Alright now, sitting comfortably? Got your PC, laptop, iPhone, PSP or whatever just right? Got everything you need? Well then, let's begin.

Some time ago, Liam – that's StarLion to you, the one who's name is sitting up by the 'author' bit above – found a strange book that thanks to a few words he wrote in it, threw him into the life of our well-known hero, Sora. Sora of course was forced to watch from Liam's body and objective point of view while Liam ran around in Sora's life, meddling where he probably shouldn't have, but overall coming out of it with more than Sora ever did, and generally better off.

And of course, along the way Liam had to stab himself with the Keyblade of People's Hearts, just as Sora does in his own life. Which created me – that's right people, it's me, Roxas, Liam's Nobody.

Now don't be mistaken here – while I share the same name and appearance to Sora's Nobody, I picked up a fair bit from Liam. Not to mention that I got gifted with a few handy abilities too. I'd like to think I'm better than Sora's Nobody, but that's immodest of me. Truth is, I just had a few things he didn't, and sometimes I wonder what it might have been like for him with the blissful ignorance of the future he had. Playing the game that shows his life doesn't properly give an insight into him, I've often thought.

But we're not here to discuss Sora's Nobody – we're here by overwhelming demands for you to hear my story. So many of you wanted to hear what it was like after Liam finished 'MetaStory Switch' that I finally decided to work on it a bit earlier than I'd planned.

So here we go. Here people, is the story of Liam's Nobody, told by none other than that same Nobody, me. Oh yeah – and even though as Liam once told Riku, I'm technically still just a video game character, sadly I do not own Kingdom Hearts. You'd think they'd let me own my own name, even if I do share it with Sora's Nobody, but oh well. Can't be helped, huh?

We begin of course at the very beginning. As with all Nobodies of any kind, I came into existance in Twilight Town. As Liam, like Sora, was sheltering Ventus's fractured heart, I took on Ven's appearance – but since a Nobody is technically a creature of darkness and not light, there were differences. If you've ever seen Sora's Roxas during the times he's not with the Organization, you know what I mean. I'm guessing most of you have, so I don't really need to go into it, do I?

Anyway, here we meet the first of Liam's Influences – with a capital 'I' because when these show up they inevitably change the way things are meant to happen.

Sora's Roxas spends the better part of his first day wandering aimlessly around Twilight Town. This is because when most Nobodies are formed, their prior life's memories have yet to assert themselves. In many ways, they're child-like in their naivety and innocence, unused to... well, anything really. Everything is new to them, though as the day goes on things become easier as the various parts of their Somebody's left behind begin to come to them.

I on the other hand, had stark clarity. Being, as I mentioned, a video game character despite my being partly formed from Liam instead of Sora, my creation was influenced by the 'game' as it was at that point, taking into account what Liam had been saying and doing. Now, as Liam has played all the released Kingdom Hearts games to date, he was able to go around telling people he knew the future, and drawing on what he remembered from playing the games to back it up. Of course, this fell flat on its face whenever he'd meddled enough to cause a significant deviation, but as far as things were concerned outside of him, he really did appear to have that remarkable ability of foresight.

So when I was created, his false future sight became true future sight for me. There are limits to this second sight of mine, but in essence it's the real counterpart to his fake one.

Liam doesn't like that I kept this next bit from him, but I felt it was potentially safer. As readers of 'MetaStory Switch' will know, I told him and everyone else that I had no control over it, and this is partially true. I do get pairs of random visions of something that's going to happen, and its up to me to interpret the when and where, and more importantly if it's something that can't be changed, shouldn't be changed, has been changed, or needs to be changed. Not as easy as it sounds.

The part I kept from everyone and kept quiet is the other half of the ability – I can, with concentration, see any world within the Lanes Between and what is happening there right now. I don't get any sound unless I really concentrate, but that always gives me a terrible headache. Interestingly, both the Land of Departure and its later form of Castle Oblivion were completely masked from me – if I wanted to find out anything about either, I'd have to persuade Liam to go there or before I rejoined him, go there myself.

I don't know how I knew I had this ability, I just... did. With it came an instant stream of information from Liam, though at the time I had no knowledge of the source. Any of his memories regarding the life of Sora's Roxas were given to me, perhaps because I'd have to live that life just as Liam was living Sora's.

So after mere moments of existance, I knew who I was, and roughly what should happen in my life – all 365 days of it, right up to the day exactly one year after I was created where I would return all I'd taken from Liam.

A few more moments and a short exercise of the controllable side of my second sight, and I knew I was formed from Liam, and that my feelings were real because I was kind of borrowing from Ven's heart. Ven's heart might still be damaged, but it had healed enough to exist on its own, so long as it had a host. It wouldn't be able to repair itself any further unless it was with another heart to guard it, but it wouldn't become any more damaged. I would be able to keep it safe until it could be returned to Liam.

On an interesting side note here, we discovered recently that because Liam told Ven his real name, when Sora and Liam were restored to their own bodies and lives, Ven chose to remain with Liam – meaning Sora can only wield one Keyblade and Liam two – not that he has two anymore, just his own one that Eraqus gave him, but the ability remains thanks to Ven's heart. Now you know.

I'm as bad as Liam is. Look at me here, talking about him when it's meant to be my story. Honestly, don't any of you let me get distracted like that again, it's bad enough he did it, but me too?

Anyway. So while Sora's Roxas might have also wandered the town aimlessly, I already knew the place as if I'd been here all my life... which I guess I had been, really. Even if my life at this point had been all of ten minutes long.

But the residents didn't know me, I had no munny, and until Xemnas showed up nothing to do. Since like Liam I knew in advance what was going to happen and Xemnas's ultimate goal, I had decided to be as obstructive as possible. One trait of Liam's that I perhaps unfortunately do not share is his reluctance to meddle – to change things that shouldn't be changed.

I was meant to meet Xemnas today, in front of the old mansion. I chose not to, instead making myself seem more like one of the locals. I told people I'd just arrived (well, I had, hadn't I?) and earned myself a bit of munny by doing odd jobs around the town.

By lunchtime, I was already known well enough for most people to recognise me. If Xemnas wanted me, he'd have to find me and pull me away from this. I certainly wasn't going to make it easier for him.

I was tempted to find Hayner and see if I could make myself seem even more like a local by joining him, but I had a feeling it wouldn't go over well. Like Liam and his uncannily accurate bad feelings, except I get good and neutral ones as well. If you ever meet him and he says we've got a bad feeling about something, he means I've got one too – and since mine are just as accurate as his, well... chances are high that bad things will happen nearby soon.

Then I had my first ever pair of visions. As I had no idea these would happen until then, I was caught completely unprepared for them. There's a kind of feeling that precedes them that's like someone pressing hard on the back of your skull, except it feels like it's actually inside the skull somewhere. That's usually the first and most times only sign I get that I'm due to See something.

My visions, as I've mentioned come in pairs. I don't know why, and I've never found out. The first of them is always a smaller one that lasts only a few moments and is usually less serious, its the second one I really have to pay attention to.

The first one was plain and simple. I watched myself in front of the mansion, holding a conversation with Xemnas, and I wasn't looking convinced by whatever we were talking about. I only caught a few words from Xemnas in this shorter vision, and they were, "Why do it then, if you-"

I didn't got to hear what followed, because that was when the second, more detailed vision of the pair hit me.

This one was much more interesting, showing me now wearing the signature Organization coat, gloves and all that, in the Castle that Never was. I suspect a dreadful lack of creativity in whoever named the various places the Organization controlled.

Anyway, thanks to Liam, my abilities and the knowledge of my counterpart's life – the life of Sora's Roxas, that is – I could already identify where I was seeing myself and other details that I probably should not have known at this early point.

I was with Axel in this scene, walking with him through one of the castles many passages. There's a lot more to the castle than either Liam or Sora ever see. Though I couldn't quite place why, I had a strong feeling that this was something that couldn't be changed.

"What's the point?" I was saying to Axel, not sounding to happy about what was going on.

"Everyone's got one, Roxas," Axel replied. "You can't be the only one without." Without what, I wondered curiously.

"Well, I don't care," I answered bluntly. "I don't want one. It's depressing, and suggests something's gonna happen to me."

"There's always the chance something will," Axel pointed out.

"Not on my watch there won't be. I can survive anything anyone can throw at me," I asserted forcefully.

"Overconfidence will prove you wrong."

"Oh yeah? Well I've got a future-seeing mind here that'll prove me right!" I retorted, then stopped dead in the corridor, looking chagrined. Axel turned to face me, looking interested. "Bugger," I muttered, doing what is commonly known as a facepalm. "I shouldn't have said that."

"Why not? If you're telling the truth, sounds like you could be even more valuable to us than we first thought."

"Forget it," I told him, apparently not being friends with him – at least not yet. Whether he and I would make friends as easily as he and Sora's Roxas do remained to be seen. "I don't see on demand, and I won't let others take advantage of anything I do see. I don't even want to be here in the Organization; its very goal goes against the ethics I inherited from my Somebody, but it's necessary. I'm not going to help it any more than I have to."

"You realize of course, I'm going to have to tell the boss about this."

"Do whatever you want," I shrugged. "I won't use my visions to benefit the Organization, only myself." And when I met him later, Xion. But obviously, that's later.

"You're a strange kid, Roxas," Axel shook his head, clapping a hand on one shoulder to persuade me back into walking with him. "I mean, we knew you were pretty unique when we got wind you were a Keyblade wielder, but this..."

"Ah, Axel," Vexen's voice said as we entered Proof of Existence. "And Roxas, at last. Come here, if you please," he said to me.

"And if I don't please?" I replied obstinately. Vexen blinked, then his faintly creepy smile was replaced with an expression that left him looking like he'd just bitten into a lemon. I did that to him often, never fails to make Xion laugh at him, and a source of endless amusement for me – at least until he got himself destroyed, anyway.

"Then you'll come here anyway," Vexen finally told me firmly. "This is required of all members."

"Oh, well if it's required, and I don't have a choice, then why did you bother to ask me?" I said, my tone heavy with sarcasm. Vexen somehow managed to look even more sour than he had before. Maybe someone gave him concentrated lemon juice.

You know in this area, there's a grave marker for every Nobody? Well, for me there was just a square stone in the ground. Vexen guided me to stand on it, and in front of me the rest of it formed fully intact, complete with an engraving of a Kingdom Key on it to signify my weapon.

"Now, the Superior has ordered that you come with me," Vexen said to me, satisfied that I'd done what he wanted. "He wants me to examine you so we can understand how best to put you to good use working for us."

"Among other things," I muttered under my breath, then the vision cut out on me.

Fortunately, no one around had noticed my brief lapse into the unresponsive state I always go into while receiving these visions, of if they had they had not seen fit to do anything about it. So with a clear dislike of Vexen forming before I'd ever met him, I continued to help out around the town while I waited for Xemnas to finally find me.