Chapter 11

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Matthew made his way to the only place where he might be able to get his questions answered without people looking at him funny, The Old Time Café. He suddenly needed to know more about Gilbert then what he could learn from his stories and himself. His heart tingled with newly awoken feelings that he knew meant trouble if things ended badly. The truth of the matter was he really enjoyed Gilbert's company, he was funny, kind, and handsome, and the prospect that they could somehow start on a relationship was dizzying. There were problems though like gilberts trapped body and the fact that he was a demon. Matthew just had to know what he was getting himself into, he didn't have the faintest clue on how demons went about dating and relationships, how would he know if Gilbert was serious or was just playing with him.

The sight of the café building relieved a heavy nervous burden from Matthew's stomach, if he was going to find any answers it would be here. He trotted up to the door; much to his disappointment they weren't open yet. He sighed, his shoulders slumping noticeably, causing great amusement to the small auburn haired man that saddled up behind him.

"I didn't know you were so in love with my cooking Matteo." He spoke up cheerily scaring the crap out of the poor blonde, nearly giving him a heart attack. Feliciano giggled patting his shoulder, "do you want to come inside we don't open for another hour."

"Yes please, I actually just came to talk to you" Matthew muttered shyly, trying to calm his racing heart. He let the auburn haired man past him to the door so he could unlock it, following him through when the door was opened for him. "Thank you"

"No problema," Feliciano said happily closing the door and then setting his jacket and keys down on the front host desk.

"Where's Ludwig?" Matthew asked noticing the very noticeable presence of the younger Beilschmidt demon was missing.

"He took the back way into the kitchen, he does that so he can get to the kitchen and clean it before I can do anything to ruin it apparently." Feli sighed sarcastically his annoyance with the other blonde dampened by the blinding smile he always seemed to wear when Ludwig was the topic of conversation.

Matthew was in a happily dazed state, here in front of him was a man who looked no older then he but who was one of the characters of a long time ago bed time story. In was truly a weird experience, maybe kind of like one you would have if you went to Disney world.

"So what did you need to talk about Matteo? Girls, work, money, babies, Ludwig had to explain that one to me but I think I can tell you the main points if you want, or maybe you came to talk about my relationship with Ludwig, he was being so cute the other day, I was sunning myself in the yard when he decided that it was time to work out like he does, he eventually started to strip his shirt off trying to be nonchalant about it too, but that adorable little blush he gets when he thinks of doing anything close to sexual always gives him away." Feliciano giggled rocking back and forth with his hands folded together while he spoke of him like a teenage girl in love. "You would think he would be more secure with that stuff after so long and especially because he's the dominant." He smiled flippantly waving his hands.

Matthew was trying to decide if he should stop Feliciano from talking or if he should just let him keep going, the topic seemed to be heading down an entertaining route.

"And those tight muscles he has, yum" Feliciano purred, reminding Matthew that Feliciano was in fact a CAT demon. This also was the point Matthew decided that it was time to steer the conversation onto un-awkward territory since he was quite sure that Feliciano was now heading down a path he didn't want to hear about.

"Um yeah, I actually came to talk about Gilbert, Feli." Matthew said awkwardly interjecting into the flow of words.

"What do you need to know about Gilbert Matteo? Do you want me to go get Ludwig?" Feli asked suddenly looking worried.

Noticing this Matthew shook his head before the Italian got any bad ideas. "Nothing bad happened; I just wanted to ask some questions about him as a person."

"Oh, what did happen then?" the smaller man wondered ushering them to a near by table so that they wouldn't have to talk standing.

This question made Matthew's face get hot, he twiddled his fingers embarrassed to be talking about it already it had only happened this morning and he still wondered if he had been dreaming it.

Feliciano got a sly look on his face before chuckling, "you guys kissed didn't you!"

"How did you know?" Matthew asked shocked.

"I'm Italian I know these things! Also I've been around, I've been alive a lot longer then you remember?" the auburn haired cat grinned. "So how was it did you like it, was it romantic?" he asked excitedly now.

"Yes it was," Matthew answered shyly his embarrassment just hanging on by a faint blush that was determined to stay on his cheeks. He consciously ignored the first two questions; Feliciano didn't need to know all the details.

"Wow, really? I didn't know Gilbert had it in him, he must really like you!" Feliciano seemed happily surprised.

"Really?" this perked his interest knowing Feliciano knew Gilbert well enough to know that Gilbert had a genuine interest in him had the spark that had made itself known when they had kissed quickly kindled into a flame. However, there were still unanswered questions. "How do demons date do you have a protocol for that?"

"Oh silly Matteo, demons don't date the court and then mate for life." The cat demon smiled at Matthew's look of surprise. "So if you wondering if Gilbert would take a relationship with you seriously there's nothing to fear, we demons are very protective and serious about relationships." He ended his exclamation with a nod of confidence.

"You seriously mate for life?" Matthew asked wonderingly "oh my I don't know if I'm ready for something like that."

Feliciano sat in thought across from the slightly nervous blonde. "Ve, you could just put off the mating, make the courting longer. I'm sure Gilbert will understand you human mentality." Feliciano said looking slightly unsure, like he didn't know if he should say something of not. This made Matthew even more nervous.

"What?" he asked tentatively.

"Well um," Feliciano started out nervously, his tail creeping out from behind him as he, from an unconscious nervous habit, fiddled with it. "There is something that might, (he emphasized might) be a cause for concern." Feliciano pushed out hesitantly.

"you see when the courting is received well and the two individuals connect, something in their blood starts to heat up- oh dear I really don't know if I'm the right one to explain this to you, Ludwig could explain it better I'm sure. Feliciano stressed, though to Matthew it just seemed like he was stalling.

"Please Feliciano just spit it out," Matthew said the curious pressure of not knowing making his voice a little harsher then he had meant it to be.

"When the blood heats up right before the mating, well they fight each other." Feliciano waited for Matthews's reaction warily.

"what do you mean by fight each other why would you do that if you going to mate?" Matthew was overly confused.

"Well demons, in order to survive, developed a system of choosing a mate by power, strength and the ability to protect." Seeing as this didn't clear anything up the older man tried a different approach. "Ludwig is pretty strong looking isn't he?" Matthew remembered the blonde macho man clearly and nodded. "Well that's because he's a special demon we refer to as a royal class soldier, he and his family. If he hadn't been so strong I would have killed him when we mated." The eye widening fear in Matthew's eyes was almost comical. "You see when our blood heats up with, a mating call if you will, a fighting urge is produced it's to make sure that the dominant member can protect the submissive if they have kits. For this reason the submissive are usually very strong in there mate ready years, to wheedle out the weaker of the species and give birth to strong offspring. If the dominant one doesn't win the fight by making the other submit, the submissive could kill them in the fight." Feliciano explained with a shrug.

"How can you take that so lightly, what if you had killed him?" Matthew asked slightly scared of demons and their mating habits. "If the fight is so hard on the both of you how do you not get injured too?"

"Once the submissive thinks about truckling to the other a pheromone is given off that cuts the heat in the blood off like a telephone wire, connection is instantly lost, and the fighting stops." The red head said. "That's why I think you'll be ok, if you have a submitting air about you in the beginning of the heat it might result in no fight at all, just maybe rough sex?" Feliciano wondered out loud.

"That strangely enough does comfort me a little, though I'm still going to worry about it from now on!" Matthew groaned, his brain hurt from learning so much about such an embarrassing topic. The cat demon ginned with pointed teeth.

"Ok now I have another question." Matthew started with a far more serious air about him. "How do I help Gilbert escape from the seal on the attic?"

"That's where I come in" a deep accented voice came from the kitchen door direction revealing the blonde demon from within.

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