Title: Legacy

Summary: It's been six years. Everything is different still Eragon feels the same. Post Inheritance. Arya/Eragon. Because someone just had to fix that ending.

A/N: WARING Me = MAD: Seriously Paolini? I wait this whole time and I don't even get a real kiss? On the boat if they would have kissed I would have been satisfied (well maybe not entirely but more than this) now the book just feels unfinished. A lot of loose ends…and sure that's life (but the point is, this is fiction so there shouldn't be any.) What about the magic users? What about Murtagh and Thorn? What about Nasuada ? Hu? Hu? (Random though: what was up with Arya and Eragon getting drunk/high in the tent?)

What about Eragon and Arya – who clearly love each other (or whatever) but can't be together. That's the beginning (or the middle)of a book, not the end of one. Paolini should have just told everyone he needed three books more instead of just one because this book was just about wrapping things up – in an not so very neat- little package. Okay I'm done with my rant.

Best Inheritance quote: "Eragon Shadeslayer, Vanquisher of Snails.… I would strike fear into the hearts of men wherever I went."


It was his birthday. Twenty and four years he had lived. He was truly a man now. Except he looked almost exactly like he had more than six years ago, when he killed Galbatorix in Urû'baen. He felt a lot the same, just more relaxed but with a purpose. Less blood thirsty.

Still it was his birthday and he was not happy. But then again, he never seemed to be. He could be filled with mirth and joy but somehow be completely unhappy at the same time. Haunted by what could have been. Haunted by things that had been – the lives he had ended, the things he had left behind. So much left behind for something he knew was right.

Little one, you should tell the others it is your birthing day. I don't know why you insist on hiding here. It really is quite pathetic. Saphira landed on the open stone floor fifteen feet away. Their cave was many miles up and looking out from it he could almost see the ocean. The island he had found and together with the elves and decided was perfect for their purpose, was so large so that only at the top of the great mountain, that sat in the near enter of the isle, could you see the ocean.

Thanks Saphira, he thought and turned to her with a smile. Pull your tail inside the ward, you making it cold. He told her and she huffed but did as she was told and the air around the large opening seemed to rippled as the ward that held of the cold and anything that was out to harm them re-settled itself.

A little cold isn't going to hurt him; my hatchling will be as strong as me. Saphira huffed and settled to look at the blue-green egg on the cushion by the fire. Fírnen and me, she added and he felt a flicker of the same sadness he always felt when he thought of Arya.

We really should send it to Arya, to see if-

No, roared Saphira. My egg stays here. His rider is not yet out there, we must wait. Eragon knew this, she had kept telling him that since she had first brought him the egg after having left abruptly nearly two years after they had left. She had flown far to the northern parts of the island to lay her first egg and then several days later brought it back for him. The whole event had puzzled him but he had not told anyone of if. He still hadn't, choosing to keep Saphira's egg a secret.

But how can you know that? Eragon wondered in amazement looking into her great blue eyes. He'd always wondered how she could be so sure. He, as much as her, loved the dragon inside it. Both because it was Saphira's and because it was the only concrete thing he had of Arya's or at least her dragon.

A mother always knows. Saphira said turning away to look out over the light forest that covered the island.

We should at least tell Arya. She is going to be upset that we kept this from her. This was something that greatly worried him because he did not want to lie to her, even by omission. Still he had, maybe because he feared she would want him to send the egg to her and try to make it hatch. The thought of it not being with him unsettled him more than it rightly should.

Arya Dröttning does not seem to care much about us anymore. It is sad but truth. She does not care or she would have come to see us.

She does care. Eragon said defensively. Just because Arya, like so many of the other elves, had not come to see Selene Island as he had named it, to see the work he was doing, or because she only would talk to him rarely via the scrying mirrors, it did not me she did not care. He had to believe that.

She's here by the way. Saphira puffed some smoke out making him choke and with a big claw stroked the egg. Eragon stared at her as he coughed.

Arya is here? He asked in shock as his body began to tingle with warmth and excitement. She had finally come to see him – or at least the Island.

No, stupid. Vilmera. The new rider. Saphira shrugged and motioned for him to get up so they could fly down to the small cluster of tree house that made up the elf village. He threw a last glance at his stone chambers – his bed, his desk and the egg before getting on Saphira.

Oh I had forgotten about that. This was the girl Arya had called rash and young. A human – the third one, an egg had hatched for since the death of Gallbatorix. Arya had wanted to wait to send the girl to the island but the system they had decided on was two years in Ellsmera with her and two with him on Selene. It was a much faster and more vigorous study pace than in the old times but like much else things were changing. Needed to change.

"Take us down." He hollered with joy as Saphira out from their cave and spread her massive wings. This was where he belonged – free in the air with Saphira.


"Eragon Shadeslayer, Master of the Riders. It's an honor." The young woman greeted him in the way of the elves and the pale, almost white dragon next to her ducked her large head respectfully.

"Vilmera dragon rider, welcome." He said softly while making the expected gestures of greeting too. "Welcome Dragon Ringa." He said to the dragon, but his eyes quickly turned back to Vilmera. "I am very pleased to finally meet you."

She had straight flaxen hair, down to her waist. Her skin was a soft gold and her eyes the lightest of brown he had ever seen. Like mild honey. She wasn't as young as Eragon had thought from the way Arya spoke of her. She clearly looked out of her teens, even if not by much. Since she had been a rider for around two years she would have stopped aging at the same time so she was probably just a year or two younger than him.

Then she giggled and then as if horrified she had done it covered her mouth with her hand and Eragon could see the youth Arya had been speaking of. He smiled at her which in turn made her cheeks turn a bright pink as she began to apologize. The elves around him seemed almost as if they would take offense, even if they were regularly forced to deal with two humans, two dwarves, a Kull female – and a young elf girl of barely ten and four years (which in compared to human years Eragon soon realized was about seven or eight.) They had grown more lacks in their strict way of keeping to tradition but some things still could offend them.

"Come. Let me show you around." He said offering the blond girl his hand, to take her away from the elves and staring eyes of both dragon riders and riders. She had already greeted them as he had been late for her arrival. She took it with a sort of astonished and dazed look, and let him lead her away as her dragon loomed over them following.

Selene was a beautiful place – now it reminded him of Ellesméra because the elves had done their best to recreate a feeling of home – but even before that its wild beauty had struck him. Vilmera kept going from giggling to amazed – both at him and at the large plants and beautiful flowers. This was fairly normal behavior; both the human male riders who had first come to Selene had been awkward and stuttering around him. It annoyed Eragon something terrible.

The Kull woman had challenged him to a fight the first night which he had won and after that she had treated him with respect but not admiration or wonder. The dwarfs had acted the most normal and Kiline – the young elf girl found elf ears on a human funny but was otherwise fairly uninterested in him. It seemed the humans had the most problem with being normal around him but he hoped to not have to go through the awkward state with Vilmera, by trying something new. Talking to her like a person. They had time, the festivities for her arrival would begin at nightfall.

"There is a small pond just this way, if you would?" Vilmera had stopped her giggling and was now smiling sugary sweet at him. For a second as he stood a few feet away he was surprised he found her truly beautiful. He had thought that no one would ever measure up to Arya but this girl was everything Arya was not but still as beautiful. Perhaps more beautiful, to most of his kind.

Her figure was not the athletic thin one of the elves, but the curvy and soft of a human. Even if her features had changed slightly due to the dragon magic she was still very human. Still as soon as he thought it he felt his stomach tighten and for a second he thought as he looked away into the forest, that he saw Arya. Her slanted green eyes, her long dark hair – her pale skin and the smile she so rarely had worn during the time he had known her. He thought of the many times he wished of waking from his dreaming state and seeing that smile. Too many to count.

"I wondered…" she surprised him by saying and as they reached the pond and sat on the grass. Her dragon was too large to accompany them through the tight foliage but Eragon could feel the young dragon close by. Vilmera seemed to have overcome her initial shyness and giggling, as if something more important had occurred to her.

"You wondered what?" Eragon asked as he let one of his fingers touch the water to make a small ripple. It felt strange to be alone with a beautiful stranger in such an equally beautiful place.

"If…" Her words got stuck halfway out. He didn't speak worried he might stop what she was about to say and there was something serious about her all of the sudden. "I was wondering about the queen." She said it quietly, but to Eragon it was like she had shouted at him.

"What about her?" He turned stiffly, careful to keep his face passive as he looked at her feeling himself get aggravated.

"You left her. She didn't leave you." She said quickly not looking at him but at the beautiful meadow and pond before them. "Correct?" She glanced at him.

"No one left anyone." Eragon said his mood going from bad to worse as he got up, wanting to be away from her. Maybe his idea about having a conversation to minimize how fluster she became around him had been a bad idea.

"I am sorry." She said in the ancient language he supposed so he would know she really meant it and reluctantly he turned back to her. "It was not my place. I was just wondering because the queen still grieves and despite our differences I have come to care for her during my time in Ellesméra." She said it with a small voice and Eragon wasn't sure what to make of her words. He was glad Arya had a friend but her words confused him. Islanzadí's death had been hard on Arya he knew, but it had been six years…

Instead of trying to figure out what he was thinking and what he wanted to say he simply offered her a hand up."I will take you back. The feast will start shortly. You will want to clean up from your travels."


He stared at the fairth he had made – not of Arya as was his usual motive – but of Carvahall. He missed Roran even if they spoke through the scrying mirror every week. His and Kathrina's daughter was growing fast and their second child, Bridger, was just turning four. Still he missed them, but not as much as he missed her. Eragon let the image of the mountains be replaced with one of Arya. It was the same picture as always, the same night. On the boat as she raised her fingers to his lips to stop him from speaking, the last moment he had with her.

Looking down at the fairth he threw it away from him, out over the water of the small pond. To his surprise the fairth only went half way across before it seemed to snap back and flew over his head. He turned in shock as Vilmera stood a few feet behind him with the fairth in her hand, clearly having used magic to save it.

"It's the same." She said in clear surprise as she looked at the fairth in her hand. Muttering a few words in the ancient language he made the picture she was looking at disappeared and Vilmera gasped in surprised and what he guessed disappointment.

He left the blank fairth in her arms, he had plenty more he could put the image that haunted him so on. He had avoided the newest rider the whole week she had been on Selene, not liking the way only a glance of her seemed to full his mind with thoughts of Arya and what he had lost by leaving.

"No wait. Stop." She called after him, and he felt a twinge of anger. Vilmera clearly had no sense of boundaries and he wished he'd let her stay with Arya in Ellesmera until she had managed to instill some in the girl. "She has one too. Of you. It's the same place. The same night-" She talked fast as she followed him and he could hear the panic in her voice.

He spun, not sure what he wanted to tell her. If he wanted to shout at her or cry on her shoulder. He felt tears prick at his eyes. A weight he didn't know he had been carrying seemed to lift from him.

Arya did care.

She did think of him.

That night it had not just been him that wished for something different.

"I knew as soon as I saw it. I mean back in her rooms – I thought you might be dead because it was such sadness about it. So I asked her. I had seen other fairth's of you - but the one she had was so different I first didn't realize it was you. But it was and the emotion in it…I wondered, I wanted to ask but she wouldn't talk to me. But now I see it. It's why she's sad, why she won't take a mate. She loves you and why she's not-"

"You are too young to speak the way you do." He told her, deciding to be angry rather than to let go of his emotions and cry.

"She never told me but I heard the rumors. She's looking for someone to take over the throne. She is looking so she can come here." Vilmera exclaimed like she had just figured something out, like the world was alright again because she had figured the mystery of Arya out.

Eragon felt his face turn cold. Arya was giving up the throne?

"She would not do that, her people-" Eragon felt truly confused. Arya had been so sure in her decision to stay. So sure, which is why he hadn't pushed. She was queen, how could she give that up. What would the elves think?

"She's not an elf anymore Eragon. She's a dragon rider." Said as if she had read his mind but more likely just his face. The young woman in front of him smiled. "I bet she's on her way her right now. They were calling a council the day I left. Maybe they were going to choose then. The elves always do things so slo- Ohh." As Eragon stood numb Vilmera looked up as a shadow, as large, if not larger than Saphira's bulk passed over them. The green dragon flew over head and Eragon felt his heart leap.

Arya wasn't making plans to leave.

Arya wasn't on her way.

She was already here.

Hope you enjoyed!