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The Unexpected Future

Chapter 1: The Beginning of the Tragic Future

Way before Sawada Tsunayoshi met Giotto of the Vongola who eventually took him in, he was still living in the streets with his siblings which included Gokudera Hayato, Yamamoto Takeshi, Hibari Kyoya, Sasagawa Ryohei, Lambo and the twins, Mukuro and Chrome. As orphans, life wasn't easy. Food and shelter was usually hard to find and since Kyoya was Kyoya, he always attracted thugs of all kinds to Tsuna and his siblings, which meant all of them had to fight. To top it all, all of them were cursed with an Arcobaleno pacifier.

abandoned building. All of their siblings had all run off to search for food and it was Tsuna's job to take care of the cow child. "TSUNA! LAMBO IS HUNGRYYY!" screamed 3 year old Lambo as he tugged Tsuna's shirt. Tsuna sighed. His stomach growled. "I'm sorry, Lambo but please wait. Kyoya-nii and the rest have gone to find some food. Please be patient!" pleaded 4 year old Tsuna. He picked Lambo up and smiled at him. Lambo sniffled but shook his head. Tsuna was the only person who could calm Lambo down.

"TSUNA!" yelled a familiar voice. Tsuna and Lambo looked at a young boy with silver hair running to them. He waved cheerfully at Tsuna before coming to a halt. Tsuna grinned at his brother. "Hayato-nii! How was the town?" asked Tsuna, his chocolate eyes wide with excitement. 5 year old Hayato grinned and was about to open his mouth when Lambo jumped on him. "OI STUPID HAYATO! WHERE'S LAMBO'S FOOD!" screamed Lambo. He jumped on Hayato and pulled his hair. Hayato growled.

"THAT HURTS YOU STUPID COW!" yelled Hayato. He grabbed Lambo and whacked him on the head. Of course, this made Lambo cry. "H-Hayato-nii! Please calm down!" said Tsuna with a sigh. This was getting too normal. Hayato tched but stood his ground. Lambo sniffled. "G-Gotta…b-be…c-calm…gulped Lambo. He screamed. "LAMBO CAN'T TAKE THIS ANYMORE!" cried Lambo as he pulled out his bazooka. Just as he was about to set the bazooka down, he tripped and the bazooka went flying. It was headed straight for Tsuna.

In a pink poof of smoke, Sawada Tsunayoshi disappeared and in his place, no one stood. "Tsuna? TSUNA?" yelled Hayato in panic. He looked around. Lambo was still crying. Hayato growled and grabbed his hair. "Oi you stupid cow! Where did Tsuna go?" asked Hayato, his eyes boring straight into Lambo's. Lambo gulped and shook his head nervously. "L-Lambo-san d-doesn't know! WAHHHH!" screamed Lambo as a waterfall of tears flowed out of his eyes. Hayato growled and sat Lambo down not too gently. He looked around. Where was Tsuna?


"WATCH OUT! MY BROTHER'S THERE YOU IDIOT!" yelled Mukuro as he ran to the road and picked Tsuna's unconscious body up. The driver honked at him. Mukuro growled. Kyoya whipped out his tonfa's and glared at the driver. "Those who are noisy will be bitten to death!" growled Kyoya, his cold eyes boring into the driver's. The driver gulped and sped away. Kyoya tched and kept his weapons. He turned to Mukuro. Mukuro had already put Tsuna down and he and Chrome were looking at him worriedly.

Tsuna opened his eyes slowly. His siblings sighed in relief. Tsuna sat up and scratched his head. What was that he had just seen? He looked at his palm. There was an outline of a ring there. Tsuna gulped and bit his lip. "Sawada Tsunayoshi, what were you doing, lying in the middle of the road?" asked Kyoya, his voice cold. "A line of cars were yelling at you to move. If it wasn't for pineapple head here, you would have been run over," continued Kyoya. Tsuna grinned sheepishly.

"I-I'm sorry, Kyoya-nii. Thank you for saving me, Mukuro-nii," muttered Tsuna. Kyoya and Mukuro arched their eyebrows. Something was bothering Tsuna. Both of them were about to open their mouths when Takeshi came running to the scene, his face as idiotic as ever. Ryohei, Hayato and Lambo were running behind him. Apparently, they were chased by a bunch of thugs. "RUNN! HERE THEY COME!" yelled Takeshi as he sped off. "You led them here, didn't you?" growled Kyoya and Mukuro at each other. Both of them glared accusingly at each other. Tsuna chuckled and grabbed their arms. Chrome followed closely behind.

Tsuna bit his lip as he ran. What he saw just now was disturbing. He gulped and shrugged off what he just saw. A few minutes later, he had completely forgotten his 5 minute adventure.

10 years later, what he saw proved to be very helpful to him.

10 YEARS LATER (7 years later if referred from the previous story)

"HAYATO! FOR THE LAST 100000 TIME! NO DYNAMITES IN THE HOUSE YOU BRAT!" yelled a man with red hair and a tattoo on his face. He tapped his foot impatiently and glared at his 14 year old son who looked exactly like him except for the fact that he had silver colored hair instead of red. Gokudera Hayato glared back at his father. "SHUT UP OLD MAN! THOSE WEREN'T DYNAMITES! THOSE WERE FIRECRACKERS!" yelled Hayato. A vein twitched in G's temple. "FIRECRACKERS? OH REALLY? THEN PLEASE EXPLAIN TO ME WHY IT SAYS SO CLEARLY HERE 'DYNAMITE'?" yelled G. Hayato took a step back and stuck out his tongue. A few seconds later, he was running off. "HAYATO! GET BACK HERE!" yelled G as he too started giving chase.

"Hahaha! Uncle G, Hayato! You look like you're having fun this morning!" laughed 14 year old Takeshi cheerfully. Asari joined his son and laughed. "IDIOT! DO I LOOK LIKE I'M HAVING FUN?" yelled Hayato as he ran past both of them with G still chasing him, this time, armed with what looked like a stick. Takeshi and Asari waved cheerfully as both Hayato and G ran out of the room, breaking the door in the process. "Some things never change!" said Takeshi cheerfully. "Come on, Takeshi! It's time for your sword training!" said Asari, his face filled with excitement. Takeshi nodded.

"Nufufu…I thought I heard those two idiots here a few minutes ago…" mused Daemon Spade as he appeared suddenly with his two kids. Asari grinned. "They just ran out of the room a few minutes ago!" said Asari. Daemon sighed. "Kufufu…idiots," chuckled 16 year old Mukuro eerily. Behind him, Chrome smiled at Asari and Takeshi. Daemon smiled proudly. "You've both grown so much! I feel so proud! Though I miss the days when both of you were still so small and I could carry the both of you…" sniffled Daemon. Chrome giggled and patted her father. Mukuro grinned in amusement.

"GUARHHH! EXTREME RUNNING-IN-THE-HOUSE!" roared Ryohei and Knuckle together. Both of them barged into the living room. Daemon sighed. "MY NEPHEW! OVER THE PAST FEW YEARS, YOU'VE BECOME EVEN MORE EXTREME!" yelled Knuckle proudly. 15 year old Ryohei nodded in excitement. "OF COURSE, UNCLE! MEN BECOME MORE EXTREME WHEN THEY GROW UP! TAKE UNCLE G AND HAYATO FOR EXAMPLE! LET'S JOIN THEM AND PLAY TAG!" roared Ryohei. Knuckle nodded excitedly and soon, both father and son were out of the room, Ryohei chasing Knuckle like a small boy. Everyone in the room sweat dropped.

"Those who make a loud disturbance will be bitten to death!" snarled 16 year old Kyoya menacingly as he and Alaude walked pass Knuckle and Ryohei. Alaude patted Kyoya's shoulder. "Kyoya, please. Don't bite them to death. Arrest them instead," growled Alaude as he glared coldly at the two Sun holders. "Kufufu…good morning, Kyoya…" grinned Mukuro eerily. Kyoya snarled and whipped out his tonfa's. Mukuro grinned darkly and pulled out his trident. Both Alaude and Daemon stepped back to the wall and folded their arms. Chrome watched her brother and Kyoya worriedly. Asari and Takeshi quickly walked out of the room.

"Nufufu…my Mukuro is going to kill your boy…" grinned Daemon sadistically. Alaude looked coldly at the two boys and yawned. "I disagree. Kyoya will be the one victorious," replied Alaude coldly. Both men glared at each other. "Get ready, herbivore…" growled Kyoya. "Kufufu…how much have you grown, Kyoya?" asked Mukuro tauntingly. Kyoya smiled coldly and charged forward. Both weapons clashed with one another.

"I think it'll be a better idea if we stood outside, Lambo," said Lampo wisely. Lambo nodded. "Yare, yare…Uncle Giotto isn't going to be happy about this…" muttered 12 year old Lambo. Lampo sighed and nodded. "Oh well, let's go back to bed," yawned Lampo lazily. He stretched his arms and walked up the stairs. Lambo followed. The butler sighed. Like father, like son. He looked into the living room and sighed again. The last time something like this happened, the living room had to be under repair for a month. Giotto wasn't very pleased.

"Kyoya, kill that idiot off," said Alaude coldly. "Mukuro, twist his intestines into a knot," said Daemon darkly. "Both of you stop…" muttered Chrome quietly, her voice drowned out from the clashing and the clanging of weapons. Both boys nodded and went in for the final kill. Alaude and Daemon watched with held breaths. Chrome closed her eyes and covered her ears.

"Kyoya-nii! Mukuro-nii! Please stop!" said a boy worriedly. Both boys looked at the doorway and sighed. 14 year old Tsuna was looking worriedly at Mukuro and Kyoya. Giotto was standing behind him, sighing. Alaude and Daemon sighed in disappointment. They had wanted to see who would win. Giotto on the other hand, didn't. He glared at Daemon and Alaude. Alaude looked back coldly at him. "Come Kyoya. Let's go," said Alaude. Kyoya nodded and walked out with his father. Daemon looked at his shoe as though that was the most interesting thing in the world. "Are you hurt, Mukuro-nii?" asked Tsuna worriedly. Mukuro smiled and shook his head. "Kufufu…it'll take more than that idiot to put a scratch on me…" replied Mukuro proudly. "Good morning, Tsuna…" muttered Chrome shyly. Tsuna grinned and greeted her back.

"Daemon. One more fight in the living room and I'll make you sign all my paperwork…" growled Giotto. Daemon grinned eerily. "Nufufu…Of course, Primo. Now, I think, we have a more important thing to discuss, don't we?" said Daemon. He was trying to change topics before Giotto started a long lecture. Giotto arched on eyebrow and looked at his Mist Guardian before nodding. "I'll talk about it later," whispered Giotto seriously. Daemon nodded. Tsuna looked at his siblings and grinned. "Come on! Let's go eat! I'm hungry!" said Tsuna cheerfully. He grabbed Mukuro and Chrome's hand and ran out of the room. "See you there, Papa!" called Tsuna as he slammed the door shut. Giotto smiled.

Giotto could not believe how fast time flew. Even thought Tsuna still looked the same, he was now taller than before. To be truthful, Giotto still missed the times when he could pick Tsuna up and carry him around. Tsuna had also become more powerful compared to 7 years ago. He was now good at combat skills. The only thing that hadn't changed was the fact that Tsuna was still as cheerful as he was 7 years ago. His siblings still doted on him. He also was still doing terribly in school with Takeshi, something Giotto didn't really worry much about (for some reason).

It wasn't just Tsuna that had changed in the past 7 years. As the other kids grew up, they started resembling their father's more and more. Hayato now had the same scowl that G wore every day. He was as quick tempered as he was before and still followed Tsuna around like a little puppy. He was still good at using dynamites and had even come up with some techniques of his own. Takeshi was as idiotic as he was 7 years ago. He still laughed cheerfully with his siblings but when it came to his sword training, he would always train seriously. Giotto had to admit, Takeshi was a master at handling the sword.

Kyoya was as cold as ever. He had grown taller, even colder and his fighting abilities were even better than they were 7 years ago, thanks to Alaude. Even so, he still cared a lot of Tsuna just like how he did 7 years ago. Mukuro was now looking more and more like Daemon. The only thing that made them look different from one another was the kanji written on Mukuro's eye. Chrome had grown taller and she was more courageous compared to before. Even so, she still did hide behind her father and her brother occasionally. Both siblings were now masters of illusions, thanks to Daemon.

Ryohei was keeping his dream alive. Knuckle taught him a lot of boxing moves in the past 7 years and Ryohei had taken part in numerous competitions, most of them ending with the opponent in the emergency room. As far as Giotto could remember, they had never missed a match before. Lambo was now an exact replica of Lampo. If it wasn't for the fact that Lampo had green hair, no one could tell them apart. Lambo was still as lazy and spoilt as he was 7 years ago, thanks to Lampo.

Giotto smiled and walked out of the room. "Call everyone to the dining room. It's time to announce it," said Giotto to the butler. The butler nodded and walked away. A few minutes, everyone gathered in the dining room. G and Hayato were glaring at each other. Takeshi and Asari were eating their food politely. Knuckle and Ryohei on the other hand, were competing with another. Kyoya and Alaude sat as far as they could from the rest and ate quietly. Daemon was still doting on his kids like he did 7 years ago. Lambo and Lampo were sleeping on the table. Tsuna smiled at his family and ate. Giotto looked at G and nodded. G did the same thing. Giotto looked at Tsuna who was now chatting animatedly with Hayato.

"Tsuna, as you know, your birthday is next week," started Giotto. Tsuna looked at his father and nodded, his eyes looking confused. "Well, as you'll be turning 14 officially next week, I would like to do something special," said Giotto with a smile. Tsuna nodded again, his face looking blur. Giotto's guardians looked at Tsuna. Tsuna's siblings looked confused. "Special? What kind of special, Papa?" asked Tsuna nervously. Giotto patted his head.

"I would like to hold a grand party for you," said Giotto. He watched his son's face carefully. Tsuna still looked confused. "A-A party? W-Why?" asked Tsuna as he looked at Giotto in surprise. Giotto took a deep breath and said "To announce officially that you'll be inheriting the Vongola." Tsuna dropped his fork and stared wide-eyed at his father. His siblings did the same. Giotto grinned. The room went silent. "What should I say?" asked Tsuna after a few minutes of awkward silence. Everyone laughed. "Well, do you agree?" asked Giotto. Tsuna bit his lip.

"Kufufu…this is fun…" mused Mukuro looking excited. Kyoya nodded boredly. Lambo snored. "GUARHHH! EXTREME" roared Ryohei. Hayato stood up, his eyes shining. "That's great, Tsuna!" yelled Hayato. G sighed. For the last 7 years, Hayato always told him that he was dreaming to be Tsuna's right hand man. Takeshi laughed. "That sounds like fun! What are we playing?" asked Takeshi. Everyone sighed. Asari laughed. Tsuna looked at his father doubtfully. "Are you sure, Papa?" asked Tsuna uncertainly. Giotto nodded confidently. "Of course! No one besides you will do a better job! Besides, I'm not going to ask you to take over so soon! This is just to announce it officially," grinned Giotto. Tsuna smiled. "Alright then!" replied Tsuna happily. Giotto breathed a sigh of relief and put a thumbs up towards G. G nodded in relief.


Tsuna read the words on the piece of paper, his face serious. He sighed and crumpled it up. He pulled out a piece of paper and started writing. After he was done, he summoned Natsu. "Natsu, you know who to give this too," whispered Tsuna. Natsu purred and ran off with Tsuna watching him as he ran. Tsuna eyes turned sad. He was really looking forward to the ceremony next week, After all, it was his dream to inherit what his Papa built. Even so, he had been warned that something bad was about to happen. He picked up the crumpled paper and read it again. As he did, he gritted his teeth and tears started flowing down his cheeks. "I'm sorry, everyone…" whispered Tsuna. He tore the piece of paper and threw it to the bin. After wiping his tears, he grinned.

This was no time to be crying. He still had a lot of things to do before the ceremony say came. Tsuna nodded and picked up several pieces of paper and a pen. Time to get to work.

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