Title: Fall- back

Chapter one: Man up

Rating: T

Summary: After the war Harry moves to Lima, Ohio to try and live a normal life as just another invisible teenager. You know what they say about best laid plans, though. KH/HP

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It really shouldn't be frightening. It was just a building. Oblong, two floors, maybe an attic. The outside was a colour of pale yellow probably meant to reassure new people that it wasn't there to hurt them. Somehow though, the message didn't really seem to come through to Harry.

Harry Potter, aged 18 years old, sat in his car staring up at the daunting building in front of him. He was valiantly trying to get a grip.

"Come on, Potter," he muttered to himself. "It's just a school, it shouldn't be scary."

But it was. The tall windows winked at him, trying to gain his trust. The doors swung open invitingly for each passing student. The football field's luscious green grass ruffled gently in the wind, begging him to run over it. The glaring red letters on the front wall of the school building declaring it to be William Mckinley High promised him a normal teenage life. And still it scared the bejeebus out of him.

He hadn't been to muggle school in so long. Ever since he got his Hogwarts letter in an abandoned cabin out in the stormy sea he hadn't looked back on his previously ordinary life even once. He had immersed himself into a world of magic, fairy tales and miracles. And then the war had happened.

While they had been looking for the missing pieces of Voldemort's soul, Hermione and he had come up with a back-up plan. A fall -back of sorts. If Hogwarts would fall and the magical world would crumble – because, Hermione had theorised, the magical ley lines under the school formed the crux of Britain's magical population- they'd go muggle. They wouldn't stay in a world where people would not know what to do with themselves if magic took a small break to rejuvenate itself. They'd leave.

It seemed easy, too. When the search for the horcruxes didn't go well Hermione had him and Ron study muggle school subjects. She, of course, had kept up with her muggle school studies in her summer holidays. With the combined force of Hermione's and Harry's knowledge even Ron had had basic knowledge of the muggle world and the school subjects given in it. He would have needed to be placed in Special Needs classes, but he'd manage.

Only Hogwarts didn't fall. The magical world didn't crumble. Instead, it cheered. It celebrated. The Greatest Evil of its time had been defeated, who wouldn't celebrate? Magical places that had been destroyed in the battles had been rebuilt, and people got on with their lives. For some, though, this was easier than for others.

Hermione and Ron decided to go back to Hogwarts for their final year of magical schooling. So did most of the DA. The teachers that had survived had started looking for new staff members. Harry had received a Hogwarts letter as well, on the eve of his eighteenth birthday, which he had spent at the Weasleys' (who had miraculously not lost any family members even though they were front and centre in the war).

He had thought long and hard about what he wanted to do. He could go back to school, could continue live as normal. He could get back in his school uniform, follow his classes and graduate a year later than planned. But something stopped him from doing just that. Truth be told, he didn't want to go back. Hogwarts had given him many happy times, this was true, but the times that stood out in his mind were the ones where he had to fight for his live.

Besides, if he were to go back he'd only be known as Harry Potter, the boy who had finally defeated Lord Voldemort. The Boy Who Lived. The Boy Who Conquered. The Boy Who Defeated He Who Must Not Be Named. Mister Fame. Mister Popular. Mister Way Too Many Names To Be Considered Healthy. And quite frankly, he was sick of that. He just wanted to be somewhere where he could be just Harry. Whoever the hell that was.

So here he was, in a small town in Nowhere, America. Hiding in a bright red Mini Cooper so he didn't have to go into the school building yet. And really, that was the last time he allowed Remus to pick a car. Terrible little thing, and oh so very stereotypically British. Typical Marauder humour.

Remus was at their home right now, still decorating and taking care of his son Teddy. He'd get a job eventually, but for now he would play stay at home dad so Teddy could settle in to a new environment. Besides, it would take time to find a reliable babysitter who wouldn't run away in terror if Teddy sneezed and accidentally changed his hair colour while doing so. It would take time to find someone that would actually believe it was a trick of the lighting andthat yes, his hair has always been blue, are you only just now noticing?

So yeah, Remus probably wouldn't go looking for a job till Teddy was old enough for High School. But that was alright really, since they had enough money to get on with for a good long while to come. Sirius' death three years previous, while terrible, had left them both well enough off to live for a lifetime or two, and Harry had enough money left to him by his parents as well. If they wanted to, neither one of them would have to work for the rest of their lives, but both of them wouldn't know what to do with themselves if they'd just stay at home.

So, Harry was finishing his muggle education so he could get a diploma and maybe even go to a muggle college of some sort. He had no idea yet what he wanted to make of his life after High School. He had done nothing but fight for the past seven years and had chosen his subjects at Hogwarts accordingly. While he had been good at them –with the exception of Potions- he hadn't necessarily loved them. He had to fight to survive and hadn't really looked at any other job possibilities than being an Auror.

No time to think about that now though, he thought as an annoying buzz sounded across the parking lot. Time to man up and get your arse into that school building. Come on, are you a Gryffindor or what? Courage, Potter.

He got out of the car, slinging his old, trusty shoulder bag on his shoulder and locking the car behind him. People looked at him as he went past, but for once it wasn't because they recognised who he was. It was because they had absolutely no clue. A small grin managed to fight its way to his face. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad after all. It's just school, right? What could possibly happen in muggle school? Merlin, he had been making an arse out of himself panicking over muggle school in his car. This wasn't so scary.

His thoughts came to a grinding halt after walking past a boy who was picking what looked suspiciously like day old vegetables from his jacket and passing a group of jocks who were talking about some guy.

"Hey, did you hear? Puckerman's getting released from Juvie!", one of them said to another, who looked to be somewhat in charge. He didn't look all the intelligent though, and the mullet in his neck was downright awful.

"After stealing that ATM? What'd he do to get out in only three weeks?"

"Dunno man," the first answered.

Harry quickly fastened his pace. Stealing an ATM? Juvenile Hall? He remembered when Dudley got sent there in the summer between fourth and fifth year. The diet aunt Petunia had had him on had driven him even more violent than he already had been and he'd stole some old lady's purse. And had managed to get chased down by her and hit over the head repeatedly with her walking stick. He was out of Juvenile Hall rather quick too, but Harry had always just assumed it was because he had probably been the laughing stock of the place and someone had taken pity on him or something.

Okay, first thing's first, he thought to himself while entering the school building and ignoring curious looks from students, find the headmaster's – no, that's 'principal' here- find the principal's office and get a schedule and directions. Second thing : Avoid that Puckerman guy. He sounds like trouble and that's the last thing I want right now.

Also: Try not to draw attention to yourself. Let's keep things nice and quiet.

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