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"What are you doing here Noah? The lawyers specifically stated that we should not have any contact before the hearing tomorrow." Rachel looked up at the man staring down at her in her doorway. He was quite imposing when he stood to his full height and used that stormy expression of his. He would almost be frightening if she didn't know him so well.

"One night Rachel. One last night together. We owe each other that much." She backed up from him, not completely sure what he was asking of her but she had a pretty good idea. "The divorce is finalized tomorrow and we never have to see each other again. So let's take advantage of that, one last fuck to get each other out of our systems. Then you can go off to New York and forget all about the life we made together here in L.A. Tomorrow, we will walk out of each other's lives forever, but tonight, we could make it something worthwhile." He stepped through the doorway of the house that used to be theirs, together.

"We shouldn't Noah. It would only complicate things," she argued, halfheartedly at best. He released a mocking snort and came dangerously close to her. The edge in his voice cut like a knife. Wounds that would never heal.

"What's to complicate? We're through. You've made it pretty clear that you think we're not good for each other anymore. And tomorrow, maybe I'll get closer to believing that. But tonight, let's just give in. Forget about regrets, tears, everything. Let me love you like I'm not terrified of losing you for good, like it'll actually matter."

He didn't really give her a chance to say no. But then, Rachel couldn't be positive she would've stopped him even if she'd had the chance. Noah kissed her like never before, like never again.

His touch burned into her skin, running deeper than she could remember. Noah rocked over her, inside her. His arms felt strong and unyielding when they wrapped around her. For a moment, she allowed herself to forget that this wouldn't be her life anymore in mere hours. For a moment, they lived in that moment like it wasn't their last. She gave in to what she wanted, what she felt, what she loved.

Rachel kept telling herself that the tears weren't worth a few stolen kisses that took her breath away. The night was only the beginning of the end because when the sun came up, everything would change. But since pretending that the next day didn't exist felt so good, she let her nails drag down his back, marking him as hers for one last time. Her heart felt like it was being torn in two with every thrust. Each time his lips sucked at her skin, she wanted to cry out in agonized pleasure. She knew no one would ever fit with her so perfectly and yet so imperfectly at the same time. He brought her so high, she almost forgot the lows.

But the lows always came, never far behind.

Before the sunlight streamed through the open windows, she watched him get dressed. Seeing his back as he walked out for the last time, she couldn't help but wonder if she was about to make the biggest mistake of their lives.


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