Zetsu leaned forward, ready to feast upon that magnificent undercooked piece of poured down from the ribs as he stabbed them with a fork, making liquid flow from his lips as well. The texture, the looks, the scent, it was all perfect.

Taking a bite, the spy felt as if heaven exploded in his mouth. He couldn't remember when (and even if) he had eaten such a delightful meal. Drooling more, he prepared to gobble down another chunk.

That exact moment, Tobi walked into the kitchen. As it was just the two of them, Zetsu didn't even notice his quietness, as the man proceeded to open the fridge, looking at its contents, with one arm dropped at his side and the other leaning against the upper part of the machine.

The masked wonder sighed at the absence of food. No, the refrigerator itself was not empty, but merely lacked anything that could be prepared quickly, and he definitely wasn't in the mood for cooking.

The plant man watched as 'Tobi' fetched cutlery from a drawer and moved to sit next to him, the hole of his mask glued to the vibrant red piece of meat. He adjusted his mask to make only his mouth visible and cut himself a bite. Zetsu resigned himself on staring at the other Akatsuki member, as he enthusiastically chewed the beef.



"You know you're eating human flesh, don't you?"

A guttural sound filled the room as the Uchiha leaned forward completely removing his guise and sending the food out again, just the way it had came, with a shaky body and a nauseated expression.

"You know, out of every person, you're the last one I thought would be disgusted by this"

"Sh-shut up!"