Possible Spoilers For Episode 5 "The First Time" Season 3.

Chapter One: Heart Broken

He should have never seen them. It was all a mistake. He should have just gone home and been oblivious to what was happening behind of his back. But Kurt had left his favourite white jacket on his chair during Glee club but he only realized when he was getting into his car. His dad had finally given him his 'baby' back after he had promised to stop trying to give everyone in the family advice on dressing better (apparently it was hurting their feelings…). He probably would have left it but… it was his FAVOURITE jacket! It was an original by Carmel!

So instead he threw open one of the doors, tossed his black shoulder bag into the back seat gently and turned back around, making his way to the school doors. Most other people had left by now anyway. Even clubs had long since closed. Glee had stayed late to avoid bullies and jocks in detention and so Kurt was alone. Blaine had been called out of Glee halfway through and had not returned. Kurt had tried to find him but no one had seen him so he assumed he had some sort of family issue that had dragged him out of school and that he would call tomorrow. It wouldn't be the first time a Glee member left for personal reasons. Often Blaine would leave but normally he would always try and let Kurt know that he would not be there to get or give a lift in the car since they normally always shared a ride in order to spend more time together.

"Kurt?" Tina called and frowned at him from where she was holding hands with Mike Chang. "Is everything okay?"

"Yeah, it's fine." Kurt smiled back at them. "I just forgot my jacket. See you tomorrow."

Waving, Kurt entered the schools main building through the double doors. It was practically completely deserted and left a haunted feeling dancing up and down the corridors. Quite often being in the school alone gave Kurt shivers but only because he had so many vivid memories of running into Dave Kurofsky or other jocks after school and being slammed into a random locker so hard that it felt like his shoulders were being smashed apart like a crash dummy. Or maybe having a slushie being lifted up and slammed into his face so fast that his eyes burned.

Shaking his mind from the thought, Kurt walked down the corridors with his head held high. Almost like he had to prove he was not afraid of the jocks anymore. He ignored the loud echoes of his feet as they seemed to slam down on the ground beneath of him and make him sound like some sort of an elephant stamped.

Dave was not so bad anymore. He had transfered schools and they had only met once before in a gay bar after that but he had not done anything to Kurt there apart from talk. He had actually been quite nice to Kurt.

The Glee classroom was a good far way down the hallway but Kurt reached the door in seconds since his thoughts were occupied with other things. Blaine. Burt and Carole's plans to go on holiday soon. Homework. Blaine. Yes Blaine was always on his mind more than once. He passed Sue Sylvester's office on his way and tensed, fearing her scolding but it was silent inside like the rest of the school. William Schuester would probably be in his office doing some late grading or heading home for one of his beers while he gave careless grades. Most other teachers would have gone home as well. Kurt knew that there would be at least one teacher around to lock up the doors but he still felt very alone.

The classroom looked to be empty when Kurt peered in through the clear glass of the doors towards of the chairs. Most of them were stacked up around the back of the room together in neat piles but the Glee club always left their chairs out facing towards a white board where Mr. Schuester wrote on to give the latest assignments for Glee club. This week was to listen to a piece of music everyone would normally avoid. Kurt was dreading having to sit and listen to some rapper chant about a hot girl, or some metal music screaming so loudly he couldn't hear the lyrics or make out what they were trying to say but he never failed to do one of the many glee assignments Mr. Schuester set them.

And there, sure enough, was his beautiful white jacket resting on the back of the chair he had previously occupied that day. It was a denim sort of material with soft fur going around the hood and the end of the sleeves with a black soft material on the inside and golden and silver buttons with thin streams of silver running around each of the individual pockets that rested on his chest. The sleeves came to a stop at his elbows and the bottom of the jacket reached down way passed his waist, almost reaching the back of his knees.

Reaching down, Kurt pushed open the door while turning the handle and stepped inside the warm room. He didn't actually hear anything. It was more instinct that told him to turn around to see it.

He shouldn't have seen them. They were in the corner, out of sight of anyone who might be passing by the door. They had even avoided getting caught in any of the lights on the ceiling and they had obviously purposely waited for everyone to leave before they began to do whatever it was they were doing. If Kurt had not left his jacket behind and been desperate for it in the freezing cold air of the bitter winter chill then he would have never seen them.

He should have never seen them.

But he did.

He saw Blaine pressed up against the wall in the corner with his eyes shut and his hands resting on the taller boys shoulders, gripping them slightly. In front of him was a taller but equally attractive boy that was leaning over slightly to press his lips against Blaine's. Even from the back, Kurt knew it was Sebastian. And he was kissing Blaine and holding him…

Kurt froze for a moment in the doorway. They pulled away almost the minute they heard the door open but everything seemed to slow down so it felt much longer than it actually was. He could hear his heart beating in his chest, slowing down slightly in general shock. His jaw dropped open slightly, leaving him resembling a gold fish with eyes popping out of his skull. Even though his mouth was open he couldn't breath. It was like someone had shoved a sponge into his mouth that was not only soaking up any saliva he had and leaving his throat painfully dry, but it was blocking any wisp of breath from passing in and out of his lungs.

And then Blaine was opening his eyes. His hazel eyes were wide with shock. He opened his mouth but, like Kurt, no sound actually came out. Meanwhile, Sebastian just looked rather annoyed that Kurt had interrupted them. He even rolled his eyes and tightened his grip on Blaine's wrist.

Sebastian tightening his grip seemed to help snap Blaine back to his sense. "Kurt…" Blaine whispered softly.

Kurt saw him just beginning to push Sebastian away but it was too late. The breath rushed into his mouth so suddenly and quickly he choked on it and stumbled back like someone had hit him. He blinked at them again as Blaine began to talk but he couldn't make out what he was saying. Kurt stepped back away; blinking like the picture might go away if he blinked enough times. He made out Blaine calling his name but he couldn't face him. He couldn't face Blaine or Sebastian. Not now. Not like this.

So he did the only thing he could do. He turned around, completely forgetting his jacket, and ran.

Every step felt painful on his feet, like he was stomping on iron. His heels were getting bruised and his toes began to ach like crazy. His arms swung loosely by his side and his head was spinning so much he was half afraid he was going to run into a locker or a door in his confusion. He blinked fiercely and realized he was crying. It made it all the more hard to see and all he could really make out in his mind was the sight of Blaine and Sebastian holding… No. He couldn't think any further without more tears filling his eyes and his throat feeling impossible to breath with.

Kurt got outside and slammed the school doors behind of him. His ears had a frustrating low tone running in between of his head, making it impossible to hear anything around of him. Blaine could have been calling him but he had no idea. His legs were shaking, suddenly unstable and his throat was feeling drier than ever while his eyes continued to flood. It was impossible to hold his hands still and for a moment he was afraid that because he stopped then he would not be able to start again. That he would just stand there until Blaine found him or Sebastian or someone else in his humiliated state.

But then he was moving on his own. His feet running again and he slammed into his car door harder than he intended to. He grabbed for the handle but he still could not see and his hands were feeling numb and stiff. Eventually he managed to rip open the door and throw himself down onto the seat.

Every part of his body was shaking. His heart still felt so slow but his chest was hurting like it had been slammed against. His hands wouldn't grab his keys from his trouser pockets properly and a sharp sob tore from his throat like a set of knives making it even harder to breath. Blinking and wiping at the tears with the back of his hand, Kurt forced his hand to tightly grip the keys. After a few failed attempts he managed to jam the key into the engine and the car roared to life like some kind of wild animal.

The sound was so shockingly loud that Kurt jumped and knocked his elbow on the door's handle. A sharp pain shot through him as his funny bone began to tingle.

Sniffing and wiping at his eyes, he decided not to look back to see if Blaine had decided to follow because he was not sure what he would do if he saw that. Instead he grabbed the wheel with both hands, gripping so tightly that his knuckles turned white, and forced his car from the school parking lot. All the while he was still desperately trying to blink the tears off the ends of his lashes.

He wanted to breath but he couldn't. He couldn't breath and he couldn't think clearly. It took him ten minutes before he realized he was going in the wrong direction of his house and quickly made a turn down another road that would lead him even further away. But Kurt did not care how far away he went. In fact the further away he got the better. He just wanted to drive. To keep driving. When he was focused on driving then he was not focused on… That! Keep driving. Keep driving until he ran out of gas and then he would walk. He would not stop moving. He would not stop to think about it because it was not true. It could not be true…

"Blaine…" Kurt mumbled subconsciously and let out another sharp knife like sob that burned his already dry throat.


"Get out of my way!" Blaine shouted and tried to push passed Sebastian's arm towards of the open door.

"Wait! Just think about this a minute!" Sebastian said, gripping Blaine's arms and standing in front of him, completely blocking his view of the fleeing Kurt.

"KURT! WAIT!" Blaine tried to call but even he knew Kurt was not going to stop.

"Blaine, don't. He's gone." Sebastian sighed like he was talking to a child and took his hands in his own, trying to be gentle.

Instantly Blaine ripped his hands free and took an angry step backwards away from him. He was shaking slightly in fury and kept glancing at the door, wishing Kurt would appear again.

"Blaine…" Sebastian began in a quiet seductive whisper.

"Shut it! You shouldn't have done that!" Blaine shouted, he reached into his pocket and pulled his phone out. Sebastian didn't try to stop him as he scrolled down and tried to phone Kurt.

Instantly a cheerful Lady Gaga song that neither Blaine nor Sebastian knew began to play from one of the chairs where Kurt's white jacket was hanging from. The music was coming loudly from the right pocket of his jacket on his chest.

"Looks like he forgot his jacket…" Sebastian mumbled. He was sounding rather amused, infuriating Blaine.

"I'm sorry, is this funny to you?" Blaine demanded and hung up, shoving his phone back into his pocket so quickly that he caught his thumb on the zip and scratched the skin.

"No, look, can we talk? You can easily contact Kurt later on but I can't talk to you nearly as much. So please?" Sebastian asked quietly.

Blaine glared at him for a moment before he sighed. He glanced once more at the door before he shrugged and walked over to Kurt's jacket. Picking it up, he cradled the white denim to his chest and stared off at the door practically ignoring Sebastian as he stood in front of him and tried to get his attention. The sooner he got rid of Sebastian the sooner he could go and find Kurt and explain to him that it was not what he thought it was.

"… You kissed back…" Sebastian whispered.

"Shut up! You kissed me!" Blaine shouted, "I was just showing you around McKinley! You wanted to see the room where we sang and next thing I know you tackled me against the wall and kissed me!"

"I did kiss you first, yes, and maybe I forced it a bit more than I should have…" Sebastian paused. "But you kissed back. Just before Kurt walked in."

"That is a lie!" Blaine grit his teeth together and squeezed the jacket tightly in his arms like he might lash out if he didn't.

"It's not…" Sebastian sighed. "You kissed back. Maybe that means you're not as into Kurt as you think." He spoke quickly, giving Blaine no chance to argue. "I'm just saying! You always get excited about a first; you think they're the ones and that you can't live without them and all. But you know deep down that maybe you just don't feel the same way anymore. You kissed me back. And you can't deny that. It means you have feelings for me in the same way I have them for you…"

Blaine glared at him. He could argue until he was blue in the face but Sebastian was not going to let him out of this. Sebastian was too stubborn for that. Maybe he might have kissed back a tiny bit… But not because he wanted to. He did it because he was in shock at Sebastian kissing him and he was confused. But he did not like Sebastian. At least no where near as much as he loved Kurt.

"I love Kurt." Blaine stated quietly before he pushed passed Sebastian.

This time Sebastian let him go and he was allowed to storm from the room, still gripping Kurt's jacket to his chest. After a moment when he reached the car park he pulled the jacket up and buried his face in the soft material. He shut his eyes and moaned loudly in frustration. Kurt's sweet smell filled his nostrils and he tried to lose himself in the smell. It didn't take very long.

For a moment he imagined himself with Kurt and that the moment had never happened. That they were holding each other and laughing.

He could not believe that Kurt had seen him doing that! He could not believe that Sebastian had actually had the nerve to kiss him like that in the school Kurt went to! And now he was going to have to explain that it wasn't even him that did it, to Kurt. It really did not help that Kurt had been warning Blaine about Sebastian for a while now. Even if he did get Kurt's forgiveness then he would forever have him giving the usual 'I told you so' look from the corner of his eyes.

A drop of water fell down the back of Blaine's top, sending shivers down his spine as the cold water hit the back of his bare neck. It brought him back sharply from his daydream and he lifted his head up from Kurt's top to face the sky as another drop fell down onto his cheek.

Rain? How fitting.

Blaine walked down towards the street; he couldn't bring himself to pry his arms off from around of Kurt's jacket. Even as he walked down the street when he knew he would have to start paying attention when crossing roads, he found his arms locked around the material. Kurt would normally be driving today. Blaine pulled out his own phone and tried Kurt's house phone but no one answered.

He knew he was probably ignoring him if he was back. If not then he probably would get back at any second.

Keeping Kurt's jacket firmly against of his chest, Blaine planned what he was going to say as he began the long walk towards of Kurt's home.

To Be Continued...

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