(This is takes off right after the last episode.)

Beth's POV

Mick shut the door behind him as he kissed me, I wrapped my arms around him to embrace him. I could feel my pulse going faster so I knew he could hear it and I felt his lips smile against mine. His hands began to roam my body, a small moan escaped my lips. He picked me up and I wrapped my leg around his waist, he started to head to my bedroom. It set me down on the bed, I scooted back slightly wondering how I held my breathe that long in the kiss. He kicked off his shoes, he climbed onto the bed. Kissing him again was a real treat, his hands moved to my sides, rubbing them slightly moving under my shirt. I wanted to be with him forever. I moaned, "turn me…" I knew that was the only I could stay with him forever.

His kept kissing my neck and whispered, "no.."

"Yes…" I begged in a soft voice which was almost a whisper.

"No Beth…" Mick said in a low voice, which almost made me shiver.

He remove my shirt, then kissing my chest.

"Please…" I begged again, being stubborn.

He stopped what he was doing, meaning I broke the moment. "No Beth, I can't turn. I won't."

"Why?" I looked up at him.

"Because, I'm not going to kill you then turn you into a monster," he replied.

"Mick St. John your not a monster," I sat up. "It is the only way I can be with you forever," I added.

"Won't a life time be good enough?" He asked.

"No…. I'm selfish," I smiled.

"Your stubborn," he muttered.

"That's why you love me…" I stated.

"I'm not going to turn you and that's final," he said sternly.


"Because I want to stay human and your not ready even if I wanted too."

"Fine," I said then he rose a brow then I added, "I'll call Josef, I bet he will."

Within a second Mick was on top of me, his face pale and his eye silver along with his fangs out. I gasped at him.

"See.. Your not ready, you would freeze up. Plus that's probably how Josef would do it just for the kicks.." Mick explained then let his vampire-ness go away so he looked human.

"That means nothing.." I said in a small voice.

Mick just looked at him, firmly. I sighed finally giving in that I wasn't going to get turned, tonight.

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