"So, how'd it go?"

"About as well as you might think it would go with him."

"He didn't get mad, did he?"

"Well, he was at first, but he simmered down when I talked him down."

"Wait, YOU talked him down?"

"Why, is that so hard to believe?"

"N-No! All I m-meant was-"


Silence was all that met her ears.

Grinning in satisfaction, the pink hedgehog put her arms behind her head and relaxed as the fox piloted them down to the ground. As nice as she was used to being, sometimes it just felt good to be a little bit of jerk. Normally Amy would chastise herself for it, but she felt that she had more than deserved it with how she had handled Knuckles.

At first she had been really nervous about whether or not the stubborn guardian would be willing to have a visitor, but she had been pleasantly surprised that he hadn't actually killed her after she said what she felt needed saying.

The aircraft jostled slightly as the pink hedgehog enjoyed the silence afforded her by her comments.

Clouds soared by as the aircraft continued its descent. Against the night sky Amy could almost see the scenery belonging in some beautiful painting. She would've gladly even imagine painting that portrait herself, but the dark blue she thought she saw ringing the moon brought other thoughts to mind.

"Hey Tails, mind if I ask you a question?"

A pained silence followed her question; even the sound of the fox's breathing seemed slightly muted.

'Geez, could he be any more sensitive?' Sighing in restrained exasperation at his unwelcome silence, Amy decided to stay true to her personality by breaking the silence, "Tails, don't be that way. It was a joke. Honest. I'm not actually angry at you. So come on, I really have something important I want to ask you."

There was only silence, Amy's breath becoming quiet, just like the now completely silenced pilot.

Frustrated with being ignored, a lifelong ailment of hers, Amy reached out to touch the fox's arm, "Tails, this isn't funny. It was a-" only to find that his arm was no longer there.

Suddenly aware of the ice cold whip of the wind against her back, the pink hedgehog stumbled forward into the black void in front of her.

Startled, Amy quickly regained her footing and spun to find her friend who had only moments ago been directly in front of her; finding only a darkness that surrounded her entirely.


Her quivering hope was met with a rush of cold wind that cut straight through to her bones.

Becoming aware of the strange familiarity with the terrifying void, Amy found herself incapable of muttering fearfully and settled with thinking her prayers. 'It's a dream, girl. Nothing to be afraid of. It's just like the one with Sonic. You'll wake up any minute now and-' Her thoughts stopped as an alien presence became known to her through the inky blackness.

An alien presence marked by what she could hardly make out as being an unidentifiable person standing merely ten feet away from her, looking at the ground.

Completely forgetting her attempt to reassure herself, the increasingly terrified hedgehog spoke in what she was well aware what a false hope that she'd find comfort, "H-Hello?"

The figure muttered something lowly, surprising Amy as she had been expecting total silence.

"I-I'm sorry, I didn't hear you…"

It came again, this time as a low grumble that seemed to carry an animalistic tone.

Oblivious to the possible terrors she was welcoming upon herself; the hedgehog began to run full speed towards this figure, a possible relief from her continued nightmare.

She continued to run as hard as she could for as long as she could before she had to stop, at which point the pink hedgehog realized that she had never moved at all despite the ache in her side.

"P-Please! S-Speak louder! Who are you?"

Slowly, the figure began to look upwards, turning its unseen gaze to the where the sky had been. Only then did Amy see that it was a hedgehog she was seeing.

Her hopes skyrocketed as the realization hit her that she was seeing a hedgehog, which lead to her typical deduction, "SONIC!" Her waves became more frantic as her pulse increased. "S-Sonic, it's me, Amy!"

Without warning a loud thud began to pound out from all corners of the darkened world.


"Sonic, can you hear me?"


"Please, Sonic, say something, anything!"






Her pulse racing, the figure suddenly faded away before a loud cry came quietly and quickly rising into a shrill screech, "YOU'RE LOST WITHOUT ME!"

With a startled yelp Amy sat up in bed, covers soaking wet.

Her breath rasped shakily as she cried tiredly into her palms.

'A dream, that's all it was. Just a terrifying…scary nightmare…just another bad dream.'