanded. "Tell what just happened between the two of you!"

"Uhmm..." Ken was sweating bullets, nervous as he knew there was only one outcome if he said something. "Err...well we...*mumble*"

"What was that?" Usagi asked "I didn't quite catch the end of it."

"We...*mutter*" Ken kept his voice to inaudible levels.

Usagi decided to be more persuasive, by pulling out her weapon of choice. "Ken..."




"...ok, we kissed." Ken instantly took a guard stance as he blurted out the truth, closing his eyes tightly waiting for the impending hit.. As he waited, nothing came, Ken warily opened one eye and merely saw Usagi smiling.

"So...you kissed, eh? Kenichi-san?" She said smilling eerily

"...-san?" [1] Ken nervously repeated, this would not end good.

"It's all right, I'm going home now..." Usagi turned again heading for home. Ken reached out and grabbing her shoulder. Wait up Bunn-WHOA!"

In a fluid motion Usagi grabs Ken's arm and threw him over her shoulder sending the pony-tailed fighter airborne.

"MEN BE DAMNED!" She yelled, as she sent Ken flying. Fortunately for the fighter he could recover in the air and land on his feet, none worse for wear.

"PHEW! That was close..." Ken sighed in relief, but as he stood up..."Bunny-chan lemme explai-GYARGH!" ...he was slammed with Usagi's own trademark weapon: an absurdly huge carrot, dropping the fighter under the weight of the enormous carrot. Usagi then approached and stomped on said carrot [as well as the boy underneath] over and over again.

"*OW* Bunny-chan, please!- *ACK* Calm down and- YEOUCH* listen *ARGH*" Ken yelped as he was punished.

Damn, angry as ever, but I'll take Bunny's beatings over Emi's lightning any day... Ken thought, but then a familiar feeling crept up the back of his neck, given his new training, the pony-tailed fighter's intincts had been refined once more and he recognized it instantly:

An impending attack!

"Bunny, watch out!" In a fluid motion Ken kipped up and picked up Usagi "W-what are you-! ?" Both jumping away...just in time as fire razed through the spot both teens were in just a moment ago. As Ken landed, carrying Usagi in a bridal style, she couldn't help but notice how cool Ken looked right then. "K-Kenichi-kun" Usagi blushed, as Ken looked back.

"You all right, Bunny-chan?"

"Ah? AH! Y-yeah, I'm ok!" Usagi jumped out of Ken's arms looking embarrassed "But what was that?" As both teens turned to their attacker they encountered a figure walking through the smoke left by the fire.

"I see you're still a jerk and a moron, Ken. Recognize me?" The figure spoke.

"Who is that?" Usagi asked as she saw the unfamiliar figure, but Ken recognized him.

"AH! You're...that fire Oni!" Ken shouted

"I have a name, idiot!" Ten called

The smoke dispersed to reveal a green haired Oni, wearing a tiger stripped track pants and a black t-shirt, a single yellow horn on his head, followed close behind by little Hikaru.

"My name is Ten, and it's time I finally get back at you, you MORON! This time I'll defeat you!" Ten yelled challenging the pony-tailed martial artist.

To which Ken crossed his arms, a serious expression on his face, and finally asked:

"...Dude, seriously, what's your problem with me?" Ken asked, not realizing why Ten was so angry in the first place.

To be continued...

[1]About honorifics: -kun is used with people that are close friends, while -san is a more respectful, albeit more distant honorific, usually used for acquaintances.

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