This poem actually rhymes. Huzzah…?

"Right, Son Gohan, you're up next," the English teacher said, peering through her glasses. With a solemn expression, the boy strode to the center of the classroom, cleared his throat, and began to recite his poem.

"Overwhelming darkness,

Excruciating pain.

Unending nightmare,

I'm begging in vain.

Please just kill me,

Let it all end.

Because I know that,

My soul can't mend.

You left us all,

In a daze.

Left us wondering,

In a craze.

Dad, please come back,

We all miss you.

And I know that,

You know it's true.

So where are you,

When mom needs you most?

It's haunting me repeatedly,

Just like a ghost.

That last sad smile,

Still makes me cry.

Especially when,

You said goodbye.

So dad, come back,

We all need you.

And in your heart,

You know it's true."

There was silence in the class. The English teacher had tears glistening on her cheek. And then, all of a sudden, the students stood up and clapped enthusiastically as a single, unified group, all in awe at the emotional poem.

Videl whistled and cheered for her boyfriend, knowing how much his father meant to him.

Gohan cracked a smile as he wiped his own tears away onto his sleeve. He bowed, then glanced at the ceiling and sent out a thought. Hey dad, I hope you're proud of me.

And unbeknownst to him, Son Goku did hear the thought. In fact, he had watched the entire performance, guilt building as the poem continued. But yes, he was very proud of his son, more so than he had shown.

Then, life continued as it would, yet a shadow casted onto the bright light of hope, because one hero was lost forever, and would remain so until the end of time.

I believe some explanation is needed. Gohan and Videl became a couple before the World Tournament Saga. Hope you enjoyed it and reviews will be greatly appreciated. ^.^