This is my first attempt on a crossover in fanfiction. It revolves around the characters from Kung Fu Panda and How To Train Your Dragon. The story would be about an evil sorceress who plans to use a red saphire to unleash the most deadliest dragon in the history of kung fu to enslave the world and with our main heroes would try to team up and work together to save it. I'll start with the prologue and then I'll start the chapters in about, say, two or three days. Enjoy.

Disclaimer: I do not own Kung Fu Panda and How To Train Your Dragon.


200 long years ago, in the city of Monjong, there lived a quiet and peaceful town known as the Valley of Wisdom. In the kingdom, where two rulers known as Desperar, the lion and Yusihi, the panther, whose skills are discovering ancient artifacts and are using them for good. Their sorcerer, Hushia, the jaguar, who worked for them for a few years, made a secret weapon that would create a jewel so powerful it could unleash a power so deadly that could enslave the world. Just then, as he is about to be finished, the guards came in and destroyed his weapons and plunged them into darkness. With that, there were calls for his death, but Hushia was only banished, never to be seen again. Before she leaves however, she makes a vengeful swear.

"I am not finished with you yet, Desperar", sneered Hushia, "Someday, I'll get my powers back to finish my weapon and when I do, all of the world... will cease to exist."

She then departs from the kingdom. As years went by, the kingdom did not mention any of this to the villagers. Little do they know, Hushia would one day return.

We cut to a hidden cave in a mountain where we see a bunch of alligators are training themselves with kung fu. One of them bowed respectfully to Hushia, who turns out that she has alligators as minions.

"My sorceress", said alligator #1, "It's been a few years. When will we fight?"

"Soon, my pet", said Hushia, "Soon."

She chuckles evilly and we fade to black.