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"Gladys?" John asked.

"GLaDOS." the computer corrected. "I'm an AI, and if you don't know what that means..."

"No, I know. I just thought you were a ghost at first. I thought this place was haunted."

GLaDOS internally smirked. This kid could provide entertainment, and GLaDOS had been bored for years now.

"It might be." GLaDOS suggested, hoping the boy would fall for it. "You tell me what you need for equipment, and I'll make it for you." GLaDOS suggested, hoping the boy didn't catch on her taunting.

"Would you?" he asked.

"Of course." she replied, trying hard not to broadcast her laughter.

The boy smiled. "I'm John. I'm 12 years old."

"Wow." GLaDOS said with mock surprise. "You're catching up to me."

"Really?" John asked excitedly.

"Slowly but surely." GLaDOS replied.

John laughed a little, and described the devices he would need. An EVP recorder. A spirit box. An infrared camera. John figured that this was all he would really need, seeing as cameras were everywhere, but GLaDOS gave him a regular camera as well, which she modified into his glasses, and placed a chip in each of the devices, so that she could hear/see what John did. Just to humor him. There was no way this place was haunted. Ghosts didn't exist.

"Are you ready?" GLaDOS asked as she summoned an elevator.

John poked at his ribs, which were now healed up. "Yes." he jumped into the elevator. "Chris is gonna be so jealous, and he won't think I'm a wimp anymore!"

"No he won't." GLaDOS agreed, handing him some long fall boots, and a portal device. "This you will need to move around down there." she motioned with her optic to the ASHPD. "And you'll know what these are for shortly." she motioned to the boots, which were already on John's feet.

John stepped into the elevator. GLaDOS then told the elevator its orders...

And the floor dropped from beneath John.

GLaDOS chuckled as she heard him scream for a while down, before his voice was completely inaudible to the AI anymore, which shocked her because she had amazing hearing sensors.

She simply imitated a shrug and brought all of her attention back to the testing robots, waiting for John to land.

He might discover something Chell didn't down there, that might ease the Something eating at her 'insides', and finally put Caroline at ease. GLaDOS was getting annoyed with whatever Caroline was feeling. For all GLaDOS knew, it was probably a To-do post-it-note that she forgot in her old desk countless decades ago.

Humans were so troublesome.

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