Somewhere in Hyrule field, on a cold and snowy night…

"It's cold…" complains a young boy with, long lavender hair that covers his bright crimson red eyes, wearing a long violet tunic and dark red pants and shoes. He shivers as he sits in a small pile a snow.

White snow… He hears a feminine voice speak to him on the wind.

"What's white? What's snow?" he asks innocently looking at the snowflakes that fall on his small hands.

It is something that isn't red… the voice on the wind speaks again.

"Where am I?" he asks out loud, but hears no response. So slowly he gets up and looks around at his surroundings to figure out where he is.

An eerie voice speaks from within the snowy blizzard "Are you lost, little one?" the voice asked in a mocking voice. It was a woman. he looked up into the speaking woman's hungry glowing red eyes "I want…your blood!" as she exclaimed as she launched herself at him with a crazed hunger look in her eyes and her glistening white fangs bared.

'A vampire…!'

The young boys red eyes widened huge in fear at that, and staggered back and fell back into the snow. His small terrified face looked up scared at his attacker as she grabbed on to his arms to hold him in place. He struggled as much as he could to get out of her grip, but no avail, and grew tired from the struggle.

Just as the crazed vampire leaned into his neck to bite him... a long thin sword came down and sliced right through her from head down, Blood spatting onto his cheek. And the vampire then burst into blue ashes and blew away in the wind like dust, to reveal a young woman with long dark hair and pale skin, a long black dress with frills on the ends, and a long black furry coat and tall boots. The girl put the Katana away back its sheath on hip. She walked up to him and kneeled down to his level. "Are you alright?" she held out her delicate hand to offer to help him stand up.

He looked up at her face. "S-Siarra?" He stuttered. He remembered her name as he recognized her face.

Siarra smiled softly and nodded as he put his hand in hers and held it tight. "That's right little one. Come on, let's get out this cold." He stood up then hugged her legs for warmth. She held onto him and picked him up, and cuddled him close to her soft, warm, chest. He wrapped his arms around her neck to hold on. Then Siarra carried him deep into the Minish woods…

Siarra brushed his long lavender bangs out of his face, and held him tighter in her arms. He fell asleep earlier. She was walking through the woods for a while, looking for the just the right spot. She turned her head to her right and saw a lone stump sitting in a circled snowy area. 'That's the one' she thought smiling. She poked his cheek. "Hey…wake up. Where here." Slowly his eyes opened, he blinked a couple of times "Follow me." He nodded in understanding and held onto her hand.

She put him down on the ground, but held tight onto her hand. Then led him to the huge stump a couple feet away, it was a very old tree stump, it looked as if it had been there dead for centuries. But things aren't always what they seem at first glance…

Stepping up onto the huge stump; she pulled him up onto it, he squeaked slightly as she pulled him close fast. "Close your eyes little one. It won't take but a moment. Ok?" He said nothing, but obeyed. He held onto her as she started singing a spell in language he started to recognize… And in a shimmer of purple and green sparkles, they vanished…

AN/ Yay! I hope you will enjoy this! This is my secret story I as working on. For those who know. :D Heehee! What will happen next? Only time will tell…