Part III

So Max sailed for a long time, and he magically made it home THE EXACT SAME NIGHT HE LEFT. Seriously, I think this is ripping off Narnia!

Anyway, Max made it home, but he was all, "My mom's gonna kick my ass for biting her and leaving! Shit, I'm in trouble!"

But the mom was all, "Yay you're home! I didn't even call the police or try to find you! But fuck that shit, you're home!"

And she gave him food, and he ate it.


No, seriously. That's how it ends.

Hey, don't get angry at me. I didn't make this.

Yeah, yeah, I was GREAT, right? ;)

A/N: I really do love WTWTA. It's one of my favorite movies, and I still love the book, too. :) I just thought this would be fun.

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