What's Important

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Sian/Michael set after the finale

Chapter 1

Sian drove along the motorway, her eyes blinded with tears. For the umpteenth time she wondered if she was doing the right thing. Michael was and always would be the love of her life, but how could she build a future on something so tainted and uncertain? She thought about Jez and how hurt he had been. It made her feel awful and the fact that she couldn't find the motivation to beg for his forgiveness because she didn't love him made her feel even worse.

'How could you DO this to me Sian? I tried to give you everything!' Jez had cried, 'WHY HIM?' He yelled suddenly, 'WHAT'S SO SPECIAL ABOUT HIM?'

Then for some reason, Sian didn't know whether it was because she felt so guilty or because she was so wound up but she had decided to make things worse, 'I'm sorry! But I don't love you!' She had replied tersely even though she knew she had no right to 'I love Michael! It's always been Michael!'

'What's he got that I ain't then?' Jez snapped.

'Oh you want to know?' Sian replied, 'Michael is a mature, responsible adult. He doesn't seem to live his life as a competition! It's all the time with you Jez! If ever I decide on something simple for us to do, You ALWAYS have to go over the top! If I suggest a bike ride; you buy new bikes, if I suggest a quiet evening in, you set about turning our house into a five star restaurant! I don't feel like you do it for me, I feel like you do it for yourself! You seem to be constantly caught up in some sick, twisted contest!' She sighed, 'I'm sorry Jez but the truth is you don't know how to handle me. And… to tell you the truth, if Michael hadn't broken up with me, we'd still be together.'

Jez had left after that, Sian would never forget the look of hurt on his face but, although she felt terrible, she also felt…free. But she couldn't go back to Michael, too much had happened. Tears blurred her eyes once again. Her heart was pining for him and it was growing louder and louder. Finally she had to stop in a layby to dry her eyes. Suddenly, her mobile rang. She frowned, she didn't recognise the number.

'Hello?' What she heard next made her double over in grief. Michael had been involved in an accident, some pyscho had knocked him down and he was now in a critical condition. Sian found herself crying so hard she couldn't breathe.

'There! There!' The voice at the other end said soothingly, 'we shall send a police car to pick you up. Where are you?'

Sian wasn't even listening as the policewoman explained what had happened. Her mind was in complete turmoil, all she wanted to do was to get to his side as quickly as possible. She had no doubt who was guilty either. In her mind there could only be one person so evil, so dangerously unhinged; Linda.