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Chapter 29: Parental Instincts


"Alaude. Take Kyoya and get out of here. Uni mentioned that another Mare guardian was going to attack the Vongola mansion. Get there and stop him. Mukuro and I will take this guy down," said Daemon with a pleasant smile on his face. His eyes however were deadly.

Alaude nodded and in a blink of an eye, both he and Kyoya disappeared from sight.

"Idjit. Daisy's going to have to get his act together…" muttered Zakuro with a sigh. "Well at least I get to play with the infamous Daemon Spade. Torikabuto would do anything to change spots with me…"

"Nufufu…I just have one goal and that's to eliminate you pest," replied the Mist guardian calmly. Zakuro growled. "Now if you want to have a conversation, I'd advise you to stop firing your Storm flames at us. It is very rude," continued Daemon as he protected both him and Mukuro with his Mist flames from an invisible wall of flames by Zakuro.

"Idjit. I give you credit for sensing that, Vongola scum," chuckled Zakuro as he stretched his hands. He eyed Mukuro with great interest. "So this is your 'son' eh? I've heard a lot about this brat his sister. That their parents despised their daughter. Who blames them hm? I'd kill her too."

Before Mukuro could react, Daemon had his trident at Zakuro's throat, his eyes deadly. "These kids have nothing to do with those scum anymore. I won't let you say another word against my children."

Zakuro raised an eyebrow and grinned. "Idjit. Who knew Daemon Spade was such a doting father. It makes my blood boil at the thought of slaughtering them. I would love to see what you'd do," smirked the man. Daemon smiled.

"You don't have to wait. I can show you what I'll do right now," replied the illusionist flatly as the surroundings went dark.

Zakuro smiled. This was going to be fun.


At the Vongola mansion, a young boy with long green wavy hair looked at the huge building in front of him. His face was covered with stitches and was a pale color. In his hands he clutched a pink rabbit, something he held to his chest dearly. "Bubu, Daisy d-doesn't w-want to destroy the h-house," he whimpered miserably. A few seconds later though, his face changed and he grinned. "On the other hand, orders ARE orders and Byakuran's words are law…"

"Oh? Are you going to wreck more havoc?" asked a calm voice. Daisy whirled around only to find a cloaked figure, his cape fluttering in the light breeze.

"W-Who are you?" stammered the Mare ring holder. He could not make out the person's face.

"Nobody you should concern yourself with. I'm just here to stall time."

"S-Stall time? What d-d-does that mean?"

"You'll see."

Daisy frowned. This guy was starting to piss him off. He tightened his grip on his toy and a smirk crossed his face. He eyed his opponent with hunger in his eyes. Maybe he should take him down right now. The cloaked figure chuckled, snapping Daisy out of his thoughts.

"I can see it on your face that you're thinking of killing me now. Don't worry. I'm not your opponent. In fact, I think I'm going to leave now. They're coming soon…" said the figure as he turned around.

"I'm not letting you go!" yelled Daisy as he fired a beam of Sun flames at the figure. To his surprise, the person managed to dodge it and returned an attack of his own. The person then disappeared into the nearby forest and was nowhere to be seen.

"S-Sky flames?" thought the Mare guardian as he jumped out of the flame's way safely. Who in the world was that? Daisy had no time to ponder this question however as he was suddenly attacked by a barrage of needles.

"So you're the one they call Daisy. I'm going to bite you to death!" growled Kyoya who had suddenly appeared, tonfa's in hand and his hedgehog in tow.

"Kyoya, I told you not to be so rash. Your wounds have not healed yet," said Alaude flatly. "This is my prey. I WILL take him down."

"Shut up. Whoever disturbs the peace is an enemy of mine. I don't care what you say," replied Kyoya stubbornly. A vein in Alaude's head twitched. Sometimes he wished Kyoya didn't inherit this trait from his mother. (not knowing that this was something Kyoya actually inherited from both his parents)

"Kyoya. If you don't move, I'll knock you unconscious. Don't think I won't do it just because you're my son," said Alaude who had decided to resort to threatening. Kyoya growled and lowered his weapons. He knew Alaude would really do that.


"A-Are you t-two part of V-Vongola P-Primo's family?" asked Daisy nervously.

"It is of no concern of yours," replied Alaude calmly. Daisy eyed him.

"You are! I can see the Vongola ring on your finger. T-This is good. I-I can feel my blood rushing. I-I'm excited," murmured Daisy, his fingers trembling. "Byakuran said to destroy all Vongola guardians! Byakuran's word is law."

"I don't care much about what that man says. All I know is that I'm going to arrest you for disturbing the peace of this place!" growled the skylark as he whipped out his cuffs and twirled them around his finger.

"Fine by me! I love to kill," laughed Daisy maniacally. His nervous attitude was gone and in place, one of a crazed killer. He threw his toy and stroked his ring lovingly. "But this is unfair. It's a two against one battle. We need to add to the fun!" chuckled the man as he snapped his fingers. In an instance, both Kyoya and Alaude found themselves surrounded by Gola Mosca.

"Kyoya," said Alaude with a nod. Kyoya grinned and cracked his head to one side.

"I'm going to enjoy biting all of these flies one by one…" said the young lad with excitement in his eyes.

"Now, we can have fun…" said Alaude coldly, his eyes aimed at Daisy who returned his gaze with a smile.

"Let's go."


"Tch. He got away," growled Daemon angrily, his eyes flashing. After engaging into battle with Zakuro, he had managed to overwhelm the guardian with his illusions but at one point, Zakuro managed to create a scene and had disappeared.

"Kufufu at least we managed to deal him some damage. He should not be able to pursue the others for the time being. Daemon swung his trident, splattering some blood onto the walls.

"Not so fast, Mukuro. I'll estimate that Zakuro will not be able to fight now but give him a few hours and he'll be perfectly fine. I'm sure that d**n Byakuran has some kind of healing material that will fix him right up," cussed Daemon darkly.

"That is true. Then we should return to where Chrome and the others are…" said Mukuro before both he and Daemon disappeared into the mist as well.


"Is that all Vongola Primo's cloud guardian has to offer?" taunted Daisy as he dodged Alaude's attack.

"That would be a death wish," replied the man calmly as he suddenly turned around and landed a kick on Daisy's stomach, knocking the Mare guardian into some nearby trees.

Daisy stood up and glared at Alaude. He pulled out his Box Animal and slammed his Mare ring into the opening. With a burst of light, a rhino surrounded by Sun flames came charging at Alaude who merely looked at it with bored eyes. Nothing ever fazed the man.

"Kyoya," barked the skylark as he placed an outstretched hand in the direction of where Kyoya was busy having a good time. Kyoya scowled and threw his pet hedgehog to his father; a feat Tsuna would have screamed 'ANIMAL ABUSE'. Even so, Roll was already used to this and squealed in delight. In another flash of light, the small little hedgehog propagated and in a few seconds created a barrier in front of Alaude. The rhino slammed into the spiked barrier and exploded, causing Daisy's box weapon to shatter.

With a loud scream of frustration, Daisy ripped open his jacket, revealing a small box weapon in the plae where his heart was. "Byakuran-sama has granted me unlimited power. With this, I shall be immortal!" growled the man as he brought his ring to the mouth of the box. Before Alaude could react, he was enveloped in another bright light. When the light died down, he saw that Daisy had transformed into a human/lizard hybrid surrounded by Sun flames. He also had a pair of Sun wings on his back.

"So you've finally decided to show your true colors monster," said Alaude coolly. He held his weapons at the ready. Both men then collided with one another, each trying their hardest to land an attack on their opponent.

"Too slow!" shrieked Daisy as he landed a blow on Alaude, knocking him to the ground with a loud boom. "How does it feel, Vongola? How does it feel to taste defeat?"

Alaude growled angrily, his eyes angry. Kyoya who was destroying the Gola Mosca one by one like he said felt a tinge of annoyance at his father.

"I will bring you down," replied Alaude as he charged once again. The box Daisy had just activated had improved his speed and attacks. Alaude glanced at Roll and nodded. The hedgehog squealed and pierced the funeral wreath, severing an arm and a leg from his body.

Daisy laughed, much to the annoyance of Alaude. "You forget, Vongola that Sun flames are flames of regeneration. When I said I was immortal, I wasn't kidding. My body can regenerate body parts multiple times. Just like when a lizard's tail is cut from its body. I am unstoppable!" said Daisy. He wasn't kidding, the part where his arm and leg had been severed was growing back, much to Alaude's disgust. He would never look at Knuckle the same way again.

"An abomination like you should definitely get arrested!"

"We'll see about that!" yelled Daisy. He pointed to the leg that had just been severed and the leg jumped up to attack Alaude, something he dodged just in time. Behind him, explosions echoed throughout the whole area as Kyoya went on one of his many killing sprees.

"Like I said. I'm unstoppable because if you severe more of my body parts, you're just going to kill yourself faster!" laughed Daisy. Alaude frowned. There was truth to his words. Even so, he was not going to stop trying. He was going to find a way to defeat this guy without severing his body parts. Reaching for a pocket within his trench coat, Alaude pulled out a single tonfa. Daisy grinned and both men charged at one another, the sound of metal and flesh colliding echoing throughout the whole area.

"I've had enough. Now die!" smirked Daisy as the two men returned blow after blow. Sensing he was going to be pushed into a corner, Daisy snapped his fingers and jumped out of the way. Alaude turned around to see the severe leg heading towards him at full speed. To add matters worse, it was surrounded by Sun flames. Alaude's first instinct was to jump out of its way but as he tried to move, he felt something grab his foot, holding him to place. He looked down and saw that it was the arm that he had severed before. It had attached itself to the ground and was clinging onto him. It was quite disgusting.

"D**n it!" cussed the man as he raised his weapon to brace himself. The next thing he knew, he was pushed to the ground and a loud boom echoed throughout the clearing.

Moments ago

"I hate weaklings," growled Kyoya as he smashed his tonfa into the head of a Gola Mosca. After watching the Game of Choice where the opponents were Gola Mosca, Kyoya discovered that the easiest way to take care of them was by smashing them in the head and ripping out their cores. That was exactly what he did. In less than 15 minutes, the young boy had taken out more than 80 of the Gola Mosca's lurking around and was just ripping out the core of the last Mosca.

Focusing his attention to his father, he watched as Alaude gracefully dodge and attack Daisy. He couldn't understand why Alaude couldn't just eliminate this guy already. He thought back to a previous mission they once did where Alaude managed to successfully take down a whole mafia gang just by himself. He couldn't understand why he was having trouble against one puny weakling. It was only when he saw the severed leg on the ground did Kyoya understand; this guy had regenerating powers. Kyoya watched as Daisy jumped out of the way and his father was trapped to the spot with the leg flying at him with high velocity. With a 'tch', Kyoya jumped into the scene and forcefully pushed Alaude out of the way; stomping on the arm as he did. A split second after raising his tonfa to protect himself, Kyoya was pushed back by the incoming projectile and his back slammed into the wall of the Vongola mansion.

"Kyoya!" yelled Alaude when he quickly realized what was going on. He ran to the spot Kyoya had rammed into, smoke still flowing out. The smoke cleared, revealing an annoyed looking Kyoya who still had his tonfa's in place. The severed leg was squirming under his foot.

"You should be bitten to death!" snapped Kyoya.

"I accept your challenge any day," replied Alaude coldly, relief flooding his body. His relief was replaced with anger as Kyoya winced slightly and lowered his weapon. He felt his old wounds throb. Even so, his pride stopped him from falling to the ground. Alaude took one look at Kyoya's face which had a few drops of blood dripping from a scratch and stood protectively in front of his son. He turned to face Daisy, eyes filled of hatred and anger. Roll whimpered.

"Tch. So close! It doesn't matter though. Now I can eliminate two birds with one stone," said Daisy in amusement.

Alaude remained silent and reached for another pocket in his trench coat. This time, he pulled out the Vongola box Talbot had given him.

A young boy looked at the flames devouring his home, screams and cries filling the scene. He trembled with fear as he called for his mother. His father had passed away a long time ago and he had been brought up by his mother, a woman who had a cold front but loved him dearly.

"Alaude, go! Get out of here!" screamed his mother as Alaude tried his best to pull his mother from under the rubble she was trapped in.

"I won't go without you!" yelled the boy. He tried to push the burning wood atop her but failed, receiving some burns himself.

"Go Alaude! The bandits will return and they will kill you! I'm already going to die so please save yourself!" cried the woman, her face stained with tears.

"I won't leave you!" insisted the boy stubbornly.

"THEY'RE HERE!" screamed a man outside. Panic filled the village and sounds of slashing and pleading filled the village. Alaude froze in fear.

"Alaude go!" yelled his mother as she reached for her son and gave him a kiss on his forehead. "Run as far as you can! Please live for me!" said his mother as she forced a sad smile. With her last strength, she pushed her son weakly. Not knowing what to do, Alaude ran, tears streaming down his face as he ran past a bandit mercilessly pierce a young boy as he stood defending his little sister.

When Alaude reached the outskirts of the village, he stood atop a hill and soullessly watched the smoke rise to the sky. The screams and cries haunted him and he swore to himself, he would maintain peace and order, slaughtering anyone who defied him.

Years later

"Alaude, don't be so harsh on yourself. She chose this path herself," said Talbot gently as he placed a hand on Alaude's shoulder. Alaude's eyes were cold and empty.

"If I had only managed to keep her safe from those mafiaso, she would have never left me. She said she couldn't stay with me. I was going to get her killed," replied Alaude flatly. He cursed himself for falling in love with her. She was someone who he was attracted to; bold yet kind, a strong will to fight, aloof yet someone you wanted to be with and the fact that she was the only one who could go on par with him yet was merciful.

"It could not be so, Alaude. Maybe she left to keep you safe or something like that. I don't think she meant what she said," said Talbot as he recalled her sad expression despite her harsh words. Alaude however, had merely watched her go with wide eyes of surprise and pain. Now, his eyes were back to being flat and empty.

Alaude thought back to his village and clenched his fist. "I've failed. I swore that I would maintain peace and order but I failed it," murmured Alaude. He looked at Talbot, determination in his eyes. "This time, Talbot. I swear to you that I will arrest anyone who breaks he law, no matter what the cost. I swear it with my life.

Talbot looked at him for a moment and smiled gently. "And I will hold on to your promise, Alaude. I leave the safety of the Mafia world into your hands because knowing you, you could most probably take down a room full of assassins by yourself if you wanted to. When the time comes, I shall assist you in any way that you need," said Talbot mysteriously as he tinkered with a small box in his hands.

"Oh? A box weapon? Hahaha! It's no use! No matter what you pull out, I am immortal! You cannot harm me! What can Cloud flames do to sun flames a—" said Daisy before Alaude picked up a rock and flung it at him. The rock missed Daisy's head and slammed into a nearby tree, breaking the tree in the process.

"Shut up. You talk too much weakling. I am going to arrest you today if it's the last thing I do," growled Alaude as he injected his ring into the opening of the box. A bright purple light enveloped the scene and a pair of handcuffs appeared in Alaude's palm. Unlike his original pair however, this one had the Cloud flame burning brightly in the middle of the first cuff. "Now I hope you're ready to face justice."

Daisy who had been worried about the weapon burst into laughter. "Talbot has failed you this time, Vongola! Like I said, I am unstoppable!"

Alaude grinned sadistically. "We'll see won't we?" muttered the skylark as both parties collided again. After a short shuffle, Alaude managed to snap the handcuff onto Daisy's hand.

"Useless! I told you all I need to do is-" started Daisy before he was cut off again.

"Yes I know. Regenerate your body parts. However, I've discovered your weakness," replied Alaude as his handcuffs started multiplying, much to Daisy's surprise.


"You're free to regenerate. That is if you can keep up with the Cloud's propagating factor," said Alaude in a bored tone. In a snap, Daisy was wrapped in chains.

"I-I can't m-move!" whimpered Daisy, his eyes flashing nervously.

Alaude looked at him with an expressionless face. "You shouldn't go around telling the world about your regenerating factors. People will start to think of ways to overcome it," said Alaude as he tugged on his chain, squeezing Daisy.

"H-H-Hurts…I-It hurts…" muttered the Mare guardian before blacking out. Daisy was defeated.

"That was for hurting Kyoya," whispered Alaude as he pulled the Mare ring off Daisy's finger.

"Tch. I would have taken him down faster than you had… You should be bitten to death!" said Kyoya. He limped towards Alaude who ruffled his hair.

"If you can't take me down in 30 minutes, what makes you think you can take him down?" said Alaude in a monotone voice. Kyoya glared at a nearby tree, not noticing his father had given him a rare smile.

"Let's go Kyoya. We have to find Primo and the others."

"I hate crowding…"


"Daisy-chan I gone!" said Byakuran with a sad expression on his face as he tossed a marshmallow into his mouth. He was dressed in a bathrobe and was surrounded by bags of marshmallows.

"0-ho? Daisy is gone? What a shame, I liked him a lot…" sighed Kikyo, his expression betraying his words.

"Boo! Daisy-kun was the weakest! He deserves to go!" said Bluebell with a pout. She swam around the large aquarium made for her. "Byakuran! I want to fight too!" whined Bluebell. Byakuran smiled.

The doors opened and in came Zakuro who was holding a wounded arm. Upon entry, he fell to the ground and groaned in pain. Kikyo rushed to his side and immediately healed him.

"What happened, Zakuro?" asked the Cloud guardian anxiously.

"I'm sorry, Byakuran-sama. I failed to take down Daemon Spade. I had to retreat at the final moment," whispered Zakuro, his head bowed.

"I'm quite disappointed in you, Zakuro. I thought you'd do better than that. No matter, we still have time to spare," replied Byakuran lazily. "But don't let it happen again," continued the Milliefiore boss, his eyes cold. Zakuro gulped and nodded.

"I will kill them the next time we meet. I swear of it!"

"I hope so hm…Kikyo, Bluebell. Its time you went to the battlefield. Torikabuto is chasing Primo and I want you to assist him."

"Of course, Byakuran-sama!"

"Yay! We get to kill!" laughed Bluebell.

"Zakuro-chan. I need you to go on a trip for me!" said Byakuran happily.

"A trip? Where to?"


"V-Vindice?" stammered Zakuro, shivering at the very word.

"Yes. There's a prisoner you need to escort to the battlefield. An important one."

"And who is that, Byakuran-sama?"

"His name is Ghost."


"WOW! LOOK AT THAT ARMY OF GOLA MOSCA!" said Ryohei a little too loudly.

"Shut up!" hissed Hayato as he smacked his head. "They'll hear you!"

"Hahah! This is exciting!" laughed Takeshi as the three boys hid in some bushes and watched as a Milliefiore officer checked the Gola Mosca.

"L-Lambo thinks he will just sit here and w-watch!" said Lambo as he hugged his knees. The sight of the Mosca scared him.

"I think we should destroy them now when there's no one watching!" whispered Ryohei none too softly.

"Do you want to die? It's a 3 vs 50 plus a Milliefiore officer!" hissed Hayato again.

"But if we don't take them out now, they may hurt everyone else later!" reasoned Takeshi logically. Hayato pondered this.

"We should—"

"EXTREME PUNCH!" roared Ryohei as a loud boom echoed throughout the whole area. A line of Mosca's fell over, exploding as they did.

"IT'S A VONGOLA!" roared the officer.

"Hahah! That's awesome!" laughed Takeshi. He jumped out of the bushes and pulled out his sword.

"I'm going to die young…" sighed Hayato. He equipped his equipment and ran out to join his siblings.

"Come on Lambo! We have to g-!" started Dino tripping on his own two feet and falling flat onto the ground.

"Dinoooo-nii! Don't die on me!" cried Lambo. Dino got up sheepishly and tugged at his hand.

"Come on!"


"Why do I have the feeling that our kids are doing something horrendously stupid again?" asked G.

"You worry too much G! Takeshi will make sure none of them do anything life threatening!" laughed Asari happily.

"He's the first one to get himself in trouble…"


G rolled his eyes. "Once you have kids, you'll understand how we feel."


"Haha you're a good guy, Squalo!" laughed Asari.

"Let's just get this mission done with!"


"We should be there soon…" murmured Uni, her eyes unfocused. She pointed to a nearby town and at Giotto's command, everyone fled that way.

"Tch. It's no use. They'll catch up to us no matter how fast we run," growled Reborn in annoyance.

"Chrome! What's wrong?" asked Elena. She was supporting Chrome who was now sweating bullets. Her face was a deathly pale and she held her head weakly.

"I-I feel a s-strong force. H-He's coming this way…" said the girl. Everyone looked around. Reborn cocked his gun and held it at the ready. He was standing protectively in front of Uni who was looking around warily.

"In here! Quick!" came a voice. Giotto turned around and saw a man with white hair and glasses poking out of a nearby shop. He was waving his arms at them.

"Let's trust him on this!" said Uni. She pulled on everyone's arm and they ran to where he was.

"Now stay in and don't come out! I'll handle this!" hissed the man before disappearing once again.

"Who is he, Uni?" asked Reborn with a frown. Uni shrugged her shoulders.

"I'm not sure but I have the feeling he's a good man. Trust me!" insisted Uni. Reborn frowned but nodded. He eyed Uni, who was now avoiding eye contact with him, suspiciously.

A few minutes of tensed waiting, the man returned and quickly shut the door. "Alright. I've placed a barrier around this place. They won't be able to sense you for a few minutes," sighed the man as he pushed his glasses up.

"Who are you?" asked Reborn. The man stared at him for a moment before a hint of a smile played across his face.

"My name is Kawahira and I know all about you."

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