Ianto Jones had had a plan. Get inside Torchwood Three; use what they'd salvaged from Canary Wharf and save Lisa Hallett.

And it had failed. He'd gathered all the information, he'd gotten inside Torchwood, he'd found an expert that he believed could be trusted, he'd flirted and lied to Captain Jack Harkness and in the end it had failed. Lisa was dead, Doctor Tanizaki was dead - that nice pizza delivery girl, Annie, was dead and all of them were on Ianto's conscious.

He should have known it wasn't going to work. That little voice inside his head had told him often enough. Over and over for the past year. Every day since the night he'd met Jack Harkness. But he'd ignored it. He was going to save Lisa if it was the last thing he did, damn the consequences.

If he'd known then what he knew now would he have made the same decision? Honestly, Ianto though he probably would. He loved Lisa, would always love Lisa. He'd needed to prove that love by saving her.

But why? Why prove anything? Lisa had known he loved her, he'd told her the morning she'd died. So what was he trying to prove it for.

The truth was there, that small little dark place in the back of his mind, the place that had been screaming at him every day. He wasn't trying to prove his love to Lisa, but to himself. He loved Lisa, his heart knew that, his mind knew that. But if he was honest with himself, truly honest, in this one single moment. He wasn't in love with Lisa. - And that what made all this so much harder to live with.

He'd lost everything to a lie. People were dead because of his lie. He'd lost the trust of his work colleagues because of his lie. He'd lost the trust of Jack Harkness because of his lie. – Because Ianto Jones couldn't just admit that he'd never been in love with anyone. – Until now.

And that was why Ianto's plan had failed.

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