Chapter Three

Sian was suddenly aware of being shaken awake.

'Sian? Sian!'

She looked up at Michael, concern flooded her, 'What is it? Do you need the nurse?'

Michael shook his head, 'No, but you need to go home and get some proper sleep.'

Sian yawned and stretched, 'No, I'm fine!'

'You're not! You're wiped out!' He looked at her, concerned, 'Look, go home and get a few hours.'

But Sian wasn't listening, she was suddenly hit by a terrible déjὰ vu. She suddenly looked up at him, tears in her eyes.

'What is it?' Michael asked suddenly, alarmed.

Sian shook her head, 'Nothing… it's just that, this reminded me of last time.' She looked into his eyes, 'Well, go on then.'

'Go on then what?'

'Aren't-aren't you going to break up with me?' She asked, tears flowed down her cheeks.

'What…?' Michael rolled his eyes. sighed and tutted loudly, he kissed her head, 'Go home darling! And get some proper sleep.'

Sian couldn't believe it, they had gotten through it… together, she kissed him tenderly, 'OK!' She whispered. Heading to the door, she turned to him and smiled. He smiled back, they were going to be OK. This time, she could feel it.