My mother always told me that we have our own special sunrise. _Prologue

Definition of Sunrise: time in the morning when the sun appears or full daylight arrives

2. The colors and light visible in the sky on an occasion of the sun's first appearance in the morning, considered as a view or spectacle

The sunrise was her beacon of hope

Namine woke up, shivering from the cold December air. She had slept on the floor with nothing, but a thin threadbare blanket. The trembling girl eagerly scrambled to the window as if she was offered chocolate chip cookies. She directed her deep cerulean eyes out a small round window and was rewarded with the vision before her: the beautiful hues only dusk can give. A light dusting of pink and sprays of purple around the brilliant sun only complemented the orange dyes that the glowing sphere was tenderly shedding. Warmth and light radiated from the colors that the sun had painted on the misty dawn. Namine's eyes brightened immediately. A feint smile played on her lips as she was captivated by the delicate rays of sunlight piercing through the deep midnight blue cloak that night had draped upon Earth. Warding off shadows and doubts that gave fear and evil to mankind, dawn illuminated the world.

The blonde's ears perked up as she heard the first bird hesitatingly greet morning with a series of light chirping and whistling that echoed enthrallingly down the empty streets. 'How brave this bird must be to announce the start of a day all alone.' One bird joined in, then another. Soon the crisp winter sky was ringing with sweet twittering and tweeting. Namine laughed lightheartedly as morning wove its magic on Twilight Town. This was the time when Earth went back in time, when Mother Nature's painting wasn't corrupted by humans.

But eventually, the spell that nature casted each day grew weaker and then vanished altogether. The colors of daybreak disappeared without a trace, leaving only a blazing sun and clear blue skies. The light mist that had enveloped the planet .The birds started quieting down, afraid that they might be discovered by humans and the pure sound of singing was quickly replaced by shouts and screams of an everyday morning. Soon, the streets were filled with bustling people. And faintly, the noise of the market began to echo.

Namine's body gave a small involuntary shudder.

"Today is just an everyday morning"

"Who am I kidding?"

Her eyes dimmed and her cheerful smile faded away. She slowly averted her eyes away from the busy world to the cold stone floor. She was nothing but a servant. She was a human doll. Yet, in the depths of her eyes there was still a hint of the girl that was once there: the girl that was now waiting patiently for the special something to come her way and rescue. A sad smile was beginning to form on the girl's lips. Unable to restrain herself, her eyes found her way to the bright panorama before her: her symbol of hope.

"Maybe…Today will be the day"

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Sneak Preview for next chapter

Chapter 1


A petite girl of sixteen winced at the loud sound of her name echoing off the walls of the manor. She quickly hurried down the hallway. As she ran, she bit her lip. What did I do this time? As soon as her eyes fell on the door with an orange sign that stated OLETTE'S ROOM on it, she skidded to a stop. She straightened out her much abused… uniform (a VERY big understatement) the best she could and cleared her throat before knocking on the big wood door.