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Opening the door to freedom, Namine staggered out of the hellhole, clutching an orange pouch for dear life. She looked like she'd seen what she shouldn't have seen…which was exactly what she'd seen.

-2hours ago-

Olette sashayed across the room to Namine. The frightened girl looked around desperately. There was no way to escape the…thing that was closing in on her. She was as helpless as a doll.

Namine's eyes grew wider and wider as an evil smirk started to grow on the demon's perfect features. She could see a sliver of sharp white fangs.

A second later, Namine could feel a sharp nail dragging against her cheek. Tearing her eyes off the monster's hypnotizing yet terrifying eyes, she found herself looking at a perfect shaped hand stroking her cheek. There was only one problem – instead of fingers, the hand only had claws. As soon as the talons left her face, Namine ran over her face with her own fingers. She gasped in shock as she felt the shredded remains dangling from what used to be her skin.

The monster's red eyes brightened in absolute amusement as she saw the look of sheer terror pass through the blonde's face. Grinning maliciously she placed one single claw on Namine's chest and flicked.

Namine was shot across the room and made a painful impact with the wall.


Despite all this abuse, Namine managed to stay on her feet. She swayed from side to side dangerously unstable. Her fluttering eyelids shot open as she felt a presence beside her. Tilting her head slightly, her eyes fell victim to the cruel beauty in front of her.

The demon was cocking her head innocently. A smooth and oily voice came out from this creature.

"Are you all right? Let me fix it up for you."

Suddenly, Namine felt jabs of pain erupting from all sides. She squeezed her eyes shut, tears clinging to her eyelashes. The creature was hacking at her abdomen and ribs at ludicrous speed.

Nauseous of all the pain, blood and horror surrounding her from all sides, Namine finally collapsed onto the ground. She let out one short scream of pure desperation.


The demon jerked at the sound of her name. Something flashed in her red eyes. Her hands were trembling uncontrollably.


Olette clutched her head, thrashing her body about. She kept on whispering "no" to herself. She buckled under her knees, gasping for air. Shaking her head and clawing at herself, it seemed like she was fighting something. Her red eyes reverted from emerald to black and her frame was flickering from visible to invisible. Finally, she let out one final shriek of agony and burst into flames.

All of this, Namine watched in silence. She was petrified at the scene that had just taken place before her.

Suddenly, Olette materialized in front of her. She was back to her old form. But something was a little...different.

"Hello, Namine. I'm sorry for that little scene you had to see. Olette is currently…recovering. I'm just a…messenger." At this, the Olette replica smiled as if she just said a private joke. "Olette wants you to fetch her the most elaborate gown you can find in the market." She disdainfully tossed Namine a small pouch. "She says to buy it with this and that you can keep the change." Then, the replica melted in front of her.

-Back to present time-

Namine took a deep breath as she approached the dress stall. She had a small mask and a simple dress that covered the noticeable bruises and scratches. The dress was a present from Olette, specifically for public uses only.

Just out of the shopkeeper's line of vision, she stopped. Her hand reached into her pocket and felt the little pouch of money. As she sifted it through her fingers, she inwardly groaned.

Only fifty munny.

Olette had given her only fifty munny to buy a sophisticated orange garment. These days, even the most disgusting and cheapest dress cost at least 120 munny. If one was a good haggler, maybe 100. Fifty munny was… just insulting in the standards of insulting.

Namine grimaced. She didn't want to offend the fiery tempered storekeeper…again. But she had no choice. She bit her bottom lip as she hesitatingly took a few steps towards the stall.


Namine heard screams coming from Olette's room. She wanted to barge into Olette's room and comfort the person who was causing those cries of agony. She couldn't bear it. The sounds haunted her, shrouded her heart with dread and wretchedness. She wanted it to stop. Namine covered her ears. Silent tears slid off her face as she ran across the hallway to her room.

Namine was 10years old when she first started hearing screams from Olette's room.


The young shopkeeper was dusting off his latest masterpiece when he felt a light presence from the front of his stall.


He swiveled around with a large smile on his face. When his brown eyes landed on the small quivering figure, his grin immediately turned into a frown. His eyes narrowed to slits.


"He...hello, Hayner."

"What do you want this time? The best orange dress in this shop?" he scoffed in Namine's face.

Namine just turned a shade redder and looked away, unable to meet the young man's eyes.

Hayner's eyes grew as round as saucers. "Wha...You really…the dress...buy with…" He started shaking his head in astonishment.

"Please." pleaded Namine, thrusting the small pouch on her palm forward with both hands.

The blond boy groaned, clearly not expecting much.

"Let's see…" Hayner mumbled, pouring out the meager content of the small bag.

Namine was desperate. She patted her pockets. Nothing. She'd already given all her earnings to Hayner the last time…

Hayner was turning an interesting shade of purple as he finished counting the insignificant amount in his hands. He was literally sputtering in anger. Before he could spurt out a bunch of incoherent swears and insults, Namine quickly spoke.

"Please…just this last time."

"You've said that the last time as well! How many times are you going to do this to me? I've gotta family as well! Ten mouths to feed! My elderly parents and 8 younger siblings! Always begging for more, those twerps."

The shopkeeper took a deep breath and regained his temper. "Look here Namine, I know that you're not buying this for yourself and you've given your own money instead of your mistress's. But I've taken pity on you far too many times. I've got a life you know!"

He showed her the elegant gown to prove his point. "This is what you want for 50 munny? This costs at least twenty times that!"

The inside of Namine was being torn with each word the shopkeeper said. She knew it and she hated to beg, but what was she supposed to do? She sighed as she began to leave. She couldn't distress someone else for her pitiful sake. But yet… Namine's mind winded back to Olette's grinning face and grimaced. There was only one option if she wanted to live…She really didn't want to do this.

"I'm so sorry!"

Namine whispered a short apology as she wrenched out the beautiful gown out of the confused Hayner's hand and started to run away.


Unfortunately for Hayner, Namine was very strong for a sixteen year old and that surprise jerk caused him to topple over the counter and land on the hard dirt floor on his butt.

Namine was blushing ferociously. She had just stolen something in front of a billion people! They'll now all think of her as a thief! A dirty, horrible, dishonest thief. And the worst thing was it was true! Moisture was starting to gather around her eyes as she made her way through the bustling crowd, well aware of all the stares she was getting.

"Stop her! Thief!"

Namine heard a voice call for her faintly. She kept on running as fast as her legs would carry her. Which unfortunately wasn't very fast, due to her many injuries.

Suddenly, a callused hand grabbed her shoulder - hard. Namine stopped at once, a sharp pain running down her spine. She let out a short cry and stumbled, breaking contact with the hand and falling to the ground. Her eyes widened and she quickly pulled down her skirt. She flicked her eyes side to side, worried if anybody saw her… marks.

Thankfully, everybody was too far away…except for one.

Her eyes widened in shock.

Right in front of her, with gravity defying tousled blond hair was the most beautiful boy she'd ever seen.

Namine looked at him with large frightened eyes.

He stared back at her with deep sapphire orbs.

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