Beautiful emerald eyes sat upon the very personification heroism. His gloved hands held hers gently so they may never be apart again. A chocolate milkshake sat between them with two straws sticking from the delicious treat and into their mouths. Her lips held the plastic of the straw in place as she got further lost into his eyes. His lips pursed slightly as he struggled to force the confectionary treat through his straw. He was perfect, always there when she needed him. Even now, as he fought to suck the delectable chocolate drink up the straw, she could find no fault. Not one discrepancy that would blemish his flawless character. Stifled giggles turned in her stomach as she watched his straw contort with his efforts clearly in vein.

"Oh Sonic, could this day be anymore perfect?" She spoke through the side of her mouth so as not to lose the almost dangling straw.

A moment of silence then proceeded as the blue hedgehog finally admitted defeat against his chocolate foe. His eyes narrowed with tense thought, as though he had remembered something of dire importance. The fur of his brow furrowed as his eyes drilled holes into the table between the two hedgehogs.

Immediately aware of the sudden change in tone, the girl tightened her grip and allowed the pinstriped straw to fall away from her lips. "Something wrong Sonic?" The blue blur was never one to be at a loss for words and his current state of what could easily be taken as a gesture of regret was unbecoming of a hedgehog that possessed Sonic's personality.

"Amy…I'm sorry…for everything…I'm so sorry…" The apology came quietly, almost inaudible. Had she not been watching his face she would've missed it.

Befuddled, Amy couldn't help but question her hero's sudden apology. "Sorry, what for?"

Sonic's eyes lost their vibrant shine as he repeated himself. "Amy…I'm sorry…for everything…I'm so sorry…" The tone that lay underneath Sonic's words carried no emotion. His typically relaxed face was strewn with tense contortions as the blue hedgehog seemed to be trying to look at Amy without seeing her.

Confusion fell over Amy as she tried to make sense of Sonic's words. What exactly could he be sorry for? The date had been perfect so far. They had shared fries and a milkshake while recounting humorous stories of their pasts. Everything had gone just the way Amy had always hoped it would: a warm day, good food, a date with Sonic, and no Eggman to ruin the day. Even the clouds were perfectly in place in what seems to be a beautiful tapestry of sky.

The warm feeling of Sonic's gloved hands clasped in Amy's suddenly gave way to numbness. Startled from her thoughts by the lack of warmth, the pink hedgehog's eyes focused on Sonic as the numbness spread through her body. Fear gripped the girl as she found herself enveloped in a world of darkness. No Sonic, no milkshake, no clouds, no anything; there was nothing but a gaping void.

With a startled squeal Amy jutted forward clenching her fists tightly as she found herself out of breath for whatever reason. Mentally begging for an explanation, she caught the sight of something in her lap. Through the darkness Amy could see what seemed to vaguely resemble a cartoonish flower. Slowly the pink hedgehog realized that she was looking at her own bed sheets. Once Amy broke her gaze away from her sheets she comforted herself with the knowledge that she was sitting safely in her bed. The small amount of comfort the hedgehog had felt left as she sighed in disappointment.

"It was just a dream…just another dream…" Despondent, Amy laid her head back onto her feathery pillow and pulled her flowery covers up to her nose. "Why does it have to be a dream every time?" Hoping to return to her dream date with the blue blur -without the scary part at the end- Amy allowed herself to give way to sleep.