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I was inspired to write this story after reading Robin's Adventure written by LordGodsServant.

In this Teen Titans history, Raven killed herself in order to stop her Father's revival. Everything else follows the cannon up to this chapter which of course leads to the crossover.

~Young Justice: Red X~

Chapter 1: Red X Reborn

JUMP CITY: March 7, 21:13 EST

"Robin, we got to close that Black Hole now! It's causing serious damage to Earth's atmosphere and if we don't stop it soon, there ain't gonna be an Earth left to save!" Cyborg shouted in order to make his voice heard over the tremendous winds that said Black Hole was causing.

Robin nodded as he handed the Brain over to Monsieur Mallah to hang onto. After the Brotherhoods attempt to destroy the Teen Titans four months ago had failed, Brain had gone back to the brilliant idea of making another Black Hole.

The Teen Titans had unfortunately arrived too late.

The Black Hole was now stable, and as Cyborg had said, it was only a few short minutes away from destroying the world. Robin swore that if they lived through this, he'd test how durable a human brain could be. Robin quickly launched his grappling gun and swung his way to Cyborg, who was running every possible diagnostic to figure out how to close the hole.

"Do you have any ideas on how to stop it?" Robin asked his second in command.

"Just one, but I don't like it. If Raven was here then there'd be no problem, but…" Cyborg trailed off as he couldn't finish the painful sentence.

Robin closed his eyes for a brief second and remembered his deceased friend. Raven, in a vain attempt to stop her Father from rising, had taken her own life. It was the most selfless thing Robin had ever seen, but it had also been useless.

It turned out that Trigon hadn't needed Raven to be alive in order to be set free. Her corpse had acted as the portal. Due to having shared a mind link with Raven, Robin had been the only Titan unaffected by the stone spell that Trigon had cast across the land. Slade, who had been revived in order to retrieve Raven's remains, had found him and together they had defeated the undefeatable Trigon.

"What do we need to do?" Robin asked Cyborg.

"Since the hole is stable on this side, the only way to make it collapse is to hit its weak point. The best way to stop it is to attack the other side, but in order for one of us to be able to attack it-"

"Someone would have to allow themselves to be sucked in, destroying the Black Holes' foundation and their way back home. It's a suicide mission." Robin finished for Cyborg. They both shared a grim, but knowing look. Robin knew there was no way he would allow one of his teammates to be the one to go into the Black Hole, not when he could it just as easily.

Robin held out his hand to his second in command. Cyborg bit his lip and shook Robin's hand, knowing what his leader had in mind and knowing that they had no other choice. They were going to lose a team member today no matter what, but Cyborg knew after what happened Raven that Robin would never allow another Titan to die if he could help it.

"Take care of the Titans." Robin said as he pulled out his grappling gun, ready to use it one last time.

"I will. Listen man, you're one of my best friends Rob and I'm proud to have fought with you over the last three years." Cyborg said as he stepped back from his leader. Perhaps a year ago he would have been yelling and screaming at Robin, trying to convince his leader that there had to be another way, but Cyborg was no longer that naïve. None of the Titans were. Sometimes, the world didn't always get a happy ending.

"I feel the same Cyborg. Tell Beast Boy and Starfire that I'm sorry and that I wish them the best." Robin said as he turned to his other two teammates. Even from this distance, he could see Starfire and Beast Boy holding hands.

After Raven's death he had closed in on himself and had told Starfire right then and there that he could never start a romantic relationship, not with her or anyone else. She understood, but she hadn't felt the same way. As it turned out, Beast Boy cared for Raven a lot more than the others had originally thought. Eventually the two found solace in each other and that relationship evolved into something more.

He had been hurt when Starfire had moved on, but it was for the best. He didn't want to hold her back from a relationship if he wasn't going to start one with her. It had been painful at first to see the two of them together, it still was, but now, at the end of it all, it seemed… right.

"Oh, and take good care of Bumble Bee." He said as he winked at a blushing Cyborg.

Robin turned to look at the increasing Black Hole and briefly wondered if Raven had felt like this before she had sacrificed herself. So determined with no second thoughts, knowing that her death would save the lives of others, of her friends.

Shooting his grapple up to the highest ledge he could find, Robin launched himself headfirst into the abyss.

He cried out as he nearly pulled his arm out of his socket and gripped his grappling line harder. 'Damn whiplash.' Not wasting anytime, he turned his body to face the hole and pulled out his explosive Birdarangs. Robin took aim and looked back at his world one last time. He could see Cyborg holding back the rest of the Titans, all of them watching.


Letting go of the line, Robin threw the six explosives with everything he had. He smiled as he saw them make contact with the structure of the Black Hole and covered his face with his hands once they exploded.

As he spun backwards from the force of the blast Robin lost consciousness.

~Young Justice: Red X~

GOTHAM CITY: March 7, 21:15 EST

Robin groaned as he slowly pushed himself up from the ground. Gingerly, he rubbed his shoulder and administered a small amount of pressure to test for any tearing. He gave a relived sigh when he found that, even though his shoulder was going to be sore for a while, it wasn't too badly hurt.

Once Robin had decided that his only problem was going to be sore muscles and stiff joints, he looked around the area to observe his surroundings. He gasped as he quickly recognized his location. The dark dilapidated buildings and smoke filled sky was easy to place.

He was in Gotham City.

He let out a relieved sigh and had he been anyone else, he probably would have had a hysterical laughing fit. Somehow, he had made it. Robin took out his second grappling gun; it always paid to bring a spare, and aimed at the roof of the apartment building he was next to. He shot up to the roof in a manner of seconds and gracefully landed on his feet.

He took the chance to admire the city that he'd once protected and saw that it hadn't changed a bit in the three years he'd been gone. He couldn't decide if that was a good thing or not. Robin pulled out his Titan communicator and called his team.

"Cyborg, this is Robin. I'm okay and in Gotham City." He said with a smirk. There would definitely be a party at the Tower tonight. After waiting five minutes for Cyborg to respond, Robin began to frown. "Cyborg, can you hear me? Beat Boy? Starfire?" He adjusted the frequency to other designated Titan channels, but all he got was static. 'Was the communicator damaged during the explosion of the Black Hole?'

"Aaaaahhhhh! Someone help me! Please!" Robin heard a female voice call.

Instincts took over Robin, his year of training overriding his thoughts and Robin put his dilemma on hold as he moved to help the woman who had screamed. He launched off the corner of the building, using his grappling gun to pull him to the next rooftop. After five minutes of jumping and diving from one building to the next, Robin arrived just in time to see the four offenders being taken down by… himself?

Robin quickly hid himself in the nearest shadow and stared in amazement as a younger version of himself handcuffed the criminals to a nearby streetlight. As the younger Robin walked in and out of the light, he could see the major differences between his costume and his double.

The other Robin's hair wasn't spiked up, but at least it wasn't gelled down to his skull like Batman had made him do. The cape was longer and there wasn't any green on the uniform, instead it was replaced with black. His mask and gloves were styled differently as was his utility belt and boots.

"Here you go mam." His younger self said as he gave the frightened woman her purse and Robin couldn't help, but flinch at how familiar the boy's voice was. It was younger version of his own, before puberty had set in.

"God bless you!" She said as she ran out of the alleyway and no doubt all the way to her home.

"So how'd I do? I did good right?" His younger self said eagerly as he turned towards the darker shadows in the alley.

"You did very well Robin. I knew that you could handle them on your own." Batman said to his younger self. Robin stopped breathing as soon as his former mentor stepped out of the shadows. Even though the costume was a little different, Robin could tell right away that this was the man who'd trained him.

"Do you want to turn in for the night?" Batman asked as he grabbed his grappling gun.

"One more round?" His younger self said in a childlike manner.

"One more." Batman nodded as the two launched into the air leaving Robin with nothing more than an eerie laugh, courtesy of his younger self.

'Okay Boy Wonder get a grip, you can figure this out. Apparently, there's a younger me running around with Batman wearing costumes I've never seen before…'

It was time to do some research.

Robin spent the next five days looking through newspaper articles, the internet, and any other source of information he could get his hands on, namely the Bat Computer. Fortunately, this Batman and his had the same password. With every new bit of information he read, Robin felt lost even as the pieces fell into place to form the bigger picture.

This world was not his world. Somehow the Black Hole had brought him to a different dimension.

He didn't want to believe it, but he knew he was right. Larry, himself from a different world, had been enough proof the different dimensions did exist. So that only left one question, what should he do now? This wasn't his world, but he was likely stranded here for the rest of his life.

Of course he could always ask the Justice League for help, but he didn't think that he wanted to announce himself to the superhero community anytime soon. Even though they were this dimensions' version of his friends, they weren't really his friends. They were strangers who wore the faces that he was familiar with. They hadn't had the same experiences as their counterparts, they wouldn't know him.

He knew one thing though, he was a hero. As long as people were in trouble, he'd be there to help, but how could he be Robin if there already was a Robin? He supposed that he could take the role of Nightwing, but then he might be taking away that future from the other Robin.

Suddenly struck by a mad idea, he logged onto Batman's computer and looked up any and all information on Red X. He smiled as the screen flashed no data found.

~Young Justice: Red X~


Red X stared down through the roof window, watching and listening to his target very closely. This was his eighth time spying on Singh Manh Li, head of North Rhelasia, as well as the last time.

He'd been in this new dimension for two months now and unfortunately, Red X had yet to make his heroic début. Deciding that he was going to be Red X again had been simple enough, but he'd had no money to fund his new career. Since asking Batman for a loan was out of the question, and he absolutely despised the idea of stealing, he had gone to look for work.

He'd sent out a coded message offering his services as a spy. A spy was the perfect job for him. He'd been trained by the best to hide in the shadows. As a spy, he would be kept a secret and more importantly, he'd be paid a high amount with every new mission.

He had of course, turned down quite a few jobs, as most had been request from criminals, but had lucked out when he had gotten a request from Singh Manh Li. He then gave up his Robin costume and put on his Red X one. This suit was not like the old one though.

While it looked the same and offered some protection, it was not powered by Xenothium. His first Red X suit had been far more complicated. It had been carefully wired to contain and distribute Xenothium safely throughout the suit. Robin hadn't had the money, equipment, or the right supplies to recreate it. Well, not yet at least. He fully intended to recreate a suit powered by Xenothium, but until then, he'd have to do without.

Red X cranked his receiver higher, clearing his transmitter of static to make out what Singh Manh Li was saying now. The man was going on and on about how much he hated Tseng, the leader of South Rhelasia, and how he couldn't wait to put a pistol in the other man's mouth.

'Same old, same old.' He thought as he watched them man pacing below.

Honestly, Red X didn't regret his decision in coming to Rhelasia. His first job as Singh Manh Li's spy had been his first step out of the shadows and after a month of espionage, things took an interesting turn. He'd received a message form Tseng.

Tseng requested for Red X to spy on his enemy Singh Manh Li and offered double what Singh Manh Li was paying. The offer of more money had been tempting. It was then that he had a brilliant idea; he decided to work for both.

However, he'd felt that it had been only fair to tell both employers the truth. He had gone to both Tseng and Singh Manh Li, telling them about the new arrangement and even though there had been a lot of yelling, he was now paid a small fortune by both men. Even though Red X spied for both men, he was honorable and professional. He didn't give out any information other than what he found out from his paid assignments.

Red X sighed and turned off his transmitter. Singh Manh Li had gone to bed an hour ago, but it paid to be thorough. He cracked his neck back and forth, trying to get rid of the remaining cramps built up from his lack of moving. He jumped off the building and landed in the shadows near his new motorcycle.

It was black with a giant red x painted across both sides of it. It was loaded with gadgets and had been built with the strongest metal he could get his hands on. He sat down on the smooth leather seat and gripped the red handle bars. He turned the key and smiled softly to himself as the engine purred quietly. Almost silently, he pulled out of the ally and turned onto the empty road.

He had to get back to his apartment and send Tseng the location for Singh Manh Li's next weapon shipment.

~Young Justice: Red X~

JUMP CITY: May 19, 02:46 EST

Red X studied the group below him, taking in the various insignias they wore, showing everyone else who they represented and not to mess with them. It had been a week since his last mission in Rhelasia and he had arrived back in the states four days ago.

Now that he had enough money, he needed an illegal item that wasn't for sale, a Xenothium core. The only way he'd be able to get his hands on that would be through an auction sanctioned by the Black Market. He had found Intel that an auction would be going down tonight and in Jump City no less, which was where he was now.

As Red X's eyes scanned through the crowd, he looked for any major criminal who might have shown up instead of just sending a grunt. He could see the signs of Kobra, Penguin, Bane, Luthor, and the League of Shadows. While mostly everyone who was there were grunts Robin saw one person who might prove a challenge, Sportsmaster.

He wore no insignia on his uniform, showing that he was either there for himself, or for someone who wished to remain anonymous. His attention and everyone else's turned to the smartly dressed man that would be tonight's auctioneer.

The auction went by fast and all too soon they came to the last item of the night.

"And for out final item, we have a regenerative Xenothium Core." The auctioneer said as a man deposited said item on a pedestal. It was an oval shaped blood red stone. Everyone in the group shifted anxiously awaiting for the bidding to begin. Red X smiled as he stared at his unexpected prize.

A Xenothium Core was rare, but a regenerative one was the rarest. It was a mutated core that contained the plant gene that initiated photosynthesis. Simply put, he only had to expose the core to the sun in order to recharge it. If he could get that core, he'd never have to replace his power source ever again.

"Now gentlemen, let's start the bidding at one hundred million shall we?"

Red X took that as his cue to move in. He busted through the window and threw a handful of smoke pellets that released a red cloud that would knock out anyone who breathed it in for ten minutes. He dashed forward to grab the Xenothium Core and used his grappling gun to pull him back up onto the roof. Having what he came for, Red X ran across the roof tops, making his way towards his hidden bike.

Red X heard the whirl of a weapon being thrown towards him and jumped into a dive roll, avoiding the discus that would have hit him. He turned around and got into his ready stance as he placed the core into one of the empty pouches of his belt and pulled out his collapsible steel staff, pointing it at Sportsmaster.

"Never seen you before. Who're you supposed to be?" Sportsmaster said as he brought out his baseball bat.

"Red X." He said with the metallic tone that he was known for as he lunged at Sportsmaster. He still wore the unformatted suit, but the one that would be powered by Xenothium was already made and waiting for him back at his latest hideout.

He dodged and weaved through Sportsmaster's attacks and slammed his staff into the man's leg. Sportsmaster let out a shout of pain as both he and Red X heard the bone in his leg snap. Red X withdrew his staff.

"What? You think I'm no longer a threat just because you broke my leg? I can still fight kid!" Sportsmaster yelled as he struck out at Red X.

Red X flipped over the swing and landed a few feet away from his opponent. "I know you can still fight, but now you won't be able to chase me down all that well. See ya." He called back as he dashed over to the next roof. He smiled as he heard Sportsmaster curse out his name. It was starting to feel like old times.

~Young Justice: Red X~

GOTHAM CITY: May 20, 22:43 EST

Red X smiled as he put on his upgraded suit. Though there were no changes in appearance to the tattered caped hero, there was a hidden system of circuitry that ran under the black Kevlar Red X now wore. Carefully, Red X gently placed the Xenothium Core inside the gunmetal grey multi-compartment belt. He locked the chamber and put the power belt on around his hips. He could instantly feel the difference; he could feel the power pumping through his suit.

While he wasn't one to brag, Red X would be the first to admit that his suit was genius. His belt held the core, but the power of the Xenothium traveled throughout his suit; much like blood in the circulatory system. It was how he was able to turn invisible, perform short distance teleportation, and enable him to shoot X shaped weaponry from his palms.

He'd added new gadgets to his suit while he was at it. First off, his mask not only held a voice changer, but a breathing apparatus. His eyes were equipped with night vision and he could now shoot Xenothium powered red laser beams from them. He had a com link system integrated into his mask and could now release red knockout gas from his palms.

Along with his new gadgets he had his old ones as well. Invisibility, Teleportation, X-Shuriken, X-Wrist blades, Explosive X, Electric X, X-Portal, X adhesive restraint, and X constrictive restraint.

He grinned as he clenched his fists. Red X was about to make his début.

~Young Justice: Red X~

Well there's chapter one and my plans right now are to stick with the canon of Young Justice. I don't plan on putting in any other characters from Teen Titans into the Young Justice dimension, but that may change as the story progresses.

I had always wondered why Raven never thought of suicide to prevent the end of the world. I know that I wrote it so that her sacrifice didn't matter, but it kinda bugged me that she hadn't thought of that solution. It's not like I hate Raven or anything, but I think that since she is a hero, she has to do whatever she can to save people.

I had Robin chose to be Red X because I really liked the identity that he made. Plus, he looks totally badass and has awesome gadgets that would further set him apart from Young Justice's Robin.

I was on the fence about whether I should give Red X awesome hacking skills and a red holographic computer or not. In the end I decided against it. Robin had shown that he was technological savvy, but he's nowhere near the level that YJ Robin shows.

I threw in the part about Rhelasia so that Red X can come back to it in the story later during the episode Target. I made up the regenerative Xenothium Core because Red X can't keep stealing new power sources for his suit. He's a hero now, not a thief. I also felt it best to give him some new gadgets.

Also, I have a question for you dear readers. Should I bring in Deathstroke a.k.a. Slade? Personally I really like Slade and since Red X is now in the hero community, he's gonna need an arch-nemesis. I just don't know if you guys would be tired of Slade though and if you don't want Slade, then which villain would you like to be Red X's arch-nemesis?

Next chapter we see Red X finally hits the hero scene and runs into Gotham's protectors.