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Ianto Jones had had a plan. Get inside Torchwood Three; use what they'd salvaged from Canary Wharf and save Lisa.

And it had worked. He'd gathered all the information he could find on the team and their leader Captain Jack Harkness, hoping to find a way in. – Which of course he had. Flirting his way into a job as tea boy. And delivering them a pterodactyl helped.

So he'd become Torchwood Threes office boy. Making their teas and cleaning up their shit and never complaining because that would lead to questions. The background job was perfect all in all. They barely noticed him most of the time, unless it was "Ianto do this." Or "Ianto do that." or "Any chance of a coffee Ianto."

But he'd gained complete access to the base, making it easy for him to sneak Lisa and the equipment they'd managed to either salvaged or built into a large empty room in the hubs basement. Then all he'd had to do was wait and search for someone with the qualifications to help restore Lisa.

And of course keep the team from discovering his secret by any means necessary. Which is where his subtle flirtation with his boss came into it, cause if he had stopped once he'd gotten the job it would be noticed.

But that's where his grand plan took a nose dive. Because what had begun as a causal flirtation to get his foot in the door, to keep Jack preoccupied and save the woman he loved was quickly become so much more than that.

He hadn't meant for it to actually mean anything and that's what was slowly killing him, day after day, the pain of guilt was weighing down on him. One moment he was happy, cheerfully going about his business, then Jack would give him that smile or make some comment and he'd feel his heart skip and race and in its wake would come the guilt. – Guilt he'd become an expert at hiding. – He would think of Lisa and their time together then suddenly it would feel as if he was cheating on her.

Then there would be the moments after he'd spent a few hours with a occasionally conscious Lisa, when Jack would walk through the Hub door smiling, laughing and giving Ianto that secret look he didn't even realised he gave and a fresh wave of guilt would hit him as he face the truth that he was lying to people who after just over a year had become his friends. – He was lying to Jack.

Or worst of all, lying to himself. Because in those moments he knew there would be no saving Lisa, that's when the slip in his soul would begin a battle, one side wanting to confess all to Jack the other determined that nothing was going to stop him from saving Lisa, not even himself. Because he loved her, they'd been happy together and not cocky grinning American with a dark and mysterious past was going to change that. Not ever.

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