There's a demon in my attic.

Gilbert sat up fast, banging his head on the wooden ceiling as he did so.

"Ahh! Fu-!" Gritting his teeth he rubbed his head trying to get the world to stop spinning.

He stood up away from the shorter part of the attic ceiling where he had been sleeping. He shook his hair out as he patted the dust out of his clothes. "well that was a freaking awesome way to get rid of that bloody nightmare… just bang it out" Gilbert grumbled finally straitening out. He popped his back stretching, as he glanced out the window.

"hmm…?" he smirked amusedly at what he saw. "Someone's buying the house? Finally!" he whooped happily.

The scene out the window was a large front lawn with movers removing the for sale sign along with unpacking a large truck.

Gilbert watched them from the attic window for a couple of hours before another truck pulled up delivering two blondes, a big jockey guy that started conversing with the movers happily. While the other blonde was obviously shyer and was holding an animal carrier, slowly making his way up the lawn enjoying the view of the house.

PV change! Matthew:

"Wow, its so mysterious and wonderful looking isn't it Kumojirou?" Matthew Williams asked his pet, who answered with a shift in weight from the pet carrier.

"Hey, Mattie! The movers are all done wan to take a look inside?" Alfred asked jogging up to him.

"Sure, thanks for all your help Al," Matthew said as they walked up the path to the front door, that was propped open from the movers.

Alfred's phone went off. "Hello...? but- yes? No, you can't do that by yourself- you- dude, seriously? Where are you getting these definitions from, Wikipedia... alright, alright! I'll be there, see ya" Alfred closed his phone sighing.

"They need you right away?" Matthew asked smiling softly. Alfred smiled back sheepishly.

"Yeah, sorry Mattie can you unpack by yourself alright?" he asked.

Matthew nodded "yeah ill be alright ill see ya later, eh?"

Alfred smiled brightly "of course! The hero will come back soon to save you from unpacking all by your lonesome! I'll see you later then Mattie, bye!" Alfred took off to his truck waving good bye. Matthew waved back as he walked inside.

PV change, Gilbert:

So the little shy blonde was the new owner, huh? This was very interesting to Gilbert. He was going to wholly enjoy this night. Watching the petit blonde walk in through the front door, Gilbert stepped away from the attic window. He went to stand in front of the attic door. He popped his neck and charged the door, only to be sent flying back the opposite direction quite forcefully.

"*#$%- Gott damn this seal, I forgot how hard it was to pass." Gilbert got back up, a growl developing in his chest. "Alright, it's been a few too many years since I've done this; let's try it again, with a little more juice." He spoke to himself rolling kinks out of his shoulders. He pumped a small amount of demonic power into himself before charging at the door once more. This time when he got to it, his movement slowed like molasses his body slowly sank into the wood, as he did so the door seemed to peel away his physical body. He hissed at the ripping, pulling feeling, Gilbert pushed forward till he felt the resistance give, which then promptly allowed him to fall flat on his face on the floor of the small hallway that head to the stairway down to the main floors.

Sitting up Gilbert looked down at his hands, the were practically transparent outside the sealed room, the seal having absorbed his physical body and power causing him to look like a sort of ghost, apparition.

Standing up he shook off the tingling feeling of being stripped away. Gilbert smiled mischievously, "time to go welcome the new land lord to the house." He declared ominously as he descended the stairs.

- Author's note:

hello! ^-^ thank you for reading my story. please forgive me if it still needs some work! this is the first chapter and hopefully i will be motivated enough to finish it... 3 but yea! i love Hetalia so much! this is also my first fanfiction on so please be kind, once again! by the way the part with Alfred talking on the phone is really random i actually have no idea what the heck hes talking about or who hes talking to, my guess is as good as yours... my plan was to set them up as a person, put them in a place and let them fly... so please join me on the rest of this ride down a supernatural Hetalia AU! :D