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Baby Marimos

By Angelwings Sorrow

Chapter 1 "Concrete Angel."

What a glorious day on the Thousand Sunny. The seas were calm the sky was clear. There was not a care in the world. The only sound that could be heard was the yell of their fearless captain as he sailed through the air after being kicked out of the galley yet again.

"Damn it Luffy you just had breakfast! Stay out until Lunch!"

"But Sanji I'm hungry!"

"No way No how. Were are running low on supplies. We need to conserve food until the next island. Oi Marimo that means Sake too!"

"What?!" Zoro had only been listening to the cook's usual rant but dropped his weights when his booze had been cut off.

"You heard me no more booze." The blond cook glared as he lit a cigarette.

"Sanji-kun is the Laundry done yet?"

"Yes Nami-swan I even ironed them." 'And made your beds and dust your room trimmed the trees…' the list went on and on. Sanji knew that Nami took advantage of his kindness but he never complained. Growing up he suffered the worst kind of rejection as a child which made him starved for acceptance. So he didn't mind being a walking doormat but lately the others and Nami especially had been heaping on the chores that he hadn't had a decent night sleep in the last three days.

"Cook-san, are you alright? You seem to be a bit pale."

"I'm fine Robin-Chawn. It is so sweet of you to care." He kissed the hand of the archeologist. "I just need to bask in you beauty and I am reenergize."

"If you say so Cook-san, but I will take your watch tonight."

"Oh I couldn't let you. You need your rest because we need you to guide us through any ruins we find on our next adventure."

"You are very kind but I would feel better if I knew you had a proper night sleep, besides Swordsman-san has been very agitated as of late. I believe he is feeling neglected." Robin sent the cook a small mysterious smile before leave to find quiet spot to read.

'What does she mean by that?' Shaking his head he headed back into the galley not noticing the piercing eyes following his every move.


The next few days were more of the same. He didn't get that night off as Robin had offered. Just before he was done with the kitchen Nami came in with a list of things that she needed done before they reached the next island. She then processed to tell Robin that since Sanji was going to be up there was no reason that Robin should be on watch. The archeologist didn't get a chance to protest as Nami lead her way to go over a map she got from the last island.

"Oi Cook-bro you don't look so good."

"Well I feel fine. Now I wanted to tell you that the cola is done I need you and Marimo to move the barrels to the storage."

"Fine. Oi Zoro-bro! Let's move some cola!" the Cyborg shouted waking the napping swordsman.

"Never mind that! Franky Zoro there's a ship Dead ahead!" Luffy crowed from his spot on the lion head.

"Is it the Marines?" Usopp asked as his knees began to shake.


"Let me see." Nami grabbed the binoculars hoping that the ship might hold treasure. "It's not a pirate ship but it looks like it's heavily damaged. Whatever treasure that was on it might be gone. I say let's keep going."

"No I want to explore it. Zoro, Sanji, we're going aboard!"

"Aye, Aye, captain."

It wasn't long before the three were on there way in the mini Merry. Sanji was grateful for the reprieve of chores and relaxed on the way to the abandoned ship. It would be about a ten to twenty minuet ride to the ship he planned on a quiet snooze when a small wave knocked him into the Marimo.

"Oi cook get you bony elbow out of my gut."

"Awe did I hurt your delicate skin?" Sanji crooned.

"Knock it off."

"Oi! We're here!" Luffy Jumped up and launched an arm up to the mast pulling himself on board. "Guys it's bad up here."

This surprise the first-mate and cook. Their Captain never thought anything was ever bad or hopeless. So to hear him say it was bad had them jumping on board in a heartbeat. Once on board the first thing they saw was blood. A lot of blood. There was bodies lying scattered on the deck and the trail continued on down below deck.

"This was a massacre." Zoro hissed as the may there way below decks.

"Shhh! I hear something." Sanji glared as he picked up noises. They were very faint but they were there. He followed the sounds to a closed room at the end of the hall. "In here!"

"You sure cook?"

"Yeah." He tried to open the door but it was lock. "Stand back this door is coming down."

With one swift kick the door flew off its hinges. The three rushed in to find a blood bath and faint crying coming from what looked like a laundry basket.

"S-s-save them." A gasping voice called from the corner of the poorly lit room.

"Save who? Who are you?" Zoro question as he helped the man to a chair.

"I am a doctor. The babies. Save them." Sanji's visible eye widen and he ran to where he heard the crying.

"Luffy get Chopper!" the babies were naked and bloody from what looks like after birth. Without any thought he took off his shirt and ripped it in half. Then he began to wrap the tiny bodies up for warmth.

"I'm on it! Oi! Chopper!" The captain yelled as he raced out the door.

"This is not good their bodies are cold."

"They need warmth to survive." The doctor wheezed.

"Zoro take off your shirt."

"What?! Hell No!"

"Do it Marimo! They need to get warm and Body heat is the safest way to warm them. The best way to get body heat is skin to skin contact now take off your damn shirt! If you don't I'll kick you all the way back to the Sunny!"

Zoro was taken back by the seriousness in the cook's voice but he was fast with complying. Once his shirt was off a crying baby was thrust gently into his arms press against his chest. The tiny body was cold any colder and the kid would be dead. The cook had a right to be worried. Soon the cries turned into soft whimpers as he soaked up the warmth from the Swordsman.

"Oi Shitty Doctor when were they born?" Sanji demanded as he held the other baby close to his chest.

"Last Night… After the Slaughter… Sukora barely lived long enough to give birth." The Doctor pointed to the dead girl on the table. "Please I need to take you body home. Her mother will want her returned."

"We'll take her home."

"Cook you can't Promise that."

"Shut it! I can and we will! Luffy will agree with me. She died to save them it's only right we take her and the babies to her home Island." The glare on his face turned to shock and a blush covered his face. The baby in Sanji's arms had begun to try and suck on his chest looking for mama's milk. "Oi! Doctor when have these guys eaten last?"

"They haven't…"

"What?" The Growl coming from the cook had Zoro willing himself not to step back. "How could you not feed them?!"

"Sanji he's not really in the shape to feed anyone."

"No excuse. What can I give them?"

"There is formula and…(cough) bottles in cupboards over the stove behind you. Diapers are in the bag by the door." The Doctor was barely hanging in there but he was impressed with the protectiveness of the blond. The guy would make an excellent father.

"Marimo here take this guy. I need to get them food." Sanji did not wait for a reply before placing the child in Zoro's arms.

The swordsman struggle to keep both babies steady with out dropping them but soon they were settled whimpering for food. Before he could yell at the cook to hurry he saw an unexpected sight. In the dimly lit room he could see scars littering Sanji's back. Some were new from some of their adventures but a lot of them were faded and old. He watched the cook heat water in a pot before dropping the bottles in the he emptied the cupboards in to a large burlap sack before fishing out the bottles and testing them on his wrist.

"Here we go. Two bottles heated to perfection." Taking one of the babies with one arm he handed a bottle to Zoro. "Here feed him gently. Give him a few sips then take it away so he can breathe. Then repeat and don't for get to support his head."

"How come you know so much about babies?"

"I just do, now feed the kid or I'll kick your ass!"

"Hn." This was a new side of the cook that Zoro had never seen before. The Sanji he knew was a filthy mouth perverted who kick you across the Grandline and back again and cook meals fit for the gods. He didn't think Sanji was the baby type of guy. Then again he did baby the girls by granting their every wish and catering to their every whim. But this was different. This was a tiny human being and they were so delicate. Zoro followed Sanji's instructions to a 'T' for fear of not only hurting the baby but having the cook kill him with that Flaming kick of his.

"Oi ZORO SANJI WE'RE HERE!" there was their fearless leader with the calvary.

"So much blood somebody call a doctor!"

"That's you Chopper." Usopp sighed as he followed the others to through the ship.

"This ship is crying I can feel it bro."

"Oi Chopper in here! We got a doctor fellow badly injured and two newborns!" Zoro shouted causing the twins to whimper and Sanji's death glare for startling the infants.

"Newborns?!" the tiny Reindeer ran into the room.

"We got the kids for now chopper but the Doc is pretty bad." Said Sanji waving off the small doctor.

"Right." Chopper quickly ran over to the bleeding man. "Can you tell me what happened?"

"I was attacked with a Kukri. I defend myself by moving out of fatal hits and taking minor ones. Then I played dead until the Marines left."

"Marines?!" The Straw-Hats were shouted that Maries would attack a civilian ship.

"You have lost a lot of blood, but these cuts aren't too deep. You'll be alright once we get you back to the Sunny." Chopper announced before he changed into his human form shocking the other doctor.

"A devil-fruit user?"

"Yeah we have a few of them. Usopp take the burlap sack and the bag by the door to the sunny and put it in my room but don't touch anything." Sanji ordered as he gently burped the baby in his arms.

"G-g-got it."

"Luffy, Cook made a promise. I think we should keep it." Zoro added quietly as he followed the cook's example in burping the baby.

"What is it Sanji?"

"I promised that we would take the girl back to their homeland. She died bringing these kids into the world. She and the kids should be given back to the family."

"They are not her children but please Captain-san let me take my niece home to my sister." The Doctor begged.

Luffy said nothing. He looked at the man being held by the ship's doctor and then at the lifeless girl on the table. He then glance that the chibis held by his cook and first mate before making up his mind. "Franky wrap up the body and bring her with us we're taking them home."

"Sure thing Strawhat."

"Thank you, Thank you." The doctor sighed in relief before passing out.


Once on ship Sanji took both infants to his room and shut the door. The last thing he need was the crew bursting in and endangering the babies. He was lucky his room was connected to not only the kitchen but the Bath as well. Sanji wasted no time in gently bathing the boys in a small bucket and dressing them in warm baby jumpers.

"There you both are lookin' better already." It was a sad smile that graced the cooks face as he set the Sleeping twins in a make shift crib he made out of his foot locker. It had been years since he last cared for a baby and the pain of lost still hadn't dimmed a bit.

"Cook-san, is everything alright?"

"Yes, Robin-Chan. The chibis are sleeping."

"Are you sure you seemed to be far away." When the archeologist entered Sanji's room she saw a man lost in a painful memory. Ever since she met the cook he seemed to be as carefree as the rest of the crew but looks as she knew from experience could be deceiving.

"I'm sure just lost in thought. How is the Doc?"

"He is resting. Doctor-san said that it was amazing that he lasted as long as he did. I have cleaned the girl up for a proper burial for when we arrive at their island. Doctor-san says he needs to look at the infants but was afraid that you would kick him if he came himself. But from what I can see they both look good."

"Yeah the babies are fed, clean, and dressed. They didn't fuss too much I think that they are just tired from everything."

"Cook-san Maybe you should lay down as well you have been over doing it lately."

"Naw I'm good besides the chibis need to eat again soon."

"Robin, Chopper says the Doctor is awake and needs to see Sanji." Usopp called quietly as he poked his head.

"You go Cook-san I will watch the babies."

"Thank you. Robin-chawn, you are so kind." Sanji smiled, before he placed a kiss on her delicate hand. "Okay Usopp I'm on my way."

Sanji took this small break from the twins to have a smoke. He was going to go through some serious withdrawals with the babies on board. Maybe it's time to dig in to that giant Jar of Lollipops that Vivi sent him for his birthday. She had been on him for forever to quit smoking. Well at least he'd quit until they took them back to their mother's home island.

"You really should be resting."

"I will but I must get this out before I can rest." The Doctor said as he sat up. "First of all I want to say thank you for you help and for agreeing to take my niece home."

"It's no Problem old man." Luffy Smiled.

"So what happened you? The ship was like a blood bath." Nami questioned. She was the only one not excited with the arrival of their new guests.

"Well I think I should start at the beginning. My Nami is Kurai, Takashi and I am from Hope Island."

"Hope Island is a Myth Bro." Franky glared.

"I can assure that it isn't, but we are hard to find because we are such a small island."

"What's Hope Island?" Chopper asked now curious.

"It's a Baby Island Deer. You can't have a baby they can give you one, but for a price."

"I'm a Reindeer! Wait they sell babies?"

"Not like that, at least not anymore. You see over 20 years ago our leader was a greedy man. He used our blessings for profit, even his own daughter. On our Island some of the girls are born with the ability to become Surrogates. They carry babies that have a blank DNA. Couples that come to our Island hire a surrogate to have a baby because they can't have one of their own. That is why we are called Hope Island, we give hope to childless couples. Our former Leader rounded up the girls and would breed them until their bodies gave out. That was until a Pirate freed us from his rule."

"A Pirate?!" Luffy asked excitedly.

"Yes maybe you heard of him his name was Gol D. Rogers."

"THE PIRATE KING?!" Everyone's jaw dropped.

"Pirate king?" the doctor chuckled. "Well he wasn't yet king when I met him. But I can see that he would do amazing things. Anyway I have gotten off track. As I said Our surrogates are hired for having children who can't. Well this was My Nieces first delivery and was the first in two generation to produce twins. Normal the girls stay on hope Island until they deliver, but her contract had a clause where she had to sail with the parents until she gave birth. Sukora agreed because she wanted to see the world outside our home but she did not want to go it alone. I readily agreed to go with her that way I could ensure she had a safe delivery. You can never predict what the sea will throw at you.

The couple was excited about the baby but seemed really nervous. I thought it was at the prospect of being parents but that was not it. Every time we made port they were constantly looking over their shoulders. Yesterday afternoon we were found by a Marine Galleon ship. I didn't think it was anything to worry about until I saw the woman Su Li pale. We were boarded and the man Ganju argued with the Vice-Admiral Koyashi shielding Su Li from him. Turns out Su Li was the wife of the Vice-Admiral and ran away with Ganju.

Koyashi followed them but was always three steps behind them. He followed them to Hope Island and was beyond furious when he caught up to us. The Vice-Admiral did not want kids and took Su Li to a butcher of a doctor to ensure that she would be unable to bare children. At first the men just argued neither man giving way but then Sukora came up from below deck. Once Koyashi saw her he lost all sanity and drew his sword. That was sign for his men to attack. The Marines fought the crew and I struggled to get to my niece. Koyashi killed Ganju and Su Li before he chased down Sukora.

He slashed his sword and she fell down the stairs. It was then I was defeated and stuck down where I stayed until The Vice-Admiral Called off the men saying that the Traitors were dead and then they left. When I was sure they were gone I dragged myself downstairs. I had to be sure she was gone before I could morn the loss of my niece. When I got to her limp body I notice she was sweating even though it didn't look like she was breathing. She was alive but the fall caused her to go into a premature labor. I was able to wake her and I got her to the kitchen. She went through ten hours of labor even though she was heavily wounded. The boys were born healthy but I could not care for them because my first priority was to try and save my niece but she died begging me to save them. In the end I failed because I had lost too much blood and pasted out. And that was how you found me. Thank you for saving the children and granting Sukora's last wish."

The crew was in shock. Koyashi was monster and he was definitely on their shit list for trying to kill the two innocent infants. If they ever ran into the bastard then they would show no mercy. For now their mission was to get the Doctor and infants to hope Island.

"I have a question Dr. Kurai. How is it that your Niece can have a baby with out DNA?"

"We are unsure how it started the history was lost over the centuries but the girls swallow a special pearl and her body fills in the rest of the genetic coding. Then nine months later they give birth. Couples can even choose if they want a girl or a boy by choosing a surrogate with either pale pink or pale blue hair."

"Why would a couple want a kid with no DNA?" Chopper wondered. This went against everything that Doctorine had taught him.

"Because after the child is born it accepts the DNA of the first two people who they come into skin contact." Takashi said as he stared at the Cook and first mate.

"You mean the babies are now yours?" Luffy asked.

"No I was wearing gloves."

"T-t-then that means…" Usopp was stuttering in shock.

"ZORO AND SANJI HAVE BABBIES!" the little reindeer shouted before passing out.

"Hell No! I'm not having kids with Curly brow!"

"Then don't Marimo." Sanji was relieved when he heard that the twins were his to keep. Then maybe an old pain could finally heal. He was not so keen on having the Shitty swordsman as the other father. "I touched them first and force you to help so they are my kids. I'll take 'em and raise 'em."

"And teach them to be skirt chasing morons? I don't think so they are my kids too!"

"Like you even know how to take care of baby let alone two. They are staying with me in my room. If you wanna help out, then help but other wise stay out of my way."

"You two sort that out on your own time. Dr Kurai, how do we get to Hope Island?" Nami said now completely annoyed that the infants would be staying with them for the unforeseeable future.

"I have an Eternal Pose in my medical bag. We have been at sea for so long I do not know how long it will take us to get there."

"Leave it to the Sunny, it'll get us there in no time!" Franky boasted.

"Great Let's GO!" Luffy Shouted and race out of the room excited about their new adventure.

"Sanji-kun just so you know what ever you need to buy for your kids is coming out of your pocket. I won't be increasing your share and you better not slack off in your responsibilities." Nami said coldly before taking the Eternal Pose that the doctor had.

"I understand Nami-san." The cook bowed before leaving the room he had been away from his boys long enough. If the shitty Swordsman wanted to follow it was his choice but he had to get out of there.

As the others filed out of room Zoro pulled the navigator aside. He had just about enough of Nami's constant whining and complaining. She had been an around bitch to Sanji and he was sick of it. At first he thought that the crazy fool would wise up after a few adventures where the guy almost died, but no. The idiot ran right back to being the ever faithful lap dog.

"Alright Sea-witch I want you to back off the cook starting now."

"You can't tell me what to do, Zoro. There is nothing wrong with me reminding Sanji about his responsibilities."

"As First-mate I have a responsibility to my captain to make sure the Crew is not abusing one another. Sanji knows his duties and has never faltered in carrying his weight. You have No right to address the issue or the right to bring it up in front of everyone."

"Hey I Make sure this crew can function efficiently. You all would be sailing in circles if it weren't for me. Sanji is the only one who seems to understand that and follows orders."

"You are the Navigator it's your Job to guide us. It is not your job to over work the cook! You get him to do anything with just a few promises that you never intend to keep. That's why you rely on him. The others don't respect you enough to listen to you. Lately your requests have been tiring him out and his food is starting to feel the effect. Today with your little stunt with his pay has cross the line. You are not the Captain, Luffy is, and I am going to tell him to give the Job of Treasure and Pay outs to Robin and for your share to be cut."

"You can't do that! I worked hard for those berries! I get the Lager share because I take the bigger risk!"

"No You take the bigger share because you won't let anyone near the Berries once we got them back to the ship. Until you earn our trust Robin is in Charge of the Cash."

"Why are you suddenly so worried about Sanji anyway? Is it Because he now has your brats to…." Nami couldn't finish what she was saying because she was thrown against the wall and Wado was at her throat.

"I'd be very careful of what I say if I were you. Now Leave Sanji and My sons alone or Luffy will have to find a new Navigator."

"Zoro that's enough Put Nami Down I think she gets the point." At the command of his captain The First-mate dropped Nami and sheathed his prized Katana.

"Luffy did you see? Zoro just went crazy!"

"Yeah I saw but I heard everything too. Robin You'll be in charge of the berries until further notice. Sanji will be relieved of night watch and any extra duties out side of cooking. He needs to focus on his kids now."

"As you wish, Captain-san." Robin Had been using her devil fruit power to watch and listen to the meeting in the infirmary. When She notice Zoro pull Nami aside she thought it would be wise for her captain to witness the conversation. Had they not been there it was a good bet that the swordsman would have killed Nami with out a second thought.

"But Luffy…"

"Captain's orders Nami. Zoro you better go check on Sanji I heard the twins crying on my way here."

Aye-aye captain." Zoro gave Nami one last disgusted sneer before heading to the galley and Robin silently followed.

"Nami you are very important to me but So are the rest of our Nakama. I can't have you all hurting one another or using one another without thought or care." Luffy knelt down before the crying Navigator.

"I know that this attitude you have had lately isn't you. I know you are really a good person. Until you face what is bothering you or at least talk about it so we can help; Robin will be taking over your responsibilities. As Captain the safety and Happiness of the crew comes first. You haven't been happy in awhile Nami and I miss your smile. So when you're ready to talk I'll be here." The Rubber-man place a gentle kiss on the Navigator's forehead then left for the upper deck. Nami was too stunned to do anything more then cry at the mess she had made.


Zoro couldn't hear any crying when he entered the galley. Instead he heard a soft alto voice carrying a soothing melody. Quietly he opened the door to the cook's bedroom to find the tall blond singing to the chibis in his arms. It was a sad haunting melody that should be sung by a girl but sounded so perfect coming from the cook.

He walks to school with the lunch he packed
Nobody knows what he's holdin' back
Wearin' the same suit he wore yesterday
He hides the bruises with linen and wool

The teacher wonders but he doesn't ask
It's hard to see the pain behind the mask
Bearing the burden of a secret storm
Sometimes he wishes he was never born

Through the wind and the rain
He stands hard as a stone
In a world that he can't rise above
But his dreams give him wings
And he flies to a place where he's loved
Concrete angel

Somebody cries in the middle of the night
The neighbors hear, but they turn out the lights
A fragile soul caught in the hands of fate
When morning comes it'll be too late

Through the wind and the rain
He stands hard as a stone
In a world that he can't rise above
But his dreams give him wings
And he flies to a place where he's loved
Concrete angel

A statue stands in a shaded place
An angel boy with an upturned face
A name is written on a polished rock
A broken heart that the world forgot

Through the wind and the rain
He stands hard as a stone
In a world that he can't rise above
But his dreams give him wings
And he flies to a place where he's loved
Concrete angel

Zoro could say nothing as he watched silent tears run down Sanji's face. Instead he took the sleeping chibis one by one and places them in their crib. Then he sat on the bed and pulled Sanji on to his lap. The Cook didn't protest but instead he curled into the strong arms and soaked up the comfort they offered.

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