Chapter 1-phone call

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It was yet another day at the starlight house for young girls, when a Jerrica got a phone call from an unknown person.

"Hello, Jerrica Benton speaking." She answered.

"Ello, My name is Samantha Kensington. I'm calling to see if you'd like to hear a new sound of music." The woman said in a thick British accent.

"A new sound? Well sure I'm up for any new band wanting to play music." Jerrica said sweetly.

"Perfect, the band will playing at bar on ocean avenue, and 9:00. It would mean the world to hem if you heard them play." Amber said happily, telling her the address of the place, and with that Jerrica hung up the phone and called in the rest of the holograms.

"What's up Jerrica?" Kimber asked, the other girls seemed curious as well as to why they were called in.

"It seems there's a new band who wants us to come and hear them play at a bar on ocean avenue." Jerrica explained, "We'll be leaving soon to hear them."

"Outrageous! A new band." Kimber shouted.

"sounds cool, what are they called?" Aja asked. Jerrica thought for minute.

"Huh, yaknow, I never was told what they called themselves. The woman on the phone called herself Samantha Kensington." She said.

"Sounds like a prank call from the misfits." Aja said. Jerrica shrugged.

"I guess we won't know until we go and find out." She said, the rest agreed and they went to go see the new band.


"Eric!" Pizzazz shouted as she stomped into Eric's office. Eric, who was less than happy to hear her voice poked his head out from behind the newspaper he was reading.

"Eric! The Starlight industries are going to hear a new band play this afternoon." Pizzazz said her tone voice shrill and irritated. "I want you to go and listen to them too. And if they're any good give them a contract."

"I agree, if Jem and the holograms are interested in this new band they must be good." Riot said walking in after hearing only part of the conversation. Eric groaned.

"Fine if it makes you gets you quiet I'll go listen to them." he said, as Riot gave him the address of the bar they were playing at.


"Where did that Kensington woman say they were playing at again?" Aja asked, they had made it to ocean avenue and were looking for the bar. When a woman with light blue hair jumped out into the road. Jerrica had to swerve in order to avoid hitting her, as she and the other girls jumped out of the car to see if the woman was alright.

"Are you crazy? you could have gotten killed doing something like that!" Aja screamed. The woman stood brushing off her black skinny jeans.

"Oh, I'm sorry 'bout that love, but I didn't want you driving off before you heard the band." The woman said, the holograms stared at the woman as she ran her hands through her hair.

"I'm Samantha Kensington, we spoke on the phone earlier." She said introducing her.

"If you're willing to jump out in front of a moving car, you must really believe in these guys." Jerrica noted.

"Or you're just crazy." Aja noted. Kimber nudged her friend in the arm.

"Oh no, it's quite alright. I do believe you'll like their sound, they're a real unique band you know." Samantha explained.

"There is no doubt about that. If they holograms are scouting them." said a disembodied male voice. The group turned and saw Eric and Riot walking down the sidewalk up to the place.

"Miss Jerrica do you know these men?" Samantha asked, puzzled by the man's appearance. Jerrica glared at him.

"My name is Eric Raymond, I'm producer for Misfits music." He said handing Samantha his card which had a picture of the members of the Misfits on it.

"And I am Riot, lead singer for The Stingers. We look forward to meeting this new band." Riot said taking Samantha by the hand.

"Ah, yes well. I hope you both enjoy the band. They're about to go on stage now." She explained, leading them into the bar and having them sit at a corner booth. The lights dimmed as the announcer spoke.

"Now, put your hands together for the new band, straight out of Edo city. Metal Voice!" the announcer shouted into the microphone. The curtains on stage moved from place revealing, the lead singer; a girl who looked about fourteen, with silver colored hair that was tied off into ponytails, she wore a black cut off shirt that showed her belly, and black leather skirt and black boots. Next the group saw a young woman with electric purple hair, and a laced mini dress and platform shoes. A man with long gray hair, a long leather jacket and a pair of black jeans with buckles playing bass to the right of the fourteen year old he looked about twenty. A man with short black hair and an anarchy Tee playing guitar to the left next to the woman with purple hair, then in the back playing drums, a woman who also looked like she was in her early twenties, wearing a 'British Love' T-shirt, and skinny jeans, her blond hair was tied off into ponytails two on either side of her head.

The lead singer had her back toward the crowd, when all was silent she nodded to the guitar player, who struck a chord, setting the rest of the band into play, heavy rock music.

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