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Baby Marimos

By Angelwings Sorrow


The Double weddings couldn't have been more perfect. Both Robin and Nami looked beautiful. Sanji was practically glowing as he walked down the isle with his beautiful ladies on each arm. He couldn't have been more honored then to expect the role as father of the brides and reluctantly give then away to their chosen men.

Raiden and Mokuba were glowing with happiness as they watched their newly adopted parents recite vows to one another. Mokuba's arm was still sore but he was adjusting to the new limb. He thought it was cool to have some resemblance to his new dad. Once the dye from his hair had completely faded away all we surprise to see he had midnight Black hair just like his mom.

Raiden was still extremely shy and slight embarrassed at the attention he got from his new mother and father. When the hair-dye wore off, his hair resembled a thunder cloud with streaks of lightning. Luffy thought the blonde streaked sliver gray hair was awesome. He had taken to calling his son Stormy and ruffling his static hair often.

The Boys were thrilled to play the part of ring bearers for their parents' ceremony. They would have never thought that they would end up here with Parents that loved them. Norio had really messed with their heads telling them they weren't good enough for anything. Raiden was constantly called a monster as he was tossed around. Mokuba was taken by force and told he was worthless not even a good lay. Their self-esteem was lower than dirt. Even though they had nightmares they were working through it with the help of Chopper and Sanji. The Cook knew what they had been through and could relate. In time the boys knew they would open up to their folks but for now they were doing alright.

"This has been such a beautiful Wedding." Sanji sighed as he leaned on his husband's shoulder.

"Hn, ours was better."

"Shut it Marimo. This is their day let them shine. We can have a wedding night do over later." The blond teased.

"I'm just glad there are no more psychos after your sweet ass." Zoro snorted as the couples started to march back down the isle. They pushed mini Sunny and followed the wedding procession to the reception.

"Yeah I just have a Psycho Marimo after my ass."

"I'm not after it, I own your ass." The swordsman smirked and grabbed said ass.

"First off you don't own me. If anything I own you, you shitty swordsman. Second, save it for later, I got to cook this evening." Sanji kissed the cheek of his possessive husband before heading to the grill. "Stay with the kids and keep them all safe. Once this party gets started you'll probably be the only one sober enough to keep an eye on them."

"Fine but don't forget you owe me a do over tonight."

"I never forget a promise, especially to my loving husband." The Love-Cook gave Zoro a saucy come-hither look full of promise of what was to come before he disappeared into the crowd.

"Well, boys, there is nothing left to do, but to sit back and just enjoy the party. And enjoy the view." The swordsman smirked as he watched his wife's swaying hips. Life was prefect. Well as prefect as you could get for a pirate. With Grog, Food, friends the Luffy Wedding party was in full swing and there was nothing to spoil it, so it was best to enjoy the carefree life. Nothing could or would tear them apart ever again.


His body hurt all over; even just the rays of the sun hurt his body. That had been some fight they had. It was a fight that they all lost. He lost all of his Nakama and his husband and one of his sons. He had run straight for that fucker with that terrible power. The power that made his friends disappear. He and Zoro shouldn't have battled with the chibis attached to them like that but they were left with little choice being attack by a robot while they were out shopping. Once he was touched by that hand he was sent flying and all he could do was to hold on to Akihiko for dear life before all went black.

"Akihiko! Where's my son?" Sanji sat up like a shot before grabbing his ribs in pain.

"Calm down stranger. Your child is safe."

"Who are you, and where am I?"

"Why you're on Kama-Bakka Kingdom of the Grand Line. I'm Emporio Ivankov, but you can just call me Ivan."

"AHAA!" Surely this must have been Hell and not Kama-bakka. He was surrounded by ugly men dressed as women. Now he might have been gay but this would give anyone nightmares whether they were gay or straight.

"Well I can see where your son gets his crying from. You're quiet the screamer."

"Where is Akihiko?"

"He's with my second in command Inazuma. He is the only one the child would not cry with no matter which form he is in." Ivan laughed as Inazuma brought Akihiko forward. Then just for fun and a display of his power he charged the clover haired man into a woman freaking Sanji out in the process.

"You had better not done that to my son! I'll kick your ass!" The cook snatched his baby away from the man turned woman.

"Relax I don't change children their cell structure is still changing and it would cause more harm than good. You on the other hand are another story. When I got here I was told that my girls found you on the beach clutching that child tightly in your arms. Your body was severely injured. After prying your son from your arms they clean you up the best they could but you remained unresponsive. With my power of the Horm-Horm fruit I was able to help speed up the healing process reducing the scarring. It seems you've been quite the battle young man. Unfortunately I could not take away the older scars on your back they were too deep to fix."

"That's fine. I lived with them this long I hardly remember they're there. How long have I been knocked out?"

"Two weeks."

"Two Weeks! I got to get out of here NOW!"

"You're not going anywhere in that condition." Ivan pushed the father and son back on to the bed as the blond tried to get up.

"Thanks for fixing me but I got to go. My captain needs me and my husband on other son is waiting for us."

"Captain, hmm? Tell me who is your captain? Surely they will understand that you were ship wrecked."

"I wasn't ship wrecked. That bastard with the robot body and weird hands sent us here. I am Sanji Blackleg-Roronoa of the Straw-Hat Pirates and Monkey D. Luffy is my Captain."

"Straw-hat is your Captain? I don't believe it. Inazuma bring me the wanted posters."

"Here you go Sire." the Clover haired woman hand over the stack of posters.

"I don't see any with your picture on it. There is one with the name Sanji Blackleg not Sanji Blackleg-Roronoa. There is a Zoro Roronoa but he is nothing like you either."

"That Marimo is my husband we only been married a little over month, the Marines don't know yet. As for the Crappy picture that is not me The Marines can't draw worth crap, but the name is mine."

"See you just said this is not you so you are not a Straw Hat."

"I Am Sanji Blackleg I married Zoro Roronoa and Luffy is my Captain. I am not claiming that ugly photo!"

"I'm having a hard time believing anything you say with you shouting."

"Where's my Wallet? I have my wedding picture."

"Here it is Sire, Mai found the photo and placed it in a frame." Inazuma retrieved the photo from the bedside table and handed it to the Kama Queen.

"What a handsome Family you have. Well I believe you married The Pirate Hunter. Who wouldn't want to marry that hunk of man?" Ivan whistled.

"That Hunk is my man." Sanji growled. He was nothing if possessive.

"Yes, yes. I am curious though if you have been married a month how do you have to cute children?"

"Long story short we found them after they were born. Their mother was a Surrogate from Hope Island. Now they are ours. I need to get back to the Sunny and I need to find the rest my family. At least give me a news paper I need to see what's happen these past two weeks."

"Very well, you shall have the paper, even if I don't believe you are a part of Straw-Hats crew. Inazuma get the paper for our guest before he tears something." Ivan wave his assistant over and gently took the cooing infant from his reluctant father.

"What is that monkey Thinkin'? Okay if that's how he wants it." Sanji scanned the picture and the article but he got his captain's message loud and clear. "Looks like we're going to be here a while Aki-chan. I hope you daddy and Shizu-kun are doin' alright."


"Rorona, I thought you left this island? What are doing here?"

"I just need some food for my son. His formula has run out." Zoro panted as he held the baby in his bloody arms.

"Green Man! Is he alright?!" a girl with bubble gum pink hair came running over to the swordsman taking the child from him.

"Shizuka is fine just hungry."

"Kami you must be an idiot taking a baby into a swordfight."

"Ghost Girl, take the child and feed him. There is no reason he should suffer for his father's stupidity."

"I have a name Father! Pe-ro-na!"

"If you didn't eat the devil fruit I would not call you Ghost Girl." Dracule wave his hand in dismissal. "You should have just stuck to fortune telling like your grandmother had done. Now you just float around while your body gets fat and lazy."

"I am not fat and lazy! The next time I see Daddy I am telling him you said that! Come on Chibi let's get you some food for you." Perona pulled the bag of baby supplies from Zoro's shoulder and left the swordsmen to talk.

"I must say you surprise me Rorona bring you son to my island and take him into battle." Mihawk stated as he continued to read the paper.

"It wasn't my choice to come here. As for Shizuka, it's good training to study a battle up close. I need to get back to my wife and other son. I need to get back to my captain and crew."

"Ah, yes the Straw-Hat. He is making much news these days. Here see for yourself."

The paper was tossed at Zoro's feet and was picked up by his bloody hands. His captain was making waves but the message had been received. Even if it took a minute to understand the message, he understood. He dropped to his knees and bowed his head to the floor.


"You disappoint me Zoro. You would ask your enemy to instruct you? Have you no pride? Leave at once I'll do no business with a wretch like you."

"…" Zoro refuse to rise from his place in the floor.

"What you are doing? You're only humiliating yourself."

"I want to get stronger!"

"I have nothing to teacher a man who can't finish what he starts. Thrashed by the monkeys and unable go out to sea, and in front of your son no less…"

"I beat the Monkeys."

'He defeated them?!' Dracule was shocked. No one other than himself had beaten the monkeys.

"You're the only one left to take down. But I'm not stupid enough to think I can beat you."

"I don't understand. You would Kowtow to a mortal foe and beg him to instruct you? Why?"


"Heh, heh, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA!" The older swordsman threw his head back in laughter. He hadn't laughed like that in years. Perona was shocked went she entered the room and saw her father laughing.

"You want me to teach you the sword so that one day you can take my head? You're strange one! HA, HA, HA! You're still a shameless fool. So you value something more than your pride. See to his injures Ghost Girl!"

"Don't order me around Father! I swear I'll call Daddy!"

"And what would that one arm lout do to me?"

"I don't know love there is many things I can do to you with just this one arm love."

"Shanks! What are you doing on the line!" Mihawk snatched up the transponder snail receiver.

"Did you forget you left the receiver off the hook again?"


"I'll take your silence as a yes. Now you leave our baby girl alone. She just fell in with the wrong crowd and has learned her lesson. Haven't you Sweetheart?"

"Yes, daddy. I'm sorry and I will never do it again." Perona pouted. She hated when disappointed her daddy.

"Good girl. Now I got to go. I will meet you both for your birthday at our favorite place. I wish I could spend more time with both of you but Luffy really stirred up the marines. So I'll see you both in a few days. Love you both."

"Bye, Daddy! Love you!"

"Good-bye, Shanks." The Spanish swordsman hung up the receiver and turned to his new pupil. "Well this gives you a week to heal Roronoa, Zoro. I want you in top form when we start to train. Daughter, show him and his son where they will be staying."

"Alright Father." Perona lead the young father upstairs to an old part of the castle that hadn't been use in years but it was still clean. "This was my nursery when I was a child. It should be comfortable for the two of you."

"Thanks." Zoro plopped down on the bed and opened the paper back up.

"So what was all that with My father and why do you keep staring at that photo?" the ghost girl asked as she place the chibi in the crib.

"My Captain sent the crew a message. See what's written on his arm?"

"Well there is a 3 and D but they are crossed out and a 2 and Y."

"We were supposed to meet to go to the New World in three days. But Luffy changed his mind. We all are to stay where we are and get stronger."

"So what's the 2Y?"

"At the Sabaody Archipelago we meet in two years."

Two Years Later

"What is that Mommy?"

"That My son is… A REAL WOMAN!" The tall blond nearly went into shock. Two years on that kami forsaken island. His poor son exposed to their weird distortion of the female form.

"She is Pretty."

"Yes Son, just like I have dreamed of day after day."

"Looks like we have to say goodbye now, Sanji-kun Akihiko-chan! We'll miss you!"

"I hope we never see you again! But thanks for bring us here. Give Ivan my regards!" Sanji turned to the Kama-maidens and flipped them off. With the Trauma that he and Aki went through he wouldn't be surprise if his son would be gay when he was older. Not that he care about that as long as Akihiko found someone to love that's all Sanji wanted for his son. But Seriously his son's view of women was totally messed up thanks to those Kama's warped version the female form.

"Where's Daddy?"

"We'll see him soon Aki-Chan. I hope your brother is alright we have heard from them in months."

During their time away he knew that Shizuka wouldn't have been able to sleep or cope with him and Aki being gone for so long. Sanji also knew that all his tapes were still on the Sunny. But being the smart caring wife… I mean husband that he was he had place a transponder snail in the mini Marimo's diaper bag should his Marimo father get lost he could call for help. Given the distance it was a gamble on if he would be heard.

So every night Sanji would sing Aki to sleep with the snail on in hopes His Marimo's would hear it. After the third week Zoro responded back grateful that Shizuka was finally asleep. The cook wept that night happy that even though they were far apart that his family was safe.

"Zuka said he train with Uncle Hawk and Daddy."

"I know but still I worry about him."

"Not Daddy?"

"Your daddy can take care of himself. Now let's go meet the others."

"Okay." Aki smiled as he took his mother's hand.


"Chopper!" Nami squealed hugging the now grown Reindeer.

"Nami! Usopp! I missed you guys. Hey who's that kid? He's making my fur Puff out."

"He's my Raiden Cloud. He had a real growth spurt in Weatheria."

"H-h-hello Chopper-san." Raiden was a foot taller and his Silver blond streaked hair now stood straight up but he was still very shy.

"Raiden wow I didn't recognize you." Chopper reverted to his chibi reindeer form and was smaller than the eight year old.

"That's ok Chopper-san." Raiden blushed and scooted closer to Nami.

"Let's go to the Sunny I have all these packages to put away. I want to redecorate Luffy and my cabin before he gets here." Nami smiled.

"Ok mom I got the bags." Cloud popped under the bags and followed the crew to the ship.

"That's my Raiden Cloud." Nami kissed her blushing son's cheek."


"Sunny we made you wait two long years. I'm glad you're safe

"Huh? Mokuba! Look at that Beautiful woman over there."

"I see Dad."

"Is that Our Archeologist and My Gorgeous wife Robin?!" the huge Franky cyborg Posed connecting his stars on his massive arms in his typical Super pose.

"You haven't changed one bit Franky." Robin laughed before running up the gangplank and into those massive arms. "Missed you my dear Cyborg of my heart."

"I missed you to love. It's been too long."

"Uh can you wait to do the mushy stuff in your room?" The teen Blushed.

"Mokuba! You have grown into a handsome young man." Robin left her husbands arms to embrace her son she though she lost in the terrible attack. "I was so worried I would never see you again."

"It's okay mom. Dad was able to grab my hand before we were hit with that paw-paw move. Good thing too, I grew a lot and Dad was able to upgrade my left arm with a new lightweight metal so it doesn't hurt or feels weighed down anymore. I also got a few surprises in my arm as well."

"That is amazing Mokuba! I guess we all changed over these past two years."


"Yes Moku?"

"Thanks for the letters. I know it was hard for you to get them to Water Seven, but I don't think that Dad or I would have made it this long without them." The raven teen hugged his mother tight with his real arm so his metal one wouldn't crush her.

"There is nothing I wouldn't do for you son, or your Father. Now we're together again and that's not going to change for a long time." Robin kissed her tall son on the forehead. She was finally home. She was happy that Franky and Mokuba were together these two years. She had worried that they all had been separated from one another. She wrote letters to Franky through Iceberg in hopes that they were in contact. She prayed that the father and son were together because it harder to think of her son lost and alone without them. Even though she did not receive any letters back because it was too dangerous in her heat she k]]new they were thinking of her too.


"Hey, Fisherman! How's the catch today? Can you sell me something cheap?" Sanji and Akihiko had met up with Rayleigh only to find that not only were that the two Roronas were the first to arrive but had left to go fishing. Well it couldn't be helped, besides he had a ship to stock up for their journey. It had taken the two blonds over an hour to clean out the frig and store room. Now it was time to fill it back up again. They would run in to Zoro and Shizuka sooner or later.


"What's wrong?" the two came upon a distressed Fisherman.

"Oh no! He's gone! The green-haired guy…"

"Green hair? What's happened?"

"This is terrible! There was this fellow with three swords. He said he was bored and wanted to take his boy fishing. I told him that they could come fishing with me if they wanted.

"He had green-hair, three swords? Was he wearing a haramaki?"

"That's right! And he had only one eye."

'One Eye?' this was the one thought that ran through the father and son's mind.

"Is this the Guy?" Sanji pulled out the old wanted poster and showed it to the worried man.

"Yes, is he a friend of yours?

"We're acquainted."

"I told him to wait on my boat while the boy and I got bait and rods. But when we got here I saw him on a pirate ship right next to it. I yelled 'Not that ship!' but it was too late. That ship was already coated and is probably on its way to Fish-Man Island. Gone forever"

"That idiot! I thought it was strange he'd get here first. I should have known he'd get into trouble right away. Where's the boy?"

"I'm here Momma." The green haired child called from his seat from the front of the fishing shack.

"Zuka!" Aki was so happy he ran to his twin and nearly hugged said twin to death. Sanji smiled at the pure joy of his sons' happiness. He let them catch up with one another and returned to the business of stocking the ship.

"Aren't you worried about your friend? That's a pirate ship! They'll kill him!"

"No it's alright, don't worry that thing ain't easy to kill. At least I can tell the others what happened. Anyway you got any fish for me? "

"Hey, look in the water! Something's surfacing!" another fisherman yelled.

"Huh?" the cook's attention was drawn back to the bubbling water.

"It's Huge! It's a Galleon! That Huge Pirate Ship's been cut in HALF!"

"Did it break under the water pressure because of a bad coating job?" people gathered on the docks as the wreckage surfaced.

"You…ruined our dreams for the New World!" A half drown pirate yelled.

"Fate's a fickle thing. Consider that payment for kidnapping me."

"Kidnapping you?! You're a stowaway!" another pirate screamed.

"Phew, got on the wrong ship." The Stow away replied as he sheathed his sword.

"He's Back. Like I care." Sanji Glared at the wet figure making his way to shore.

"DADDY! PAPA!" Two small voices shouted one of them running to man shaking out his green hair.

"Shizuka." The man picked up the child.

"Nope. Guess!"

"Akihiko! You're here!" a smile spread across the Swordsman. "You've grown so much!"

"I missed you Daddy! Mommy's here too!" Aki wound round the thick neck.

"Is he now?"

Sanji Continued to glare at the moss-head unhappy to be ignored. Three Months! It had been three months since he hear a word from that inconsiderate bastard! Did their vows mean nothing to him? What about their sons? He didn't know if Shizuka was alright and Aki was just as worried not hearing from his father or brother. As soon as the boys were asleep in their new beds he was going to kick the bastard back to where ever the hell he was.

"Momma? You okay?" Shizuka tugged gently on the pressed pant leg.

"Of course Shizu-kun." Sanji smiled softly picking up his green-haired son. "I have missed you very much My chibi Marimo. I just wished your Father would have called more often to let us know you were alright."

"Miss you too Momma." Shizuka buried his head in the spice scented neck. It was the same scent he remember as a baby when his mother would rock him. The smell of spices with a hint of smoke comforted him. He was glad no one could see his face as he let a few tears of relief and happiness go unseen.

"Hey Curly-brow, I see you made it Number 7."

"7?! How Much more insulting can you get, Zoro?"

"It's true. We have been here for a week."

"Whatever let's go we have shopping to do. The others will be at the ship soon and we're going to need food."

"You do that; Number 1 wants stay here and fish."

"Will you quit ranking us by when we got here! You got here first we get it. Now follow me so you don't get lost!" Why was this man so stubborn? Sanji didn't know if he wanted to kill him or kiss him. His Marimo had grown more handsome in these past two years. But he would not give into temptation he was still pissed for the three months of silence.

"Daddy, Mommy, right. No food. I'm hungry." Little Aki pleaded.

"Fine let's go. I have to make sure your mother doesn't for get the Sake and grog." Zoro smiled at the mini Curly brow. Aki wore his hair just like his mother parted to cover the right side of his face. How he miss his wife and son these two years. It had been hard on him and Shizuka. The calls and the night time songs had helped but it was just too hard to keep the pain of separation from overwhelming him.

The last three months he distanced himself from Sanji trying to block the pain to train his mind not to worry about his lover. He knew that if he worried about Sanji or his Boys in battle he would lose it. He had Perona take care of Shizuka while he and Mihawk went to a deserted island to finish his training. For three months he trained on a remote island close to Mihawk's castle away from all distractions.

When he returned to Shizuka it was hard to get out of the mental block. It took the two weeks trip to bring down the wall enough to see his son again. Those blue eyes were same color as his mother but they were serious like his. When he saw Akihiko the wall crumbled even more with those expressive green eyes glowing with happiness and love. Unfortunately the wall went back up with his love cook radiating such hostility.

"Grog goes on the bottom of the list. Let's hurry." Sanji snapped walking away still carrying Shizuka.

'It's going to be a long night if he's going act like the Prissy Princess.'


The Family of four met up with Luffy who managed to get himself spotted by the Marines. They the gown ups managed to defeat the pacifist as the twins got a head start running back to the ship with the supply balloons. Shizuka and Akihiko were picked up by Chopper and his giant bird friend who then scooped up the three men running from the marines.

Once back on the ship the two boys remained close their father as their mother was suffering from a massive nosebleed. They were too young remember the crew when they had been separated, just vague feelings. They smiled when the two older kids that came by and ruffled their hair. Both boys could agree that they were happy to be home with their Family.

"Are we getting under way Nami?" Luffy asked once the bubble was raised around the Sunny.

"Yes. Go right ahead Captain."


"It won't be the first time or the last." Sanji smirked as he lifted up Shizuka into his arms.

"You got that right! But you've always been like that" Usopp laughed.

Luffy smiled and lifted ridden up on his shoulders.


"YEAH!" the crew shouted.

They were on their way


"Okay you two it's time for bed two." Sanji sighed as he tucked in both his sons. It was great to have both of them here together.

"Night Mommy! Night Daddy!" Aki smiled and settled in to hiss new bed. Franky was able to transform the two cribs in to toddler beds while keeping their names on the headboard.

"Night Papa, night Momma." Shizuka hugged both of his parents before settling down into his own bed.

"Night chibis." With the light switched off the two children drifted off to dreamland as parents retreated to their room.

Sanji retreated to his side of the bed and sat down not looking at the swordsman. He had already taken his coat and tie off so he could help the chibis bathe while Zoro was left with the washing up after dinner. His posture was anything but comfortable. He sat there rigged and stiff with his arms crossed over his chest. The cigarette look like it would fall apart before he was done smoking it, with all the gnawing and grinding his teeth were doing to it.

"So are you going to sit there in a bitch fit all night, Princess?"

"I am not having a bitch fit Moss ball I'm thinking of ways to kill you in your sleep."

"I doubt you could do it." Zoro snorted as he removed his swords and hung them gently on the wall. Then he proceeded to take off his long green coat and haramaki.

The cook watched with narrowed eyes every move the Marimo made. He watched as the idiot took off his boots and dropped them next to his dress shoes. Yes he was still mad at the man and would not claim him as his husband until he got an apology.

"Oh I know I can. You sleep like the dead you stupid bastard. I'm surprise no one has killed you yet."

"That's because I can kill them before they even get to me while I sleep." Zoro smirked as he plopped down on the bed. "You know it's been over two years since we were in this room having the same fight."

"And what fight is that we've had so many."

"This is the fight where you won't tell me what's crawled up your ass, because I know it's not me."

"And you call me a pervert. All you think about is sex."

"Sanji what's bothering you? I've said it before I am not a mind reader."

"I shouldn't have to tell you why I am pissed. There is only one reason for me to be this angry with you!" The growled then took his ruin cigarette and mashed in the ashtray. He stood up and started pacing the floor. "Three Months Zoro! Three fucking months, and I didn't hear one word from you. I didn't know if you were alive or dead. I didn't know if Shizuka was being cared for."

"I told you I was going to do mental training with Mihawk before we signed off last time. You knew we were not going to speak again until now."

"Yeah I knew but that didn't stop the worry or the pain. You know I was living in my own personal hell on Kama-Bakka. Sure Akihiko keep me focused and together during the day, but at Night? You were the only one keeping me sane especially after a fight with a Kama master that tried to put me in the fucking ugly dress. Do you know what nightmares I had of reliving some of the days I had on the Bella-Rose? I would wake up afraid was back there still a slave and always the whore!"

"Shut up! I told you are never to call your self that again!" Zoro jumped to his feet and grabbed Sanji hard with both hands not caring if he left bruises.

"Yeah well that's how it feels when you get used and the one person you love the most acts like you are nothing but the dirt beneath his shoe." Those blue eyes began to fill with tears but the blond refuse to let them fall.

Zoro's eye widen in shock. Was the wall he created from training so well formed that he didn't notice how bad he was hurting his lover. His hand dropped from the arms they held and he sat back on the bed.

"You are not dirt Sanji. I'm sorry I'm like this but I did it for us."

"For us I don't under stand."

"When I was training the last three months I block you and the kids out of my mind so I could fight on with out distractions. I did it to get stronger not just for Luffy for our family so I could protect you all. There is a drawn back to this kind of focus Mihawk warned me but I didn't listen. He said the Wall was easy to build but almost impossible to bring down. Shizuka was frighten of me when I return to the castle because I couldn't bring that wall down to see it was my son and not an enemy."

"You didn't…"

"No I didn't attack him, but I wasn't welcoming either. It took the two weeks for us to get here for us to get use to one another again but I know it's not the same as it was. It kills me inside to know it but my head has blocked me from expressing anything."

"But you smiled at Aki-chan this morning and you laughed with Luffy at dinner." Sanji knelt in front of the stoic Swordsman; trying to understand what was happening to the man he loved.

"Akihiko has your eyes, even though they are green like mine, they show his feelings and his pure heart. I could feel the walls crumble down some if not completely and I could feel again. Luffy has the same affect just not as strong. Shizuka is too much like me serious silent, in a way he has the same wall; I have yet to see him be care free and just laugh for fun."

"I see." Sanji laid his head on one of his husband's strong thighs. "I really don't know what to say. You were like this for so long before we got together. It took almost a year for you to let your guard down to see you had feelings for me. I love you but it hurts not knowing if you still love me. Yes I was angry with you but I want you to smile at me like you did with our kids. I was even jealous of Luffy because he received one of you rare smiles."

"Yeah I could feel your anger radiant off you most of the night it's what's kept my wall up. I feel like should be preparing to go into battle instead of getting ready to make love to you after 2 years of not."

"I know the feeling I wanted tonight to be special. Just you, me and a whole night of sex to make up for the years we missed. But how can we do that if you can feel anything and I can't see what you feel. It hurts."

"There was another reason I want to build the wall. I have never care for any one as much as I care for you. Even Kuina who was more like a sister to me wasn't that close to my heart as you are. You are the only one I have ever loved and it killed me to apart from you. Each day I felt like I was dying inside. I need to block the pain and be strong for Shizuka. I thought that after we were back together that the block would go back down I then I would only use it for battle so I could be unbeatable. But I didn't listen to the warning about how strong the block could be and now it has locked everyone out."

"You stupid Marimo." Sanji snapped but there was no heat behind his words. Instead he turned to up at his stoic husband with a teasing gleam in his visible eye. "This wasn't how it was supposed to be. Your were suppose to shower me with gifts and lavish me with your affections."

"Showering you gifts huh? Well I do have one gift for you." The smirk returned to the tan face. "Lavishing you with affections maybe later after you give me some of the Honey Sake you wouldn't let me have at dinner."

"I made that Sake when I was on Kama-Bakka. It's one of the Special Maiden recipes for marriage. It's suppose to be for the wedding night." The cook blushed. The sake wasn't an attack cooking recipe but a parting gift for Ivan for the couple's happy reunion.

"Hmmm. I can't wait to taste it."

"Wait you said you got me a gift. What is it?" the blond sat up on his knees anxiously waiting for his husband's answer.

"It's a surprise." Zoro chuckled when he was his wife gaping at him. He could feel his wall coming down now that they were relaxing and teasing one another. "But if you close you eyes I'll get it for you."

"Fine." Sanji got of the floor and sat on the bed with his eyes closed. He listen to Zoro's movements around the room then he heard some fumbling around with some things on his desk. Suddenly he felt Zoro take his hand and plop something down on his palm.

"Okay you can open your eyes now."

"You got me my Snail recorder." The cook said with a deadpan face. He wasn't expecting diamonds but he was hoping for a little something that wasn't just taken off his desk.

"No idiot. I recorded a tape for you."

"You recorded a song for me? But you can't sing!"

"Just cause I hate singing doesn't mean I can't. Now I'm not good with words but Perona helped me find a song to express what I feel and I see you. I recorded it over a year ago once I could get over the humiliation of singing into the damn recorder."

"You didn't have to do that for me Stupid Marimo. I love your ugly mugg not matter what." Sanji leaned against the well muscle chest and enjoyed how those strong arms came and wrapped around his shoulders.

"Probably but I wanted you to have something that would tell you with out about That I love you." The swordsman muttered as he nibbled on a pale ear. Then he hit the play button. " So just relax and listen."

"Okay Perona stop nagging me I got the words. Wait for my signal. Hn. Listen up this song is dedicated to My Wife who is one of the strongest men on the Grand Line. Oi Curly-brow Never doubt my feelings for you." Suddenly a music began to play and a deep baritone voice began to float in to the microphone.

I know you've suffered
But I don't want you to hide
It's cold and loveless
I won't let you be denied

I'll make you feel pure
Trust me
You can be sure

I want to reconcile the violence in your heart
I want to recognise your beauty's not just a mask
I want to exorcise the demons from your past
I want to satisfy the undisclosed desires in your heart

You trick your lovers
That you're wicked and divine
You may be a sinner
But your innocence is mine

Please me
Show me how it's done
Tease me
You are the one

I want to reconcile the violence in your heart
I want to recognise your beauty's not just a mask
I want to exorcise the demons from your past
I want to satisfy the undisclosed desires in your heart

Please me
Show me how it's done
Trust me
You are the one

I want to reconcile the violence in your heart
I want to recognise your beauty's not just a mask
I want to exorcise the demons from your past
I want to satisfy the undisclosed desires in your heart

"Zoro… I…" he couldn't stop shaking. Tears were falling and he couldn't stop them. He had never felt as loved as he did at that moment.

"I know My Prince. I felt the same way the first time I heard your voice sing on those tapes. I love you." Zoro was pulled into the most passionate kiss of his life. The cook literally stole his breath away.

"Forever My Marimo." Whispered Sanji and he reluctantly broke the kiss for air. He rested his forehead against Zoro's unwilling to be apart from his touch. He shivered at the rumbling chuckle coming from his lovers chest.

"My Curly-Brow Always."

As the two men began to kiss and explore one another, they did not notice or hear the Nursery door close. They wouldn't know until the next day that private moment had been broadcasted all over the ship. They didn't know that their son had not bee asleep as they had thought but giggling quietly behind the close door. All that matter to the couple was their feelings for one another were finally unleashed and they had all night to sate their needs of one another. Tomorrow was soon enough worry about the New World and what Adventures laid ahead. Tonight was just for lovers.

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