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I was inspired to write this story after reading Robin's Adventure written by LordGodsServant.

IMPORTANT: In this crossover, the Teen Titans history has a major AU twist. This being that Raven killed herself in an attempt to stop her father's revival. Her plan failed and Trigon still rose. Everything else follows the canon from the cartoon up to this chapter, excluding the parts involving Raven. I will explain her death and how it affected the others throughout the story, but you'll get the barest information in this chapter.

~Young Justice: Red X~

Chapter 1: Red X Reborn Part I

|2010 March 24, 21:11 PDT

"Robin, we gotta close that Black Hole now! It's causing some serious damage to the atmosphere and if we don't stop it soon, there ain't gonna be an Earth left to save!" Cyborg shouted in order for his voice to be heard over the tremendous winds that said Black Hole was causing. Robin heard him though and nodded as he quickly handed the Brain over to a chained Monsieur Mallah to hang onto.

After the Brotherhoods attempt to recruit more villains in order to destroy the Teen Titans four months ago had failed, the Brain had gone back to his abandoned plans of making another Black Hole Generator. With the Doom Patrol being in space for the last week, assisting the Justice League in some off-world crisis, the Titans knew that they were the only ones left to stop the Brotherhood.

Unfortunately, they'd arrived too late.

The Black Hole was now stable, and had grown out of the Brain's control as it kept expanding in size. It wouldn't be long before it swallowed the whole world. Then it would move on to the rest of the universe, devouring everything. Robin swore that if they lived through this, he'd test just how durable a human brain could be. He quickly launched his grappling gun and swung his way to Cyborg, fighting against the vacuum of air and dodging the debris that was being uplifted. Cyborg had taken shelter behind a fallen pillar, likely running every possible diagnostic scan he could to figure out how to close the Hole.

"Do you have any ideas on how to stop it?!" Robin yelled as he landed next to his second in command, shooting a searching glance towards the others to make sure they were okay. Starfire was keeping the frail General Immortus from being sucked in while Beast Boy had transformed into an elephant that was currently sitting on Madame Rouge, likely to keep her from getting away.

"Just one, but I don't like it. If Raven were here then there'd be no problem…" Cyborg trailed off as he looked down at the ground, regret filling his tone. Robin closed his eyes in grief at hearing the name of their deceased friend. She had become something of a taboo over the past year.

Raven, in a vain attempt to stop Trigon from rising, had taken her own life the night before her sixteenth birthday. Robin still didn't know if it was the most selfless thing he'd ever seen, or the most cowardly, but it had been a hollow sacrifice just the same. It turned out that Trigon hadn't needed Raven alive in order to be set free. Her body had been the portal. Due to having shared some sort of supernatural-link with Raven, something he'd been unaware of at the time, Robin was the only Titan unaffected by the stone spell Trigon had cast over the planet upon his arrival. Slade, who had been revived in order to retrieve Raven's remains, had found him and together they had defeated Trigon.

"What do we need to do?" Robin asked after a moment, his voice sounding sharper than he would've liked. Any mention of Raven always made him revert to "Batman mode", as Beast Boy aptly called it. Cyborg's answering grimace did nothing to soothe his nerves.

"Since the Hole is stable, the only way to make it collapse would be to hit its weak points. My scans say that its structure is weakest in its foundation, on the other side, but in order do that–"

"Someone would have to allow themselves to be sucked in, destroying the Black Hole and their only way of getting back home. It's a suicide mission." Robin finished grimly as his heartbeat raced wildly in his ears. Ideas spun through his head, each more absurd and desperate than the last. If they'd had any other option, Cyborg would have thought of it. The question of who to send through never even entered his mind though. The two shared a look, both knowing that Robin would never allow one of his teammates to be the one to go into the Black Hole.

Not when he could it just as easily.

The leader of the Teen Titans held out his hand to his second-in-command and best friend. There was no hesitation in the action of saying goodbye as he mentally prepared himself for what would happen next. Cyborg clenched his jaw tightly, looking pained as they shook hands, his grip trembling a little. Robin didn't know what thoughts were running through the older teen's head, but he imagined that they were similar to the ones he'd had at Raven's death. Questions of what he could have done differently, thoughts of if only there'd been more time, and finally the hopelessness in asking why this had happened.

"Take care of the Titans." Robin said stoically as he pulled out his grappling gun, ready to use it one last time. Oddly enough, he felt no fear, only determination. He supposed there was a kind of courage in accepting the inevitable too.

"I will." Cyborg replied softly, looking years older as he laid a robotic hand on his shoulder, giving it a firm squeeze that was almost painful. "Listen Rob…" Cyborg paused, his grip strengthening as he struggled to find the words he wanted to say. "You're one of the greatest heroes I know, man, and I'm so proud that I got to fight with you. I could never ask for a better leader or a friend." The robotic teen frowned as he stepped backwards, clearly upset, but also resigned. Perhaps a year ago Cyborg would have been yelling and screaming, trying to convince him that there had to be a better way, but Cyborg was no longer that naïve. None of the Titans were.

It was a lesson they'd learned from Raven's death; the good guys didn't always get a happy ending.

"I feel the same Cyborg." Robin replied, dropping his stony expression a second to give his friend a small smile. "Tell Beast Boy and Starfire that I'm sorry and that I wish them the best." If he turned now, he was almost certain that he would see his two teammates holding hands, not as friends, but as something more.

After Raven's death, he had closed in on himself, becoming even more distant with the others. Starfire had tried to be there, determined to stay by his side as he kept shutting her out and pushing her away. But the months passed and he never let her back in again. He could never get involved in a romantic relationship, not with her or anyone else. Starfire had been hurt by this, she had pushed the issue, even yelled at him, but Robin had stood firm in his beliefs. It was one of the first lessons Batman had taught him, a credo that the Dark Knight lived by. 'My life, my future, my dreams, it all belongs to the people I'm trying to protect.'

As it turned out, Beast Boy had cared for Raven a lot more than they had originally thought. Eventually the two found solace in each other, broken hearted as they were, and that relationship had evolved into something no one could have expected.

Robin couldn't deny that he'd been hurt to find that Starfire had moved on, but it was for the best. He didn't want to hold her back from having a relationship if he wasn't going to start one with her. That was selfish and he'd already hurt her too much. It had been hard at first to see the two of them together, it still was because there was always that betraying thought in the back of his mind that asked about what could've been, but now, as he faced his end, it seemed… right, easier. He wouldn't be breaking Starfire's heart like he'd always feared.

"Oh, and take good care of Bumblebee." Robin continued in a slyer tone before winking at his teammate. His smile slipped after a moment though, turning solemn and apologetic. "…and Cy? I'm sorry that I won't be there tomorrow to play basketball with you." He could see Cyborg grit his teeth, and the taller teen briefly looked away for a second. It could have been his imagination, but he thought Cyborg's robotic eye looked dimmer than usual.

"You always gotta win." Cyborg tried to say lightly, but Robin could still hear the shakiness in his tone, and smirked weakly at the other teen. Their current score was 56-55, with him currently in the lead.

"Hey, it's the only thing that matters." He retorted, getting a chuckle from his friend. That was definitely better. Cyborg was a naturally cheerful person; Robin didn't want their last interaction to be filled with tears and anguish. He gave the robotic teen a solid nod, feeling like they'd said what they needed to. Closure was something they'd never gotten with Raven.

Robin turned to look at back the increasing Black Hole and suddenly wondered if this had been what Raven had felt like before she'd sacrificed herself. So full of determination, having no second thoughts or doubts of failing, believing that her death would save the world and the lives of her friends. He had to admit that it was a little overwhelming, and for a surprising moment, his mind turned to the life he'd left behind in Gotham. Alfred's dry wit, Bruce's too few smiles, Barbra's feigned exasperation at his antics, and Batman brooding over the computer, unraveling another impossible case. There were so many regrets, of things left unsaid, and he wondered–

Shaking his head, Robin aimed his grappling line up at the highest ledge he could find and launched himself headfirst into the abyss. He almost shouted in pain as he nearly pulled his arm out of his socket and gripped his grappling gun harder. Not wasting anytime, he turned to face the Hole and pulled out his explosive Birdarangs. Robin studied his target intently; he could not afford to miss, and looked back at his world one last time. He could see Cyborg holding back the rest of the Titans, all of them shouting things he couldn't hear but could guess at.

"Goodbye." Letting go of the line, he threw the four explosives with everything he had. He smiled triumphantly as he saw them make contact with the structure of the Black Hole, beeping three times in the oddly silent void, and covered his face with his arms as they exploded.

As he spun backwards from the force of the blast, Robin lost consciousness.

~Young Justice: Red X~

|2010 March 24, 21:19 EDT

Robin groaned as he slowly came to, waiting a few moments for his bleary vision to clear before pushing himself off of the ground. Gingerly, he rubbed his shoulder and administered a small amount of pressure to test for any muscle tearing. He gave a relived sigh when he found that, even though his shoulder was going to be sore for a while, it wasn't too badly hurt.

Once he had confirmed that his only problem was going to be sore muscles and stiff joints, Robin looked around the area to observe his surroundings. He nearly gasped in surprise as he quickly recognized his location, the dark dilapidated buildings and smoky filled sky was easy to place. Sirens rang in the distance and the smell of the air, thick with something foul, left a familiar musky scent in his nose that made his throat want to close up on instinct.

He was in Gotham City.

Robin let out a pleased sigh and had he been anyone else, he probably would've had a laughing fit from the strong feeling of relief that flooded his body. Somehow, against all odds, he had survived. The weight that lifted from his shoulders was so elevating, he felt the same as when he'd first performed for Haley's Circus, or his first night as Robin. The regrets that had come to the forefront of his mind now looked like opportunities, second chances.

He nearly did laugh as he pulled out his second grappling gun; Batman had always told him to carry a spare, and aimed at the ridge of the apartment building he was next to. He shot up to the roof in a manner of seconds, the polluted air rushing past his face feeling unbelievably satisfying, and he gracefully pulled off a flip before landing on his feet.

Robin took a moment to admire the city that he'd once protected and saw that it hadn't changed a bit in the three years he'd been gone. He honestly couldn't decide if that was a good thing or not. 'I should visit Alfred.' He thought happily as a gust sent his cape billowing. No guilt or doubts accompanied that thought as it had for the past three years. He knew Batman was away with the League, and though that thought didn't make him happy per se, he'd at least be able to see Alfred without the chance of getting into a fight. 'But I better call the team first.' With that, he pulled out his Titan communicator, a comforting weight in his hand.

"Titans, this is Robin. I'm okay, the Black Hole sent me to Gotham City." He said with a smirk. There would definitely be a party at the Tower tonight. After waiting five minutes for a response however, Robin began to frown. "Cyborg, can you hear me? Beast Boy? Starfire?" He adjusted the frequency to other designated Titan channels, but all he got was static. 'Was the communicator damaged during the explosion?'

Nearby, a woman's scream broke out into the night. Instinct took over as his years of training overrode his thoughts, and the teen put his own dilemma on hold as he moved to help the civilian in trouble. Robin launched himself off the corner of the building, using his grappling gun to pull him to the next rooftop. After two minutes of jumping and diving from one building to the next, he arrived just in time to see the four offenders being taken down by–

'Is that… me?!'

Robin quickly ducked into the nearest shadow and stared in amazement as, what seemed to be a younger version of himself, handcuffed the criminals to a nearby streetlight. As the younger Robin walked in and out of the light, he could see the major differences between his costume and his double's. The other Robin's hair wasn't spiked up, but at least it wasn't gelled down into the 1940's fashion that Batman had made him do. The cape was longer and there wasn't any green on the uniform, all of it replaced with black. His mask and gloves were styled differently too, as were the utility belt and boots.

"Here you go ma'am." The younger double said as he gave the frightened woman her purse. Robin couldn't help but flinch in surprise at how strikingly familiar the boy's voice sounded. It was youthful version of his own, before puberty had set in.

"Oh, thank you, thank you so much!" The woman replied as she ran out of the alleyway and no doubt all the way to her home.

"So, how was that? I did good, right?" His adolescent doppelganger asked eagerly as he turned towards the darkest shadows in the alley.

"You did very well Robin. I knew you could handle them on your own." Batman said to the boy. Robin stopped breathing as soon as his mentor had stepped out of the shadows. Even though the costume was styled a little differently, he could tell right away that this was the man who'd adopted and trained him. "Do you want to turn in for the night?" Batman asked as he pulled out a very familiar grappling gun.

"One more round?" His younger self pleaded in a childlike manner that made Robin want to cringe.

"One more." Batman agreed as the two launched into the air, leaving Robin behind with nothing more than an eerie laugh, courtesy of his imposter. He stood still until he was certain they were gone before collapsing onto his knees, his breaths coming out fast as he tried to regain his composure. 'Okay Robin, get a grip, you can figure this out. Apparently, there's a younger me running around with Batman…'

His first thought was that the Black Hole had spat him into the past. 'But that doesn't explain the different costumes.' A replacement then, perhaps he'd just over identified with that boy, seeing a connection that wasn't there? 'No, there were too many physical similarities for it to be someone else.' And Robin had watched enough recordings of himself to know what he'd sounded like. That boy was him, younger yes, but definitely him. 'Did Batman clone me?' He blatantly scoffed at that thought. It reeked of Beast Boy.

He slowly climbed to his feet and grabbed his communicator again. The Titans weren't answering, likely couldn't, and there was a younger version of himself. Despite the discrepancies, being sent into the past was looking like the best option at the moment. And if he was in the past, that meant he had to stay out of sight. The last thing he wanted to do was tamper with the timeline.

First things first though, he needed answers.

Robin spent the next few days looking through newspaper articles, the internet, and any other source of information he could get his hands on. When he'd found out that the year was still 2010, he'd resorted to hacking into the Bat Computer. Fortunately, the passcode was the same. With every new bit of information he discovered, Robin felt completely lost, even as the pieces fell into place to form the bigger picture.

This world was not his world. Somehow the Black Hole had brought him to a completely different, yet seemingly parallel, dimension.

He didn't want to believe it, but he knew he was right. Larry, a version himself from a different world, had been enough proof that multiple dimensions did exist. After figuring out where he was, Robin had been left with one question; what was he supposed to do now? This wasn't his world, but he was more than likely stranded here for the rest of his life. He could always try asking this dimension's Justice League for help in getting back home, but he honestly didn't want to announce who he was to the superhero community anytime soon. Even though they were versions of his friends and people he trusted, they weren't really the same. They were strangers who wore faces that he was familiar with. They hadn't had the same experiences as their counterparts, they wouldn't know him, and he had no idea how different they could be.

Robin did know one thing though, he was a hero. As long as people were in trouble, he'd be there to help, but he knew he could no longer be Robin when there already was one here. He supposed that he could take the role of Nightwing, like Starfire had informed him, but then he might be taking away that future from his counterpart. Suddenly struck by a mad idea, he logged onto Batman's computer and looked up any and all information on Red X.

His eyes narrowed as the screen flashed no data found.

~Young Justice: Red X~

|2010 May 29, 22:51 RLT

Red X stared down through the roof skylight, watching and listening to his target very closely. This was his eighth and final time spying on Singh Manh Li, the leader of North Rhelasia. He'd been in this new dimension for two months now and unfortunately, he had yet to make his heroic début.

Deciding that he was going to be Red X again had been simple enough, even if the identity had left him too many bitter memories and mistakes to brood over. The simple fact of the matter was that Red X was something of his own, it didn't belong to this dimension's Robin, and if he took that option from his younger self… well, he could only see that as a positive. After retaking his old alias, Red X ran into his first roadblock: he'd had nothing to fund his need for supplies. Since asking Batman for a loan was out of the question, and he absolutely despised the idea of stealing, especially as Red X, he had gone to look for work.

He'd sent out coded messages offering his services as a spy. Even though the idea of it chaffed him a little, it was the best option he had left. He'd been trained by the best to hide in the shadows and as a spy his identity would naturally be a well-kept secret. Most importantly, he was paid a high amount with every completed mission, a price he could negotiate as he performed better and better. At first, he'd had to turn down quite a few jobs as most had been requests from criminals, but he'd lucked out when he'd been contacted by Singh Manh Li. He then folded up his Robin costume, somberly stroking the R Alfred had carefully stitched into the material, and put on his Red X one. Regrettably, the new suit was not like his old one.

While it looked the same and offered some protection, it was not powered by Xenothium. His first Red X suit had been far more complicated and a stroke of pure genius that had come from Lucius Fox himself. He'd found the schematics tucked away on the most encrypted parts of Batman's hard drive, listed as too dangerous to be produced. It had been meticulously designed to contain and distribute Xenothium, arguably one of the most dangerous compounds created this century, safely throughout the outfit. He hadn't had the money, equipment, or the right supplies to recreate it. Well, not yet at least. He fully intended to recreate a suit powered by Xenothium, but until then, he'd have to do without.

Red X cranked his receiver higher, clearing his transmitter of static to make out what Singh Manh Li was saying now. The man was going on and on about how much he hated Tseng, the leader of South Rhelasia, and how he couldn't wait to put a bullet in the other man's mouth. 'So same old, same old.' He thought dryly as he watched the man pacing down below.

Honestly, Red X didn't regret his decision in coming to Rhelasia. His first job as Singh Manh Li's spy had been his first step out of the shadows and after a month of espionage, things had taken an interesting turn. He'd received a message from Tseng. The leader of South Rhelasia had asked Red X to spy on his enemy Singh Manh Li and offered double what Singh Manh Li had been paying at the time. The offer of more money had been too tempting to pass up. However, the thought of working for both men, betraying their secrets to each other, had felt too much like something the second Red X would've done. With his conscience already weighed down from past mistakes, he'd been upfront with both leaders and told them about the situation. Surprisingly, both men had reacted positively to his honesty, saying that it was a rare thing for such honor to exist in today's society. And since neither man had wanted to lose him as a spy, he'd been marked as neutral territory between the two enemies.

Thus he began to spy for both leaders, becoming something of a double agent and his pay increased to that of a small fortune. Becoming a double agent meant he had new rules to follow. He would only report the information he'd gathered from his paid assignments and anything the two leaders told him in confidence was off limits to the other. The arrangement had worked out well for him, and one a few occasions he was even able to placate some of the hatred between the two leaders. His attempts by no means stopped their feuding, there was too much bad blood between them, but he was able to talk them out of launching attacks and starting a war. He didn't know how long the tense peace would last. Something was going to give soon, one way or the other.

It was sometime later when Red X sighed and turned off his transmitter. Singh Manh Li had gone to bed an hour ago, but it paid to be thorough. He cracked his neck back and forth, trying to get rid of the remaining stiffness that had built up from his lack of movement. He jumped off the building and landed in the shadows near his new motorcycle, an X-cycle to replace his lost R-cycle. He briefly wondered if Cyborg now took care of his old bike, or if it had been set aside in the corner of the Tower's garage, a tarp cast over it to hide the painful memories. He knew for certain that Cyborg wouldn't have gotten rid of it. The older teen had always understood the fondness he'd held for his motorcycle. Red X quickly cleared his mind, knowing that if he entertained thoughts about his teammates for too long, memories would plague him for days afterwards, leaving him sullen and homesick.

The X-Cycle was black and red with metallic highlights. A red tinted, X-shaped glass fixture was located on the front, acting as the main headlight for the customized framework. It was loaded with gadgets and was built with the strongest metal Red X had been able to get his hands on at the time. He sat down on the smooth red leather seat and gripped the handle bars tightly. Entering the code onto the screen of the motorcycle's computer, X smiled softly to himself as the engine purred gently. Almost silently, he pulled out of the alleyway and turned out onto the empty road.

He had to get back to his apartment and send Tseng the location for Singh Manh Li's next weapon shipment before cutting off all connections. This was his last mission for both men. The previous two months of espionage had allowed him to earn enough money to finally start his real work. He'd already ordered most of the materials he needed; he just needed to put it all together. It was time he returned to the States.

~Young Justice: Red X~

|2010 June 2, 02:46 PDT

Red X studied the group below him, taking in the various insignias they wore, showing everyone who they represented and not to mess with them. The warehouse was on the west side of Jump and too close to where Slade's Old Haunt had been for his liking. He resisted the urge to look behind him again. It had been more than a little startling when he'd glanced towards the bay and had not seen Titan's Tower in the distance. He knew it was there, back in his world, but seeing it missing had left his insides squirming. It made him think of his friends. The mantra of 'They're gone.' was quickly countered by 'They're safe.' The two thoughts played over and over again in the back of his mind, worsening and easing his nerves in a vicious cycle that seemed endless.

With a harsh shake of his head, Red X forced himself to think about the mission. Now that he had enough money and resources to fund his heroic career, he needed a certain illegal item that wasn't for sale, a Xenothium Core. The only way he'd be able to get his hands on that would be through an auction sanctioned by the Black Market. He had found intel that an auction would be going down tonight, and in Jump City no less. The irony of it all was too good to pass up.

As Red X's eyes scanned through the crowd, he looked for any major criminal who might have shown up instead of just sending a grunt. He could see the signs of Kobra, Penguin, Bane, and even the League of Shadows. Satisfied that the room was filled with thugs, Red X spotted one person who might prove a challenge, Sportsmaster.

The man wore no insignia on his uniform, showing that he was either there for himself, or for someone who wished to remain anonymous. It was no secret that the man was a mercenary through and through. His attention, and everyone else's, turned to the suited man who had to be the auctioneer. Red X thought he recognized him, but paid that fact little attention. He had broken into numerous Black Market auctions many times in the past. The auction itself went by fast, and all too soon they came to the last item of the night.

"And for out final piece of the evening, we have the very rare, very powerful, Regenerative Xenothium Core created by Lex Corporations." The auctioneer announced as a burly man deposited said item onto a pedestal. It was an oval shaped, blood-red stone; lacking the jagged appearance Red X had been expecting. Everyone shifted anxiously, eager for the bidding to begin. From above, X smiled as he stared at his unexpected prize.

A Xenothium Core was rare, but a regenerative one was almost unheard of. They'd only recently been created some months ago. Strangely enough, a Regenerative Xenothium Core hadn't even been thought of yet in his dimension. The unstable element had been scientifically mutated to contain the plant gene that initiated photosynthesis. Meaning he only had to expose the Core to the sun for a few hours in order to recharge it. X strongly suspected Lex Luthor came up with the idea by mimicking Superman's ability to absorb solar rays.

Red X paused as he looked at the Xenothium Core again, giving it a suspicious onceover. How had the Black Market managed to get their hands on such a rare find? Surely Luthor hadn't given it to them, so that only left theft. He found himself reluctantly impressed; it took a lot of skill to steal something so valuable from under Luthor's nose. And if he could get it, he wouldn't need to replace his suit's power source ever again. The idea of never having to steal more Xenothium made him even more determined to acquire his prize.

"Now gentlemen, let's say we start the bidding at one hundred million, shall we?"

X took that as his cue to move in. He crashed down through the skylight and threw a handful of smoke pellets that released a thick red gas. Anyone who breathed it in would be knocked out for the next fifteen minutes, plenty of time to get the Core and be on his way. Gunfire broke out, confused shouts, hacking coughs, and the sound of bodies hitting the floor filled the room. He dashed forward to grab the Xenothium Core and used his grappling gun to pull himself back up onto the roof. The entire maneuver took less than a minute and he looked down into the chaotic room below, smirking as everyone was either slumped in their seats or sprawled across the floor. Having what he came for, Red X dashed across the roof tops, making his way back towards his hidden X-Cycle.

Suddenly, he heard the whirl of a weapon being thrown through the air and X jumped into a dive roll, avoiding the discus that would have hit him. He turned around and got into a fighting stance as he placed the Core into one of the empty pouches of his belt. He silently pulled out his collapsible steel Bo Staff and sized up his enemy.

"Huh, never seen you before. Who're you supposed to be?" Sportsmaster asked as he brought out a steel shafted javelin.

"Red X." He replied simply, the modifier in his mask deepened his voice, mixing it with an eerie metallic tone, before he lunged at Sportsmaster. His Bo Staff collided against the mercenary's javelin, the clang of metal hitting metal rang out over the roofs and jarred X's arms slightly. He readjusted his grip quickly and jabbed at the man's left side. Sportsmaster jumped, avoiding the attack, and kicked out at Red X, who blocked with his staff. The two broke apart, weapons raised as the circled one another, studying their opponent and waiting for an opening.

Red X could remember the few times he'd come across Sportsmaster, both as Batman's sidekick and as the leader of the Titans. In truth, the man had been a bit of a joke in his world, often focusing his crimes on anything related to sports, such as stealing medals and trophies or even a famous athlete. Sportsmaster had fit more in the ranks of Control Freak or Captain Boomerang. He could be a threat when underestimated, but he was nowhere near the danger level of villains such as the Joker or Slade.

But in this dimension, Sportsmaster wasn't even the same man as his counterpart. For one thing, his dimension's Sportsmaster had been of African American descent. Victor Grover had been a simple, albeit very athletic, football player of Gotham City's Wildcats. He'd been the rising, arrogant star of the team, earning him the ire of one of his teammates who'd staged a way to get Grover fired. Wrongfully accused of using steroids and with his reputation destroyed, Grover had taken the identity Sportsmaster to take revenge on his traitorous teammate.

Clearly the man who stood before Red X now was not this dimensions' Victor Grover. The unknown man was Caucasian for one thing, with blonde hair and brown eyes. Gone was the absurd sports themed costume, replaced with a grey hockey mask and paramilitary-like armor. Metal plates encased his left arm, looking similar to a gauntlet, and he sported his own utility belt. Just from looks alone, Red X could tell this man was much more dangerous than his counterpart had been. And while Grover had never had any super powers, he'd had an impressive Eidetic Memory, allowing him to be a fairly proficient in close combat. Red X wondered if this Sportsmaster had the same unique ability.

Sportsmaster lunged forward, and Red X instinctively crouched down, with the javelins' pointed tip just barely brushing over his shoulder. He brought his own weapon upwards, plowing into the man's stomach with the butt of his staff and knocking him backwards a few feet. The two squared off again, circling each other once more.

The fight continued along that pattern for the next few minutes. They would attack, blocking and dodging, and then withdraw to measure the other's fighting style further for any weaknesses. He had to admit that Sportsmaster was skilled, very much so, and it had been a while since he'd fought a decent opponent. 'He's good, but not as good as me.' He thought with a smirk.

Red X continued to weave through Sportsmaster's attacks for several moments before an opening finally presented itself. Sportsmaster overreached with one of his thrusts, leaving his right side completely open. X didn't waste the chance as he slammed his staff into the man's leg as hard as he could. Sportsmaster let out a grunt of pain as they both heard the bone in his right leg snap. Red X withdrew his staff as the man dropped an arm to grip his injury. Judging from the way Sportsmaster held himself; he guessed that it was his Fibula bone which had broken. The mercenary would be out of commission for some time.

"What? You think I'm no longer a threat just because you broke my leg? I can still fight kid!" Sportsmaster growled as he struck out at Red X, who flipped over the poorly aimed swing and landed a few feet away from his opponent. He could easily take the man down now and leave him at Jump's police station, but that would likely garner attention from one of the other superheroes. If Sportsmaster told them about the Xenothium, X new he could kiss his career as a hero goodbye before it even started. So that meant letting Sportsmaster walk free and hoping that the man was too prideful to tell anyone about what had happened.

"I know you can still fight." He remarked before turning away from the enraged mercenary. "But now you won't be able to chase me down now. Maybe you'll have better luck next time." He jumped over onto the next rooftop, smirking slightly as he heard Sportsmaster curse out his name in a furious yell that promised a rematch.

It was starting to feel like old times again.

~Young Justice: Red X~

|2010 June 6, 23:21 EDT

Red X smiled as he put on his upgraded suit. Though there were no visible changes to the tattered caped hero, there was a hidden system of circuitry that ran under the black Kevlar material that he now wore. Carefully, he placed the Xenothium Core inside the silver multi-compartment belt. He locked the chamber and wrapped the belt around his hips. He could already feel the difference; of the Xenothium pumping through his suit.

While the Red X suit had originally been designed by Lucius Fox back in his world. He could still perfectly recall the suits intricate schematics after studying the blue prints for months after the second Red X had stolen it. His belt held the Core, but the Xenothium's energy traveled throughout the suit. This was what allowed him to turn invisible, perform short distance teleportation, and enable him to shoot X-shaped weaponry from his palms.

Of course, he had taken the liberty to add some new gadgets this time around. First off, his mask not only held a device that disguised his voice, but an air filter that could block out most types of gases and was even stocked with a miniature oxygen tank that supplied five minutes of clean air. The lenses of his mask had been equipped with night vision, magnifying capabilities, and he'd installed a radio comlink system directly into it.

Along with his new enhancements, he also had his old abilities such as invisibility, teleportation, X-Shuriken, X-Wrist Blades, Explosive X, Electric X, X-Portal, X Adhesive Restraint, and X Constrictive Restraint. And of course, he always had his collapsible Bo Staff.

Feeling truly excited for the first time since arriving in this dimension, the young hero teleported out of the abandoned apartment he'd been staying in for the past few days, and landed on the rooftop. He took a second to marvel at the view of the city lights, Gotham truly looked its best at night. His temporary hideout was located at East End, an old abandoned part of the metropolis that had fallen into ruin with the cities decline. Taking a deep breath, he suddenly dove off the edge, falling from the tall building in a plummet towards the street. Just before hitting the ground, his grapping gun shot out, reeling him to the nearest building with a rush of wind filling his ears.

It was time for Red X to make his debut.

~Young Justice: Red X~

Well there's chapter one and my plans right now are to stick with the canon of Young Justice. I had Robin chose to be Red X because I really liked the identity that he made. Plus, he looks totally badass and has awesome gadgets/abilities that would further set him apart from Young Justice's Robin.

I threw in the part about Rhelasia so that Red X can come back later in the story during the episode Target. I made up the Regenerative Xenothium Core because Red X really can't keep stealing new power sources for his suit. He's a hero now, not a thief. I also felt it best to give him a few new gadgets, though truthfully, they aren't all that original. I'll probably expand his armory of tools as the story progresses.