"Wrong... Again."

Itachi bit his tongue in order to keep a swear word from escaping his lips. It was truth – he was not easily irritable, but his 'sensei' was insisting on teaching him a rather useless technique he wasn't getting at all. And why would the man want him to learn such thing? … The only conclusion he could get was that Madara was actually demented.

"Is this really necessary?" He spoke slowly

"Of course it is." The other gave him a firm nod "You cannot even call yourself an Uchiha if you can't perform this technique."

"I refuse to call this gibberish a technique…" Itachi turned his head to the side.

"Very well, then I refuse to keep teaching you."

"What I meant to say" The youngest Uchiha chose his word with caution "Is that I don't see how this will help me out. Shouldn't you be teaching me techniques that will really boost my chances of killing the Uchiha?"

"Haven't we already been through this?" The masked man muttered "I can guarantee you've become much stronger. Now, this has to be done."

With a sigh, Itachi put one of his hands on his head, his fingers going through his dark locks to the point of touching his scalp. He looked down for a brief moment, before turning at the man again and tilting his head to the side and back slightly before running his fingers through all the length of his bangs.

"Well, then?"

Everything was quiet for a moment, until Madara shook his head and pulled himself away from the wall he was currently leaning against.

"No… It's all wrong…"

"I give up…!" Itachi threw his hands to the hair, finally losing all his patience

"Oh, no mister, you won't give up, or so god help me!" The Elder Uchiha pointed an accusing finger at his direction, before intertwining his hand with his locks, and doing a perfect hair flip.

At this point Itachi was already fed up of the other's tendency to act like he was better than him in every possible way, and to try to prove it too.

'At least I'm not so old I can't even lift my…'

"Aren't you going to try again?" Madara's annoyed voice interrupted his thoughts, and he sighed once more.

Did he regret going after that insane man? Most certainly yes.