Chapter 1

I just can't believe she would cheat on me for my half brother, stupid Piper.


I woke up and to find my half-brother, Alan Tric, gone. He's a year younger than me, with the biggest ego in the Zeus/ Jupiter cabin, in Poseidon/ Neptune cabin, its Alex Quarius.

I dragged myself out of bed and took a shower, slipped into a Red Camp Demigod shirt with black jeans, strapped Gladius between my belt and jean.

As I was walking towards Zeus/ Jupiter fist, I heard some moans, and a voice that is audible for me to hear "Piper, you're the best girl I've ever make-out with." A boy said. Piper, she wouldn't would she, I was about to charge into the bush, but I decided to stay put, and listen who she was doing it with "Alan Tric, I really love you, if we have children, they will be handsome and beautiful, but strong, and can control lightening and wind." Piper replied.

That's it, she's done it.

I climbed up the hill and started to hack the woven tent, that's made out of leafs (A/N: Like the one Annabeth, Thalia, and Luke used to stay in) I found a naked Piper, and a naked Alan. I focused lightening at the tip of my hand before shooting Alan with it. It hit him in the chest, sending him ten meters away. I slapped Piper on the cheek with the side of Gladius, leaving a huge thick red outline of the blade.

Flashback ends

I'm leaving now.

I packed up everything, not leaving a trace; I wiped everything I touched with a handkerchief, in case they tried to look for me.

I have at least 5000 drachmas, some ambrosia squares and nector, a pair of shirt, and a set of roman armor, I have gladius in my hand while I was sleeping, in case Alan tried to make any attempt to kill me. I then slept early that night.

I woke up at three in the morning, and then silently sneaked outside, I saw Percy, doing the same thing, and Nico too.

"What are you doing, Percy?" I asked. "Running away, you?" he asked. "Same." I replied. "Nico?" I turned to him and asked "I leaving, because Percy is." He replied sadly. "Why are you leaving?" I asked Percy. "Alex and Annabeth." He replied with a slight anger in it. "Piper and Alan." I replied, we stood there for a couple of minutes before I broke the silence "If we're travelling, it would be better if we do it together." I said. They nodded in agreement and we started to leave the border.

After about an hour, we were met by some monsters, about sixty of them. I started to hack through them, like they're toys. Percy and Nico were doing the same thing.

We were tired after the battle, but a Hydra really had to follow us. I channeled lightning in the tip of my fingers and then developing it into a blade, I then cut all the hydra's head in a single chop, Percy, knowing what I was thinking, froze it, giving Nico enough time to drain it's life force.

Then we lay down on the paved road, "I've reached my limit, it's time for Pluto to do its job" I said aloud, audible to Percy and Nico. "You're right, Jason." Percy replied coughing. "Let's just pray we go to Eysluim." Nico said.

A sudden black light flashed, and a tall woman, in black armor walked to us.

"I'm Chaos, in Roman, and Khaos in Greek." she said. "The Chaos?" Percy asked. "Who?" Nico asked, which sound more like squealing, since we're at the brink of death. "Annabeth told me about her, the creator of the universe." Percy said, with anger in 'Annabeth'. "Right, young man, your girlfriend informed you quite well." Chaos said, Percy growled. "Anyways why are you here?" I asked.

"I want you to be the first to join my legion."

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