Bad hunt

Quicksilvers pov

My 'baby-sitter Claw is kind of strange I thought to myself. I could swear I saw that marking on his neck before and his claws seem all to familiar maybe its just a bad memory of when I supposedly invaded this peaceful valley. Ahead where to medium sized caribou but I quickly learned that we weren't hunting caribou.

"Caribou coming up." he wispered a little to quiet.

"I see them." I wispered back.

"Do you remember how to hunt." he asked me.

"Yeah ppsshtt of course I do." I lied.

"Oh really then what's the first rule smart one?" he asked sarcasticly.

"I forgot." I told him weakly. Then he made a strange twitching move as he snarled "Always go for the kill!". Then he lept on me and bit hard into my throat as I shouted.

I clawed him in the snout to break free of his death grip.

"What the HELL!" I shouted with rage. "The caribou are over there stupid ass!" I growled.

"I know." he smirked then without warning slammed into a rock breaking three of my left ribs.

*cough* I spat out blood as I coughed. He was staring at me wildly with an insane expression on his face. He then procede to bite my neck again this time much harder. Then I realized he was going try to kill me so I bit into his leg and broke it.

"Aaaahhhh!" he shouted then he reapetedly punched my ribs until he felt satisfied.

"Bane ordered me to make your death as slow as possibe so I will but first he told me to get some info." he said smiling calmly while limping around me.

"What info?" I asked coughing up more blood.

"How you got your talent Quicksilver." he asked me.

"Talent what the hell you and him are insane." I told him.

"Look if you tell me know I won't kill you slowly so easy way or hard way?" he asked while grinding his huge nidex claw.

"I don't know what yuor talking about and how do you know Bane?" I asked him.

"Shame you have to die but I'll tell you before I gut you. You when you invaded you placed my here as a spy you don't remember?" he asked. I thought about it then shook my head no.

"Well anyway before that stampede one of Bane's men came to me with his orders and know we are at this." He said. Then he sighed and dug his index claw into my stomach.

"You know in death they say your entire life flashes before their eyes let me knoe if the info flies by." he stated with a look of confidence on his face.

I paused and my eyes got wide.

"Actualy...",I started,"yeah I don't see crap and now neither will you." I said this time I was smiling as I clawed claw's left eye.

"Ayyyyeee!" He shreiked. Then I pushed him off of me as I saw Angel, Garth, Lily, and Humphrey all standing there.

"Did you all see that" I sputtered as I passed out.

About an hour later: aftermath

Angels pov

"I still can't beleive claw would backstab us after all he did." I said shaking my head.

"I know it was my fault I trusted him." Garth said. Then winston, eve, and our pack healer a middle aged brown wolf named love came out talking. Then Winston started' "It was all our faultswe let our gaurd down and we can't do that again.".

"How is he?" I inquired. Everyone stared at me even Winston.

"Something wrong?" I asked. They all shook their heads in unison.

"No but its fair to say he is going to be out for a while all he did was ask for you, someone called Devlin, and you Humphrey." Love replied.

I blushed "he asked for me?" I asked a little excited making everyone stare at me again.

"Well", Love started, "to start yes but you can't see him for a while because his ribs are broken his stomach still needs attendind to but his neck is fine also he has some assorted cuts and bruises."

"Oh well tell him I said hey." I said.

"I will now all of you need sleep we have a meeting tomorrow." Winston ordered. We all groaned and went to our dens. I went to sleep in my den thinking one thing he asked for me.